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Unfortunately the van broke down and needed recovery. Felt that I was left at the hands of the AA and that turned into a nightmare. Finally had to arrange my own transport back to gillingham.But on the positive side your team refunded all of my money and I guess it was just unfortunate.
(Gillingham) - Posted 16 hours ago
Ordered a 'large car'. To take me and a few friends to Wales for the weekend. The picture on the website was a new Peugeot 3008 suv so I thought that or similar would do lovely. When I went to pick it up I was pretty disappointed to get a Toyota Prius, electric hybrid auto which hadn't even been washed ready for me. It was smaller and no where near as nice as I was hoping for. After I drove it away I realised that it was so gutless I actually thought there was something wrong with it to start with. It wasn't a very nice drive into Wales up and down the steep valleys. We joked that we had been given an employees car and they kept the nice rental for the weekend! Cheapest compared to rival rental companies so I guess you get what you pay for. Nice guy at reception.
(Yeovil) - Posted 1 month ago
We have various large cars on the fleet and it does depend on availability and due to demand all of the Peugeots were out on hire. You had actually been given an upgrade to a MPV free of charge. Sorry that you did not like the car. I will find out why the car was not ready for you. P.S. It wasn’t an employees car!!
Posted 3 weeks ago
Vehicle in poor condition all round. Tatty, not sign written with company name, probably didn’t want to admit it was theirs. Braking efficiency could have been better and I had to mention this when I returned it. Only had it for about 6 hours and that was long enough. Will certainly think twice about using DVR in the future.
(Yeovil) - Posted 1 month ago
Sorry to read this Andrew, this vehicle is due for the body shop. Hence no stickers. As we were so busy we had to use this vehicle as we didn’t want to let anybody down.
Posted 3 weeks ago
Well I would have given this company 5 stars but for the employee who tried to start a confrontation between myself and a late taxi driver.
(Yeovil) - Posted 1 month ago
Hi Kevin, Please can you email with either the name of the employee or perhaps a description? We will look into this further for you with your response. Thank you in advance.
Posted 1 month ago
It would have been helpful to have had the tail lift van that was ordered. The van was clean. Easy to use booking service.
(Yeovil) - Posted 1 month ago
I have just checked your booking & when you booked online the amount you paid was for that of a non Tail Lift Luton so this must have been the vehicle selected when booking. Did you mention this to the Yeovil staff? If we had one with a tail lift available at the time we would have been more than happy to change you into one. Apologies for any inconvenience. Replies to
Posted 1 month ago
Booked a Van online to collect on a Friday 17:00. Got a call around 14:00 on the day and told the office shuts at 17:00 so I had to get there before that or they will have shut. Had to get a collegue to take me to pick the Van up and then return to work. Why have a 17:00 option if you cannot collect at this time?
(Gillingham) - Posted 1 month ago
You can normally Daniel, on this occasion we were short staffed and the person in charge of the branch needed to be away at 17:00 for a personal appointment. Sorry that you were inconvenienced.
Posted 3 weeks ago
I had had the scruffiest van on the fleet, which also had a problem with its gears mostly going into and out of 3rd gear! I emailed yourselves about this issue on the day we hired and heard nothing from you in response, so despite paying just like everyone for a days van hire it made for an unpleasant journey to Devon and back delivering furniture. I understand these things happen but a response would have been helpful on the day
(Yeovil) - Posted 1 month ago
Hi Claire, Please can you confirm which email address you sent the email to so that we can locate it and make sure it wasn't missed? On your rental agreement there would have been a 24 hour contact number to call for any problems so you would have had a response faster this way. I apologise for any distress caused and the vehicle is being looked at in our workshops to prevent any problems in future. Please send replies to:
Posted 1 month ago
Could be better organised
(Yeovil) - Posted 1 month ago
Hi Aaron, Apologies if the service you received wasn't up to standard. Please feel free to email us on and I can ensure the branch are aware of your concerns to avoid it happening in the future.
Posted 1 month ago
Overall ok was not impressed with having to stand in the rain waiting to pick up the vehicle for a good 40 minutes I appreciate Covid restrictions and all that but very slow service and no place to keep out the rain
(DORCHESTER) - Posted 1 month ago
Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Apologies from us in Dorchester for your wait when collecting a vehicle. Due to COVID restrictions & social distancing we aren't able to have multiple customers in the office for your safety and for ours. Please know that we are working as quickly as we can in order to get you on your way in the vehicle as soon as humanly possible as this is our priority.
