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Award-winning and affordable lifestyle, commuter, urban and road bikes, hand built in the UK.

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
While the bike looks great, the whole experience was horrendous.
Delayed delivery, bike incorrectly assembled (for which I have had to pay added costs to fix), absolutely customer service and I am now being ignored after emailing them to flag up these issues.

Would not recommend and will not be using again.
Posted 20 minutes ago
Didn't get any answer for my message. Products were good, only positive thing I guess...
Posted 1 hour ago
Absolutely love my single-speed - so much that I’m ordering another for my son.
Posted 1 hour ago
I love my bike! Its a pleasure to ride and certainly turns heads. Its smooth and easy on road. I went slightly off-road and punctured the tyre with a stone which I was easily able to change (a complete newbie who needed youtube) but nonetheless it is now fixed. I initially purchased with a 10 day window to dispatch but this ended up being a month, which is understandable and I wasn’t too disappointed by this. I wish the communication was a little better but I was patient and it was worth the wait! When a few colours were out of stock, I received a really easy to read email with different options and I just switched a few things around. This communication was really prompt and then let me know when my item would be received. After dispatch (a friday), my bike came on the tuesday early morning and i could track it. Highly recommend mango and I am looking forward to purchasing some other colour parts in the future when I fancy a change. The bike was easy to build and also gave me a glimpse into replacing parts myself in the future. Thanks so much, I’ve been riding out on it loads!
Posted 1 hour ago
PROS: Bike is nice.
Smooth ride.

CONS: 4 Week wait (Covid 19...)
Some of the Mango detailing has peeled off, bit cheap.

Other than that, I'd say an ok overall experience with Mango.
Posted 1 hour ago
Good service even during lockdown, ordering was easy and bike came after a few weeks. The master link was missing from the chain but replaced quickly. I love the bike, looks great and really smooth ride.
Posted 2 hours ago
Ordered inner tubes. They sent wrong ones. Bit slow responding to initial request to correct mistake but put it right and sent correct tubes and didn't want wrong ones back. So overall pleased with the service.
Posted 4 hours ago
I am very happy with my bike from Mango. The ride is so smooth, no issues yet & everything feels sturdy & very well made. A fantastic bike & I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.
Posted 4 hours ago
Delivery did take longer due to the lockdown which is completely understandable. Bike looks and feels great, love it !
Mango Bikes 5 star review on 29th May 2020
Posted 4 hours ago
I have ordered my bike 2 weeks ago and I have tried to get in contact to cancel my order because it is taking too long and there is absolutely no response I emailed phoned even texted them on Facebook and no response. During this pandemic people are low on income as is and they will willingly take £300+ off people with nothing in return. I would expect They will give some form of compensation for this major inconvenience. I cycle to work and need the bike to arrive to continue to be a key worker yet this company don’t care that they are taking people’s money. I would not recommend ordering from them at this time or anytime in the near future.
Posted 1 day ago
Abysmal customer service. Been waiting for over 4 weeks now and it’s virtually impossible to get through to the company. I was recommended by a friend before the Coronavirus, but I would say to anyone trying to order is avoid at all costs. I want to cancel my order but given their poor customer service I don’t think I will even get a response. Don’t get me wrong it’s a difficult time for every company but I think it’s not morally right that Mango bike falsely advertise to say your bike will be built in 2 weeks and then take your payment. It was an opportunity for this company to get it right during this hard time, but I have been left very disappointed that I can’t ride my bike during this lockdown.
Posted 5 days ago
Still no bike after 4 weeks. The customer service has been awful and they promising the my bike is in the build stage and should be with me shortly. Your better off buying from a reputable company like Evans cycle or even Halfords !!!
Posted 5 days ago
My story is a long, negative one that sadly seems to be a common occurrence with many customers. As a pre-note to my review I would advise anyone looking for a company that values customers and responds to queries/complaints to avoid Mango. You will see they do not full fill promises and do not reply to any of my emails.

