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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Wrong product
Posted 2 years ago
Still waiting for the remortgage to go through 5 months after being accepted!
Posted 2 years ago
Hi Lloyd, we'd like to know what's happened here. Please can you email your postcode and case number to socialmedia@landc.co.uk? Thanks
Posted 2 years ago
I had a terrible experience with L&C and can't help but believe it's because I wasn't willing to back down and use their solicitors and ensure the sales guy got extra bonus!! During the first conversation I was very clear that we were looking to exchange quickly (4 weeks); and was advised that he would pick a bank with a good rate but who would also get things going quickly!!! Three weeks later I still have no mortgage as the Bank he picked didn't recognise my solicitor and seemed incapable of adding them on.

If you add to this the tone of the emails; when he hadn't asked me the right questions and I politely explained the difference between a valuation and sales price.

AVOID and go local ... we had it arranged in an hour and a half with our local bank.
Posted 2 years ago
Thanks for taking the time to write your review, Angela. We’re sorry to read this and we’d like to address some of your concerns around service. Our advisers will offer the option to use our recommended conveyancing service which is comprised of a panel of different solicitors and conveyancing firms. The service aims to offer a level of control and service standards to help the transaction progress smoothly. Having access to a range of firms helps to manage that effectively for our customers and helps ensure that lenders will be happy to work with the solicitors.

However, we understand that customers will have their own preferences and the conveyancing service is entirely optional. I’m sorry you felt that the process was sales driven but there is no obligation and your choice to use your own solicitor would certainly not impact the service on your case.

If you do believe that the right questions were not asked or communication tone was inappropriate, we would be happy to investigate this on your behalf. Simply email us at socialmedia@landc.co.uk with your case number, full name and postcode. Thank you
Posted 2 years ago
The account manager never show up
I water for 4 month for a simple remortgage was finished. In the end, I had to hit my own solicitor.
Posted 2 years ago
We're sorry to hear this Gilberto. If you could email us at socialmedia@landc.co.uk with your full name, postcode and case number we'll look into this for you. Thanks L&C
Posted 2 years ago
Since requesting my initial call back and being referred to an advisor everything has taken so long. The advisor doesn't return calls, takes 36hours to reply to emails, I have asked several times what are the next steps and is there anymore information and he just responds asking for more documentation. I have called and asked if there is somebody else I can speak with and always told the same that this useless guy has been allocated my file! Been nearly 4 weeks and he's only just asked for bank statements!
Posted 3 years ago
We're sorry to hear this Matt. If you could DM us with your case number, full name and postcode, we'll be happy to address this. Thanks L&C
Posted 3 years ago
Quite disappointed with this company. All started out well. I spoke to a gentleman called Andrew who seemed pleasent and helpful. He asked me to send him some info, including mine and my partner's statutory credit reports, which I duly did. I then left a message on his answerphone l, asking for him to get in contact with me to discuss and I never heard a thing since. That was last Friday, it's now the following weds. Feel somewhat put out that I have sent confidential information to a company that has not even graced me with a phone call or email back. :-/
Posted 3 years ago
We're sorry to hear this and will happily chase this up for you. Our credit team are extraordinarily busy at the moment, but we would have hoped that you would have been contacted by now. If you could email me your full name, postcode and (if you have it to hand) case number, to socialmedia@landc.co.uk, we'll be happy to help. Thanks L&C
Posted 3 years ago
We've had experiences with London and Country twice. The first time dealing with them, we were going to purchase a New Build and everything looked to be going smoothly. The broker was very helpful. We did however decide against the purchase. 6 months later I went back with a new property in mind, this time not a new build. We gave all out details to the new broker, and he told us the absolute maximum we could borrow was £16,000 less than we needed and we would get rejected if we applied for over this. We then decided to go at it alone, got the DIP and now mortgage offer for the full amount we needed without any problems at all. Not entirely sure why the broker decided we weren't worth helping, but I am glad they forced us to do it alone and cut out the middle man.
Posted 3 years ago
After arranging our first mortgage flawlessly, we thought we'd use L&C again for the remortgage. Sadly, it's been far from flawless.

