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Award-winning and affordable lifestyle, commuter, urban and road bikes, hand built in the UK.

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Incorrect item sent. Unable to make contact with the seller. Pursuing a refund via PayPal.
Posted 10 months ago
It's seems that one star reviews get removed from this site so I will try again, but this doesn't seem to be particularly ethical. Bought my bike in January, on arrival looked nice but on assembly it was apparent that the headset was tight which was confirmed on my first ride when I nearly came off due to the problem with the headset. Number of punctures do to the inadequate tyres provided with the bike and then the spokes on the front wheel started to come loose. One eventually came out. The gears hadn't been set up correctly which I had to sort myself. Mango agreed I could take it to a bike shop to get the headset sorted out. They confirmed it hadn't been assembled correctly and it was dangerous. The paint had chipped off around the headset due to the tightness. Mango did provide upgraded wheels due to the spoke issue which were better for a short period. After a few more weeks bottom bracket went so eventually I was sent a new bike which was fine but recently the rear hub bearings have gone in the rear wheel (water ingress) which I accept can happen but on top of everything else means I have no confidence in the bike. On the new bike the front derailleur was twisted on receipt which I had to sort myself again. The bike is actually great when it works, looks really good and rides well but the constant problems have meant I wouldn't buy a Mango again. This is a shame as I wanted to support an emerging British firm, others have no doubt had a good experience but mine has been pretty frustrating and disappointing. No doubt this one star review will disappear again. 7.3.2017 - Update I have been asked by Mango the revise this review, I have replied as follows - Dear Mango bikes I am afraid I won't be able to revise my review. Whilst some of the support I had was acceptable on a number of occasions it took me a lot of time to try to get things resolved. In essence the bikes I had from Mango were nothing but grief. By way of comparison in roughly the same time period I did 3149 miles on the Mango and with my new bike (Giant) I have done 4189. The Mango was off the road for 3 - 4 weeks in that time (about 5 to 6 months), the Giant has performed faultlessly. Both were roughly the same price. I take no pleasure in taking this decision but my experience with Mango was very poor to say the least, hence the level of review. Regards
Posted 4 years ago
Hi Neil, we're really sorry that you had a bad experience with the bike. We hope that the solutions we have now provided for you are adequate. We take a lot of pride in the design and operation of our bikes, and take all feedback very seriously. We have a Point AR rider in the Transcontinental Race this year and another rider travelling over 3000 miles on his Point R.
Posted 4 years ago
Bike is great. Lovely to ride although only had it for a few days. 5 stars for the bike - 1 Star for customer experience Customer service is very lacking. 2 months without any reply to emails/calls/DM’s! Only managed to get a reply/update when I bombarded social media with complaints. Wouldn’t have minded the delay if I was at least getting updates, but being left in the dark after spending a heap of money is just not on.
Posted 10 months ago
Loving my new wheels - have already named her Frankie ... Frankie the fixie! She has helped me get around London during the lockdown and helped me avoid public transport. Mango were great at delivery and I managed to put her together in about 15 minutes... and I have zero bike knowledge!
Mango Bikes 5 star review on 6th July 2020 Mango Bikes 5 star review on 6th July 2020 Mango Bikes 5 star review on 6th July 2020
Posted 10 months ago
Fantastic work. Our first video review as well - thank you so much for taking time to do this. Happy cycling
Posted 10 months ago
Don’t buy from this company. I understand there’s been set backs regarding Covid-19 and the increase in demand, but this does not warrant the decline in customer service that everyone is experiencing. Instead of lining your pockets with the increase in cash you’re gaining over this period, why don’t you hire more customer service staff to actually communicate with your customers. Instead they decide to bombard you with rubbish email campaigns and pointless blogs. How hard would it be to simply respond to customers regarding an estimated wait time that actually is accurate instead of adding an extra week or so every time they ask? I managed to create a spreadsheet that estimated when my bike would be arriving that was accurate to the nearest week! If I can do something like this why the hell cant you with the millions of data points you have available. The bike itself is brilliant, but they still managed to mess that up by not packaging the front wheel well, and ended up leaving the screw for the quick release wheels bent and hanging out of the box! Abysmal service and absolute nightmare of a company to deal with.
Posted 8 months ago
Ordered my bike on the 29th April as the website touted a 1 week build time. Albeit Covid-19 affected global supply chains; I wasn't given an estimated build date until after 8 weeks. This date was then changed twice. I contacted Mango bikes multiple times and got no response until I was eventually told there was an issue with "delivery of wheels" and that my bike would be made a "priority" build that week....two weeks later still no bike and was then advised wheels were being sent in "batches". Basically lied to about 3-4 times about when I would get the bike. Eventually waited over 9 weeks until it was delivered which worked out at 48 working days. Their blog posts calling customers "trolls" for trying to get products they have paid for are in poor taste and I wouldn't recommend anyone order a bike from them. Mango; don't accept orders for new bikes until you can fulfill the demand for the ones ordered months before. My friend also ordered hers at the beginning of June and is having the exact same experience.
