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The customer service received was very poor and when you consider the money being spent...
Posted 1 month ago
I had to redo the order go through payments due to Nordictrack cheated on my promo code and free delivery
Posted 2 months ago
No option on free delivery
Posted 2 months ago
Garbage product - doesn't work properly and then get done over on the warranty. Rubbish - last NT product that i would ever buy. steer clear and go for a non NT or ICON product brand
Posted 7 months ago
- Not taking Credit Cards payments for the delivery costs is not very good in my opinion.

- In particular to my order, it was stuck somehow and didn't get progressed at all, until I chased.
Posted 1 year ago
We still have not received the rowing machine and I ordered it more than 2 weeks ago !
Posted 1 year ago
I bought the NordicTrack Commercial 2950. I was attracted to it because of the screen, its incline ability and the 4.25HP motor. All in all, I must say it is a good treadmill and the iFit videos are great.

However....., when I called the customer service dept in the UK to check that I would be getting free delivery and installation, my God, I have never experienced anything like it in my life. It appears that the team have zero interest in the customer.

When I called I spoke with a young woman who was the most obtuse person I have ever encountered. I asked her to confirm that the treadmill would be installed and she said, no, it will not. I explained to her that one of the main drivers for buying this particular treadmill was the free installation. She replied that on check-out I did not check the free installation box. I explained to her that I did not see a free installation box and I expected free installation. She, without apology, told me that wouldn't be happening in a totally dispassionate manner. I told her I would not except delivery to which she told me I would have to pay for delivery. At no point did she try to resolve this issue. I reluctantly accepted delivery and am happy with the treadmill.

It took the best part of a morning and afternoon to put it together between three grown men. It went together well, but be prepared to spend a lot of time working on it. Unless it is patiently done so, I can easily see how issues could arise.

If I knew then what I know now, would I buy it again... absolutely not. I have a feeling that if I have an issue with the treadmill in the future, its going to be very, very difficult...
Posted 1 year ago
I purchased the NordicTrack 2450 commercial treadmill in November 2018. When I first switched it on the motor would speed up and slow down randomly and quite severely. I reported this and after having to send video footage a new motor was sent out and fitted. After trying again the same problem happened although not as bad as before, so I phoned them up again and had to send more video footage in. Once again another new motor was sent out to the engineer to fit. He opened the box and the new motor was broken. The engineer did a few things to the treadmill whilst he was here to change the motor and there was a problem with the speed sensor which was bent and not pointing where it should be. He straightened it out and my speed problem was now fixed. Now my motor is making rattling noises like it has loose bolts or parts. I sent an email on the 3rd of February 2019 and the reply came back on the 5th of February that another new motor has been sent to the engineers for fitting. It is now the 13th of February and I am still waiting for the new motor. I would like to point out I also mentioned the 28 day money back to customer services, but they wanted to fix the problem!!! Okay lets have it fixed, now nearly 3 months later and I still have big problems.

Not once have I received an apology from the customer services department for a treadmill that's been faulty from the first day I received it and also cost me £1899. I would like to speak with someone in management, but I was told on their recorded phone line that there is no one higher to speak with.

I would like to say that I have been completely satisfied with the engineer who has been out so many times to rectify my treadmill since my purchase.

From a very unhappy customer.

Further to my above comments, they told me I can have a full refund due to all the problems I've had, great at least Im now getting somewhere, so I thought. I did not receive any money back or any communication, so I called again and the customer service department on two different occasions told me to sort it out with the finance company!!!!!! I paid in full on my debit card and the customer service department was basically calling me a liar and I had to prove to them by emailing my bank statement and a copy of receipt and they then finally refunded my debit card.

I believe that the equipment Nordictrack is a good product and I just received a bad one on this occasion. I would suggest that you stay away from the company as the customer service department are letting them down badly. I have asked on numerous occasions to speak with a manager and they have told me that there isn't a manager to speak to!!!! I was then told that if I purchase another Nordictrack treadmill from another company that they would then supply me the free ifit 2 year subscription free of charge once I emailed a copy of receipt and all the model and serial numbers. I did this and was told this would be dealt with. two weeks later still no free subscription and told by Icon customer services that I would have to now purchase this. I have all the emails to prove what was agreed and I have now located all the directors email addresses in the hope that they will change the way they treat there customers.

