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About Swindon Caravans Group: Award winning dealership selling new and second hand touring caravans. With branches in Swindon, Oxford and Reading. We cater to all your caravanning needs, from caravans sales and caravan & awning accessory shops to our workshops and aftersales service.

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Greatfield, Royal Wootton Bassett,

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Mr & Mrs Thompson
"Everyone was polite, informative , helpful , hassle free, approachable and friendly."
Posted 2 weeks ago
Miss Bowerman & Mr Osman
"This was our first ever Caravan purchase, and I don't think we could have been luckier being close to the Swindon Caravans group. There's a massive amount on display at the Swindon site which made choosing a layout easy. Well, easier. With a large selection from three major brands across their ranges, comparing them all was easy as you could physically see them rather than interpret snazzy brochure images. What wasn't at the Swindon site was available at one of the other sites so we ended up visiting Oxford as well. A bit smaller than Swindon but still plenty to see. Nothing was too much trouble during pre-sales and after sales support has been just as good (no need to contact the workshop yet mind). Everything is just easy and hassle free - exactly what's required for newcomers and presumably existing caravan owners alike. Perfect - thank you very much!"
Posted 1 month ago
Mr & Mrs Moody
"Thorough and easy purchase and collection. Lewis explained everything well will great patience us being first time buyers recommend"
Posted 1 month ago
Do you intend to use us for service and warranty work? no
Why did you choose the Swindon Caravans Group? The trudgians video bloggers highly recommended
Would you buy from one of our branches again? no
Would you recommend us to your family and friends? no
"In 25 years of caravaning this is the worse purchase experience & change over we have had, having owned four caravans & two Motorhomes in those years. We arrived with out part x Venus as we were staying overnight Saturday we had brought the bare minimum equipment with us & loaded the majority on the front floor, Lewis was helpful & moved our old van close to new one he said he would let us change our belongings over first, I thought this strange at the time as a damp check is normally carried out first. He told us to look over the new van & on entering the first thing I checked was the front cupboard door which was jammed closed when we first viewed the van back in February he agreed then he would get the jobs done, to our total dismay this job had not been done as the cupboard door still would not open. I then I checked to make sure all the European plug sockets had been changed, again the TV station socket had been forgotten. Lewis said he would get the jobs sorted straight away which I appreciate he did. As Lewis showed as around the van we came to the microwave on opening it we noticed the turntable & roller assy was missing we remembered that on veiwing the van these items were in the front chest draw, we searched but couldn’t find the parts anywhere. Lewis said he would try find the parts & Once the handover of new van was completed he then said he would carry out the damp check on our old van, I sat outside he was a fair time in our old van & then broke bad news that he had found two high damp readings one just inside the entrance door & in the corner of the bathroom, he said it was common on Venus models, none of these areas were obstructed when we first arrived so knowing the common damp area he could have checked these area’s as the were fully accessible before swapping our belongings over. All our Past change overs, the dealer has always checked for damp before proceeding with the sale. Lewis then hit us with a dire decision, pay an extra £1000 pounds or change everything back & take our old van home. We were left shocked upset to decide what to do for the best & because we had a Building Society Cheque already made out were so worried we wouldn’t be able to reimburse this & the £500 deposit so we agreed although leaving our financial situation in jeopardy to go ahead & take the new van. Lewis said he would get the microwave turntable & roller sent to us. We also noticed that the original microwave had been changed for a different model which is worrying. On reflection I should have refused to take the new van off your premises until it had a complete working microwave. Not only did I have to pay £1000 extra for our old van, we are now left with a microwave & van not fit for purpose. Feeling very cheated angry, disappointed & disgruntled! Will seek advice from Citizens Advice if parts not resolved or new microwave not supplied urgently! Regards Mr & Mrs Bridges"
Posted 2 months ago
Hi Mr & Mrs Bridges,
It is always disappointing to receive feedback of this nature. The collection of your new caravan should be a memorable and smooth experience, unfortunately on this occasion that wasn't the case.
Lewis took the decision to perform the damp test once the caravan had been fully emptied. This would seem the logical thing to do instead of doing two partial tests; once on the areas that were accessible whilst the caravan was still loaded and another on the remaining areas once the caravan had been emptied. We maintain that that was the right and best course of action. It just so happened that the areas of damp were accessible whilst the caravan was loaded. Lewis wasn't to know that. If the areas of damp had been found in non accessible areas (due to the caravan being loaded) would that have changed your view and experience with us? The caravan has not been serviced since it was purchased from another dealership in 2016. As a result it is unfortunate that such outcomes are more likely.
