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Kilbride Road, ,

One of the pedals came off after a few rides because the threads wore out on the crank. I tried to replace the crank but the ones sold on the website are a different size to the one fitted on my bike. Then the crankset couldn’t be taken out because the threads wore out on the inside as well, so they had to be cut out with an angle grinder and replaced. Overall I had to pay £160 to sort this out on top of the price of the bike, which was delayed by months anyway. It’s a beautiful looking bike and nice to ride but the overall experience has been a huge disappointment.
Posted 1 month ago
Although the bike is wonderful, Mango Bikes should reconsider the support given to its customer when orders get delayed. In my case, i ordered the bicycle in August, I had no response from Mango Bikes for 4 months in relation to progress of the order. Mango bikes were not able to response to my inquiries. I finally received the bicycle 2 months later (i.e 6 months since my order) due to a shortage in certain pieces from its suppliers. I would appreciate better communication and proposals/alternatives to sort out the issue. At the end i was happy to pay for an upgrade of the problematic piece to replace it for one in stock. It would have been more rewarding to both (Mango Bikes and myself) if i were given such an option months before. I would have been a happy customer, you would have bragged about such amazing customer experience. Unfortunately, that was not the case. I would advise Mango Bikes to focus on the customer perception, the quality of the bikes is good enough but the customer journey includes the complete purchasing cycle. All the best!
Posted 2 months ago
Hi Miguel You're totally correct in your feedback and we've also worked hard to improve on this. In fact you can see these improvements during the time of your order. Order placed end of August and there was a delay getting voucher processed. There were a few emails unresponded to. Additional staff recruited to the customer service team in September and there were then a total of 8 emails with updates and notifications between then and bike dispatch start of February. Your bike looks great, we hope you enjoy it and feel good about Mango Bikes again.
Posted 2 months ago
I really like my bike. It's incredibly beautiful and easy to ride. But it feels like Mango is a victim of their own success. My bike arrived with the wrong handle bars, only 2/6 legal requirements that a bike needs to have (no wheel reflectors, front or back reflectors, or bell) and no instructions for assembly (and the videos are basically an unboxing where the woman keeps referring to the instructions I didn't have). On contacting mango, they were responsive, and said that due to global delays they were out of stock and would ship them when they had them, but this isn't an appropriate solution. If they'd communicated with me first I would have told them I would have preferred to wait for the correct handlebars and the safety requirements to be in place. I wasn't even told that I would be having my bike shipped with different handlebars than I requested, leaving me confused as to what I'd ordered and second-guessing myself. Mango has offered to reimburse the cost of the reflectors being added on, but I also had to pay to get the bike checked over at a shop because I wasn't confident it was roadworthy due to the lack of instructions. As I said, I do really like the bike and it rides really well, I just hope that mango sorts this all out because it's really unacceptable.
Posted 3 months ago
I'm mostly happy with the bicycle, it looks and rides great; the only thing wrong is the paint is already coming off of the rear wheel after only a few months. But I was unhappy with the service, my bike arrived 4 months after I placed the order, which with the current situation I would have been fine with, accept I had to consistently email the team there to ask where my bike was, they never told me when something was delayed, and sometimes they didn't respond and I would have to email multiple times. Then when the bike arrived it was missing and part, which they sent out to me later, and one of the parts was loose and couldn't be tightened with the tools provided.
Posted 3 months ago
As you mentioned, your service sucked, your updates were irregular and inaccurate. I didn't mind too much, it's been a hard year and you're trying to do your best. What was worse was that you subscribed me to your mailing list without my consent (and sent really annoying emails telling me to buy new bikes and bigging yourself up when mine hadn't arrived) and what was inexcusable was emailing me to tell me to talk to cycle scheme and re-issue a voucher (under the new rules) so that you made more money - without making clear that it was optional, unnecessary, caused extra work for cycle scheme and for me, and the request was only possible because you were already 2-3 months behind schedule delivering my bike. I'd already been paying off the bike for months on my pay check and wasn't going to risk losing that money. That email really took the biscuit and was dreadful customer service. The bike itself is nice though, thanks! I'm glad you're appointed a new customer manager, and you're looking for feedback that's a good first step. Good luck with improving things in the future, and who's to say, if you listen to feedback, and promise to "out of stock" your website when you're facing stock issues, and treat your customers better, I might even recommend you (with caveats) in the future. All the best, David (PS Your "How quick did the company reply to your queries?" question on this survey doesn't have an option for anything between 12 hours and 1 week)
Posted 4 months ago
Hi David Appreciate you taking time to write a thorough review. We added staff, new processes and updated systems to improve. It's been a tough year of learning but we're getting better. Happy cycling
Posted 4 months ago
Once arrived the bike is fine, however, the delivery time was months longer than originally estimated and all subsequent revisions proved untrue . Difficult circumstances but hugely frustrating.