Shortly after the offer was issued, we got a letter from the solicitors stating there would be a shortfall of nearly £2k, which we would need to pay before completion. I'm sure I don't need to tell you, it's not exactly a pleasant experience receiving such correspondence.

Basically we hadn't been informed that the last payment to our existing mortgage provider would take 10 days to clear, meaning we hadn't borrowed enough on the remortgage to cover the existing one. The "advisor" seemed perfectly willing to accept how we worked out how much we'd need, and definitely didn't mention any such risks. Or offer any advice come to think of it.

So I emailed our "advisor" and "case manager" and told them of this error. I get no response. So I chase up, and the "case manager" says she has handed the issue over to the "advisor" who would sort it out. And of course we never heard from either of them ever again. Such amazing "case management". Honestly I'm not sure what these people actually do. Absolutely no idea.

Anyway, after a few emails and phone calls directly to the solicitors, I eventually managed to resolve the issue by pushing back the completion date. Would have been nice for L&C to have stepped in and actually helped, but obviously they couldn't give a crap after offers are issued.

I'm not going to bother using them again. I could forgive the initial error, but ignoring emails and basically being unresponsive when we needed help is unforgivable in my opinion. Will feel more comfortable doing the work myself in future.
Posted 3 years ago
We're so sorry to read this - and we'd like to look into your experience with your team. As you chose to review us anonymously, we've no record of your name, case number or postcode. Please could you email us at socialmedia@landc.co.uk and we can start our investigation. Thank you
Posted 3 years ago
1/ Our previous mortgage was through L&C. But when the Case Manager left the company our existing records appear to have been disregarded and we had to start all over again.

2/ Since approaching L&C to discuss our mortgage requirements in mid-February, we had dealings with seven different people – plus an (unimpressive) online tracking service.

3/ We were advised to take a mortgage through HSBC (our bank) and assured that we met all criteria. We were then told our application had failed. Then we were told this failure was a mistake by HSBC and our application was being fast-tracked. Then we were told it had failed a second time & advised that it wasn’t the best choice anyway. We were then advised to apply for a mortgage through Santander. Then we were told the HSBC application had not failed, but HSBC just needed proof of address. But when I phoned HSBC they told me it was a simple internal process & they couldn’t see why L&C hadn’t addressed it with a simple phone call. Our initial impressions of L&C professionalism had already faded badly – but by this point they vanished.

4/ In exasperation, we contacted a rival broker, and the experience was like light and day. We found their service to be much faster, very much more personalised and they got it right first time, with Approval in Principle on the same day. Most importantly, on those occasions when we phoned the brokerage, it was always possible to actually speak with the relevant person within 30 minutes – rather than always having to leave a voicemail that would prompt a response at some point in the following 3 days. The process was a simple one. We quickly received a formal offer.

Our experience suggests L&C needs to make substantial improvements in its efficiency, communications & standards of customer service.
Posted 3 years ago
Thank you for getting in touch David. After receiving your review we have decided to investigate your experience further and our compliance team will be in touch shortly. Thanks for sharing your experience, and we hope to get to the bottom of it. Thanks L&C
Posted 3 years ago
Maybe I'm missing something but to be told I have a decision in principle when all it is is a basic non specific affordability check is fraud. Nothing in life is free and when I was told this and they failed to mention that Santander don't lend on flats above 85% the rate meant nothing. I saw a local broker who showed me all the deals, explained the process, certified my paperwork for lender and solicitor and kept everyone in the loop - £450 well spent with him which is nothing in the grand scheme of buying and far better value than the solicitor costs for his time inputted
Posted 3 years ago
Thanks for taking the time to leave your review, Simon. We're sorry to read this. If you would like us to send this to our complaints team, please email us at socialmedia@landc.co.uk. Thank you L&C
Posted 3 years ago
The whole process took much longer than it should with repeated requests for the same documents which had already been sent. There seemed to be very little communication between L&C and the mortgage company and solicitor. The solicitor was acting on behalf of the mortgage company yet they chased me to send them documents that the mortgage company had sent me. In all my remortgage took as long if not longer than it would have taken to buy and complete on a new house.
Posted 3 years ago
What went wrong? I wish someone would tell us.
Posted 3 years ago
We're sorry to hear this Lawrence. If you could email us at socialmedia@landc.co.uk with your full name, postcode and/or case number, we will be happy to investigate this on your behalf and get back to you. Thanks, L&C
Posted 3 years ago
It has taken far to long to complete
Posted 3 years ago
Applied for a mortgage, informed by adviser it would be straight forward. However, adviser was very slow in sorting out mortgage that the seller took the property off the market as the process was taking to long.

