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About R3 Data Recovery : R3 Data Recovery is one of the best teams of data recovery engineers ever assembled in the UK. Security House is one of the few full data and disaster recovery labs in the UK accessible to all who need a high success rate reliable data recovery service from industry leading DR engineers at an affordable cost.

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Tom Smulders
Verified Buyer
"They recovered an old hard drive (out of a laptop) with lots of baby pictures on it. It was NOT cheap, but we did get all the files off of that drive. Another drive we had was unrescuable, unfortunately, because it had failed dramatically, and damaged the physical surface of the media."
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(Newcastle) -
Many thanks for the review Tom

Although the drive was very old and had failed some years ago, you made the right decision to preserve it.
The capabilities of R3 are not to be underestimated.
This case was a MK8026GAX with several complications, main spindle motor had failed at the fluid dynamic bearing preventing smooth rotatation at full speed (almost a seized).
This would likely have been caused by a drop, it required a platter transplant platters on a working motor housing. Although 3 platters had sufficient damage to affect the donor heads our engineers persevered and achieved a good recovery - however the other drive had suffered from too much damage having been powered up too many times after its failure and rendering the platters unreadable.

Thank you for the review and recommendations.
Andy and the team at R3 Data Recovery
"At a time of stress over possibility of losing data one was in a position of using a recommended data retrieval company (yours) at an extremely inflated cost. There are many others but to choose who could the same job at a much reduced price on short notice was too much of a risk. I will be prepared if there is a next time and I certainly will not be using your inflated services. There should be some kind of regulation to limit how much companies like yours to charge."
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Dear Marco,

I would ask that you reconsider your rating of our services and accept that you have misunderstood why we were needed in this case, and why we are actually significantly cheaper for such situations than the sub £200 software recovery providers who would not have been able to deliver as good a recovery and in reality would have abandoned your case and either declared it unrecoverable or charged significantly more than we did.

Please understand how bad your Hitachi 500GB drive was. Moreover why you needed our help, our engineers, our equipment and our secure and safe methods of recovery are not to be underestimated or undersold.

Our system is designed to maximise the quality of recovered data. It is not a software £100-£200 service, and if it had been possible to do it with software your local PC shop would have done it for you.

Our appearance of making a task look straight forward must have given you the wrong impression of just how difficult a case yours was. Your local IT Support provider made the correct decision to get our help to ensure you had the best chance of your data being recovered safely and maximise the quality of the results.

Your drive had sustained head crash, it required extended imaging and bad sector recovery. And several passes of the heads to read sectors affected by platter damage. Hundreds of thousands of sectors were affected, each taking longer than normal to read from a total of nearly 1 Billion sectors. Many companies would have charged much more for this situation. We stuck to our quoted at the outset price of £329+vat .

The statistics speak for themselves :- Unread: 79534 sectors - Bad Sectors: 305836 - ABRT Errors: 30019

This was successful recovery at 98% Header OK of the 60.5GB of data. In fact it was a very good recovery considering its condition.
Our lab has taken on considerable investment and has hard working engineers with the tenacity to develop techniques, processes and a systematic approach to keep costs down.

The R3 Team and our lab is helping hundreds of clients every month and continually develops new processes and solutions, so our charges have to cover not just the running costs of the company but the R&D we have invested heavily in to deliver the success rates needed.

I cannot say we are not working to a profit motive and for our livings, but if you would like to visit the lab and meet the our team I am sure you will realise that your mistake was not to backup, and although an unwanted expense your money was not wasted and the investment in the best data recovery lab in the UK ensures you and thousands of others every year get their data back.

