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Cashfloat is an honest direct lender.

IMPORTANT! We do not charge any application fee, and will never ask you to pay an upfront fee for a loan!

When working with us to obtain loans online, we want you to have the confidence and security that you are dealing with, not only the most professional team, but a highly responsible one as well – A team that is motivated to help and support customers throughout the complete loan process.

Generally, when you’re happy with a company, you’d go back there again. That’s what makes us different – we try to stand you on your feet so you don’t need to come back again! So what can you do?

Well, if you’ve been as pleased with your Cashfloat experience as we were, why not leave us a review?

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2a Highfield Avenue

Very poor , wasting of time .
Posted 1 day ago
Nothing more than legalised loan sharks. AVOID AVOID AVOID. Having gone sick from work after this loan was allowed and requested it be put on hold pending a payment plan IN ADVANCE OF THE DUE PAYMENT they recorded an overdue payment to my credit file before it was even due. They even added the loan TWICE for effect!. They ignored the token payment I made and request for a payment plan and rang me threatening and mocking me for full repayment with the promise they would wreck my credit file if I did not. My employer has received phone calls I believe to be from these cowboys too and I will be reporting them to the FCA with a full recording of the threatening call. The ICO for reporting of incorrect negative data and I will be instructing a solicitor to take over my complaint
Posted 1 year ago
Irresponsible lender, stay away! They are quick to put you into financial hardship then slow to respond to complaints.
Posted 2 years ago
Hi Sunny, thanks for taking the time to let us know how you feel. Although we carry out every possible check to ensure we do not put our customers into financial hardship, we encourage our customers to carefully consider how borrowing a loan will affect their finances for the duration they are applying for. We also responded to your complaint in less than a month, which is half the time recommended by the regulator. Kind regards, The Cashfloat team.
Posted 2 years ago
Tried to repay early and have taken three times the amount in error from bank, and not received refund.
Posted 3 years ago
Hi Clare, thanks for taking the time to leave us a review. We apologise for any temporary malfunction that may have caused your account to be overcharged. This has now been returned to you in full. Should you still have any qualms, please submit a written complaint to
Posted 3 years ago
Awful service, shocking customer service, people use these services because they need money as a matter of urgency, i applied for a loan to avoid some bank charges as a credit card payment was going to bounce, loan was approved but having waited 2 plus hours I have just received an email saying funds will arrive within the next 4 hours, meaning i have missed my deadline with the bank - I tried to reverse the loan as it is no longer any use to me but was told i couldn't - USE WONGA
Posted 3 years ago
Hi Miss Brown, thanks for taking the time to leave us a review. We're always open to hear constructive criticism so that we can better our service. We see that you applied for a payday loan at 09:23 am today. The pay day loan application was then processed at 11:33 am after which our underwriters sent you new contracts to sign for a slightly reduced amount. Your loan was then funded at 1:53 pm, within about 4.5 hours. We understand that due to our responsible lending practices, the loan took longer to come through than usual, but we will always try and provide same day loan service where possible. Please keep in mind that once we fund your loan, we cannot control how long it takes for the money to pass through the bank system. We would also like to clarify that you are free to cancel your loan at any time. We have contacted you to cancel the loan and were happy to hear that you have decided to keep the funds after all. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us. The Cashfloat Team.
Posted 3 years ago
I took out multiple loans from them. I applied for a new one and they declined when I needed the funds for an emergency. Feel very let down by them.
Posted 3 years ago
Hi Mr Sener, thanks for taking the time to leave us a review. As an FCA authorised lender, we must carry out thorough credit and affordability assessments on all inbound applications, even those of repeat customers. Although this means that you can be declined even after having loans with us before, it also means that you can get approved in the future even though your application has been declined this time round. We just want you to know that we really appreciate your loyal custom in the past, We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you. The Cashfloat Team.
Posted 3 years ago
Received an email and text stating that the funds will be in my account within 4 hours.
Posted 3 years ago
