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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Fast and top service.
Posted 1 year ago
Hi Lile

Thanks for your review of our service, we are glad to hear that your phone is now unlocked.
Posted 11 months ago
On Nov 28 I purchase the services to unlock ATT iPhone12, on Dec 3 I paid 133£ for premium as my device is under contract, until today Feb 1 they have not unlocked my phone.
I decided contacted Luke, asked why it hasn’t been unlocked yet because exceed the time frame and he kept giving vague answers, then I got one email station my device was blocked and I got a credit note, not true! I have the device and I sent proof of purchase, I asked refund and he did not answer me, I had emailed him several times, like 20 email until he answered and again that he couldn’t do anything because it wasn’t unlocked! They DO NOT have direct access to unlock server as they stated by the way! If they had my device should be unlocked at this time.

I kept contacting them during this time and Luke and Tim kept telling me we will unlock your device, I asked my refund as the 30 days has passed and they avoid to answer, I asked and ETA and they also avoid the answer, they only post on their website their standard answers and they did not update any of my questions.
Today Feb 2 I got an email stating they gave me a credit note because my device came up as lost/stolen really? After I sent proof of purchase! On thei email they say there is a tracking link in case you don’t have use of a credit note and wishes a refund but guess what? It doesn’t! When clicking in the just redirects you to the page where you can see that result of what came from the servers!
Posted 2 months ago
É um esquema. Não usem o serviço

Não usem este serviço. É um esquema. Não existe intenção de desbloquear o telemóvel pelo valor apresentado. Após pagamento enviam uma informação a pedir mais dinheiro. Ao fim de algum tempo já nem se dão ao trabalho de responder.
Posted 2 months ago
Complete waste of money. They constantly ask for more money but actually never received anything from them. Asked to pay a premium service for which again received nothing. I do not recommend.
Posted 4 months ago
I'm supposed to write this without offensive language ... Oh how I want to rant and rage!... I was clearly under the impression that the unlocking fee was £20 + VAT ... Having paid this, I now found it was a "Pre-check fee with more to pay" ... get the idea?I'm not happy!

On top of that, having advertised that the code will be available in a matter of hours (because they have access to the manufacturers database), now that they have the second payment, the time is suddenly going to take 2 days because, apparently, computers don't work at the weekend, and computers aren't able to function at full capacity because of the CoVid pandemic... what utter ****** (fill in your own description)
Posted 5 months ago
Needs to be transparent on ad page that it's a 2 payment service and may prove more expensive than the value of the phone.
Posted 6 months ago
If I could give them no stars at all I would. These people are complete scammers. No where in the initial order did it mention there would be an additional £95 payment to unlock the phone. Initially paid £23.00 but then got an email saying they require £95 to unlock the found. I never paid the second payment and have asked for a refund but they never reply to emails. They need to be reported to the police or consumer rights authority the amount of people. The worst is a reputable store called Simply Fix is recommending them on their website! Please stay away from this company!!!!!
Posted 6 months ago
Directunlock are a sophisticated scam take your money for an unlocking service that they claim they can do. But unfortunately my experience they take your money and leave you high and dry.
Posted 6 months ago
States a price and the small print says you have to pay more - not obvious, claim 4 hour unlock and when you pay it changes to 48 hours - avoid at all costs
Posted 6 months ago
Direct Unlocks are a scam.

I search Google for 'Vodafone iPhone Unlocks' and these guys are the sponsored results displaying 'From £23.99' (ASA Ruled against these guys yin 2018 instructing them to drop the 'from' claim as they were unable to demonstrate anyone actually pays the 'from' rate. ASA ref A18-447541). Looks like the advice is getting ignored years later.

Run a search on my IMEI, and I am presented with a cost of £23.99 and I continue to purchase.

Several hours later, I am asked for an additional £95 to complete the unlock. I click the 'query this charge' where I receive a response immediately saying the charge was clearly stated on my order confirmation.

Confused, I go back through the purchase flow (as a new customer again) and the charge is pretty obvious. I was surprised I missed it.

Intrigued, I use my husbands phone to run a quote on his IMEI. The £23.99 charge displays, no reference to any additional charges.

Run the search a second time for his IMEI, this time the charge DOES show on the order confirmation page.

