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CarStore Dundee 5 star review on 28th January 2021
Paula Knight
CarStore Dundee 5 star review on 8th January 2021
Connor McLanders
CarStore Dundee 5 star review on 8th January 2021
Connor McLanders
CarStore Dundee 5 star review on 29th December 2020
James Patton
CarStore Dundee 5 star review on 18th December 2020
Lesley Smith
CarStore Dundee 5 star review on 10th November 2020
Donna Patterson
CarStore Dundee 5 star review on 10th November 2020
Donna Patterson
Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
There was some scratches on the car and I was told they would be touched up before I collected the car. When I went to collect it, the scratches were still there so I had to wait an hour for it to be sorted and I could take the car home. I was also charged £5 extra for my car tax which I was told was an admin error and they would send a cheque in the post. I know it's not a lot of money considering how much I spent on the car, but I have still not received my cheque a month on. I love my new car but I don't think I would go back to Peter Vardy as I felt that they weren't interested once they had my money.

UPDATE: After submitting my review, I received a call from the store manager Alastair Page, apologising for the after sales service I had received. He offered me £50 in total as a gesture of goodwill, which has been promised to be in my bank account by 1st October, he also asked me to amend my review by 30th September which is today. (not sure why the money can't be in my account today?!) He stated that the stars for "would you recommend us" is actually for the salesperson and not the company! I will have to take his word on this as I had no issues with the Sales Advisor Gordon Halliday. He was polite, friendly and not at all pushy. Therefore the 5 stars are for Gordon.
Posted 5 months ago
Good afternoon Lesley. We are sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction. I have escalated your concerns to the onsite management team.

Many Thanks, Team PV.
Posted 5 months ago
I would say having purchased a vehicle before from this store I was very dubious about returning, this was due to various faults and the length of time taken to fix it out, i did try at the time to understand and think maybe it was just teething problems with the new store etc.
Then after constant phone calls asking if we wished to change our car after 3 years we decided to have a look..we did find a model we liked and decided to purchase, thinking this time we would be lucky and it would be a better experience...I would say once the sale was made the customer service was dire and not what I would expect ......or maybe I should have expected in hindsight from a company who messed up previously....on collection the young lad who was dealing with us had no idea what had happened during the previous week through no fault of his and did his best, which really was a shambles, like he had been told to just get out and deal with us and get us gone. I'm not one for negative reviews but once bitten twice shy ....third time round I'll give my cash to someone who values the customer and treats people how they would like to be treated.
Posted 6 months ago
Good afternoon Tracey,we are sorry to her this,I have contacted the management team regarding this. Kind Regards Team PV.
Posted 5 months ago
The showroom is lovely, modern, wide open, clean and warm, all indoors which is great.
The welcome was second to none, friendly staff, they have a temperature-taking camera and safety procedures in place. I was highly impressed with all of that.
My car, once delivered was clean and had been valeted inside.
The reason for the low score is what happened after I purchased. I was hassled to come in and collect the car despite telling them I had an urgent medical appointment. I was harrangued about them meeting their targets (it was the last day of the month) and I reiterated that I didn't care about targets when I had to deal with my health. As it turned out the car was not ready at all, but their insistence caused me to transfer my insurance over, leaving me without transport.
After several phone calls (I made) it came to light that a part was on order and it could be days or weeks before the car was ready. To their credit they gave me a courtesy car and as luck would have it the part arrived quickly. Unfortunately I had to do a 45-mile round trip to collect the courtesy car and was kept waiting for 25 minutes because the relevant person didn't realise I was there (even though I saw the reception staff radio through).
The poor internal communications, coupled with the terrible communication with me have resulted in the score. The impression I have is that all the customer service is front-loaded to get you to part with your hard-earned cash, then they cast you aside as an annoyance once you've paid.
I did try to speak to them afterwards, so far two unanswered emails, so I've given up.
Posted 6 months ago
We are sorry to hear of your disappointment ,if you would like to PM your contact details,I will inform the site management team. Many Thanks. Team PV.
Posted 5 months ago
Calls not returned, handover team didn’t contact me with date. Sales did the handover when we collected the car. Car very poor valet if indeed any. Faulty tyre sensor, earliest date for a replacement two weeks away with no courtesy car available.
Local garage replaced with Kia part next day.
No offer of refund for replacing part at local garage.
Sale team did call me back and tried to help as much as they could, but rest off the organisation was poor.
Handover team and after sales.
Posted 7 months ago
Good Afternoon Craig,

Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear of your experience. If you have any outstanding issues please email

Team PV
Posted 6 months ago
I would not recommend Peter Vardy Car Store Dundee because, even though they had the car a week longer than the original pick up day, we still had to wait 1 1/2 hours past the pickup appointment time ( 3.30pm) leaving work early. My wife had to leave without the car to do something else at 5pm leaving me to drive the car home. As soon as leaving the dealership the tyre pressure warning light came on.
Both wiper blade attaching points are very faded and clearly been on the car for considerable time. On inspecting them, i found the end of one blade separated from the base. I have since spent £17.00 on ebay for new ones.
I was never given any evidence of the cars service history or if it had been serviced or checked if it needed a service. One of the very first questions i was asked about my trade in was, does it have a service history. The engine oil on this new car is black so i don't know how much mileage its done.
When i put a deposit on the car, the mileage was 53,965 miles.
When i picked it up, it had 54,050 miles ???. Also one of your staff had time to bluetooth their phone to the car, (Darren) no doubt while driving it around. Was this when the suspension spring broke or was this not spotted when/if the car was checked.
Posted 11 months ago
On picking the car up with my sister she wasn't shown any thing about the new car nobody went through the fixtures or controls which to me wasn't a handover
Posted 11 months ago
Very disappointed with purchase of car this time around, standards at Peter Vardy have dropped considerably. MOT requested by sales staff, this was not done prior to collection of vehicle, had to go back to be done. Finance settlements not done correctly I had to tell sales staff myself. Technician argued with me with regard to damaged wiper blades. Salesman told me day before collection he would see me tomorrow ( but knew he wouldn't as he was on holiday). 22/02/2020 ( I sold my car to you on 25/01/2020) I had notification from DVLA that I still owned my previous car which I was assured would be dealt with by the Peter Vardy Staff, who said it was not necessary for me to return slip to DVLA to notify sale of vehicle they would do it on line. DVLA were demanding road tax for a vehicle that I did not own any more. Had to ask staff to stamp warranty exchange for continuation of warranty on vehicle. The whole procedure felt like a conveyor belt, get them sold get them out, compered with our previous experience which was so easy and efficient. Do better Peter Vardy
Posted 1 year ago
Initial enquiry was responded to quickly, I travelled over an hour to see the car and speak with Robbie and was told 'yes yes yes' to everything and basically promised the world which turned out was not the case. I understand after the first couple of issues that Robbie said he was new, however, after the first misunderstanding this then should have been supervised by someone who was more familiar with the business and process for the customer as there were repeated issues. I was actually made to feel very stupid about buying a car when in fact I was pretty clued up during the process but was being mislead on different occasions. This lead me to getting my partner and family members involved as I felt as if I was not being taken seriously and false promises kept being made to me then taken away. After receiving my new car, sadly there was still issues with something I had been promised which again took weeks to fix and I had to go out of my way to take my car to the garage when it should have been fixed prior to the car arriving.
Posted 1 year ago
Together with my car I had an extra service of Ł110 added without my permission nor knowledge. Tried to claim the money back but was going nowhere when calling them or visiting the store. Finally I contacted Trading Standards who dealt on my behalf and got my money returned to me after 4months. Please be aware when you buy a car from the store as there might be added extras that you are not aware of. In my case it was Supaguard, I had not received the service so could not understand why I had to pay for it especially they had not had my permission.
Posted 1 year ago
Peter Vardy are more than happy to sell you a car cant do enough in that department but God help you if you find a fault with the car they drag their heels in booking the car in for inspection and even longer if the car needs repairs the after sales care is pathetic I wanted 3 weeks to have a door mirror replaced on an astra apparently it took that long for the part to arrive
Posted 1 year ago
Walked into the car store looking to trade in current vehicle for a more affordable car. I'll say from the outset, this was achieved. While in the show room we were listened to, valued and got the right deal, however, after leaving the showroom its been a poor show.
We had agreed for our new car to be delivered and old one taken away from the house, I had to chase up multiple times, to be told each time I'd be phoned back, this never seemed to happen.
Upon delivery of the car, it was dirty, clearly not valeted to the standard I was being sold in the showroom. There's also been a few problems with the car which again, after phoning several times and getting no where, I had to take time out oh my holidays to arrive at the showroom to speak to someone about these issues. This has definitely been a negative experience from the car store, when I've received better service from a Peter Vardy garage in Perth (although I was told the car store did things better). Issues are ongoing so will see if car store can redeem itself
Posted 1 year ago
Good Afternoon Mark,

Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear of your concerns. Please contact us at and the team will assist you further.

