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About The MOLE Clinic:

The MOLE Clinic is the UK's leading independent skin cancer screening and mole removal clinic, caring for 40,000 patients annually. Consultant-led, the clinic offers same-day appointments from 6 central London locations including Harley Street. Services start at just £50.

The MOLE Clinic is BUPA & AXA PPP recognised, approved by the British Skin Foundation and accredited by the Skin Health Alliance. It is also a Patient Safety Award winner.

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
I found the service to be professional and very helpful.
However,they are expensive.
I think charging £145 for a full body mole check and then having to pay further fees to get the mole checked again by a dermatologist is too much.
(£30 per mole)
There should be one fixed price.
Also if they find odd looking Moles you can be passed on to their expert mole Doctors but again you have to pay another £145 plus extras to remove the odd moles.(the extra fees can soon pile up unfortunately)
However you can just give the report to your Gp and the clinic makes this very clear indeed.
I found having the report to give to my Gp made my Gp definitely act quickly,without the report maybe some Gp,s might be reluctant to write a referral.So on balance,
I do think their protocol of Nurse inspection first(£145)plus £30 for each “possible”odd mole is wrong.
At these prices we should be able to see a dermatologist at the very first consultation.
Posted 2 years ago
Thank you for reviewing our service and I am pleased you found it ‘professional and very helpful’.

I am sorry that you found our service ‘expensive’. Given the importance of early diagnosis of skin cancer, our mission is to provide the highest quality, consultant-led service as quickly as possible. Our service structure and pricing, which is reflective of private sector costs, help ensure we succeed in our mission.

Some of our patients do take their MOLE Clinic Screening Reports to their NHS GP hoping for a referral to an NHS Dermatologist and we encourage them to do so if they are unable to see a MOLE Clinic dermatologist. I am glad your NHS GP responded to your needs appropriately, as indeed most do. However, we are aware of a number of our patients who were not referred to a dermatologist by their NHS GP – resulting, in at least one case, in tragic consequences.

I hope that we can continue to be of service to you in the future.

Iain Mack, Founder & MD, The MOLE Clinic.
Posted 2 years ago
It provided a measure of reassurance in a fast timescale.
Posted 2 years ago
I really liked Sandra. She was friendly and kind.
However, I received an email and phone call very quickly after my appt. requesting that I ring to discuss the results. This caused me great concern as I began to assume they must have been suspicious. But it was just to tell me to rebook in a months time. I queried this and they confirmed that my mole wasn't suspicious but it needed to be checked in a month.
I would like to have been told of this before my first appt because instead of being £45 for a mole check, it becomes £80. I cam to the mole Clinic because the £45 was an affordable way to check a mole.
Posted 3 years ago
Thank you for reviewing our service. Most moles we image and diagnose as typical, requiring no further action. However, If we image a mole and diagnose it as mildly atypical and its history is uncertain, we may recommend that the mole is re-imaged in the future to determine whether it is stable or changing. Most moles are subsequently confirmed as stable and an unnecessary removal avoided. However, some are subsequently confirmed as changing and removal can confirm an early, life-threatening melanoma. I hope this helps clarify matters for you. Kind regards, Iain Mack, Founder and MD, The MOLE Clinic.
Posted 3 years ago
I was pleased to get an appointment the next day as I was concerned about two moles that I have.
Posted 3 years ago
My telephone experience (with Tom) was efficient but quite impersonal. He seemed more concerned with taking payment than assisting in the process of confirming private health insurance coverage.
Posted 3 years ago
Clean, professional, good reception service, fast
Posted 4 years ago
It is a good service but very expensive considering you are examined by a nurse (not a doctor) and for the amount of time you actually spend with the nurse.
Posted 4 years ago
Thank you for reviewing our service as 'good'. Please rest assured that our nurses have considerably more training, experience and support in skin cancer screening than most GPs and always spend as much time as required with any particular patient. This is reflected in the high quality of our service as well as our prices, which most patients regard as good value for money. Kind regards, Iain Mack, Founder & MD, The MOLE Clinic.
Posted 4 years ago
I found the actual assessment good and reassuring. The nurse was efficient and checked everything. However, I was a little disappointed that I was not seen until over 30 mins after my allotted appointment time (having already arrived 10 minutes early, as requested), and then my 45 minute assessment ended up being whizzed through in around 20-25 minutes, presumably because things were running behind. Things felt a little rushed after a long wait. The nurse was good and I was able to get everything checked, but I feel that with the costs involved things could have been a little smoother.
Posted 4 years ago
Thank you for reviewing our service and for the complimentary comments. I am sorry you were kept waiting 30 minutes. Our nurses are normally very prompt but occasionally a patient has exceptional needs resulting in their appointment taking longer than expected. I hope you were not inconvenienced too much and I appreciate your patience on this occasion. Kind regards, Iain Mack, Founder & MD, The MOLE Clinic.
Posted 4 years ago
Way to expensive- £35 per picture? And scaremongering too, not sure how often the word 'cancer' was used in a normal check-up. Overall grateful that the service exists (where else could I go) but overpriced.
Posted 4 years ago
Thank you for reviewing our service.