Applying for a remortgage on a property, been trying to sort this out with various advisers. Started at the start of the year and still trying to sort it out.

Is this a good service or what,
Posted 3 years ago
When I was first contacted by London & Country I thought that I would receive a good service and good advice. However, they took my title down incorrectly (Mrs instead of Miss) and every other company they contacted on my behalf then contacted me with the incorrect title. This delayed things as my Mortgage Lender had to send out another amended copy of my Mortgage Offer (as they had added Mrs in the documents). I was advised to use Blacks Solicitors who L&C work closely with, but they also had my title wrong. Blacks were not helpful at all, and in fact, I had to chase them over and over to ask them to contact the other solicitor. What should have been quite a quick and simple process, ended up a long process with me both solicitors and to tell them to check their mailboxes! I never received emails or phone calls from Blacks without me first contacting them asking for an update. Also, L&C had provided me with a GUARANTEED quote from Blacks Solicitors before I agreed to use them. When I finally received my bill(about 5 months later), it was over £250 more than the original guaranteed quote. I contacted L&C to ask them to find out why it was more and they gave a feeble excuse. I would never recommend L&C to anyone, as they actually hindered the whole process. I could have (and I already had) found my Mortgage Lender, and a Solicitor myself and wouldn't have had L&C getting in the way and giving me false promises.
The person I spoke to was very professional and friendly, but unfortunately the company doesn't have the power to do what they say they can with the solicitor. When I phoned him to say that the solicitor never contacts me unless I contact her, and I can never get through to her directly on the phone and have to email her before she will contact me back (as me leaving messages for her to contact me were ignored), he said that he would speak to her. When she next phoned me, it was in an accusing tone, as he had told her that she never contacts me at all. I will never use L&C again.
Posted 4 years ago
The initial engagement was as good as it's always been, however in moving from the initial contact to the case manager, and then to the external case manager and solicitor (4 different people at 3 firms!), something got lost and the deal I ended up with wasn't the deal I had agreed at outset.
It would have been nice if fewer people had been involved and the original point of contact retained which would have prevented this from happening.
Posted 4 years ago
Solicitors recommended where more expensive than informed and their service was atrocious and led to £575 of additional costs which they would not refund. Stephen Harrison was excellent though for his element of the re-mortgage and I would use again.
Posted 4 years ago
The initial contact was very good and a suitable mortgage found quickly - however the process after that has left us poorly informed, contradictions on the forms we were asked to complete about who to send them to and what to send with them. We have had to try and make contact with the nominated solicitors as they seemed to have forgotten one of the properties altogether. We have been told we have to pay a make up fee to cover the difference, but regardless of asking about this we are still unaware of how to pay it.
Posted 4 years ago
L and c have been fine but using an out of town legal rep has been very stressful to such an extent mortgage is STILL not sorted . This has put me off ever using a mortgage advisor from out with my own town
Posted 4 years ago
Our initial mortgage 2 years ago was very well handled but the remortgage had a problem - the capitalisation estimate was £1500 out, which we had to find in order to complete. Dan Regester was on leave when this all happened and his colleagues assisted but I have not had a reply to my emails... Disappointing as our first mortgage through Dan was well done.
Posted 4 years ago
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