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I really enjoyed working with Tanja Bozik- she made me feel non-judged when I was experiencing some difficult feelings recently. The techniques she gave me in DBT have been a great help when I experience distressing feelings. Also she was great with changing session dates when I had issues arise and made sure she could always accommodate me. Thank you very much :)
(Tanja Bozic) - Posted 1 day ago
The support provided by The Private Therapy Clinic is one I definitely recommend. The therapist I worked with, Tamara Licht, has been extremely patient and understanding throughout the entire journey, taking time to listen and empathise as well as think of the best possible solutions regarding the hardships I was facing. Regardless of setbacks, Tamara was understanding and non-judgemental, making herself available even outside appointment hours and always happy to assist me when I needed guidance, as well as coming up with numerous methods to alleviate my symptoms, even in her own time. I experienced a flexible treatment plan decided mutually, which changed my perspective and brought awareness to what I needed to change to feel better in all aspects of my life. I would highly recommend this service to anyone experiencing emotional or mental hardships who are looking to heal and grow, whilst overcoming temporary setbacks. Thank you so much for your help!
(Tamara Licht Musso) - Posted 2 weeks ago
Avesta has helped me cope with my health anxiety and thanks to the sessions I can confidently say that I have little to no negative thoughts now! - I learnt a lot about myself in the sessions and I have grown a lot from this experience. I would like to thank Avesta for always listening to my concerns and helping me understand where these might have arisen from. I think that everyone should consider sessions with private therapy clinic, as you generally grow a lot from it. The smallest things can go a long way, I am now more assertive with my wants and needs when it comes to my own mental health. Thank you!!
(Avesta Panahi) - Posted 2 weeks ago
The Private Thearpy Clinic is a wonderful service that I recommend to anyone going through difficult times or trying to improve themselves to become a better person. My therapist Jade is a wonderful and kindhearted person who attentively listens and gives her perspective and guidance. Jade is currently hard working towards her doctorate and although she is young compared to other therapists here, the world could use more people like her or strive to be as caring. The world is difficult, we are all fragile and need a place that makes us feel strong. This is one of those safe places.
(Jade Thomas) - Posted 1 month ago
Have had a couple of sessions each month with Tamara Licht. Tamara has helped me open up about my feelings and determine what was triggering my emotions and feelings of depression, helping me focusing on myself and what is good for me and realising that I deserve a happy life.
(Tamara Licht Musso) - Posted 1 month ago
Great service from the moment we got in touch with the reception to the phycologist we saw, Tamara Licht. Prompt responses via different communication channels. Experienced and reliable professionals. Our phycologist, Tamara Licht, performed dyslexia tests for both our teenagers in a comfortable and stress free environment followed by detailed reports and support. My 16 year old son attends weekly session now with Tamara to help him with all the difficulties he is experiencing as a result of not knowing that he had dyslexia and had no support until now. Would highly recommend the services provided by the clinic and Tamara.
(Tamara Licht Musso) - Posted 1 month ago
Earlier this year I was suffering with low mood and depression, I sought the help of a therapist and currently working with Phodios Matheou. I have found his sessions extremely helpful in looking for new perspectives about different situations and helping me deal with negative thoughts/feelings. He is also extremely passionate and empathetic and understands what I'm trying to say, even if I feel it doesn't make sense how I'm explaining it. This has been extremely helpful with feeling understood and being able to trust someone, when this was one of my biggest issues.
(Phodios Matheou) - Posted 2 months ago
My daughter 12 years, attends weekly sessions with Tamara Licht to help her with anxiety and to cope with her emotions and her anger issues. Tamara is an expert in her field, professional, approachable and so clever at handling both parents and teenagers alike. She is willing to go above and beyond for her clients. Always happy to answer all our questions and worries anytime during the week to assist us with our daughter. She also made space to accommodate us the first couple of weeks when her schedule was fully booked. She genuinely care about her clients, I highly recommend her!
(Tamara Licht Musso) - Posted 2 months ago
This service has changed my life massively, the support and service really goes the extra mile. Previously I couldn't find a therapy/therapist that suited me but since finding the private therapy clinic I have felt like the service I receive is tailored for me and I couldn't be more grateful for all the help they have given me. Service:11/10 would 100% recommend to anyone
(Agata Podstepska) - Posted 2 months ago
I would like to thank Tamara Licht for her professional assessment of our son. She not only gave the right diagnose but also agreed to take part in a very difficult meeting between us, local authority and school in regard to EHCP assessment of our son. She supported us through out the all process. We couldn't thank her more.
(Tamara Licht Musso) - Posted 2 months ago
PTC has been excellent. I am so pleased to have found therapy I can afford and a therapist who is kind, empathetic and happy to adapt the approach to my needs. I found the process of signing up/beginning therapy to be very easy too.