Our screening nurses provide our patients with an option of having a 'picture' taken of any mole which is clinically abnormal. An illuminated microscope is used to take the image, which is then diagnosed by a skin specialist as a priority. We charge £35 for that specialist diagnosis, which most patients regard as good value, and I am sorry if you find that charge expensive. As an alternative, we can provide a letter for you to take to your GP for such moles without charge.

When screening patients, our nurses also provide education in relation to skin cancer causes and prevention. Again, most of our patients appreciate this provision, and I am sorry if you found our use of the word 'cancer' an issue.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss further and we look forward to seeing you in the future.

Kind regards,

Iain Mack
Founder & MD
The MOLE Clinic
Posted 4 years ago
This was my second annual visit to the Mole Clinic. The first visit last year had been a very good experience and my expectations were high. This year, the booking procedure and admin generally were very good - I had had to rearrange when I was unable to get there during a tube strike and this had been done easily. I was asked to be there 10 minutes before the appointment time which I was. However, my expectations were not met. My appointment was at 4pm. I was surprised and disappointed that 4pm came and went and I had to ask when I would be seen. I was told it would be 5 minutes. I had to ask again after 10 minutes. In fact I was not seen until 16 minutes past 4. Whilst I waited 3 other people arrived and were taken in for their appointments. When finally I was asked to go in, no apology nor explanation was offered by the nurse who carried out the check. I expect to be seen at the appointed time. If for some reason this is not possible I expect to be told that things are running late and not to have to ask and I also expect to receive an apology from the person who has kept me waiting. I believe that this is the least one should be able to expect.
Posted 5 years ago
Appointment seemed rather rushed.
Posted 5 years ago
While I was initially satisfied with the service, my follow up appointment with a dermatologist made me realise that I could have saved the cost of the mole clinic appointment by going directly to a dermatologist whose initial consultation was covered by my insurance and in any event was the same price. The mole clinic is just a screening service and cannot replace the advice of a dermatologist. While I am pleased to have been told to go to consult a dermatologist that advice is not worth the money I paid to the mole clinic. Moreover I would have been saved a lot of stress had I gone direct. The mole clinic expressed concern about one of my moles. The dermatologist was able to reassure me immediately.
Posted 5 years ago
Well I think that everyone who is of a certain age and especially if growing up in a sunny climate or spending time in lots of sun plus is fairer skinned eyc should be checked. This can of course be done by a GP just as well without paying a large amount of money. A trip to the mole clinic forces you to get checked out even though you may already know or your GP can find a suspicious mole anyway. I didn't have the mole scan, so maybe it's worth going there for that. The check was indeed thorough. But what was 'found' as suspicious was already on my radar. The annoying thing was that I really wanted the e mail report sent through so that I could move forward with the referral to dermatologist but the mole clinic protocol us that the nurse must actually call and talk to the patient in advance..... Problem is that my work allows no calls so she couldn't get hold of me! And when I was on lunch so was she. Annoying that should there be a danger needing urgent referral and time wasted playing phone tag!
Posted 5 years ago
The way the feedback was delivered to me the next day was, I thought not really good. I have a mole on my arm that needs looking at but when the nurse telephone to give feedback I was not available. As soon as I could I returned the call but was told no one was available to speak to me. Consequently we kept missing each other so I was left with a message and e.mail with my results !! I find this unacceptable considering the seriousness of the check!!!
Posted 5 years ago
Although this is a service I would continue to use, I think the cost of the appointment is expensive.
I expected a photographic data file to be kept from my previous appointment so that the differences in a year could clearly be seen. But actually the check is only on the current moles that you present at the appointment.
Having said the above, the staff are extremely helpful and friendly and the environment clean and professional.
Posted 6 years ago
Impressed with ease of booking appointment and actual appointment was thorough and the results were quick. However the actual detail of the result was not so satisfactory. I was told that I needed to go back and be rechecked to see if the mole has grown in 2-3 weeks. And pay again - albeit slightly less. So no better off than when walked through the door.
Posted 6 years ago
Thank you for reviewing our service.

I confirm your mole did not present as typical and was therefore imaged for specialist diagnosis. Our specialist diagnosed your mole as most probably benign, but requested that it be re-imaged in 4 weeks in order to rule out any possibility of suspect change. In the unlikely event suspect change is present, the diagnosis would change and treatment would be required. This approach helps avoid removal of benign moles and assists with the detection of early skin cancers.

I hope this is helpful to you although should you need further clarification please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards, Iain Mack, Founder & MD, The MOLE Clinic.
Posted 6 years ago
I go to the Mole Clinic every year, to get a full body check of my moles, and I feel safe in their hands. However on my last visit I was seen by a nurse I'd not seen before. She took at least twice/three times as much time as usual. She marked some moles which which was not sure of. At the end, she called the 'senior' nurse, who I actually usually see, (but hadn't realised was senior) to check. That nurse very quickly (and professionally, I didn't doubt her) said all those moles were fine. It made me feel slightly doubtful of all my nurse's other judgement calls and in future I will always ask for the senior nurse.
Posted 6 years ago
Although the nurses are very good, the administrative staff are generally rude and unhelpful. The overall price is quite high for the service being provided as the treatment rooms are starting to look a bit shabby and tired. This could be an excellent service if more attention is paid to detail. Maybe one of the managers should arrive as a client and go through the process?
Posted 6 years ago
The MOLE Clinic is rated 4.83 based on 1,329 reviews