On a finishing note, no one from Icon has made any attempt to speak with me regarding all these issues.

Buy at your own risk.
Posted 2 years ago
Hello Mr Green,

Its Josh from NordicTrack.

I am very sorry to hear that your new machine had an array of issues once received. Our engineers and customer service members do try exhaust all the possibilities options of attempting to fix the product.

I believe you were advised correctly on our complaints procedure and this has now been resolved.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with ourselves.
Posted 1 year ago
Many thanks for the contact Josh. It wasn’t just the missing power cable. It was the extraordinary length of time and the battle I had to get a new one that put me off. I haven’t received the power cable yet, but assuming I do in the next few days, I will at last be able to start my exercise programme; albeit 2 weeks late. I do thank you for your communication. I will keep an open mind, and if the product is good I will re review. It would be good to hear that there has been a change of system that would allow Customer care to automatically courier any missing items to a customer immediately without putting the customer to the extra burden of proving purchase, searching for silver tickets said to be on the bottom of the machine. When you know it’s your fault, and who you sent the machine too, a simple express delivery of missing parts would be a great way of saying sorry and putting it right. If you change your policy, which I ask you to consider doing, then I would be happy to amend my comments in a very positive way. I tried e mailing this back to you but your e mail could not be replied to. So here is my response ....

Many thanks again for your e
Posted 2 years ago
Hello Mr Farmer,

Thank you for your honest review. Its Josh from NordicTrack.

I do apologise that on this rare occasion the power lead was missing from your new received machine that had been installed.

The reason we ask for the details is that in order to raise any orders for spare parts (which the power lead is classed as) we just need some information from yourself and the information on the bike.

I hope with the power lead being received (or when it is received very shortly) that you enjoy the use of your Recumbent Bike.
Posted 2 years ago
sorry but the machine had a fault on it and I only heard today from the engineer that they would be coming to sort it out as soon as they receive the parts they need .
Posted 2 years ago
Hello Mr Jackson,

Thank you for your honest review, its Josh from NordicTrack.

I am very sorry to hear your machine has been received with a possible fault. Sadly, on rare occasions, this can happen but I know our customer services team are more than happy to get this resolved as much as possible.

With our engineer interventions they await for the parts to be received (which we try send out immediately once the details have been finalised) and then make a booking.

I hope the engineer intervention can resolve the issue and your new machine is back up and running.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have queries or any issues as we are more than happy to help.
Posted 2 years ago
Im having a horrible experience my treadmill was delivered I paid to get it Assembled the Bluetooth was not working and the guy who assembled it told me to ring customer service as he couldn’t fix it. He also told me that there was 2 nuts which are missing and will post it. When I folded it up after the left it wouldn’t come back down, I feel cheated and there is no manger or supervisor who I can talk too when I ring I want a refund and now they are telling me I have to unssemble it for the collection people as it won’t fit though the door I feel it’s unfair since I paid for the item to be assembled and it came faulty in the first place why should I have to unassmbe it I explained I have back problems too.
And on top that it could take up to 5 days for a refund after sending it back.
I hope someone from the top would get back to me
Posted 2 years ago
Item ordered and paid for. Arranged deliver date via automated email and web service. Delivery date passed. Contacted the carrier and they had no record. 8 - 10 Calls later and the Panther group just hang up the phone. I got the treadmill Matt but no treadmill

Still waiting. Approx 3 weeks now. Poor and not any response to my emails either.
Posted 2 years ago
Norditrack chstomer services is terrible. I ordered a treadmill which was in my dads cart. I ordered it for 2499 from my email. The treamill was due for delivery 3 days late. By which time my dad received an email saying buy it now with 10% off. So i asked nordictrak for 10% discount. They refused. So i returned delivery and re purchased the iten with 10% off.

Any company with half a brain would have just given me the 10% i asked for i stead of going through all the hassle and having an unhappy customer.
Posted 2 years ago
Didnt even receive the item!!
Posted 2 years ago
Hi Cherie,

Its Josh here from NordicTrack.

The reason no item was received was because your finance application was declined by Barclays resulting in the order being cancelled and no goods dispatched.