Posted 4 months ago
Ordered a single speed on 8 June, delivered on 30 November. Just under 6 months. Bike was delivered damaged, and had e-mail ping pong to eventually get a replacement part sent, which I needed fitting at my own expense. Communication throughout the process was very poor, and my estimated dispatch date kept getting moved. Even when pushed for an estimate, this final date moved by over a month. If I'd known it would have taken just shy of 6 months I would never had ordered from Mango Bikes. It's a great bike to ride, but I missed the summer, and autumn to ride it. Original date on order was mid-July, so I had planned a summer of riding. On social media there is a lot of disgruntled people, with a grumble of the £30 restocking fee. I feel if i had cancelled early in my wait, I would have been asked to pay this fee. Hindsight says the bike wasn't anywhere near being assembled. I appreciate the demand for bikes, but nearly 6 months is a joke.
Posted 5 months ago
Exceptionally bad customer service, zero communication about delays and changes over the course of 5 months. I had to contact them 4 times to find out information regarding my order. I haven’t been able to use my bike so I cannot comment on that yet. I am unimpressed with their company and comms to say the least.
Posted 5 months ago
Hi Kirsty Sorry about the delays and slow updates. We've added new staff to the Customer Service team so updates and response times are much better and faster now. Our supply chain suffered severe delays over the last 6 months but is now starting to recover and inflows are beginning to improve. Hopefully you can get out on your bike soon and see it was worth the wait. Apologies again for the delay. Happy cycling.
Posted 5 months ago
So, asked to write a review before my bike hasn’t arrived doesn’t sound like a smart plan. Estimated date is next week but who knows, it’s been pushed back a month already. Supplier issues and Covid given as the reasons.
Posted 5 months ago
I ordered my bike at the beginning of June and received it in November even tho I was told it’s only gona be a month or two. Bike itself is great, I can’t complain. But lack of communication from you guys was just terrible. I do understand all the issues you had because of the covid situation. But after paying 500£ I do expect some kind of update every now and then. And I had nothing. No message, email or a phone call. You need to work on your customer service. Big time. Like I said - I do like the bike but I wouldn’t recommend your company to anyone. The wait was too long and I felt completely abandoned by you even tho I paid in advance.
Posted 5 months ago
Hi Kate Agree with all you said and we've recruited extra staff for Customer Service and Operations teams. Lead times are now improving for bike builds and response times to queries down to less than 48h. Sorry we didn't do this for you. Happy cycling.
Posted 5 months ago
Bike is good, but arrived 3 months late with poor communication and no compensation (except for a faulty bike light?) also not sold with a bell, which I thought was a legal requirement??? Wouldn't buy from mango again, which is a shame because I really like the bike.
Posted 5 months ago
We ordered the bike on around 26th June. Told to expect the bike towards the end of July. Received mid September. Communication about the back log was minimal. I missed the 5% promotion by not putting the code I was entitled to use into my order. When I asked if it could be applied retrospectively on two occasions the request was completely ignored. I also asked if all the accessories which were not just for this bike be shipped separately earlier as the bike was taking so long. Again, this request was not acknowledged or answered. The bike and the parts are all good quality. Perhaps it might be worth charging more and hiring someone to help take care of the logistics and customer service side of the business. 2 stars as the bike and equipment is great but everything else was poor and if you can't get that write then people will go elsewhere.
Posted 7 months ago
Fantastico producto en relación calidad precio, pero PESIMo customer service. Me han entregado la bicicleta con 3 meses de retraso y lo peor sin contestar debidamente a mis mensajes, sino tener nunca una confirmación en firme del plazo de entrega
Posted 7 months ago
Decent bike once I received it. It took 15 weeks, which wouldn't have been a massive issue however updates were few and far between and any info I did get on an estimated build date was usually wrong. First claims that all they needed was the frame to finish my bike, then wheels, then an email to say they had my wheels, followed by one saying they in fact didn't and it'd be another 6 week wait unless I upgraded. The bike is decent enough and for the price it'd be an excellent buy if it wasn't for the poor comms. To be fair both Emily and Mike seemed lovely genuine people, the staff are owed an absolutely incredible staff party after all this. On a side note the update blogs were enfuriating. The language used was bizarre, hire a marketeer and fast!