Team PV
Posted 1 year ago
Very professional and welcoming staff at the front desk. Process explained whilst waiting on a sales advisor. Car store clean and inviting.

My advisor was Craig Ross and I don't feel you would find a better advisor. He was very patient, listened to my requests and worked hard to find me a car that met by wishes. I never felt rushed nor did I feel I was being steered into something I did not want (this was the case at other garages I have visited). Craig took time to explore the financial side of the purchase and again worked at meeting the budget I had set myself.

Craig is definitely a credit to your company and if it was not for the excellent service he gave and is still giving my feedback would not be as positive. Reason for this is explained below.

You have not given space to report on the preparation of the car and I feel this needs to be commented on.

On inspection prior to driving my car away I was upset to find quite a lot of scratches on the front of the car. I would not have expected this on a car that only had 1000 miles on the clock and would have expected these to have been polished out. There was white residue over a lot of the car where polish had not been rubbed in. Again Craig came to the rescue and very quickly contacted someone from the team that are responsible for this area and arranged for me to be able to bring the car back in the next day for the scratches to be polished out. He went above and beyond by paying for me and my son's Starbucks breakfast while we waited on the car being fixed.

Further inspection the following day uncovered a sticky substance in the cup holders that tasted of caramel and this had also splashed onto the covering of the handbrake (not been cleaned properly). There were dirty fingerprints all over the drivers sun visor. In addition the low tyre pressure light came on, again I would have thought the tyres would have been checked.

Due to the problems with the preparation I contacted Craig to see how I would know if the colourguard I purchased had been put on. The prep team had not placed the card in the car so I could register the colourguard. Again Craig stepped up and has arranged for this to be applied or reapplied when I have the time to again bring the car from Arbroath to Dundee for the second time.
Posted 1 year ago
Overall an ok service was received. The only down points were that on arranging an appointment to visit and test drive the car it was away for preparing. Meaning I drove for an hour and half for no reason.
However Billy the sales advisor was polite and friendly and tried his best, in a situation out of his control. This review bares no criticism of him, it reflects the company. It would have been nice to have been reimbursed or given a discount in recognition for the error. An offer was made to bring the car to me, instead to test drive as an option. But I think reimbursement would have been a better option for time and fuel. Secondly only after purchasing the car and checking the service log on the cars computer system, I noticed the the front brakes are required to be replaced in less than a 1000 miles. I would of thought that these would have been replaced prior to sale. Especially given my car as trade in was probably of a higher standard. I have also realised that the dates in the cars computer system are wrong and the service info hasn’t been inputted properly by Peter Vardy. This is surely bad practice. The manager has since called and offered an apology for the poor points of the experience. I do feel more could have been done and a simple sorry and token offer of £40, towards new brakes is abit of a poor effort. That aside a good service was provided by Billy, Who made the rest of the process a relaxed and easy one. He’s a credit to the company.
Posted 1 year ago
Viewed and expressed interest online, got a call to come up to view the car and pay the £100 deposit, arrived on the day to view the car to be told the car wasn’t at the Dundee car store. Agreed to go back up after the weekend, went back on the Monday, car was still not there, again agreed to go back on the Tuesday, arrived and seen the car which was a complete mess inside. Agreed that am happy with the car if they details I picked out had been sorted, ie all stains removed inside, bumper fixed, a mud flap screwed back in and the black alloys tidied up, never heard anything for a week, then got a call to say car was ready.. went up to sign for it, car was just out of being cleaned, very poor standards of cleaning. The key issues I asked to be done have not been done. Had to valet it to a high standard when I got home. Took it to my coachwork friend to look over and have been informed the car has previously been smashed, has a whole new driver side back panel.. this was never mentioned. Been advised the work that was done in it is poor and some rust clusters bubbling which will cause future high costs to body work... not an impressed customer.. after buying my first car brand new from Peter Vardy, to be sold this one shows there’s no care to returning customers..... will be making a formal complaint about all the issues and service.
Posted 1 year ago
Wonderful showroom, bright, open, airy and welcoming, that is till you venture past reception, and are faced with a group of men dressed from head to toe in jet black looking like some kind of hit squad. Intimidating and off putting. Get past that, do a deal, wait endlessly on promised calls. Then drop in to try and find out when the car will be ready. Meet the franchise manager, who will promise to sort out any issues there and then. Relieved and reassured, you head home confident that call you are promised will come. Ahhh, but disappointment soon returns when that "call" fails to happen. Patience all but gone, you call them, and chat to a senior manager, who actually understands and books the car out for Hand over that afternoon. Success! . But your rollercoaster ride doesn't end there, ohh no, they then make you wait 15 mins after the agreed time and then the paperwork goes on for ages, as it's a new system, finally completing the challenge, more than ready to drive off, only to be told the last hour of your life was a complete waste as the paperwork was useless and had to be posted out at some point in the future. Cars great tho.
Posted 1 year ago
Sales guy, Kyle was brilliant everything else was a car crash! Pushy managers, lies and mistakes. Turned up to collect my car having been promised a phone call if any issues so I wouldnt transfer insurance to be told couldn't take car as finance wasnt sort so was stuck at the store with my car uninsured and two young children. Finally got that sorted to be told warranty and breakdown cover had been removed from agreement but I hadn't been informed however I am promised that has been rectified and I will receive paperwork in 2 weeks time!
Only other saving grace was my husband stepping in and sorting things out with sales manager Alan who is keeping me up to date and apologising (only one that has)
Posted 1 year ago
They contacted me early Saturday morning asking when I would like to collect my car later that day, I couldn't manage on the Saturday so an appointment was made for 10 am the follower morning. I arrived at 10 on the Sunday morning and left at 12 still in my old car as my new one was not ready, they're excuse was that the valet team had not turned up so would love to know how they were expecting to hand the car over the day before. They delivered it to my home later that day and just simply handed the keys over and that was it, no going over the car or explaining anything. All in all the handover was a completely joke.