Kind regards.
Posted 2 years ago
I know. I know. I got caught up in the capabilities of this machine, and it has great potential. Unfortunately (although I ignored the numerous reviews warning me of same) the build quality is not of the heighest standard and my incline broke (ie detached at the 40% incline) leaving the machine unusable. Despite 3 months of trying to contact Nordic trac (web chat, email and phone) I have not recieved any response (just the “we will be in contact soon”). When people review and say there is no customer service or effectual warrant read “once you buy this machine you are on your own. If it develops a fault - tough, you should have gone for a more reliable and appreciate manufacturer”

My original review
Got the x22i for the incline (+40 to -6) and the motor rating. Wasn't pushed about the 22" screen or iFit coaching. But man, that iFit coaching has really impressed me. Machine is solid, good (proper weighted cushioning). I run mostly trails in the real world. (Machine is for winter training). But the iFit takes you on trails the world over. Effectively eliminates boredom and keeps you interested and motivated. Fans, as always, hardly worth it, as in any of the types of machines. Use a floor mounted. Delivery to Ireland was quick and on-time. I would definitely recommend. Big range of routes/exercise types. Speedwork (with hills that I love), strength (with hills that I love) and endurance (with hills that I get the picture). Good range of recovery routes the world over swell.
Posted 2 years ago
Hello Charlie,

Its Josh from NordicTrack.

I'm glad you were as impressed as we were here when this machine arrived. The X22i is definitely a huge step forward for iFit and the iFit experience so we are glad you were one of the first to experience this.

i hope are continuing to be immersed in the iFit experience and still breaking a sweat with the huge amount of incline the X22i has to offer!

I believe iFit are still continuing to generate more routes in the library so keep an eye out for any that may contain the hills (that you love!).

Any queries or questions as well please do not hesitate to get in touch with the NordicTrack team.
Posted 2 years ago
I took delivery and installation on Monday of this week and first time I used it found the right pedal to have a liaise clip and the strap installed in a way that would never grip in the locking buckle. Having paid for installation I had hoped it would be replaced and the installation completed but sadly am told a replacement part can be sent but not fitted for me. So I have asked for the machine to be collected and a refund arranged as I paid for installation and it was left wanting. I will now have to find a new supplier
Posted 2 years ago
Hello Mr Morris,

Thank you for your review. Its Josh from NordicTrack UK.

I am very sorry to hear that due to poor assembly of the machine that there was an issue with a pedal.

The reason that the company that is used for our collections cannot attach a new pedal is that they are not trained technicians. They simply carry out deliveries and collections for ourselves here at Icon Health & Fitness. Unfortunately with the decision to not send a technician was not a decision directed from ourselves here in Sales but from who you spoke with in Customer Services which I cannot intervene with Mr Morris.

I believe we did manage to get this resolved as I have added an extra month to your iFit account and partially refunded you your iFit membership.

I hope the machine will be back up and running once the new pedal arrives so you are able to get the full use out of the machine you have paid for. As mentioned again, I do apologise for the inconvenience this situation has caused you.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any further inquiries or issues Mr Morris.
Posted 2 years ago
where are the goods?
Posted 2 years ago
Hello Mr Pas,

Its Josh from NordicTrack. Thank you for your review.

As per our delivery information on our website lead times are slightly extended with our installation service.

I do apologise this was not made aware at the beginning of the purchase.

I hope you are enjoying your machine.

Kind regards.
Posted 2 years ago
Still not delivered items and service to date has been unacceptable.
Posted 2 years ago
Hello Mr Grimstead,

Thank you for your review.

I can only apologise profusely that there was a delay in delivery. Due to problems with the contact information provided the carriers struggled to book you in.

I'm glad to hear that this is finally been delivered and I hope you are enjoying your machine.

Any issues or enquiries please feel free to get in touch with ourselves here at NordicTrack.
Posted 2 years ago
The exercise bike arrived without any nuts and bolts to screw it together, this was almost two weeks ago and apparently they won’t be here for another week. Hugely disappointing.
Posted 2 years ago
Machine arrived, and after assembly it failed to work, the electronics didnt register pedal turns. Logged a fault was told that i would be contacted by an engineer within 2 days, no contact for 5 days told they couldn't arrive for another week. This was not satisfactory so contacted by phone to arrange faulty product return and refund. customer service agent then hung up the phone on me. So 2 weeks later I still am down £500 and have a broken machine.
Posted 2 years ago
NordicTrack UK is rated 4.15 based on 768 reviews