Andy Butler
R3 Data Recovery
Judith Beck
Verified Buyer
"They were all extremely helpful and I got exactly what I wanted - which was getting my data recovered. I'd been told it was impossible by several different "repairers" but I'm so glad I didn't give up cos R3 did the trick. Would recommend any time."
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(Guildford) -
Many thanks for the review Judith
We do our best to deliver successful recoveries in every case. Even though the previous attempts at PCB repair had been unsuccessful, fortunately the drive was recoverable.
From the initial enquiry taken by Sherelle to the recovery progressed by Mark and completed by Joe the R3 Data Recovery team ensure that every case is handled to give an accurate quote and the highest success rates.
Andy and the team at R3 Data Recovery
"Excellent service"
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(Wimbourne) -
Hi John

Many thanks for the review. Your Storage Unit from a Seagate GoFlex Home NAS hard drive had suffered a head crash after a thunderstorm causing a power surge and blown TVS. Sherelle was able to give a fixed price quote and despite the complications caused by the failure which would for most engineers be too much to overcome, Paul one of experienced electronics and data recovery engineers was able to reprogram a suitable donor PCB, program the ROM and gain control of the heads to create a stable image. Danny then recovered the data confirming 99.48% of the 220.8GB recovered being Header OK.
Many thanks for the review.
The team at R3 Data Recovery are one of the very best developed in the UK
We work hard to deliver the highest success rates at an affordable cost.
Delia MacNamara
Verified Buyer
"Dear Andy, Lauren and the R3 Data Recovery team, You saved my work that I thought had been lost forever - Over 30+ years of research and digital life archiving. Laurent is very accommodating, professional and a delight to communicate with. I highly recommend R3 Data Recovery for fast turn-around data recovery with a professional and easy to use service. Best wishes Delia Pembrey MacNamara"
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(HULL) -
Many thanks for the review Delia,
The R3 Data Recovery team is made up of 25 staff who enable the processing of hundreds of successful recoveries every month often when other Data recovery specialists fail to deliver at the cost quoted.
The team is made up of some of the most experienced data recovery engineers in Europe and developing the scale of operations to bring the highest success rates, skilled engineers with unique experience and expertise and a process that delivers the highest success rates at a fixed cost in the UK

The Security House lab since its formation in 2007 has been refined to become one of the best systems of data recovery in the UK.

With over £1million invested to make a system that is scalable to offer more businesses and home users access to the best chance of a successful recovery, R3 will be celebrating 2017 with the development of a new Head Quarters and preparations to expand with the recruitment and development of more staff to ensure the UK and European data recovery market can gain access to the very best success rates in the UK .

R3 Data Recovery continue to help those affected by data loss from Emergency business class services to domestic / student budget services.
Specialist Holidays
Verified Buyer
"they recovered 99.8% of my photos, this means i got over 2,000 pictures back."
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(Coalville) -
Hi Mark

As one specialist to another I am glad you recognised the importance of picking R3 Data Recovery for your business critical photos.

The 8GB Sandisk Ultra SD card was recovered by Joe one of our junior engineers at the price quoted.

The R3 Team pride themselves in developing one of the very best systems for delivering cost effective data recovery at a fixed price at the highest success rates.
The team consists of over 25 staff enabling the lab to operate 7 days per week and keep the cost of data recovery down.

The R3 team is a uniquely developed company designed to help those who have lost access to their data.

Andy Butler
R3 Data Recovery
Mary Mazzilli
Verified Buyer
"they were fats and precise and released important document to me even before payment was made. I would highly recommend them."
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(Colchester) -
Dear Mary

Thank you for your review. I am glad your department was able to complete its task. Your emergency requirements and acceptance of our fixed price emergency data recovery service ensured you were reunited with your data in fastest possible delivery by any UK data recovery operation.

R3 Data Recovery provides data recovery services to every town and city in the UK - We are trusted by Universities for research, Forensic Investigators, Police, Solicitors and the courts. We are retained providers to many well known UK companies and Celebrities as well as working for Global operations in the UK and Internationally.
That said we are a friendly local data recovery hospital, we rescue data from dead hard drives, servers, Virtual Machines, USB sticks , Tapes and Mobile phones.
Be sure when choosing a real data recovery lab that you have checked for real reviews.
R3 Data Recovery helps dozens of consumers and businesses every month that have been affected by making the wrong choice for a data recovery provider.

Andy Butler
"Managed to recover all my data."
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(Reading) -
Hello Josh

Thank you for the review of your damaged hard drive. Despite the failure of the drive, we able to recover nearly all the data and confirm most was in good condition, with a file list and integrity check of 96% of the 152.4GB the only damaged data was as a result of a severe head crash. The Unread statistics: 17824 RT: 57472 ABRT: 2212 and UNC Errors: 16 would for many data recovery operations be problematic but not for the team at R3.