I think the only reason that I didn't just walk out telling them to keep the car was the fact that Bobby who I dealt with regarding sourcing and buying the car was really helpful..

After sales service is none existent, still waiting on a call promised the next day and that was over a week ago. Certainly wouldn't recommend to anyone !
Posted 1 year ago
Salesmen were nice to work with.
Handover was awefull.I was disgusted.
My spouse phoned Donna Lawrence to ask if someone would be available to pick me up from train station for me to pick up new car.. she told us no one available then when I arrived she wasn't happy as I was 10 mins late as I had to walk for over an hour to get to the garage.
She was a very rude,horrible sales agent.
And for that reason alone I would never recommend anyone go to Peter vardy to buy a car.
The shame of it is the rest of the staff were great.
It took 20minutes to go over things before I got to take my car away and it was very awkward not a nice feeling when you are picking up a new car.
Posted 1 year ago
Initial experience was very poor. Process of buying a used car was not clearly explained - I was shown a picture of a vehicle and not made aware this was a representation and not the actual care. I was not informed the car had not been through any checks. I therefore paid £100 deposit on a car that wasn't actually ready to be sold. I was also advised insurance was my responsibility - again because the process was not made clear so I bought insurance. After a series of cars being identified as suitable then this not being the case, I had to cancel the insurance. This has lead to me losing over £200 in cancellation charges.
I would not have continued to deal with Car Store if Mohammed Kola had not become the salesperson. He went above and beyond to be helpful. I would absolutely recommend him as a sales advisor but not the organisation as a whole
Posted 1 year ago
My most recent experience with Bobby Miller was a good one, he was very helpful and his communication skills were what was required and more.

The following comments in no way reflect on my experience with him.

Unfortunately this was not enough to turn around the sour experience of buying a car overall, I had bought a car in November, after having it for 2 days, the thermostat had went. after handing it back, I was told to pick it up 5 days later, I then had the car for 2 days and it started steaming. The technician had a look and said he would get back to me. the car was in for almost 3 months and had a new engine fitted.

After receiving it back, the auto start stop was causing problems. After breaking down at a petrol station, I had green flag pick me up and drop the car off back at Peter Vardy Car store Dundee, After speaking with a few of the salesmen, I was told that I would be best getting the finance company to rewind the finance and hand the car back. Turns out the car needed a new starter motor and battery along with new earthing straps.

I then got to speaking about getting another car and was told that they would be able to work it out so that I was not losing any money on the first car. Turns out that I have lost out on over £2000, I am still waiting on receipts for all the work done, then I will be taking it to a financial advisor.
Posted 1 year ago
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