Posted 7 months ago
I think the common theme here is the constant advertising of unrealistic likely delivery dates compared to actual delivery times experienced. I ordered beginning of June and received my bike at beginning of September. All the way through this process, Mango were still advertising lead times of 4-6 weeks. So they took the business decision to prioritise a full order book compared to a realistic delivery schedule. I understand it, and it "worked" - they got an order out of me where I would have gone elsewhere. But, do you want to do business with a company like this? I don't, but they got the last laugh as I am cycling around on a giant advert for them. No problems with the bike.
Posted 8 months ago
My dispatch date was July. I received my bike in September. Enough said. Also was told I would receive compensatory lights - these didnt arrive. The box was suppose to come with tools and instructions to build - didnt arrive. Dire service.
Posted 8 months ago
There was a long delay in receiving my bike, which was disappointing.
Posted 8 months ago
I bought my bike on 10th May 2020, at the time the advertised build and delivery was a couple of weeks. My bike was delivered over 100 days later on August 28th. This was a result of the COVID-19 situation. The communications from Mango were atrocious. I had been told twice that my bike would be delivered only for it to be pushed back again and again. In one email I was told all of the parts had arrived and my bike was being built and would be with me within the next 2 weeks. I was then told by email a week later that actually they didn't have my wheels and it would be another 3 weeks. I don't think I'll buy from Mango again, not because the bike isn't great (its really good!), but because after all of the waiting and poor communications I lost faith in them and didn't actually think the bike would ever turn up.
Posted 8 months ago
I ordered a bike when your website had no information about delays to the normally expected 4 week turn around. I presumed because of this my bike should be delivered in or around that 4 week mark. From the point of order right up until delivery my order page has an expected delivery date of late June. Once this date passed I emailed for an updated and received no reply. Instead, after 8 weeks (mid July) I got an email which went to everyone waiting, to tell me you had no frames and were waiting for them to come from China. Mine would be assigned, painted and I’d have my bike in 3 weeks. This is information that should have been communicated before you’d breached the delivery time you’d already quoted. Oh after. I waited 3 weeks, I heard nothing so I emailed again. Again no response. Again a week later a generic email went out to everyone now saying you had no wheels but they were on a boat in Europe and again my bike should be complete and shipped within 3 weeks. On the Friday of week 3 I got an email to say it had been shipped and early the next week it was delivered. I was excited to finally get my bike and the accessories I’d purchased 3 months before hand. The bike arrived and I removed all the items from the box to check them before I started to build it and noticed a small package missing. The one containing the tools, instructions, reflectors and bell. Luckily I had or could borrow tools to build the bike and followed along with your videos online but actually without the instruction sheet I wasn’t 100% confident I was doing everything right. Again I emailed and again I’ve had no response. The bike seems fine now I’ve been out on it a couple of times but honesty the experience has really soured my love for it. Similarly while checking up if I was the only person having issues, seeing a blog from the owner calling customers like me who are frustrated with huge delays and zero communication from the company trolls and rude doesn’t feel like it’s coming from the best place. If you were providing the service you’d offered, in the time you’d proposed and kept people updated about delays in advance so they could make informed decisions this might have felt valid. Instead it felt like a child throwing a tantrum as they were given into trouble and wouldn’t accept their own failings.
Posted 8 months ago
I ordered my bike with order number 34948 on 9 May. Whilst initially the student discount code didn't work, I reached out to Mango and they kindly gave me a voucher for more than the discount and I bought some accessories in anticipation of receiving my bike. On 13 August, three months and four days after ordering, I received my bike, put it together (as suggested by Mango to let them know if anything is damaged in shipping within 24 hours of receipt) and then patientily waited for a dry day to ride it. I initially was really happy with the bike and how it looked and couldn't wait to go out on it. Sadly, in testing the bike on a slow first ride with my brother (who bought a bog standard Decathalon Bike in lockdown), it was immediately apparent there were some issues with my bike. I really didn't want to write a negative review of Mango but I emailed them with photos and a video and I have had no response at all so far which really is irritating after waiting so long for the bike without any updates as to when I may expect delivery. Firstly, my rear wheel has arrived and there's a big wobble in it. I sent a video to Mango showing it needs 'truing' which for a bike novice like me, is something I am unable to do. A kind passer by on my ride tried to see if he could rectify it but didn't have the correct tools on him. Secondly, the bike crank pedal hole has completely sheared off. I definitely have put the pedal in the correct side and screwed it in straight and securely. All I want to do is send these parts back and receive new parts under warrranty but after messaging Mango (and knowing they've read my message as they use Gist) I've had no response at all. Mango has the potential to be such a good company, but needs to get its administration in order.
Posted 8 months ago
Mango Bikes is rated 3.93 based on 583 reviews