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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Haven’t received my order yet.
Posted 1 day ago
I cannot say I am hugely impressed with the bibs, they certainly are not great value for money or of ant great quality. The grip of the legs is poor, the material is not that resilient or supportive. The mesh component is similarly flimsy. I was hoping for a quality product, these bibs are not when compared to Enduro or even an e-bay based bib. I would be reluctant to recommend to others and cannot see myself making another purchase from your company.
Posted 1 week ago
Leg holes for these shorts were vastly narrower than the over shorts I've had in the past. Only buy if you have properly skinny thighs. Oh and customer services were awful at dealing with my complaint and now they are asking me for a review.
Posted 6 months ago
First time I’ve ordered from FLATB. After one week my order had not been dispatched so I had to email to confirm when I could expect delivery, which prompted dispatch. When the jersey arrived it was the wrong colour. The jersey has been returned and now I’m waiting for the refund. Overall, I’ve haven’t been impressed by FLATB’s poor customer service.
Posted 7 months ago
Ordered and paid, courier could not be bothered ro leave parcal where instructed, still not received parcel.
Posted 7 months ago
The service from the website was fine and the product arrived on time. However I am really disappointed with my 3/4 lengths. Who ever thought it was a good idea to put a draw string that fastened at the front in a pair of cycling tights? The pad is very poor quality and uncomfortable. I would send them back as they are so uncomfortable but I had to wear them to find this out.
Posted 8 months ago
Absolutely awful company, keeps sending mail and receipts to wrong address despite repeated emails to advise that you have the wrong address.
Posted 10 months ago
Hi Nicola We keep sending emails to the email address which you have input onto our system. We have received ONE email from you saying simply "sent to wrong email address". We didn't interpret your one email to mean that you would like us to change your email address to a different one. Perhaps if you had used more words it would have been clearer! We're good but we're not telepathic. Also, basic manners go a long way with us. A please or thank you really shouldn't be too much to ask.
Posted 10 months ago
Hi I have not received my top yet ?
Posted 10 months ago
Poor quality and poor customer service. Only buy it because I’m too fat to fit any decent cycling gear. Last shorts broke and was told it was a sizing issue. They pretend to be friendly northerners until it comes to faulty goods.
Posted 1 year ago
Hi David I am sorry that you are unhappy with our service. We are friendly northerners but being northerns we also say it how it is and assuming your negative review is about the shorts you bought from us over 12 months ago - I still believe that the stitching cracked because you are in shorts which are 1 or more sizes too small. I say this because your jersey is 3 sizes larger than your shorts size which is a very unusual body shape and in our experience it is an indication of someone using their jeans size not their belly measurement to determine their shorts size. As we explained to you when you first emailed us about this problem we don't offer a lifetime warranty on our products and once goods are over 12 months old we don't replace them. As a gesture of goodwill you were offered 50% off a replacement pair which I don't think unfair.
Posted 1 year ago
I bought this cycling shirt for my husband and it is far too short. We’ve measured it against his other FLAB shirts which are the same size and it is much shorter. As a company that markets itself as a place where non typically sized cyclists can buy kit, at the very least you need to get the sizing right. I have had this problem with women’s kit too - you need to be consistent.
Posted 1 year ago
My postcode and work postcode couldn't be found on the system, so emailed to see why. The postcode was valid, so I had to be sent an invoice, which I could either pay using a website or a bank transfer. I chose the bank transfer, and put the correct invoice in the reference. The money went out of my account, but still hadn't heard anything after about a week. I emailed again, and was told that the company hadn't received it yet. I had to email again with my sort code, account number and the reference before FLAB checked properly, where they found it. I assume it had been sat there for days without being checked. Nightmare exchange in all jonesty, but the products are good. Just a number of different errors along the way that left me extremely frustrated and angry.