Posted 2 months ago
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"After Service very limited. Expectation is that you wait 8 to 12 weeks for items to be attended. Have problem with on of the ‘vans breaks, when trying to book it to have it resolved was told they need it for a week. OK I said assume you don't leave it until Friday to look at - looking for reassurance after having spent in access of £20,000 on a caravan. Service manager decides to go on a rant about how I should not tell him how to run the department and it was stupid to suggest they will leave it for a week. When I stated I was looking for reassurance as a customer, he argued what I had said. Did not listen to what I was saying. Simply do not listen to their customers. When I asked to speak to someone more senior was told that there was no one I could talk to! If I wanted to speak to the MD I had to put it in writing and wait for a response (slight smug tone in his voice). Most unpleasant conversation I have had in a long time. What a business and industry! Customer service levels and expectations from 20 years ago. I was informed that I could not expect the same level of customer service as when you purchase a car – they are not the same industry. Customer service is not industry dependent. Take you money and look to spend it somewhere else. Would I buy from them again No! Would I recommend them No! Will be looking to get out the caravan experience and buy a motorhome. For the shake of balance the van has been booked in for 4 weeks time."
Posted 8 months ago
We're sorry that you appear unhappy with your experience at the Swindon Caravans Group. As you have chosen to remain anonymous it is difficult to comment on the review. If you would like to leave your name, the caravan and branch that this relates to then we'd be happy to look into your experience and provide comment.
Posted 8 months ago
"Bought our second caravan from Swindon caravans in March 2018 and would never buy from them again, after sales is appauling they don't want to know you once you have handed over the cash. We have our caravan stored 55miles away from them and in order to get a problem resolved you have to tow it to them, they are not willing to get a sub contractor to have a look and reimburse us if we pay. The subcontractor. We spent £20,000 on a caravan and since buying we have had trouble with our toilet, heating, water system and battery. Very disappointed and an appauling service. Do not go near them."
Posted 9 months ago
Thank you for your feedback Mrs Bamsey. Your review was disappointing to read particularly as we believed we had resolved all of the issues on your last visit. The used caravan was supplied with a 12 month warranty, the benefit of which is that you are able to manage this yourself or find someone local who deals with the warranty company. Unfortunately we do not have mobile engineers and any work that needs to be done has to come back to our workshop. If you have any queries then please contact our Aftersales manager John (john@swindoncaravans.com) who will be happy to assist and answer any questions that you have.
Posted 9 months ago
"I have been caravanning for 20 years, A customer at oxford from way before it became part of the group. Service reception made a simple request very complicated and the service manager Andy was extremely rude. I will not be dealing with them again which is a shame as Viv and the boys on the accessory counter are the most polite and helpful people you can find. The service manager should know better in his position. Mr Gray"
Posted 1 year ago
Hi Mr Gray,
That is a shame, feedback like this is always disappointing and we're sorry that you feel this way. I believe you wanted some cable for your Reich motor mover which possibly wasn't quite the simple request you thought it should have been. Andy and Holly had both been trying to help and would be more than happy to assist again should you decide to return.
Posted 1 year ago
"Where do I start! Purchaed a 2016 Lunar Quasar 574 brand new from Oxford, part of your group. PDI on van was rubbish, let us collect it knowing the bathroom tap was faulty because we found out from Lunar that a new tap was sent to them but not fitted before collection. On site in 2016 we had a leaking tap from day one. Took them over a month to arrange for a new tap to be sent, first one was bent, had to wait again, then waited again for them to arrange for a company to fit which was fitted crooked/leaning. At end of season it went back to Oxford to have the tap corrected. Put on site in 2017, after 4 hours tap was leaking again, we had to disconnect and put stop valves on otherwise it leaked the whole time. Waited 2 months for this to get repaired. Bearing in mind this was a caravan 1 year old and still not fit for purpose, therefore we had no benefit of having a new caravan! During the 2017 season the floor delaminated, having only been used for 6 months, mostly weekends, in 2016 and a few weekends in 2017-we weren’t living in it for goodness sake! Today it was delivered back to the site for the season after having the floor corrected and a service carried out. The book had not been stamped for the second year running, which begs the question of whether it was actually done. The smoke alarm was beeping because a battery had not been fitted, the gas pipe in the front was disconnected, the television bracket was loose, not how we left it, it was filthy dirty inside and out. Their statement about being valeted inside and out before collection and after a service is so not true. You would not have received a second hand caravan from any other dealer in the state it was in today; and that’s what it feels like now, second hand, not the brand new one we bought in 2016. We thought Oxford repairs were bad last year, but Swindon have proved they are no better, they have no respect for other people’s property and my advice would be to steer clear of them."
Posted 1 year ago
Hi Mr Harrison,
We do not feel this is a fair reflection of the difficulties you have experienced and the efforts we have made to address them. Yes your caravan has had some issues but we are at the mercy of the manufacturer when it comes to getting parts in order to undergo the necessary repairs. Very often this can lead to frustrations because the parts take too long to arrive, unfortunately there is very little we can do about this other than continually chase which we do. We have shown plenty of goodwill to try and alleviate some of your frustrations.
