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Not sure how i can give a review. ill let you know when it arrives
Posted 1 month ago
Advert shows free delivery , yet you add £50 delivery charges?
Posted 2 months ago
I cannot reach customer services and you drop the price by almost 1/3 overnight.
Posted 2 months ago
Shocking how much you've increased the price! But really looking forward to receiving the machine.
Posted 2 months ago
After lots of communication about delivery for my running machine, I was disappointed to find I couldn't have it assembled on the first floor... you only assemble on the ground floor. Why would your guys be willing to deliver to the first floor but not assemble it there? Things got worse when after being assured that your couriers would deliver to my first floor, they arrived and just laughed and said they never deliver running machines to first floors. I had paid for this service on checkout.
Secondly, I had to order a shorter machine because of the size of my room (c700). I assumed all of your machines would be of a similar quality but on looking at reviews, it seems this one is made of cheaper components. It's cheap bling and is nowhere near as well made as my 15 yr old Tunturi. You don't seem to sell good quality smaller machines? The on/off button and the safety clasp are cheap and plastic, etc etc. I'm very disappointed with it.
Posted 1 year ago
I am writing this revue on customer service, (Icon) not the excellent Nordic Track commercial S22i that I purchased.
I had an issue setting up my console with ifit. As you cannot speak to ifit from the UK., I telephoned the UK customer service number from the user manual. Neither agent I spoke to spoke clear English nor where they based in the UK. There knowledge of the S22i was poor and misleading to the point of me considering returning the item. Luckily, after many hours of extreme stress, I sorted the problem myself. The Nordic track S22i is absolutely brilliant, it just needs actual UK customer service.
Posted 1 year ago
you have not confirm that my purchase has been resisted and my product guarantee, especially the 10 year motor guarantee, is active Not Happy
Posted 2 years ago
Hello Patrick,

Its Josh from NordicTrack.

I am sorry that you did not receive notification that the warranty extension was confirmed.

I can confirm this was registered and validated on the 14/03/19.
Posted 1 year ago
I recently purchased FS7i machine. For positives I really do like the whole free stride concept and the rotary mechanics of the machine but unfortunately that is where the buck stop as far as this machine goes.

As far as electronics are concerned this machine is very poorly designed. There is no way to switch off the touch screen unless you use the master red restart button on the floor panel at the bottom of the machine and switch off the elliptical completely. Hence, issue number one is that there is no basic on and off button. Hence the touch screen is always on. I hope NordicTrack reads this review and introduce a remote software update and introduce atleast a digital stand-by mode using the touch screen as a solution to get around this problem.

Also when the screen is switched on, the speakers are also continuously switched on and hence continuous "hissing" sound from speakers can be heard even where no music or any audio output from the speakers.

You can log into facebook and youtube using the browser on touch screen but the browser does not have the capability to remember the passwords. Hence, minute you swap out of the youtube screen or facebook screen they both completely shut offs and you have to re-log in again and again if you are to ever re-use the either facebook or youtube. That is terrible programming. Also no multi-tasking available either. You have to stop youtube or facebook if you are to access exercise software. Surely multi tasking should be feasible in this day and time especially on an equipment which costs of Euro 1500! Also even if multi-tasking is not available, atleast the machine should have the capability to remember passwords.

Also although there is some blue tooth capability on the machine same does not connect your phone to the machine. Blue tooth only connects to ifit based equipment.

So all in all many flaws when it comes to electronics side of this machine and hence practicality is very poor. Given the steep price of this machine I think unless they figure out a way to atleast fix some of these issues I would not recommend anyone to buy this machine and I hope Nordic Track customer service folks read this review so that atleast they will relay these comments to the product development team.

Overall very disappointing product.
Posted 2 years ago
Can't really comment as the running machine I purchased from NordicTrackUK on 17th December last year hasn't turned up yet! All I've received is an automatic email at the moment of purchase. Chased on phone to be told someone would be in touch but nothing yet. If/when it arrives I'll be happy to review.
Posted 2 years ago
Got my new C700 today. It looks nice, but the belt makes a very cluckey noise it goes over the roller. the guys who fit it for me said that is due to the vulcanised rubber and nothing they could do about it. quite disappointed
Posted 2 years ago
Hello Mr Easaw,

Thank you for your honest review, its Josh from NordicTrack.