Glad we could be of assistance.
Andy and the team at R3 Data Recovery
The data recovery Hospital for the UK
"RED CARD!! This was business recovery for a client. Sales pitch was good. Communications were good. Data recovery was within the projected time frame. All good so far. Bill was sent, so arranged payment through accounts payable (took a little extra time). Then we were notified that they couldn't send the data because THEY forgot to add something to the bill. I called to complain but was told there was nothing they could do, as they hadn't sent it out before they caught THEIR ERROR. To pass this back through my client and accounts payable would not only take more time, but cause a big fuss. So I forked out the difference on my own credit card. Not professional at all. Not coming back again. I will find another company the next time."
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(Uxbridge) -
Dear Greg
Thank you for your review, which does help me understand any issues that can creep into a system which is designed to maximise the success rates and at the safest and fastest time frames.

I am sorry to lose potential future business because of a procedural issue which we can learn from.

For us we do try to be flexible, as we were with you, your clients drive was actually in a very poor state, in future when dealing with a forensic image for legal reasons - if your client tells you there is a fault with a drive then believe them and do not attempt work you are not equipped for. Your attempts to help your client did complicate our work, we are all busy with the task at hand, for a £45+vat hard drive needed for the data to have made you unhappy with our service does seem unfair but it is your right and opinion.

We manage many hundreds of recoveries every month at the highest success rates in the UK and will be here if you need us in the future.

You can contact me direct if you ever would like to discuss this or any other case.

Andy and the Team
R3 Data Recovery
"R3 has been professional in handling my failed hard drive. Although I had to pay extra, they have been transparent, patient in explaining the extra cost and not pushy at all. The process took over a month but in the end I got my data back. I'm a happy customer."
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(Greater London) -
Thank you for the Review

Your Apple Mac Seagate 500GB ST9500325ASG had a failing head, although we were able to image one platter with the good head, it did take time to source a suitable donor to complete the recovery.
The result was also impressive considering the platter damage, 97.26% Header OK of the 117.4GB of data . Basically a full recovery was achieved, only data that was destroyed by the head crash was damaged.

Glad we could be of service and we appreciate your patience whilst we ensure the recovery was processed to the highest possible success rate as per your requirement of getting back the best result in the circumstances.

Andy and the Team at R3
The Data Recovery Hospital
Mark Thompson
Verified Buyer
"I lost my dad last week so the pictures I have on the hard drive is more important to me than ever. The only pictures I have of my children were also on the hard drive I needed to be recovered which are also important. Top quality service would recommend to any one on the service provided :-)"
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(Telford) -
Dear Mark
Our condolences on the loss of your dad. The R3 team are often tasked with recovering pictures of sentimental value. Although your Seagate ST380012A was over 12 years old the damage it had sustained was handled by the R3 Engineering team to a successful recovery 99.18% data integrity of the 57.1GB of data stored.

Many thanks for the review
The R3 Data Recovery Hospital Team
"I contacted R3 at the suggestion of a computer expert after apparently losing all the contents of my PC - mostly invaluable work. It turned out that what I had assumed to be a back-up hard drive had in fact been installed as one of a pair of hard drives in RAID 0 configuration, causing the entire system to fail. I paid for the express service so it wasn't cheap but with so much at stake I was happy to pay what it took. They did a fantastic job - kept me closely informed and went that extra mile to retrieve everything. They seemed really clued up and I can't praise them highly enough."
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(Holgate) -
Many thanks for the review Lindsay

Glad you recognise the skills, resources and determination of our engineers especially during a time critical emergency failure of two drives in RAID 0 suffering from head crashes due to local power outages.

Lucio , Paul, Mark , Danny, Joe and Andis all contributed to the labs completion of the task of restoring the data to a new 1TB drive.
With a 99.23% integrity quality of the complete 194.9GB recovery you were fortunate that despite both drives being problematic our processes and determination to deliver the highest success rates in the UK ensure our team approach is recognised as the way forward.

The increasing capacities of drives and the amounts of data stored continues to challenge all engineers, and with nearly 4 Billion sectors to be scanned to get the best quality - using engineer and equipment time and resources cost effectively to deliver the recovery at a significant lower cost and faster time than our nearest competitor is testament to the R3 Data Recovery Approach.