Here's what they are doing:

A unique IMEI search omits details on extra charges (sure, they are buried in the T&C, but the extra charge is not evident to the customer).

When you get a told there are extra charges, and run your IMEI through again, the charge will show. Making customers confused thinking they missed the charge and perhaps agree to pay it.

Shady practice indeed.

The reviews on are 1*. The reviews on Trustpilot are 4*. They refund £10 for good reviews on TP. Go figure ;)
Posted 6 months ago
As per many other reviews...basically a legitimate scam...I paid a fee of $28 to unlock and then receive a follow up email asking for $116...I have asked for a refund but don't hold out much hope...web ombudsman please, where are you?..
Posted 6 months ago
Just as everyone else has stated this second payment is not clear and was unexpected. I found them as a link via a reputable High Street company - Simplyfixit, so figured they'd be OK. I didn't pay the second payment.
Posted 6 months ago
When you post an order, says that the time frame is between 1 hour and 6 hours, as soon as you pay, the time frame changes, in my case was 10 days. Is ridiculous. Then when you contact support for a refund they say no because they already send the order. No money, no codes, nothing happened. Avoid this company.
Posted 6 months ago
I wish would read these review before 50 dollars to get my phone unlock it been almost 2 weeks.
Posted 6 months ago
Submitted my phone on 11 January 2020. Now I know Covid has been a problem but clearly not for a lot of people’s unlocks. It’s now 10 September, progress bar says 98 days, 12 hours, it’s been like that for a very long time. I get the same response, just slightly different wording every time I email, essentially once a month. Wording as in “we don’t want to keep our customers in the dark”, sounds like Eskom here in South Africa with load shedding, or “we’re chasing the imei”. Will do the same same as I did and email on the 14th of this month as I did last month. According to a calendar calculator, it’s been 169 working days for the UK. This is total working days excluding public holidays. It’s meant to take 90 working days. I’ve been waiting patiently for a very long time. I put this phone through over year ago and was told it couldn’t be be unlocked due to the so called “premium service” being unavailable as of yet and then put through my phone imei after the service was made available. If I knew this was going to take so long I would’ve just made a plan and bought a new phone. Unfortunately I wasted money and now I’m waiting on hopes and dreams. If I complain, I get offered discounts. I don’t need a discount on other phones as I have just this phone to be unlocked and can’t be bothered to ever use this service again. No doubt I’ll get a response that it’s been escalated blah blah blah and now my phone is as useful as a condom with a hole in it. I guess I could use it as a skipping stone. Just gotta make sure it I throw it right I guess. Or a paper weight but a phone I paid R5500 for a phone that I unfortunately made the mistake of buying without checking that it was unlocked, my stupid mistake and have lost count on how much money I’ve spent with this company just doesn’t seem worth it. Thanks for wasting my time and money guys. I won’t get a refund because that’s how the company operates, just discounts on services that I can’t use and that probably won’t work.......again
Posted 7 months ago
I have been waiting a week and 2 days and still nothing has happened. I paid $50 for nothing. I'm very disappointed.. I should have spent that money on a new phone..
Posted 7 months ago
Poor customer service/ followup. Very little info provided for a company in this modern times.
Posted 7 months ago
Paid for premium service over a year later no unlock just stories
Do not give them one cent !!

Now claim company was resold

Just don’t ever give them any cash
Posted 7 months ago
Well, it's been 28 days since I paid the initial fee and all I've gotten was an excuse as to why they 'can't unlock my phone'. I understand that sometimes there may be an issue with a carrier but taking the initial fee under the pretence that that was all I'd have to pay, is shady business. I've seen them flag other peoples reviews on many sites, so I won't be shocked if mine is, as well. I'll be requesting a refund in 2 days.
Posted 7 months ago
Total rip off,small price first,then extra after,still not unlocked,given a credit note for unlocking in the future tried to use credit note.
Easier and cheaper to have it done local or by the network supplier.
Don’t use
Posted 7 months ago
Same here as eceryone thye asked for icloud unlock while its not blacklisted they stole 29 dollars and then asked for 299 to conplete unlock
Posted 8 months ago
Direct unlocks is rated 1.92 based on 88 reviews