With the running belt there is a joining which does cause a clunking sound however when the machine is used this sound does subside so you have been informed correctly.

Nevertheless I hope you are enjoying your new C700.
Posted 2 years ago
Like with everything I buy, I research it in depth; I found lots of negative reviews on ‘TrustPilot’ for Nordictrack, and replies to the reviews by ‘Josh’ at the Wakefield office.

I rang and spoke to Josh (20s/30s), and I felt confident by his really helpful manner (every interaction with Josh was really good, and professional), so I placed an order for an Elliptical SE7i X-Trainer on Tue 20 Nov 18 at 12:05pm.

The equipment arrived whilst I was at work at 11:18am Fri 23 Nov 18, my wife took delivery, and it was placed in the front room (gym).

I arrived home at 4:00pm and commenced opening the large coffin shaped box at around 4:45pm. At 5:20pm. After carefully sliding the equipment out of the box, I found that the equipment had arrived broken; the screen/console was completely shattered. It appeared that during transit from China, it clearly had been bounced and the subsequent impact had caused the machine to resonate within the box, off the rear fly-wheel, as there was a scuff where the screen had impacted at that point. This could have happened at any point from the manufacturing factory in China, to the point of delivery at my front room, just very unlucky.

Aware that it was late on a Fri afternoon, I rang the customer telephone number at 5:25pm, and the Romanian customer services helpline suggested I had a new monitor sent out, which may take a week? The really helpful Romanian guy (Krisztian) suggested that I took apart the machine with the broken console, and retro-fitted the new one when it arrived. I had my reservations as to whether any subsequent problems with machine, and particularly the console, would be covered under the warranty, or would it void the warranty as per their terms & conditions?

On Mon 26 Nov 18 at 09:18am I rang the Nordictrack office in Wakefield and spoke to Marion (40s/50s); initially she was a bit unhelpful, but after 5-10mins she conceded and understood my concerns, and I found her a pleasure to speak to. Marion said that there were no other machines available, but if sourced, could take 2-3 weeks for delivery (?), but in order to re-fit a new console it would mean that a technician/engineer would be required, which could take 10-14 business days, or longer, before one would visit. I expressed that I hadn’t bought the £750 piece of equipment as an ornament, so she said they would collect it and issue a full refund when it returned to the main warehouse.

It was collected 2 days later on Wed 28 Nov 18 at 11:16am, and I observed (via the tracking mechanism provided by Panther) that ‘Panther Logistics’ receipted the item back into the main warehouse in Normanton (10 miles away from Nordictrack’s office in Wakefield) the next day at 06:58am Thu 29 Nov 18 (it was most probably returned late on the Wed evening, but was most likely only receipted in the next morning when the stock-taker came back in on his shift at 06:30am?).
Panther Logistics’ main warehouse is 15km SE of Leeds, where the delivery drivers’ said that they (Nordictrack) “Keep a hell of a lot of Nordictrack stock in the warehouse”. The Panther delivery guys were really great, couldn’t fault them.

I rang Nordictrack at 11:20am Thu 29 Nov 18, and spoke to Josh; he said that once the equipment was in their warehouse, then I’d be refunded. I said it was back in the warehouse, he said he’d check, and he sent me an email to that effect.

I rang NordicTrack on the afternoon of Fri 30 Nov 18 at 3:30pm and spoke to John (40s/50s); he was a bit obstructive, especially when I asked why I haven’t been refunded even though Nordictrack had the equipment back, even though he argued they hadn’t? I had to tell him how to check and I directed him to the notifications that I'd had from the tracking information which showed they had. They then turned around and said that they (John) could see that they had received it, and they sent me an email to say it would now take 30 days for me to receive a refund...!

I don't understand how or why I had it to bring it to their attention that they had received the faulty goods back, and I would have to wait a month for a refund?

I found that Nordictrack also sells and distributes the same kit/equipment under the labelling and website ‘Pro-form’ (there may be others?), based out the same offices in Wakefield, a bit odd…?

The Nordictrack company’s bank is based just 10km west of Paris (France), and the offices are registered there also (some kind of tax dodge?).