Posted 8 months ago
Hi William Sorry you had to wait for your bike. our order is one is most badly affected so apologies for this. Demand has been unprecedented and then some more. Supply chains struggling to keep up. Our service has dropped for sure but our bikes remain awesome as ever. The blog about trolling was most definitely not about customers wanting information. That's totally fine and understandable but a minority have taken things too far (posting staff personal social media profiles, leaving messages threatengin to "pay us a visit", etc). That is trolling. We're also much clearer with schedules and expected dispatch dates. Orders placed now (August) for example will be built October. Sorry you feel let down by us, we're getting back on track. Hoepfully you can ride happy now you've got your bike.
Posted 8 months ago
My bike took 2.5 months and the wheel were the wrong colour - shocking customer service. Avoid purchasing from Mango at all costs
Posted 9 months ago
Possibly the worst service I could have imagined. Sadly I wouldnt recommend this company to anyone, not because of the product however. Completely because of the shambles that is their customer service. I understand I ordered a bike during a pandemic where everyone was buying a bike. So I was okay with a delay even though at the time they had on their home page "Delivery within 2 weeks" But I was ignored for 7 weeks, my bike then turned up with no instructions or tools which would have helped. The only time I got a response was once I had gone off in their instagram comments. When I finally got a response Andrew was only interesting in telling me not to talk bad about his team, Didnt offer much in the help or answers to the issues I had. In fact I have since fixed the issues with help from a friend and still waiting for a response from Andrew about the issues I had with my bike. Its a shame because the bike is great, but I have slight resentment with it as it was such a nightmare to get. Hopefully they reinvest in some customer service, because it absolutely isnt working currently. Thanks for the bike, but wouldnt buy anything from here ever again.
Posted 9 months ago
20/05 - Purchased bike parts and accessories which included a 6 spoke front wheel (black) + 6 spoke rear wheel (black + flip flop). 03/06 - Received an email telling me that both the wheels were not in stock but provided me options, one of which was to swap for a set of 3 spoke wheels (black) instead. 03/06 - I emailed back accepting the offer of the 3 spoke wheel set. 05/06 - I emailed again since I got no reply. 05/06 - I received an email confirming the swap and will be out for delivery asap. 15/06 - Received delivery but both of the 3 spoke wheels were rear wheels, neither of which had been configurated to flip flop. 1 wheel with nothing and 1 wheel with no fixed cog just freewheel. 15/06 - I emailed about the incorrect wheels. 21/06 - I emailed again since I got no reply. 23/06 - Received email saying they will send out the correct front wheel, and a fixed cog which I can attach to the rear wheel with the missing fixed cog. 26/06 - I received the delivery but the wheel was not a 3 spoke front wheel (black) but instead a 6 spoke front wheel (black). In addition, the fixed cog that came does not correctly screw on to the rear wheel that has the freewheel cog but will correctly screw onto the rear wheel that came with no cogs attached, suggesting that the rear wheel with the freewheel has been put on the wrong side. 26/06 I emailed about the incorrect wheel and issues with the rear cog. 01/07 Emailed again since i got no reply. 06/07 Finally sorted. A terrible experience that all could be avoided if the website prevented orders of items that aren't in stock, which is hardly some revolutionary feature in 2020
Posted 9 months ago
Ordered some camo grips and a pair of bullhorn handlebars on the 1st of July (both showing as in stock and would be dispatched same or next day). Received a package on the 8th of July containing only the grips and no handlebars. I have since emailed, rang, instant messaged their website and contacted them via Facebook. I have received no reply as to where my handlebars are from any of the above. I understand that this is a very busy time for them but the lack of communication is ridiculous. I have no idea where to contact now as they are clearly not replying via any form of communication. I will not be buying anything from Mango bikes again
Posted 10 months ago
It took just under 2 month for someone to get in touch about my order. To date I only have the bike and the lock I ordered. The helmet is out of stock but they still allow you to order it on the website - taking people’s money when they don’t have stock - misleading and dishonest.
Posted 10 months ago
Bike: Looks fantastic, rides well. Easily assembled. Price: Very Reasonable - one of the more affordable Single Speed bikes on the market compared to other Single/Fixed gear brands. Delivery: Bike took 3 weeks to arrive. To those complaining that their bike did not arrive in estimated time - use some common sense? We are in a global pandemic, with courier services experiencing delays and WFH measures put in place. There has also been an increased demand for bikes during this time - combination of good weather and more free time. Additionally, the bike is custom built! Employees may be off sick, there may be less working due to social distancing measures, meaning less output and longer wait times. It was obvious my bike was never going to arrive as fast as it usually would. I waited patiently and received my bike in perfect condition. Why knock 2 Star off? 1. I ordered 2 spare inner tubes which were not included with my package. I have emailed Mango and awaiting response (2 days). 2. I agree with other customers that posting Social Media content, yet failing to respond to customers within 24 hours, is not particularly good customer service.
Posted 1 year ago
Paid my money, never received goods. Communication ignored. Avoid this company at all costs! Have reported to the Trading Standards.