Thanks for taking the time to write a review! Due to technical difficulties over the weekend, there was a delay in money reaching our customers' accounts. We apologise for any inconvenience and all funds have now reached all our customers. We are looking forward to offering you a smooth process in the future, should you require. The Cashfloat Team.
Posted 3 years ago
My card details changed and I forgot to update them. Instead of giving me time to update them and make payment on the due day I was hounded receiving a call to my work! I felt harassed by this company even though I paid on the due day. It was a simple misunderstanding and I was made to feel like I defaulted even though had not. AVOID
Posted 3 years ago
Thanks for your review. Our Terms and Conditions state that if a customer encounters difficulties before their repayment date, they should try and contact us. In the event that we are not contacted, we will try and contact you using the contact details that you submitted during the application process. As soon as you complained about calls to work, these were blocked by one of our negotiators. We are glad that you were able to make use of our online self service facility to pay off the loan quickly without further hassle. We apologise for any discomfort caused, The Cashfloat Team.
Posted 3 years ago
Unhelpful when in financial difficulty. Continuing to add interest.
Posted 4 years ago
Thanks for your review. We are currently dealing with your written complaint and look forward to coming to an amicable agreement, especially since you are a longstanding Cashfloat customer.
Posted 4 years ago
Never missed a payment always on time. Reapplied for a loan and was refused. What a joke. Then after reading this review call me at home and tell who answers the phone who they are and it is to discuss a review left for them. So if you want privacy do not deal with these people.
Posted 4 years ago
Hi June, Firstly i would like to Thank you for your custom, here at Cashfloat we are aware that there are many lenders out there and we value that you decided to place your trust with us. We firmly believe that our customers come to us after weighing out all other options and conclude that we are a lender that actually takes their responsibility seriously. e.g. we carry out fresh checks before each loan even though we have past experiences that the customer will profit us we will make a decision based on their best interest in order not to detriment their position further. Your previous loyalty will still be remembered if your position improves and we feel that at a later date it will be to your benefit. Thanks again for choosing Cashfloat.
Posted 4 years ago
To be honest: you called my work, my boss answered and knew that it was financially related. So you really put my job at risk, thus my livelihood and potentially the ability to pay the loan back. A really nasty tactic which is better suited to the stone-age, so if you REALLY want to help people who are in difficulty, don't bully them and try to embarrass them...
Posted 5 years ago
Thank you very much for taking from your time to post a review James. We are sorry that you felt embarrassed, even though we did not mention where we were calling from. When signing the the contract, it is clearly stated in clause 2.3 of the terms and conditions that you give us a right to try and contact you at work. Of course, this number was only attempted after we couldn't reach you on the other numbers you provided. We have since removed your work number but we advise all clients to call us before a problem occurs. At Cashfloat, our customers' confidentiality is our top priority, and we aim to protect it at all costs.
Posted 5 years ago
It would have been a 2 star review as I have never had a problem on the odd occasion that I have used cashfloat always repaying the full amount on time (even early on occasions) .....however when I recently had a requirement to use their services again they seemed to introduce a rule about the number of loans you can apply for within a period of time. This was already contrary to the lending criteria applied during the course of the year. All in all they are really hit and miss ....AVOID AT ALL COSTS
Posted 5 years ago
Hi Mr Rees. Thanks for your review. As a responsible lender, we carry out fresh credit and affordability assessments on all applications, including those of returning customers. This is to make sure that our customers can afford to repay our loans in a sustainable manner. If you have been declined, it's because we truly believe that our loan is not the right solution for your current situation, despite that you may have had a loan with us before. This also means that you can re-apply and get approved, even though you have been declined in the past!
Posted 3 years ago
when a problem occurs the helpfulness shine dulls, not helped when the service provider blames the client.
Posted 5 years ago
Hi Stewart, we are sorry that you feel the shine has dulled, unfortunately when an honest account of finances is not given, we are limited to what can be done. We still urge you Stewart to contact our helpful team as soon as possible as we are comitted to going beyond our duty.
Posted 5 years ago is rated 4.82 based on 666 reviews