I received my money back after MasterCard got in touch with them on Mon 04 Dec 18.
Posted 2 years ago
First of all this thing requires ifit account and a fairly good internet connection. Ifit is buggy, expensive and destroys the whole experience of mechanically sound treadmill. E.q. You can't create your programs without ifit. You have to have multiple ifit accounts if you want more than one person to use it. If your internet connection drops this thing freezes. The software crashes. It is not possible to setup the simplest run without ifit. E.g. setting up distance or time run, not to mention something like interval training. Ifit wants to know every single details about you, your family and your dog and agree to whatever nonsense t&c they come up with. Actually I made unfair comment about t&c cause i haven't managed to read all these nonsense - I would have to spend more time on reading than running. Verdict well build treadmill with absolutely rubbish software.
Posted 2 years ago
I am currently still awaiting delivery of my treadmill, the rower was delivered with no issue and is excellent. However after two days of arranging someone to be at my house to receive delivery and it hasn’t happened I am hoping third time lucky!
Posted 2 years ago
Grand tour arrived with a noise from the front of the bike, I had to find the root cause and then fix the issue, poor customer support, poor quality. I wouldn’t recommend NordicTrack. I don’t suppose this review will be posted.
Posted 2 years ago
Ordered my NordicTrack Grand Tour bike 10th January which I received within a few days. Assembly was straight forward however on using the bike for the first time I found that the resistance on level 1 was too difficult. It equated to a level 10 to 12 resistance on the bikes I use at my local gym. I contacted customer service who arranged for an engineer to repair the problem. However when attempting to removed the bolt securing the pedal crank arm it sheared because it had been tightened too much when it was assembled in the factory. The resistance problem has still not been resolved. The engineer will be returning in 2 to 3 weeks to repair. So, to date I have not been able to use the bike properly. Very disappointed to have these problems from a piece of equipment straight from the box and costing almost £1000
Posted 3 years ago
Seven days ago our x7i incline trainer was delivered. Firstly the delivery people couldn’t get the box through our very wide door so unpacked it in the lorry. Then we put it together and plugged it in with excitement. Nothing happened! Finally today an engineer came out to look at it and announced tha5 it probably has a faulty mother board so now we have to wait for a replacement. One to be sent out. No idea when it will actually be working but not impressed so far.
Posted 3 years ago
I still haven't been able to assemble the exercise bicycle I ordered because the screws were not delivered. I rang customer services and explained I did not have any screws, waited for 5 days only to receive a package containing three handles and an allan key. One mistake is poor service, but for two things to go wrong seems exceptionally bad. What process is in place for ensuring that the right parts are included in the packaging. ?
Posted 3 years ago
I have purchased this to help be get fit for major cancer surgery but as yet not been able to get it to pick up a strong enough to down load any of the maps, my access time to use my bike is quite limited so sorry to say at this point i am very frustrated with my purchase.
Posted 3 years ago
I was not notified by either Nordic or your delivery contractor that i had to make a call to arrange the delivery of the treadmill. I took it upon myself to call Nordic and that is when i was offered the option of calling the courier to get an update or indeed the telephone handler was happy to do it and get back to me. I opted to call them myself and was advised that it was my responsibility to contact them for delivery. When i purchased the Treadmill online there was a note suggesting they would get in touch within 2 days. One of the side panels was also broken which i have reported.
Posted 3 years ago
Hello Mr Donaghy,

Thank you for leaving an honest review.

I'm very sorry for the delay in which our carriers did try to contact you. They call the customer within 24-48 hours on receiving the order. Your order was recieved and processed by ourselves on the 30th and you were contacted within 3 days so there was some slight delay. I see the item has now been delivered so I hope you are enjoying the machine you purchased!

Any further assistance feel free to get in touch.
Posted 3 years ago
The delivery process is a shambles. Ordered on 22/5/17. Supposed to be delivered on 5/6/17 but did not arrive. Only have 28 days to register the 10 year guarantee from date of purchase. Not arrived yet and 28 days running out.
Posted 3 years ago
Hello Mr Macdonald,

Thank you for your honest review.

Unfortunately there were some issues when arranging delivery to your specific postcode as our carriers saw this as an offshore delivery which did delay the booking.

In relation to the warranty extension, if you attach a note to the warranty card explaining what has occured I will waiver the 28 days of purchase policy due to the delay in yourself receiving the goods.
Posted 3 years ago
NordicTrack UK is rated 4.15 based on 768 reviews