(Jade Thomas) - Posted 3 months ago
The Private Therapy Clinic has been very beneficial for me over this brief period. From the initial phone call, to the list of recommended professionals, to the actual sessions, I've found it all very user friendly and helpful. The therapy I've received has been great, and I genuinely feel a change even after 6 sessions or so. Would highly recommend!
(Jade Thomas) - Posted 3 months ago
Tanja is brilliant, fully in tune with us and our needs as a couple. We are coming towards the end of our sessions together and we will miss it but eternally grateful for all the help she has given us. Fantastic!
(Tanja Bozic) - Posted 3 months ago
From my experience there I'm very surprised at the number of near perfect reviews on this site. I went there because I was diagnosed by an NHS professional therapist with having PTSD and depression from a rape. I also seriously struggled with the pressures of the criminal justice system after I reported it and the way I was treated by the courts which wasn't good at all. I was booked in with a therapist. I told her I found it very triggering when I read small-minded views in the news about rape like "it's her fault if she was wearing a short skirt". She told me this is a legitimate opinion. I explained how that is in no way legitimate and contributes to rape culture and illegal behaviour. She told me that it is legitimate and is a debatable opinion like Brexit. My jaw hit the floor that she could say this to a rape victim who is struggling and happened to be wearing a short skirt on the night of the crime. I then went on to explain how difficult it was for me after I reported it and how I wasn't treated well at all by the police and courts. She said that it has to be this way because many women lie and innocent men can be convicted. I couldn't believe what I was hearing from a trained therapist who could be dealing with traumatised victims. I left her office in tears, totally deflated. I called the office and told them what had happened in our session. They didn't seem concerned by what the therapist had said and made no effort to investigate further. They did transfer me to another therapist who at first seemed nice and caring but I came to realize after several weeks and a lot of money was either totally out of her depth or stringing a vulnerable person along with the longest therapy possible. After around 7 sessions we didn't even have a plan for treatment. She told me I could give you the EMDR (which is what an NHS therapist and psychiatrist recommended) and that would resolve your problem very quickly but I think you need to go this other route which was going to take WAY longer and not even address depression or PTSD. This gave me an indication that maybe this place didn't have my best interests at heart. Maybe I was a pay check and the longer I was there and not healed the longer they would be seeing £££. Maybe not, but then the alternative was that this therapist was incompetent and going against the diagnosis of an NHS therapist and a psychiatrist.... Wanting to treat something totally different than depression when you have a rape victim in front of you who is showing every symptom of depression? Strange. This was a while ago. I have since had other help and have had the successful recovery I hoped I could have had from them. Other therapy has given me the tools to be able to cope one day at a time. I never had anything remotely close to that from the private therapy clinic. I'm reflecting on my time there to warn other vulnerable people to be wary of this place and their "too good to be true" near perfect reviews. I have scars from my time there as well as a hole in my bank account for nothing.
Posted 3 months ago
This has been one of the scariest and most wonderful experiences of my life. - I have struggled for +10 years with Cat Phobia and never in my wildest dreams have I thought that I will be able to stand close to a cat, let alone to have one in my lap and play with her. Dina and the team have been amazing through out the whole process and especially on the day of the exposure therapy. We started slowly by me just looking at the cat in her box and ended up with me having the cat in my lap in less than 2hours. If it wasn't for Dina's patience, making me do the breathworks every time my anxiety would go up and all the moral support, I don't think I would have made it. So thank you Dina and everyone in The Private Therapy Clinic for helping me.
(Dina Hajdini) - Posted 4 months ago
Private Therapy Clinic offered me a very beneficial experience and helped me in many areas to discover solutions and options but it was also an important factor in self-understanding and overcoming obstacles. I had a very pleasant experience for the mind and the therapist was very specific and nice. I will call now for services whenever I need them.
(Adam Baiza) - Posted 4 months ago
Olga is really helping us out of a bit of trouble we have in our relationship. Major progress have been made through practical and tailored advices. Her range of advisory also extends into other domains (e.g. stress management) which was useful in our case. Overall we are extremely happy to have sought her support and can wholeheartedly recommend her.
(Olga Pacholec) - Posted 4 months ago
Tanja Bozic has been a great help through a very tumultuous time in my life, offering nonjudgemental support and guiding me through a series of realisations that are greatly improving my wellbeing. She is exceptionally patient, punctual and attentive, and I've had a wonderful experience.
(Tanja Bozic) - Posted 5 months ago
An excellent service, with my therapist Jade adapting very well to a style of therapy that suits me. I have progressed leaps and bounds with my mental health, and am very glad I decided to step into therapy. They also have a fast and professional customer service, who were very kind in helping me reschedule at the last minute!
(Jade Thomas) - Posted 5 months ago
My experience was very pleasant. Many thanks to the doctor that listen to me (Jade)
(Jade Thomas) - Posted 6 months ago
The Private Therapy Clinic is rated 4.81 based on 393 reviews