Posted 1 year ago
*Disclaimer- I understand these times are difficult however the business is clearly still operating Firstly I just want to say the bike I ordered myself is amazing, I love every part of it that fact it’s custom and to my own design I love it, this is however about the only positive. The whole buying experience was horrific, I opted to do part finance which took best part of 2 hours as it wasn’t an option on their site at the time so that’s not really their fault and communication was going good between emails and the sites chat. Once this was done it was the best part of 3 weeks before it was delivered I was told about no delivery dates ect nothing I was constantly been ignored via email and even tried using their social media. So the bike comes just how I imagined perfect after nearly a month of waiting I finally get the bike I wanted. However on only my 3rd ride I noticed a loose crank (which was already attached and tightened when it came) I thought nothing of it get home and by this point the thing is hanging off. So I bought a simple allen key from home bargains and take it off to realise there was a massive chip inside the metal creating the fault, this was after less than 10 miles of riding. The bike is now totally unusable. I understand these things happen it could of happened during shipping or at any point before that. So I sent a lengthy email with pictures and videos clearly showing the fault. This was 11 days ago now and I’ve tried all there social medias and email. Nothing not a single response like they don’t care about their customers. I’d like to add times are hard and it may take a while to get back to someone but the fact they’re still posting on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and totally disregarding there customer is disgusting. Overall a very stressful experience and I would strongly strongly avoid buying from them at this time. Maybe I’m unlucky but I can see others having similar experiences, maybe in future they will improve their services as the product can be amazing.
Posted 1 year ago
I started a conversation using the little message logo on your main webpage raising a query about some handlebars I was interested in. The message was read but no one replied.I repeated the message again the following day but again no one replied.
Posted 1 year ago
I order a bike weeks ago, I have been contacting them for over a week now and no one is getting back to me. The bikes look cool. It the customer service is total shocker and is non existent.
Posted 1 year ago
Really pleased with the bike, pictures look great and am looking forward to riding it once I receive it. However, this won’t be making up for the customer service I received... Overwhelmingly I felt that the customer service from Mango Bikes was really poor. I understand these are difficult circumstances right now for businesses in terms of stock/supply...however there’s been very little customer care to make up for this. After ordering the bike, I had no contact from the company about how long I may be waiting, and when I did chase this up I was given very vague information in a delayed response. It is not the fact that the bike took nearly 3 weeks to arrive, i have been more than happy to wait. It is instead the fact that Mango have not been proactive in their communication at all - I am always the one who had to instigate any conversation about the progress of my order. Even at this moment I am waiting for an answer to a simple yes/no question about whether the bike has a quick release wheel which I sent 3 days ago. I’ve contacted them over live chat, after a few days I telephoned because I didn’t get a response, then the person on the phone told me to email as they weren’t sure the answer to my question. Definitely would go to another company for my next purchase as I felt the whole experience was just me constantly chasing up information on my orders. As mentioned, I have shown understanding and not once complained about the time it took to receive my order - however as a company you must also show a mutual understanding that customers are anxious about the progress of their orders too.
Posted 1 year ago
Hi Louis Sorry we've disappointed you with our support along the way. Definitely not what we're about or want customers to feel. Easter hasn't helped with the delivery but can see it's due with you in the next 24 hours. We've moved staff around onto random hours to minimise contact with each other and keep the business operating. All the simple things have become slower and we've dropped the ball on some important things. Apologies for this and hopefully new bike day and your first ride will make you feel a bit better about Mango Bikes. Mango Bikes // Andrew
Posted 1 year ago
Gorgeous bikes. Have one for myself and ordered a second for my daughter. Trouble is I ordered it in June and it was delivered in December. In all that time, and after several emails to the company, I only got one reply. Totally get that we are in a pandemic, but customer service has been terrible. would recommend the bikes to anyone
Posted 4 months ago
Hi Mark Sorry about the delays getting your daughter's bike delivered. A perfect storm of demand, supply chain delays and shipping hold-ups combined to hit the bike industry pretty hard in 2020. We've now added a bike availability section which is updated regularly. There are also more regular updates sent directly to customers waiting on a bike to highlight any delays and possible solutions sooner. Thanks for the feedback, it makes us get better,
Posted 4 months ago
Unfortunately, having received an email that my order was dispatched on 14.9.20, I am yet to receive it, having emailed the company twice I am yet to get any response. Very disappointed with this poor customer service. I would not recommend buying from Mango Bikes.
Posted 7 months ago
An absolutely beautiful bike. Its just a shame that I had to wait 3 months from the date of order to receive it. Whilst waiting I received sarcastic, unamusing emails abt it's current build status...i.e 'If you could ride a bike without wheels you'd be good to go....' This was after waiting 2 months. Further excuses followed. When stating I'd waited a quarter of my Cyclescheme contract & made 3 payments on my order I was sent a £5 light, that doesn't work as compensation. People have commented on my bike, how amazing it looks etc, but when I tell them of the service I received they said they'd go elsewhere. Real shame. 'If your customer service was as good as your bikes you'd be onto a winner...' 5 star product. 0 star service.
Posted 8 months ago
Mango Bikes is rated 3.93 based on 583 reviews