Posted 1 year ago
Hi Matt We've dropped the ball here and can only apologise for not checking the invoice was paid and sending out your gear earlier. We can't get to the bottom of the postcode issue - we use an address finder system which syncs with the Royal Mails system, so it's an odd one and out of our control but for sure, we should have been faster with the gear once you had paid the invoice.
Posted 1 year ago
returned two pairs of shorts as agreed to correct address to exchange for different size Company refused to acknowledge they had been received
Posted 1 year ago
HI Mike Sorry to hear that you have had issues with your return. If you could drop us an email with your tracking information we can look into this. I am afraid that we don't refund items which we don't receive but most couriers companies and Royal Mail offer compensation for lost parcels.
Posted 1 year ago
A company I once held in high regard, it turns out that actually they are contemptous of their own core market and certainly only in it for the 'obese pound'. Mediocre quality at premium prices. There are certainly better quality, cheaper products available from more honest companies. Their flagship sportive was a mess this year too, disorganised and poorly run, not a patch on the previous ones I've attended.
Posted 1 year ago
Hi Paul, it's bitterly disappointing to read such a damming review and particularly so from someone who was once an advocate of the brand. I have searched our emails and CRM system and can not find anything from you which gives insight into your comments and therefore it is very difficult for me to respond on the specifics. Our garments are still made in the same ethical European factories that we have always used. The only changes in quality have been the introduction of better components and fabrics in order to offer all sizes the best quality on the market. There are cheaper products but as a small company we can not compete with larger brands, however I categorically disagree that they will be of a better quality and I doubt that they will be ethically manufactured in Europe, or that there is the same choice of sizes available elsewhere. Your suggestion that we are a dishonest company is most hurtful, as it suggests that Richard and I as Founders of the business are dishonest and this is not true - we have always been very transparent and have always put integrity at the fore of everything we do. We invest considerable effort and resource in our community - no other brand has bothered to do this - because we have a genuine interest in getting people onto bikes and giving them somewhere to belong and I would suggest that even a glance at our community pages would adequately dispel your suggestion that we are 'contemptuous' to our customers. There were several issues with our 2019 Sportive and we have been very open at this, however logistics was not one of them and at no point were people at risk or unaware of what to do or where to go. As per our correspondence straight after the event, we were let down badly by our caterer and the appalling weather and flooding at HQ caused issues with the timings. Remedies are in hand to give participants of the 2019 event a discount on the 2020 event as soon as it is launched. As you know, both Richard and I have a very hands on approach to the business and I am always available to customers therefore it is disappointing that you have not reached out to me direct. Lynn Bye Co Founder Boss Lady/MD
Posted 1 year ago
I couldn’t bear to wear an item branded “fat lass at the back” so I returned the items. There are so many things wrong with your company branding. Being a curvy woman who enjoys sport is hard enough, I shouldn’t need to label myself with your brand. I purchased from Liv who are inclusive without making me feel bad.
Posted 1 year ago
Hi Victoria I am sorry that you feel this way about the Fat Lass branding - we know it's not for everyone which is why we have both branded and none branded garments in our collection. It is not about labelling people, it's really about owning the joke and although the Fat Lass writing is not for you, many women find it both empowering and inspiring and wear it with pride. It is clear from our photography, which items have the Fat Lass words on them and which ones don't. If you are still struggling to find comfortable garments in your size, do reach out to us again and we will be able to give you information on our non branded collection.
Posted 1 year ago
Expensive and not the greatest of quality unfortunately.
Posted 1 year ago
Paid for next day delivery and it didn’t arrive. Very poor customer service when I contacted customer service. Just blamed the courier service and said not there problem.
Posted 1 year ago
A great company and I met your CEO at your Ikley Sportive, but you lost some trousers that I returned and I lost £80.
Posted 1 year ago
Hi Andrew, We always recommend that returns are sent by a signed for courier or postal service as we can not be held responsible if things go missing before they get to us. Such services also offer compensation for lost parcels so that customers can claim for any loses.
Posted 1 year ago
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