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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Let down by installation team making a real mess of brand new rubber flooring,
Made rubber flooring dirty and scuffed.
Posted 10 months ago
Order process easy. Delivery process terrible - was advised a 11.45 to 13.45 slot, arrived at 16.30! A few issues with machine (T14.0 treadmill) which I need to contact NT about.
Posted 10 months ago
It looked like a great product , however, it unfortunately arrived faulty. After 10 days of daily calls to customer service ( which was based in Romania!), and on the day we were expecting the replacement part, we instead received an email saying that the part will be in stock in another 10 days. The whole experience was so disappointing, we decided to return the item and buy another.
Posted 1 year ago
I do like having the ifit but most of the time it is either a road amongst trees or somewhere barren,it would get more stars from me if the destinations were more exciting i.e cities so there is more to look at
Posted 1 year ago
Hello Jennifer,

Its Josh from NordicTrack.

I am sorry to hear you are not satisfied with some of the iFit programmes you have used.

Have you explored the iFit library that has over 100+ pre-programmed workouts to choose from? I may suggest with the Google Maps plotting around some great cities like Prague and Berlin!

Please feel free to contact us if you require further guidance or have any queries!
Posted 1 year ago
Easy to use after checking the internet how to use it .
Also I was told it was the latest model to then find out its actually 2017 model
Yes I could make a fuss but everytime you call NordicTrack you have to take a picture and send it
If these things where not a issue it would be a 5 star
Posted 1 year ago
The machine is good, but the built-in exercise programs leave a lot to be desired.
Posted 2 years ago
Product seems to be fit for purpose and has good functionality.
Posted 2 years ago
We never purchased a Nordic as we put off by the many negative comments about After Sales Service and Customer Service. All reviews comment this as the main negative aspect. Having said that when I mistakenly ordered one (!) they were quick to cancel the order at my request.....
Posted 2 years ago
Didn't really! Had high hopes of a quality brand, but feel I could have gone for a much cheaper brand for the same quality. the only thing that was good were the delivery logistics.
Posted 2 years ago
Purchased direct from NordicTrack UK.

NordicTrack in their advertisement of the treadmill state “The NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill is classed as a large boxed item which requires a 3 man delivery so the product can only be delivered to a ground floor room of your choice.”

So I was very disappointed and annoyed when the delivery arrived, with only 2 small, not very well built, young delivery boys/men to handle the delivery. Luckily my husband had called home when the delivery had arrived; my husband who is suffering with a hernia had to lift the 125kg treadmill which is not advisable. My husband is now suffering again due NordicTrack not providing or paying for the correct amount of men to deliver this heavy treadmill, which I am sure is a breach of their Health & Safety obligations to the delivery boys/men.

Our decorations in the hallway where damaged in the process of bringing in the treadmill.
Within the first week of using we have noticed that the fan when turned above speed 2, (speeds 3 – 5) the fan makes an awful vibrating noise, very annoying.

The belt needed to be tightened after the first week, the left hand side nut tightened lovely unfortunately on the right hand side the plastic casing hole slot does not line up with the nut, this does not allow the nut to be turned by the allen key, but just damages the nut. This has been reported to NordicTrack - awaiting replacement part. You would have thought that these simple issues would have been spotted by their quality control before the machine was dispatched.

Overall a good quality machine which is what you would expect for the money paid just very poor delivery service and simple faults that should have been rectified before delivery.
Posted 2 years ago
I paid extra for an upstairs delivery. One of the men delivering was very angry they had to take the tredmill upstairs and only decided to do so when I asked then to return the tredmill as I wasn't going to accept it being delivered downstairs.
I was advised I would be able to self assemble the tredmill on my own in an hour yo an hour and a half via your email chat.This was very much not the case. I paid a handyman to assemble the tredmill with me assisting when necessary, it took 4 hours.
Posted 2 years ago
Good treadmill 320i. ( RUBBISH DELIVERY )
Delivery was rubbish. Was given a delivery day, took time off work. On delivery day I got a text early in the morning saying it wasn’t being delivered that day. Went to work then got a phone call saying the delivery van was waiting at my house! Had to leave work to go home for the delivery. What a shambles
Posted 2 years ago
Treadmill is adequate, but the associated applications & software are poor to average. The biggest let down is that once you've purchased the hardware you're then sucked into a myriad of upgrades. You have to purchase the basic iFIT package just to supply minimal data (even then this can go missing) for export to e.g Strava. A potential customer of NordicTrack has probably been duped into thinking the hardware is all singing and dancing but in reality you have to keep increasing your iFIT subscriptions to get the full benefits from your equipment.
Posted 2 years ago
The ordering & delivery service was excellent.
The quality of the exercise bike was less good.
The handlebar slot required freeing up. The reistance mechanism, pre fitted, was not connected & we await an engineer's visit to rectify.
Posted 2 years ago
Invoice said I would be contacted within 3 days to arrange delivery. After 4 days had to chase.Delivery men were excellent.
Instruction manual could be more explicit and diagrams much larger. Some instructions were incorrect resulting in frustration and wasted time. e.g. secure left pedal in a clockwise direction when in fact it was anti likewise rt pedal was anti not clockwise as stated. instruction about removing hidden screw in protective guard would have been useful.
Posted 3 years ago
I have finally got to achieve my fitness goals
Posted 3 years ago
This is a tough review to score - NordicTrack themselves were ok, providing a timely refund when asked.
But their delivery sub-contractor (Panther) is one of the worst customer experiences I have ever had the misfortune to come across. First, the delivery was cancelled after the delivery slot arrived, I was given 4 different and incompatible reasons for why they couldn't deliver the order that they had confirmed the timing of just hours before. I was on hold for over an hour. I was promised a call-back within 10mins that never materialised in a 2 hour wait.
But fair play to NordicTrack, it took about 3mins for them to process the return, politely.
Posted 3 years ago
Hello Pethick,

