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No-barrier Review Collection

Give your customers a simple, pain-free way to quickly leave authentic reviews without logging in, using your powerful mobile-friendly review collector.

Review Collection

Review Stars In Google, Bing & Yahoo

Reduce spend on PPC adverts, get more clicks, higher conversion, more sales & more trust when you show organic stars & seller ratings in Google and Bing. Reviews.co.uk is a Google Licensed Review Partner, trusted by thousands of clients.

Seller Ratings

Grow Your Reputation

Seller Ratings and Rich Snippets are your customers' first contact with your brand. Establish a trusted online presence with Company Reviews and prove your trustworthiness before they even reach your site.

Company Reviews

Boost Your Product Conversion

You're only as good as the products you sell. Star ratings measurably improve your product sales performance in Google Shopping and organic listings.

Product Reviews
The Highest Rated Review Company on G2Crowd
They provide us with a solution that is easy to manage and creates a seamless experience for our customers when reviewing and rating our products/business.
Designed by intelligent people who have a thorough comprehension of e-commerce operational requirements.

Leverage the power of customer voice to gain positive ROI

Share reviews across Facebook, Twitter and Google as organic posts and retargeting adverts. Display Trust Badges and Widgets on your website and answer potential customers' questions, driving more sales.

Review Publishing

Be Consistent Online

Your customers find you everywhere online. Take advantage of our industry-leading Reputation Management module, and direct your review invitations to Facebook, Google Maps, Amazon, Tripadvisor and a whole range of third-party platforms.

Reputation Management

Trusted by UK's Finest

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Send your reviews to Google and get Google Seller Ratings and Stars in your organic, paid search results and Google Local.
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Collect Product Reviews and boost on-page conversion. Monitor & manage reviews on third party platforms including:
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Fully customised solution with dedicated developer support. Send product reviews to Google Shopping and get more reviews on Amazon.
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We know that running a business is difficult so collecting reviews for your company and products should be as easy as possible. That's why our pricing is clear, transparent and we do not have any lengthy contracts.

Championing Excellent Companies

We believe in hard work, transparency, and simplicity and those values drive our business at the core. REVIEWS is here to champion great companies who share the same values.

Unbeatable Support

Your company deserves the best care so our friendly review experts in the UK & US will go out of their way to assist you by phone, chat or email. We also have guides and knowledge base that can help you answer your questions.

I can honestly say that our sales have massively increased thanks to the reviews collected. Reviews.co.uk offer an easy to understand and manage client portal. Their staff are always on-hand to support my requests and resolve any issues very quickly.
Aden, Marketing Manager at Humax Digital

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Thanks for signing up to the Reviews.co.uk free trial. We'll call you shortly to get you set up. If you'd like to speak to us right away, please just call us on 0116 253 0618 .

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