Andy and the team at R3
Helpful Report
(Hackney) -
Dear Jamal
Despite your drive being declared unrecoverable prior to our commencement we undertook to do our best to get your data for you. It may be possible to improve the results with more rebuilds and donors but it would require more cost and more time to try.
I am sorry if feel the result achieved were not an accomplishment but we remain dedicated to doing our best to give the highest possible success rates, but we have to charge for the lab time and our engineers are keen to help everyone who experiences the loss of data.

Although only 83.04% of the 406.9GB of data was header OK from the recovery attempts made, we would be willing to try more donors and rebuild attempts if you would like to identify the specific files from the file list that need improvement.
I will have a member of the team contact you to discuss the options available.


Andy and the team at R3 Data Recovery
"I was very impressed with how quickly R3 answered my questions about the data recovery process and made me feel at ease. They were really quick to turn around my hard drive for me, and when there was an issue with the recovery drive, they rectified it immediately. They were able to recover almost all of my files and I was very satisfied with my experience."
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(London) -
Many thanks Rebecca Your review of R3 Data Recovery helps other understand why we are developing what is recognised as the most cost effective data recovery lab in the UK. Our low cost fixed pricing is achieved by a team approach, we are not a one man have a go hero operation. We are a team of data recovery engineers gathered together from across the UK and Europe to deliver the highest success rates and efficiencies.

Our enviable position within the top 3 data recovery labs by way of turnover in the UK may not be as profitable as some companies, but we pride ourselves on spending on the R&D , donor parts systems and skilled, experienced engineers who have developed one of the very best data recovery hospitals ever.

Andy and the team at R3 Data Recovery
Security House
"I had a problem with an external drive that had become corrupted, but R3 managed to recover most of the data from it and save to a new drive"
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(High Wycombe) -
Many thanks for the review Mark
Your Original enquiry and the complexity the task did have us concerned and your circumstances had you searching the right company to assist you over a prolonged period from your original enquiry. .

" I had backup up files on my external drive, and the last one was done around 28th Nov 2015. I had to reinstall all data from backup via Nortons which has worked before, but this time it did not. I called Nortons and explained that I had to put my laptop back to Windows 8.1 from 10 because HP asked me to due to problems. So they asked for control of my laptop and did a few things but they could not do anything. So I called back a day later and got put through to a more senior tech person, they did the same apart from he removed some files that he said was not needed and then put all the backups together, then left it like that without working. He said I will get a call from a Level 2 Tech Person and 3 weeks later I am still waiting., So I am hoping you can help. Also you need to know that I had Windows Vista, 7, 8.1 and Win 10 backups on the drive. I am disabled and housebound and this drive has all my work pictures, music, documents etc that I need. Please can you help me."

The R3 team progressed the recovery from the western digital WD20EARS-00MVWB0 2TB drive in Mid 2016 and were successful.

The Norton backup file was recovered in an almost perfect condition and restored access to the data which had a 99% integrity header OK status of the 144.2GB of data.

Glad we could be of service and thank you for taking the time to leave a review.