Our job is to repair the caravan and all the repairs have been completed and the book stamped. We accept that the caravan was not cleaned to our usual standards and are happy to address this. As per a conversation you had with our workshop manager Colin last week, he is still waiting for an email on what it is you still want us to do. Please contact him directly so we can hopefully bring this matter to a satisfactory conclusion.
Posted 1 year ago
"I purchased a new Lunar caravan 2 years ago from Oxford caravans after the first service we were told it was leaking.It went back for a couple of months for a temporary repair we picked it up last July Firstly the roof it was covered in mold and secondly it was leaking more than when we took it in ,After numerous phone calls and letters to both Lunar and Oxford caravans the caravan is still leaking water on my drive.The service we have had is shocking I would not touch this Group Regards Steve Jones"
Posted 1 year ago
Hi Mr Jones,
We're sorry that you feel this way, please accept our apologies on behalf of Oxford Caravans.
To try and explain, we did a temporary repair whilst we were awaiting parts from Lunar. After discussions with Lunar it was decided to get the repair done at another dealer and Lunar would send the parts there instead. However the parts were delivered to Oxford in error so we sent them back on the same delivery thus enabling Lunar to resend them to the appropriate dealer. As far as we are aware this dealer is still awaiting the parts from Lunar.
Unfortunately we have no control over the delivery of parts from our suppliers. Our Aftersales team in Oxford were and still are unaware that the temporary repair seems to have failed.
We are more than happy to try and help although we're not sure what we can do to help at this stage. Please contact our Oxford Aftersales team if there is anything you feel we can do.
Posted 1 year ago
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Would you buy from one of our branches again?
"Called this morning to see if they could check out a potential electrical issue in our new Swift granted not purchased through them but they weren’t interested in helping at all we live local just hadn’t purchased as we bought on impulse whilst tenting in the Summer elsewhere wouldn’t set foot over their door to buy a spoon never mind another Caravan when we are ready to upgrade I’ve worked for another company like this in the past and they went bust due to lack of support for a product they sold after sales and workshop being the same so enjoy being the biggest doesn’t mean you are at all the best and certainly won’t live forever when you don’t help genuine customers and potential customers will be steering clear of Oxford and Reading branches too very short sighted and people talk word gets round"
Posted 1 year ago
Hi Lindsay,
We're sorry that you feel this way. Unfortunately due to capacity limitations in our workshops and the need to concentrate on customers who purchase caravans from us, we are not able to do any servicing & warranty work on your caravan if it has not been purchased from us. This policy has now been in place for a few years and is clearly stated on our website. Should capacity increase then we would look to review this policy.

I think you will find that the majority of dealers operate in exactly the same way. Your supplying dealer should have made you aware of this when you purchased the caravan.
Posted 1 year ago
Would you buy from one of our branches again?
"No pdi at all lots of problems and nothing much being done feel very let down by the whole experience"
Posted 1 year ago
Hi Mr Powell,
I understand your frustrations.
As discussed via email, all the parts are currently on order with Lunar.
The lead times on parts with Lunar is currently 8 weeks so we would expect them to be delivered by the end of the month / early November. Unfortunately we are unable to control this.
As soon as the parts have been received from Lunar we will collect your caravan (as agreed) and undertake the remedial work.
Posted 1 year ago
Would you buy from one of our branches again?
"Travelled from bristol specifically to look at bailey cartagena as advertised on website, with idea to purchase, went to look at caravan and was very disappointed with the fact it was filthy,inside and out ,mould all over top of cooker hair and bread crumbs in drawers, shower panel was unattached, surely if your charging £17000, for a caravan even though it is used you would have it thoroughly valeted first its a shame as we were going to buy a new awning as well lost sale wont be going to swindon caravans again"
Posted 1 year ago
Hi Mrs Ladd,
We're sorry that you didn't have a good experience when visiting last week. Our valet team have been busy trying to attend to all the caravans as they come in but sheer volume of caravans had meant they had fallen behind slightly. Apologies once again.
We do have another 2014 Cartagena at our Oxford branch should you still be interested? Would you like us to send you some photos so you can see the condition of the caravan?
Posted 1 year ago
Are you satisfied with your choice of caravan?
Would you buy from one of our branches again?
"On Tues visited store and bought a few items, there was an item we could not find but had seen in the shop on a previous visit, we went to enquire at the information/counter and was told by the manageress that they were out of stock, we asked if she would be having any of the items in soon and was told that she was too busy to place an order. While we were paying for the items we wished to purchase we said to the person serving us that the response of the manageress was surprising and not very good PR to which the manageress shouted across that she would place an order, we enquired when she would expect the order in and she said Friday. We visited again on the Sunday expecting the items we required to have been delivered, only to find that not only had no delivery of the items been made but the order had not even placed."
Posted 1 year ago
Would you buy from one of our branches again?
"Appalling service, serious structural issue with my brand new Swift Vogue caravan and nobody available to speak to about it. Only sales department in on the weekends apparently."
Posted 2 years ago
Swindon Caravans Group is rated 4.48 based on 280 reviews

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