Thank you for your honest review.

I'm very sorry to hear you were displeased with the level of service our carriers had provided. This has been dealt with accordingly and you were refunded immediately. Its a shame that the delivery could not go through as expected.
Posted 3 years ago
After the initial mis-spelling of our name and incorrect house number our Treadmill C700 was delivered to us. It was easy to assemble and everything works well on it. The problem I have with it is the noise which is created by the belt rubbing across the guiders. It is very loud and not the sort of thing that you could drown out with music. Even the neighbour said that it was very loud. We will be getting in touch with Customer Services to see if anything can be done about this.

Roger Hlibkowycz
Posted 3 years ago
Hello Roger,

Thank you for your honest review.

I'm very sorry to hear that when my colleague put the details through it was done incorrectly which I believe was amended with the carriers. In relation to the noise issue generated by the belt, I'm glad this has now been resolved with customer services and I hope the machine is serving you well.
Posted 3 years ago
The NordicTrack treadmills perform well. However, the delivery and assembly aspects need to be improved. It needs 2 people to assemble the various parts, and it took us nearly 8 hours, allowing for a lunch and tea break; although we had a pretty good idea, since we had also done it previously about 5 years ago on another NordicTrack treadmill. It would be better, if NordicTrack provided a DVD showing how to assemble the various parts, and the typical errors to look out for; the paper instructions are not clear enough.
Posted 3 years ago
Hello Mr Singh, its Josh Brooks from NordicTrack.

Our treadmills can be assembled by one person but I know during parts of the assembly it is beneficial to have an extra pair of hands especially when holding the uprights or attaching the console. We try make the instructions as user friendly as possible for the assembly of the item so I'm sorry to hear that these may have not met your satisacaction.

However I'm hoping you are continuing to enjoy your Treadmill!
Posted 3 years ago
For the price that i paid for the running machine (Commercial 2450) i did expect a higher quality item. the fit and finish isnt brilliant and in some parts it doesnt line up correctly. Putting the machine together is a bit of a chore. However, after checking all of the reviews before buying, i knew this was going to be the case so was ready for it. Anyway, im not bothered by the difficulties in putting it together. Its a two-man job and very heavy. Heres the crux of the matter, in regards to the negative comments I have on it. The belt is not aligned and was slipping when i started. I fixed this by turning the bolts as per the instructions. This has fixed the slipping but the belt is slightly off to the right now and cant be brought back without the slipping occurring again. Attention to detail isnt great, again. Once you start running on it, i must say that it is very stable and will, hopefully last me years. The running experience is somewhat hampered by the constant creaks, knocks and squeaks that come out of this thing. "Whisper quet" it aint. The racket that this thing makes is incredible. However, i would say, worth it. I would say this as i have spent all the money and its a hassle to pay to send in back and disassemble it etc and also because at its core is a very good running machine. With regards tot he IFit system. That is brilliant. Excellently implemented. There are a few bugs with the software but thats not Nordictrack's fault. This bring me onto the Android tablet with access to the web. LOL LOL LOL LOL. No chance. I think it must be running Android 1.0 as its soooo slow and accessing any website is pointless as it doesnt display it properly. Not even the ifit site. If youre going to include it as a USP then i think it has to be a LOT better implemented than it is. Also, the "suspension" that is part of the machine is an interesting thing. There is nothing in the instructions about it but i can safely tell you that, it doesnt work. Makes no difference if its on or off. Exactly the same. Weird, but not a deal breaker for me.

In summary, a great running machine. Let down by the quality of the fit and finish and also by the tech that isnt much cop. Definitely wouldnt pay the full price for it.
Posted 3 years ago
NordicTrack UK is rated 4.00 based on 531 reviews