Andy and the team at R3 Data Recovery Ltd
Jonathan Towner
Verified Buyer
"My story is what happens when you stupidly don't get around to backing your stuff up. My secondary hard dive which I store all my photos on ( all 12,000+ of them ) went bang and a chip on the PCB drive blew. I smelt it and when I removed the drive I could see it. Needless to say I was in serious trouble - the past 10 years of photos and videos were inaccessible. I had back up some data previous to the 10 years on a few DVD and even some stuff on my PS3, but I now had nearly 80gig of data and it was getting impossible to dump onto a DVD. So I calmed down and spent a week doing some serious research into getting it repaired and believe me there are a lot of Hard Drive repair people on the net, but when you look into their background you get a lot of bad reviews. One thing I know about hard drives is you need a clean room if you want to dismantle them, I didn't know if mine needed this but I figured it might. So I called up R3 ( with my doubting head on ) and was quoted a price which seemed fair, considering I was basically screwed - and more importantly NO DATA NO COST. I opted to post the drive myself even though they offered free courier collection from my home, but I was trying to avoid the wife as I would be facing divorce if she found out the last 10 years of ours and the kids lives were destroyed. So I posted it and a day later got a confirmation email then had received. Then it took around 3 weeks, I chased a few times to make sure it was proceeding, it did need dismantling as the drive heads had failed. I finally received an email listing all the files they had recovered, I would say 99% were there. I paid the bill in full ( they offer credit terms, I think it was interest free ) as I wanted the DATA back asap, the wife had already asked me to print out some photos for the daughters school project ( told her I had to order some new ink ) . The drive arrived next day, I plugged it in and scanned the data and in all honestly I would say out of 12,000 photos around 200 were corrupted or did not load, but the corrupted photos were all random so no particular folder was lost. All in all it was an expensive mistake, one I wont repeat. And I backed it up to another hard drive the day it arrived."
Helpful Report
(Stafford) -
Richard Swann
Verified Buyer
"Very disappointed with the amount of data you recovered. It looked like there was quite a lot there when I received the new external drive but almost all of it was unreadable"
Helpful Report
(Worcester) -
Dear Richard

Despite the best efforts to get as full a recovery as possible from your damaged Seagate ST9500424AS 500Gb SATA hdd, and finding a specific match for the donor p n 9RW143 567 fw 0001BSM1 site WU the results were the best we could achieve from a single rebuild. Whilst successive rebuilds and donor drives may improve the results the cost in donors and engineering time and the low chance of improvement was not recommended.
I am sorry the results achieved were not as good as you had hoped for but it was not for the sake of effort or determination or skills or experience.

Andy and the team at R3
Nigel Melsom
Verified Buyer
"Following hard drive failure on a virtually new PC (months old), no local shops or known engineers were able to access data that was crucial to a PhD thesis. R3 were enlisted to see what, if anything, could be recovered. Initial results indicated that data was available, though it appeared that the recoverable data did not match the stated available data. A second run, however, indicated that all the critical data could be recovered, and R3 were given the go-ahead to do a full recovery (entailing actual data recovery and supply to ourselves of a flash drive containing that data). This enabled the student to complete (and subsequently be awarded) her PhD."
Helpful Report
(Kirkham) -
Many thanks for the review Nigel, and I am glad we were able to get sufficient a recovery to help a student in their hour of need.
We managed to improve the results to a quality of 94% out of 73GB which considering the stats was an improvement on all previous attempts prior to R3.
Unread: 45007
Unprocessed Sectors: 24568
Bad Sectors: 287575
ABRT Errors: 322

Glad we could be of service

Andy and the team at R3
"I was told a price which was not stuck to. Also they only managed to get 10 to 20% of the info back but still tried to charge me an inflated price for 100% recovery."
Helpful Report
(Doncaster) -
Dear William

Thank you for your review and for this opportunity to respond. I am of course disappointed that you could give such a poor review and not realise we incurred all the costs of trying to help you.

Your drive had previously been to another well known company who you had said "had messed you around" We undertook the work on a drive which required the considerable rework and repairs to recover as much as possible with the donor we were able to source.

These MDT / BIPRA branded hard drives are effectively repurposed "B" grade drives sold at a discount on the manufacturers "A" grade price and as such much harder to match for donors and have a tendency to much reduced MTBF life expectancy. Worse sometimes they are previously failed drives that have been downgraded to less capacity and then resold.

In your case when it arrived with us the top platter was scratched prior to arriving with us. Our team did their best to assist you including rearranging collections and sourcing matching donor parts.

I am sorry the outcome was not good enough for you despite the considerable resources brought to your case and our tenacity trying to help you.

Andy Butler
R3 Data Recovery
0800 999 3282
Rob Harrington
Verified Buyer
"My Samsung external hard drive ceased to work with most IT techs I spoke to saying it couldn't be recovered. R3 recovered the data, including family photos and important academic notes, at a very favourable rate. Communication throughout was excellent - including immediate notice of what exactly was saved and the resulting recovered data was both complete and immediately accesible. I would recommend R3 to anyone seeking to successfully recover data from faulty devices."
Helpful Report
(Canterbury) -
R3 Data Recovery is rated 4.67 based on 319 reviews