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About The MOLE Clinic:

The MOLE Clinic is the UK's leading independent skin cancer screening and mole removal clinic, caring for 40,000 patients annually. Consultant-led, the clinic offers same-day appointments from 6 central London locations including Harley Street. Services start at just £50.

The MOLE Clinic is BUPA & AXA PPP recognised, approved by the British Skin Foundation and accredited by the Skin Health Alliance. It is also a Patient Safety Award winner.

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
1. Expensive!! £30 per image over and above the £135 assessment. I would recommend going to your GP and straight to a specialist/dermatologist.
2. Phones are not answered - says it is open until 7pm but seems to be unavailable after 5pm
3. Report link is poorly time limited which does not make much sense
Posted 3 years ago
Thank you for using and reviewing our service.

I confirm our services are competitively priced and reflect the costs of providing a high quality clinical service. NHS GPs do not offer full body screening and will only refer a patient to a specialist if they diagnose a skin lesion as suspect. However, it is worth reading this article before seeing a GP -

I confirm we are open Mon - Thurs 8am - 7pm and Fri 8am - 5pm. Our staff work hard to ensure all calls are quickly answered, but demand for our service is very high and I am sorry if you experienced any delay.

Our Reports are emailed to patients with a link which expires after 7 days for data security purposes - if a link expires then a new link can be requested by phone or online message.

I hope you find this helpful.

Kind regards,

Iain Mack, MD & Founder, The MOLE Clinic.
Posted 3 years ago
After a mole check I was told that a dark mole above my breasts was much darker than last check. I went to a specialist. She said that if the mole was getting darker, I needed to get it removed. It was sent away for a cancer check. After much anguish and pain of removal and healing, the cancer check came back negative. I do not believe the mole was actually darker. I think you should check your photos for an even tone. I won't be coming again. Do not respond to me or invite me for another check.

Beverly Schjelderup
Posted 3 years ago
Thank you for reviewing our service. We recommend that a new or changing mole be referred to a dermatologist, particularly where we have photographic evidence of suspect change, in compliance with UK clinical guidelines. This compliance assists in the detection of many skin cancers - some life threatening. The decision to remove and test a mole rests with a patient and their dermatologist, and most moles removed test 'negative' as they are removed on a precautionary basis. If all moles removed tested 'positive' for cancer, cancers would invariably be missed. I am glad that your mole was not cancerous and hope that my reply helps clarify our clinical approach. Kind regards, Iain Mack, Founder & MD, The MOLE Clinic.
Posted 3 years ago
Quite frankly not worth the money. Didn't bother checking scalp which one would argue is a reasonably exposed part of the body.
Posted 4 years ago
Thank you for reviewing our service. Our screening nurses are unable to check the scalp routinely when it is obscured by hair, but please rest assured that skin cancers on hair-covered scalp are extremely rare. Our nurses do check all other visible parts of the body and are highly effective in detecting skin cancer whilst it is still early and easily treated. Kind regards, Iain Mack, Founder & MD.
Posted 4 years ago
A gown and a proper inspection table. would have been good rather than being just left in the room standing in ones underpants.

A couple of growths under my hair went un inspected as I was not able to locate them straight away

Provision of deodorant after battling through central London and the tube would also be helpful probably both for the client and the nurse! Fresh towel mats (rather than paper) to stand on would also be good.

Reception very efficient with a wrongly addressed invoice.
Posted 4 years ago
The nurse that examined me was first class, no faulting her. However I think the follow up report should be improved.
I was told I have 5 moles to keep an eye on ... but no mention of which ones in my follow up report. Without a record they can't be monitored which sort of defeats the purpose?
Posted 4 years ago
Thank you for reviewing our MOLECHECK service and for rating your Screening Nurse as 'first class'.

The purpose of MOLECheck is to screen for any moles which are atypical and require diagnosis using our TELEDerm service. If a patient has moles which are atypical but do not require diagnosis, we normally recommend our MOLEMap service to help monitor all their moles for change over time.

I apologise if this was not made clear to you and recommend you book our MOLEMap service if you wish help with monitoring your moles.

Kind regards, Iain Mack, Founder & Managing Director, The MOLE Clinic.
Posted 4 years ago
No complaint about the consultation itself and the service provided at that time, which was very thorough. However, I was very concerned about the accuracy, clarity and language of the follow-up report and covering letter. In my case these both seemed to indicate that further treatment was necessary (even though this was not mentioned during the consultation) and when I questioned the clinic about it I was advised that there is no further treatment required; the report and letter were auto generated "standard" documents. I was alarmed unnecessarily by this misrepresentation in the follow up report and therefore my overall experience was not as good as I would have hoped.
Posted 4 years ago
I am afraid that whilst Anna was very professional I was not at all impressed with what you actually got for the large sum of money I paid. I was expecting a full body scan where all of my moles were recorded and measured so if I came again you would be able to see if any had grown.
I had one that needed further investigation for which I was charged an additional fee for a mole to be photographed on an iphone (!) and which was then stated to have a secondary diagnosis of melanoma. I called my insurers only to be told that Dr Gittins who was the person who did the 'in-depth' inspection of the mole was not a recognised dermatologist and that I needed to go to my GP for a referral. This I did yesterday and the minor surgeries surgeon had a look at it and said it most certainly wasn't suspected melanoma but because that was what your report stated he couldn't remove it if I wanted it to be removed. In essence I feel like I have wasted £170 on a 30 minute consultation which has given me no value whatsoever.
Posted 6 years ago
Thank you for reviewing our service.

Our MOLECheck service is advertised as a 'top to toe' assessment of all your moles by a screening nurse to identify any suspect for skin cancer - a highly effective initial step for skin cancer detection.

Our TELEDerm service uses an iPhone camera and compatible Dermatoscope to capture a high quality image beneath the surface of a suspect lesion - a highly effective second step in skin cancer detection.

TELEDerm images are diagnosed by GMC registered GPs, who are also skin and dermoscopy specialists, and their reports are accepted by major insurers as a referral to a dermatologist - your insurer should not therefore have requested an additional referral by your GP.

A 'secondary diagnosis' of melanoma means that a lesion is unlikely to be melanoma, but melanoma cannot be ruled out and the lesion should therefore be examined and possibly excised by a dermatologist.

Our aim is to meet or exceed our client's expectations, and we achieve this for the vast majority of our clients, so I do hope the above helps clarify matters for you.

If you require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards, Iain Mack, Founder & MD.
Posted 6 years ago
I paid £45 for someone to take a picture of my back with an Iphone...wasn't impressed. No follow up call either, the email report means nothing without explanation.
Posted 6 years ago
Thank you for reviewing our service.

For our TELEDerm service, we use iPhones with compatible dermatoscopes attached to take high resolution images of the structure of skin lesions for diagnosis by skin specialists. The use of dermoscopy is in accordance with UK clinical best practice and is most effective in diagnosing skin cancers.

We normally only call patients if there is a diagnosis of possible skin cancer and all other patients receive an email report. Given your comments, our senior nurse has now tried to call you to explain your report further and provide additional reassurance which I hope will be helpful to you.

If you need further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards, Iain Mack, Founder & MD, The MOLE Clinic
Posted 6 years ago
The MOLE Clinic is rated 4.83 based on 1,347 reviews