I ordered a rear 6 spoke flipflop hub wheel with multiple accessories on the 24/04/2020. In the process I was trying to redeem the 10% student discount, as i am a student and spending close to £200 is not easy on us. When I tried to redeem it a message stated 'minimum spend £400!!!'. I honestly couldn't believe it! a student has to spend £400 to get a mere 10% off......any way I carried on with the purchase and sent a follow up email asking about the student discount, whether i missed something or if I really had to spend £400 for some discount. I didn't receive a reply and on the 27/04/2020 i received a message telling me it was shipped! Woohoo, that was fast!! it said i would receive it in the next few days and so I got excited to finally fix my bike up and get back on the road after winter..........I this had happened then it wouldn't of been a problem, another happy customer! didn't....i received an email saying it hadn't been shipped and they had to wait for stock of the wheel until they could send it again....little dissapointed, but i'm understanding, difficult times globally so that can be forgiven and still excited for my products. At the end of some of their emails they write about how we can ask questions and they will get back to you etc. so i sent another email! Asking again about the discount just in case my email was lost/deleted and didn't want to bother them by phoning up - email is easy. no surprise i received no answer. So on the 01/05/2020 I phoned them up to get an answer to my question about discount, see when the order is estimated to be sent (because i had no updates on when in the apology email) and also ask if i could amend the order because now i found better alternatives for three items. The gentlemen was very kind and apologetic - said it was super busy and lots of new staff - he told me the order should be sent off the following Wednesday, he would amend my order but to send sales an email confirming my order changes just in case and also ask them about the discount. Straight after the phone call I did ask he told me, then, waited.

Still no reply to my this point its not the fact my order is delayed that bothering me its the customer service and lack of care for email/queries making me the one having to constantly chase and follow up. (3 emails no replies)

The next week came (04/05/2020) and i called again - this time asking to see if i could add something to the order (yes here i do so how i could have been an annoying customer - but why wouldn't they want my money/service) however, he told me the order had been sent.....What?? i didn't receive an update but sweet! He told me it should arrive Wednesday and finally answered my student discount question - you have to spend £400 for 10% off - okay never mind about that then (still seems a very high number and maybe that bothers me a little too much). Time to wait for Wednesday! Excited once again!! The order ended up arriving on Thursday (again didn't bother me because the Royal Mail has nothing to do with Mango). opened up the order to find all three items i wanted taken off still even worse! on the flip flop hub there was no fixed gear! on a freewheel! the main reason to ride a fixie! Now i was pretty annoyed because it mirrored the lack of care/attention on the customer service/packing side of their business never replying to emails and not amending orders after saying they would.

If it was any single one of these problems in an isolated case I wouldn't have cared but in accumulation it really bothered me. Not a happy customer. I phoned up made a complaint and got the same response....sorry were staff don't know what they are doing....heard it before, stop blaming new staff and get some quality control. (looking at other reviews cant believe i got in contact with them each time of trying! same gentlemen every time) He said sorry and that was was like squeezing water out a dry sponge to get them to refund the items i didn't even want in the first place. They finally said they would refund those and i didn't have to send them back but the best they could offer was 5% off, which you get for singing up to their news letter and they would send a fixed cog for the wheel. I said that was fine at least it was something, although, i don't have the tools to put the cog on so i'll have to spend more money getting the tool and time putting it on when they are supposed to do all of that. However, i thought the ordeal was finally over.......clearly not....why? because of Mango's amazing customer service - its now 22/05/2020 and i'm still waiting for the fixed cog to arrive for my fixie wheel!

In all 2 weeks for the product to arrive, and 2 months still waiting for all my products....
As stated before, if you want good customer service STAY AWAY! If you don't care about deadline, being messed around, having to spend time chasing a company doing their work for them, reminding them of jobs they are supposed to do, then be my guest.
I just shocked that other haven't received their bikes after weeks and i agree with them - it's not the delay that is annoying it the fact that on their website they say they are running as normal with normal times on every product. (maybe its changed now?)
Posted 1 week ago
After 5 weeks on and being told that ‘it’s being built tomorrow no less than 3 times’ still no bike in sight or word on what is going on.

Completely understand that with the lockdown and probably a huge number of orders going on the site it’s going to have a delay but like others I can now see the website advertising them being built in two weeks which just isn’t true.

If you eventually do get hold of customer service which is not easy they are flat out misleading over what is happening and when I tried to cancel my order they are charging fees to ‘restock’ the bike seems like a con to me.

