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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
I booked a holiday to the Maldives with this company Kirsty who I booked with was very good at getting me my holiday but that was were it ended,my holiday was cancelled due to covid in march but was told I could not have a refund as Qatar was still flying out so I phoned Qatar to be told that is not true they were refunding flight money so I phoned back to Chris who took my call as Kirsty was not in work ,he said he would check the information I had given him ,he came back with yes I can get a refund,so from the phone call was told this would be the end of April,I have sent a few emails to ask if they could let me know the progress of my refund to be told I would receive a credit note ,before the email I knew nothing about a credit note so asked why a credit note got no explanation,so today I got through to a gent on the phone I believe his name is Joe and explained my booking situation ,no credit note and that my holiday was to start on the 2nd of May ,he said I’ve sent a email to the 2 managers that are on shift today for them to email me the credit note and that I would be able to get my money back the end of June so know I’m very disappointed and upset after believing I would have had my money back by now after asking why so long was told they needed to get the money back. I came of the phone and phoned Qatar again to be told that they have refunded my money so I phoned back to get through to Kirsty who I originally booked with ,well I would like to say her customer service was very different to when I booked my holiday,I was not happy I admit and I did tell her ,she then told me I would note get a credit note until the end of May and would then have to wait until the end of July for my refund which is not acceptable,I kept asking the same questions why is it taking so long for you to give me my money back,all I got from her was we are going round in circles I’m not going to argue with you we are all in the same boat and that she was waiting for her money to, I asked why I was going to take roughly 18 weeks to get my refund,this company as over £3600 of mine why are they doing this to people.This was supposed to be a relaxing luxury holiday for me and my husband we have had a bad few years due to me having breast cancer and major surgery and these people knew that and really dont care Thanks Destination2 .I would never ever entertain this company again
Posted 1 month ago
My holiday was cancelled in December due to Lockdown restrictions and this was understandable. However I have yet to receive my £3,700 refund or have any communication from them, despite sending several emails and trying to get through on the phone. I would never use or recommend this company again.
Posted 3 months ago
AVOID!!!! We booked a holiday with Destination2 in December and were told it was fully refundable on the phone, to which they confirmed this was said, and now we have been given a credit which we don't want. We have asked for a refund numerous times and we are completely stuck, had we known they wouldn't give us our money back, we would have never ever booked with this company - it is absolutely disgusting that a company wont give us our money back during a pandemic - do not use them and avoid!!!!
Posted 3 months ago
DO NOT BOOK WITH THIS COMPANY Destination 2 cancelled our holiday. After a substantial amount of calls / emails I had the option to claim a full refund on manage my booking We applied for the full refund on the 16th of February 2021. We were advised a full refund would be processed in 14 days. We were then advised that they don’t have all the money and only processed a part refund. They are unable to tell us when we will get our money back. It’s weird as I thought I booked through destination 2, not sure why I am being penalised due to their poor procurement policy. DO NOT BOOK WITH THIS COMPANY !! THEY ARE SHOCKING!!!
Posted 3 months ago
Due a refund- covid19 lockdown means no flights allowed, entitled to a refund. D2 keep making excuses, provided a credit note which has been rejected and now not heard from them.
Posted 4 months ago
Have an unusable Credit Note which is due to expire tonight . Have had email requests ignored , faced closed telephone lines and hung on unanswered calls for hours . I am lead passenger who is totally fed up with this uncaring company
Posted 5 months ago
Posted 6 months ago
Do not use this company. Go directly or go with TUI atleast you will get your money back. After the 2nd lockdown I had to cancel my holiday because D2 were advising me to break the law and go on my holiday as the flights were still running, then it took me 10 days just to REBOOK and had to pay another £1000 on top of 4000 I already paid just because I didnt want to loose my money. I checked the same resort and flights direct with such company which was costing me £2000 less than what D2 robbed me off. Totally fraudster company.. beware I only wish such appalling company would go under administration.
Posted 6 months ago
Still waiting for a refund from this awful company since March, now 7 months and still nothing. Also waiting for our refund on our Cancelled St Lucia holiday in June. Having to take legal action. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY
Posted 8 months ago
I wish I could give them zero stars! Great customer service when they were selling me a holiday in January of this year until covid happened! Then could not make it up to be honest as shut customer services numbers and prioritised sales above existing customers. Rearranged but then rearranged holiday not going to happen due to ongoing restrictions and even had confirmation through air line to say our flights has been cancelled but d2 will not respond to anything at all. Oh other than the negative review I put on trust pilot which took then two hours to respond to! The irony is shocking!!! Have sent I think in excess of 8 emails but auto response only! Absolutely shocking and would not wish on my worst enemy!
