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Tanja Bozic is very empathy and professional. She introduces me a great book to read and gives some homeworks after the session, very helpful. Sessions with her were very helpful and life-changing.
(Tanja Bozic) - Posted 1 week ago
We have been having couples counselling with Tanja. From day one Tanja has made us feel at ease and we have both felt able to open up and explore the issues we have been facing. Even when we feel we may not be explaining ourselves well Tanja just seems to get it/us, and is able to say just enough to give us a whole new insight and perspective to help us understand. We can’t imagine not having Tanja to talk to you each week!
(Tanja Bozic) - Posted 2 weeks ago
Excellent service - they are very good at finding the right therapist for you, financially as well as mentally.
(Jade Thomas) - Posted 3 weeks ago
I found the sessions with Tanja to be very useful in regards to been able to work through the underlying issues that were causing my health issues and also focus on behavioural techniques to mitigate stress and improve quality of sleep. I have found myself to be sleeping better since the sessions with Tanja and also for the most part my stress levels have been lower.

I found Tanja very easy to work with and very professional throughout my sessions with her. She clearly understood how the events in my past continued to impact my mental health and applied behavioural strategies to mitigate and address the issues.

I will be scheduling additional sessions with her when I make the transition from working at home with family to returning to the office over the coming months.
(Tanja Bozic) - Posted 3 weeks ago
I had several sessions with Vasilili Gkofa at the private clinic. The therapy went really well. Vasiliki understood what I was going through and guided me throughout the therapy to help me better understand the background to my feelings, build a better perspective on my concerns and learn new skills to develop a better empathy and better communicate with others. The therapy was very useful and helped me build a stronger inner strength.
(Vasiliki Gofa) - Posted 4 weeks ago
My work with Tanja Bozic was life changing experience. From the first moment we met she displayed warm and emphatic approach, and I felt safe and secure . We explored many life events that have shaped up my current life position. The Private Therapy Clinic was very professional in all administrative dealings. I can honestly say that I am implementing all that Tanja has tough me, and I now live happier and healthier life. I can warmly recommend Tanja Bozic to future clients.
(Tanja Bozic) - Posted 1 month ago
Vasliki is the purest soul and it always feels great when we talk. She really understands me and she does a great job at giving me the support I need
(Vasiliki Gofa) - Posted 1 month ago
The treatment and service at Private Therapy Clinic has been amazing. It really helped to provide a safe space to share my thoughts/feelings and immediately made me feel comfortable enough to do so. I am very thankful I found this clinic when I did.
(Avesta Panahi) - Posted 2 months ago
I enjoyed my time with Dr Daniela Rossi. It was a new experience for me, and a very difficult one from a personal point of view. I was suffering from depression and severe health anxiety. I reached a point where I had muscle twitches all over my body and feeling numb in various parts of my body and face. They were quite severe and worrying. I had a compulsive urge to always check in my doctors for every sensation I had in my body thinking it is something wrong with me and I have a very terrible disease.
Dr Rossi helped me overcome this. She helped me realise how my behavior and thoughts can impact on my health anxiety and provided support and different techniques to deal with it. Some of them include meditation and yoga. She also thought me how to dealt with difficult moments of stress, health related concerns and depression. Dr Rossi is a very good practitioner and knows what to do to help you overcome whatever issues you may have. It has been a pleasure working with her. I would recommend and would definitely consider working with her again. The advice received, coupled with yoga and meditation helped me the most. I can honestly say that I use her advice and practice yoga and medication almost every day. My muscle twitches are almost gone and the numbness feeling disappeared!
(Dr. Daniela Rossi) - Posted 2 months ago
I am glad I found The Private Therapy Clinic! My therapist Dr Rossi was always very understanding and worked according to my pace and needs. After 7 months of weekly sessions I feel greater than ever. Dr Rossi helped me build a strong relationship with myself and overcome anxiety. I am forever thankful and so very happy to have chosen this clinic!
(Dr. Daniela Rossi) - Posted 2 months ago
I had a course of 20 sessions that really helped me with my issues. Not that the issue is gone, but I now have a better understanding of how to manage it and how to approach it when it arises, which is the goal of the module. It really helped me put things into perspective and understand myself better.
I would highly recommend Daniela.
(Dr. Daniela Rossi) - Posted 2 months ago
I found Dr Mathew very easy to talk to and very understanding.
As soon as I explained what I was feeling, he knew exactly what I needed to do.
Very highly recommended.
(Dr. Matthew Sawa) - Posted 3 months ago
Daniela was a a great counselor and really helped in giving me a new perspective on life. Highly recommended
(Dr. Daniela Rossi) - Posted 3 months ago
I would highly recommend Dr. Matthew Sawa and The Private Therapy Clinic. My close friend was having a relapse of Paranoid Schizophrenia and strong delusions took over her life. She finally agreed to go together with me to see a specialist psychiatrist consultant. Dr Sawa was very insightful about the condition and my friend opened up to him easily. Dr. Sawa prescribed my friend with a mild medicine so that it would not give her side effects. After just a week or two she was feeling so much better and she is now living a positive life again without any delusions or side effects from the medicine. She now tells me how grateful she is to both Dr. Sawa and myself for giving her life back. Sometime we have to help the once close to us to get the help they need, as they can be so lost in their own mind that they don’t understand that they need professional help. Thank you Dr. Sawa for helping my friend enjoy life again.
(Dr. Matthew Sawa) - Posted 5 months ago
Dr Rossi helped me from our first session. She calmed me down straight away.
(Dr. Daniela Rossi) - Posted 5 months ago
I had exceptional treatment throughout with Dr. Daniela Rossi, I would recommend the clinic to anyone wanting therapy.
(Dr. Daniela Rossi) - Posted 5 months ago
I was extremely happy with the service provided by my therapist Alexandra, I always felt comfortable and in a safe place, she guided me through a very difficult time in my life and helped equip me with the tools to be able to cope better with what was going on, with both professionalism and compassion to my circumstances.
(Dr. Alexandra Chrysagi) - Posted 6 months ago
Dr Rossi sat with me as I outlined the traumatic events of my past that I had never managed to speak aloud. She sat and waded through the messes in my mind from years of denial, lies, and hurt. Dr Rossi listened and stayed strong because she knew in those moments it took every ounce of strength I had to go back and recount the memories. Instead of avoiding the hard topics, you embraced them.
Thank you so much for everything Dr Rossi.
(Dr. Daniela Rossi) - Posted 6 months ago
They are always keen to help, and always reply to my last minute requests. Really appreciate their flexibility
(Vasiliki Gofa) - Posted 6 months ago
Great service, understanding therapist.
(Tamara Licht Musso) - Posted 6 months ago
The Private Therapy Clinic is rated 4.81 based on 366 reviews