Posted 1 month ago
When I booked the vehicle over the phone nobody informed me you need to give your NI at the pick up...., caused a massive delay. Thankfully I could call my work and ask the pay Dept for it. Otherwise I would have had to go home and get it which would have put me back hours.
(Gillingham) - Posted 3 months ago
We are sorry this happened to you David. We have spoken to the member of staff that you booked the vehicle with in order to prevent this happening in the future!
Posted 3 weeks ago
The service from your staff was good but the van was dirty and tired!
(Gillingham) - Posted 6 months ago
I arrived at the time I was told online to be made to wait nearly half an hour because I was told the shop didn’t open until 8.30, despite my email saying 8. Everything else went fine.
(Weymouth) - Posted 6 months ago
I would have liked to been shown around the vehicle on collection, operation of the tail lift etc, but I managed to guess. Otherwise a very decent vehicle.
(Gillingham) - Posted 8 months ago
Process was good, only downside was when I rented the van it only had a fuel range of 1 (one) mile!!
(Weymouth) - Posted 8 months ago
I was very satisfied with the same rental van twice within 6 months however, when I checked my account recently I see I have been overcharged. I emailed but had no reply. I would be grateful for a call or email back. Thanks Lee Enticott
(Yeovil) - Posted 8 months ago
It was nice being able to pick the vehicle up locally, but the vehicle had obviously not been cleaned for a long time, there were cobwebs on the windscreen, which is strange in these times! Plus there was no water in the water bottle to clean the windscreen. Not good and quite basic!
(DORCHESTER) - Posted 10 months ago
Bit of a wait when collecting vehicle. Seem to have to go over again all the details you have entered online.. strange!! We had booked online and ideally wanted a couple of drivers. However, on line you were advised to give all driver details on the gov website to avoid any problems on pickup. You were also provided with a ref number etc. This was a total waste of time, as we physically had to have all the drivers ID on pickup. This was certainly not made clear on the website and could have caused us major problems enroute. Luckily we managed, but this needs to be more clear. Thought the vehicle could have been in better condition. It had more knocks and scraps, especially the broken wing mirror, which we weren’t sure was legal to drive!! The gears were unpredictable especially in first. We dropped off vehicle early and left keys in a box, which is a good idea. We were asked for £100 deposit on the day and this would be refunded. Also some kind of waiver fee, which again don’t believe was mentioned on the website. Overall not really a good experience, but to be honest we needed the vehicle for a house move, so we had no choice. We expected the £100 to be refunded within 5 working days. This we had to chase as it didn’t appear. Eventually a nice chap in a different branch (who answered the phone) sorted the situation and we received within 3 days. The phone system too is a bit strange. If you wanted to get through to the accounts department, you were promoted to press a number... but no point as they only work certain hours!! A little more thought and explanation would have made the above more pleasant.
(Gillingham) - Posted 10 months ago
You need to open your Wincanton location as soon as possible. I wasted 2 hours of my day having to use Yeovil. Yeovil office we’re excellent but too far away. In future if Wincanton not open then I would likely use one of the national providers!
(Yeovil) - Posted 10 months ago
The van broke down on our removal day, from London to Somerset, which was testing to say the least. But in the end we got here via the AA cover. Ok, it took all day, we arrived at 1 am in the morning, but we were grateful for the emergency cover. And Dorset vehicles picked up the van the next day so things were resolved in the end. These issues can't be avoided, so don't blame Dorset Vehicles for the breakdown. Just our bad luck on the day. Otherwise they seem a reasonable company to deal with. If all had gone well on the day I'm sure I'd be giving them a better rating and review.
(Wincanton) - Posted 1 year ago
Sorry that the van broke down Douglas on your removal day, and for the inconvenience caused on already a stressful day. Just to reassure you all our vehicles are serviced regularly, but this was unfortunate that this breakdown happened to you. Wishing you every happiness in your new home.
Posted 1 year ago
All worked fine but you know it doesn’t take much to smile and greet people nicely!
(Gillingham) - Posted 2 years ago
Not good, I will have a 'word' with the office staff.... and sort them out. Glad all was okay with the vehicle. Apologies ... Best wishes - Wendy
Posted 1 year ago
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