Posted 8 months ago
My family holiday booked for May 2020 was cancelled, DT were not pro-active on contacting me, i had notification from BA that our flights were cancelled and i had to contact D2, BAwere offering a full refund on the flights but D2 had to request the refund, after lots of phone calls and emails to D2 I finally received a credit note. I did not want a refund, i wanted to re-book exactly the same holiday for 2021, just a straight swap but D2 could not provide that unless i paid a further £1000 on top of the £5400 i had already paid, as they could not swap the holiday i requested a refund only to be read on the crediy note "you will be able to able to request your refund from the 30/11/20" this is outrageous. Who decides the date that i can "request" a refund, i paid the full holiday balance and they could not provide the holiday, BA have refunded the flights, i can't imaging they would have paid the hotel in advance there for i should receive a full refund for something i have not received, why should i have to wait 6 months after i should have been holiday to "request" a refund. I was assured that when i paid my holiday balance in April during full lockdown i would receive a refund if the holiday could not take place, i feel totally let down and lied to, i am stuck as i can't re-book a holiday for next year because D2 are holding onto my money, as time goes by prices are increasing. It is so stressful and upsetting
Posted 9 months ago
Do NOT use this company. Their original terms and conditions stated they would refund accommodation only bookings of hotel closed. Now they change them to suit them in the pandemic. They are refusing to give money back and if you leave negative reviews they are getting solicitors letters to threaten you. I am taking the matter to the court and am emailing all national newspapers watchdog etc to advise regarding this companies behaviour.
Posted 10 months ago
WOULD GIVE ZERO STARS IF ABLE Have had holiday cancelled by destination 2. Desperately waiting for a refund to my credit card for nearly £3000. They quick enough to take my money but not to give it back. They are breaking the law and state in their own terms and conditions that refunds will be issued in 14 days... customer service is non existent no phone number to call just email which doesn’t respond HOWEVER plenty of agents if you wish to book a holiday.... !! I cannot express how angry I am with this company and there lack of customer service THEY SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN FOR THEFT OF PEOPLES HARD EARNED CASH IM FUMING .....
Posted 11 months ago
Like Lauren we too had a holiday booked to the Maldives - in June . We have been issued a credit note but we have told them we want a refund and been told ok but we have to apply again at the end of November but they don’t say how long it will then take. They are a joke.
Posted 11 months ago
They are thieves … This company have acted in a way that can only be described as theft. After having two bookings with them, one for a Maldives hotel and sea plane transfers and another package to Las Vegas, both of which were cancelled due to Covid 19, the customer service is appalling to say the least. The first booking to the Maldives has been refunded as “credit note”, I didn’t pay with a credit note so I shouldn’t receive my refund as a credit note. The hotel closed their doors from April and the seaplane (which was £1200 alone) was not even flying so how they can refuse a refund is beyond me. When I booked the holiday I was told the hotel takes payment two weeks before arrival and this was cancelled before this time so pull the other one that you have already paid the hotel/seaplane because that is not true! The second booking was a package to Las Vegas in May and once again cancelled. I received yet another “credit note” for this booking even though the law states that any package holiday that is cancelled is entitled to a refund within 14 days. I’ve spoken to Kelly Bateman who I booked the holidays with on many occasions and she has been very helpful and informed me that the refund would take approximately 3 weeks, that was almost two months ago! The after sales team have shut shop, phone lines closed and only reply via email of which the replies from a Chelsea Hart are less than satisfactory. I’ve emailed customer services about the refund many times and they have said I have to wait until October!!! Funny that I can call the booking department and book another holiday with the credit note over the phone TODAY with a human but apparently their customer service team cannot process refunds in less than 6 months - go figure?!! People have lost jobs, people cannot pay their bills, people cannot afford to lose over £4400 when a catastrophe like this occurs which is out of their control and this company are sitting on thousands, if not millions of people’s hard earned money and refusing to give it back in a timely manner whilst no doubt earning thousands in interest. What would have been a treat has now turned into a nightmare and the money that they are holding on to is the difference between me paying my mortgage for the next three months or getting my house repossessed due to no fault of my own. I have spoken with citizens advice and they have confirmed this company are breaking the law with the policy that they have put in place. I have given them notice today that if I don’t get a satisfactory response from someone in customer service in a timely manner I will be seeking legal action. In addition to this, I will write this exact same review on every forum, review website, travel blog, company search and social media channels. What would have been a regular customer has now turned in to someone who will never ever use your company again, even if it was free because of sheer lack of empathy for people that have been left out of pocket in the name of ‘business’.
Posted 11 months ago
Destination2 avoid this company at all costs, we have been passed from pillar to post been told we can get a refund for our holiday then they can't, they will call us back but never do, these people have stole my money, they have a legal moral obligation to refund people due to the closure of the hotel, we have in the end after 3 months of being told yes you get a refund no you don't get a refund, email this, let's look at it for you and we will call you back (still waiting) decided to claim on the credit card, sorry you don't deserve to survive this time when you treat people the way you have, disgraceful!!!!!
Posted 1 year ago
Still waiting after 2 months for refund.This review is pre coronavirus we booked a holiday with destination 2 to thailand on the 26/01/2020 all went well until we tried to board a flight from bangkok to phuket to be told there was no flight booked for the 6 of us travelling.Being a very calm reasonably person we simply booked 6 more flights at a cost of £562.18 and continued on our holiday.On returning to the uk i contacted destination 2 I was told they would refund us the money, all well and good.After 3 more conversations with destination 2 but still no refund we are now 2 months down the line and nothing They cannot do enough for you when booking. but afterwards if you get a problem like we did which may involve them paying you forget it. i cannot believe this company can treat a customer so despicably after spending the best part of £10,000 pounds with them on one holiday.Totally disgusted.AVOID AT ALL COST
Posted 1 year ago
still waiting after 2 months for refund
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