DO NOT ORDER (well at least until a long time after lockdown and they might start valuing customers again)
Posted 1 week ago
Five weeks now and still no bike!
Funny how now when you go onto the website it pops up saying dispatched time is two weeks from ordering. When mine has been in with the build team for over three now.
Not hearing anything at all now from them about my order through email. Customer service is shocking.
I would cancel my order if I could cancel my cycle to work scheme which I am now paying for but it’s been too long and can’t cancel!
Do not order from this company, not only do they lie to you and tell you on website the wrong build time they then don’t even give you a despatch date after they have already gone over the stated dates twice!
Posted 1 week ago
I found Mango Bikes online whilst searching for a 'first' bike after around 10 years of not being on one. The extensive customisation options was certainly the biggest appeal and the 48 hour despatch time seemed brilliant! Unfortunately, it took around 4 weeks to receive the full order in the end with lots of backwards and forwards with email communication. Eventually, the bikes arrived and I must say they were very well packaged to protect the bikes and assembly was very easy. My bike is now known locally as the LEGO bike and I love it! It's a smooth ride (a little tender on the bottom but I'll put that down to not having ridden a bike in 10 years) Andrew offered us 10% discount on ordering and also threw in lights for both bikes.

Overall, I'm impressed with the bikes but the customer service could do with some work.
Mango Bikes 3 star review on 10th May 2020
Posted 2 weeks ago
Order placed during Coronavirus lockdown on April 17th.

Really nice looking website, I spent ages playing with colour combinations to find a set up I was happy to ride. Ordering was a straight forward procedure.

When I ordered my bike I am pretty sure the website was saying orders would take 7 days. After waiting over a week I went back to the site and it was saying 8 - 10 days. Now it is saying 14 days. But I have already waited 19 days and as far as I can tell, my bike

Due to a huge number of orders received during Coronavirus lockdown which they talk about on their blog (, it is understandable that delivery times will take longer, possibly a lot longer. I get this and am not complaining about the wait per se. What I am complaining about is the customer service response to the delay.

All I am asking Mango to provide is clarity about when our bikes, my bike in particular, will be dispatched. They have already exceeded their stated time on their website; then exceeded a dispatch date that I received via their website chat. Now they have resulted to just saying sorry without giving me any indication when my bike will be ready. Moreover customer service are taking over 48 hours to respond, and unfortunately don't even address my fundamental question - roughly how much longer do we have to wait?

I have suggested that they provide details about how many bikes they dispatch per day and what order they are currently on, then post this information on their website. Customers like myself could then work out roughly when our bikes will be ready.

Presently I have no idea at all how many orders are ahead of mine or whether I will even receive my bike this month.

Don't get me wrong, I really fancy a Mango bike. I may still have ordered if I knew that it would take four, maybe even six weeks to arrive. Of course I want my bike asap. But my main concern at this stage is the very poor level of customer service that I (and others on Twitter and Instagram) have received.

Saying sorry means nothing to me without being informed of details how long things are going to take.

Dear Mango - your bikes look great. Your aim to provide excellent customer service is laudable. However, wanting to provide excellent customer service, and actually providing it, are two separate things. Don't try harder, do better.
Posted 3 weeks ago
Absolutely delighted with the bike. Paint job is high standard and the build quality is fantastic. For the price it's an amazing purchase 🙂 Had a few trips out and just a delight to pedal
Posted 3 weeks ago
Bike: Looks fantastic, rides well. Easily assembled.

Price: Very Reasonable - one of the more affordable Single Speed bikes on the market compared to other Single/Fixed gear brands.

Delivery: Bike took 3 weeks to arrive. To those complaining that their bike did not arrive in estimated time - use some common sense? We are in a global pandemic, with courier services experiencing delays and WFH measures put in place. There has also been an increased demand for bikes during this time - combination of good weather and more free time. Additionally, the bike is custom built! Employees may be off sick, there may be less working due to social distancing measures, meaning less output and longer wait times. It was obvious my bike was never going to arrive as fast as it usually would. I waited patiently and received my bike in perfect condition.

Why knock 2 Star off?
1. I ordered 2 spare inner tubes which were not included with my package. I have emailed Mango and awaiting response (2 days).

2. I agree with other customers that posting Social Media content, yet failing to respond to customers within 24 hours, is not particularly good customer service.
Posted 3 weeks ago
Really stressed out reading all comments below having bought my own custom bike on the 29th only to hear nothing back on my inquiries as to when it will be delivered (i asked for a rough time guide nothing concrete) both via email and the chatbox on their website. Will happily change rating when i get a response.
Posted 3 weeks ago
Mango Bikes is rated 4.17 based on 343 reviews