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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Saying not going to insure COVID-19 cancellations. farce of a company. Will fight this all the way.
Posted 11 months ago
This is very disappointing - I can't get through to any phone number or get any email response to make a claim.
Posted 11 months ago
Had to cancel my flight home to UK due to advice re dry cough and over75 with compromised immunity system. Tried email, retuned.tried phoning,keeps ringing.
Feel,disappointed and frustrated. Why not try to help,us? We have paid for just that! 1
Posted 11 months ago
Terrible company. No support during times like this. Maybe I should have read the cover in more detail but when presented so highly with 4 Stars and Platinum Cover never expected it not to cover when the FCO Advice change.

Bunch of Con Artists. Most unhelpful Insurance Company going.

Will take my business elsewhere and suggest everyone else does!
Posted 11 months ago
You are a disgrace to client satisfaction. I have tried every hour to get through .always engaged. I even tried one second after your opening time to hear that the line was engaged .That must be a lie , you cannot get an engaged line one second after the opening of your phone line .Even after hanging on for 20minutes you still don't answer the phone. I will never use you again .DGSutcliffe
Posted 11 months ago
On the phone this morning to Explorer Travel Insurance waiting for 20mns when I got cut off.I phoned at exactly 20 seconds to 9am and there was no answer just kept ringing .
Posted 11 months ago
Everything , how can you make an enquiry if NO ONE answers the phone for 39 minutes . Come on get more staff or dont take the money .
Posted 11 months ago
I am unable to travel due to NO fault of my own (New Zealand quarantining visitors) but they are refusing to cover this. Raging.
Posted 11 months ago
You can never really know how good a service is until you have to depend on it. This company looked good, probably is but due to the coronavirus MAYBE inundated with calls.
MY situation ? ... My BA flight was cancelled and so I was within the 14 day cooling off period for Explorer Travel Ins. I emailed them to cancel and refund and confirm email me back, as I spent over 25 mins listening to the phone ring and the words "Im sorry, all lines are busy at the moment" 14th March 2020 Im ringing again and so far its 19 mins 25 secs and still no answer. 20 mins now and the phone just hung up on me. like I said ... YOU DON'T KNOW HOW GOOD A COMPANY IS UNTIL YOU HAVE TO DEPEND ON IT. Still trying to contact them or get a reply... anything... something.
Posted 11 months ago
Avoid - basically ignored when we needed them in the middle of the night - sent me an email asking questions that were already answered when the policy was taken out!! Instead of helping us as we didn't know which hospital we were authorised to go to. Finally sorted it myself at 2am in the morning with a very sick parent. The following day I emailed them (again) asking where we else we could go as the treatment was less than satisfactory very basic & still feeling unwell. Nothing. No reply. Ignored. Thankfully parent became better after a visit to a good chemist & a call back home to her own GP. Dread to think what would've happened if things got worse & luckily towards end of holiday. Do not use I will avoid this company from now on & warn others too.
Posted 3 years ago
FCO travel advice has changed due to COVID 19 and countries are quarantining new arrivals.
Be responsible and pay up for those affected.
Posted 11 months ago
I understand that COVID 19 has caught everyone by surprise but when we cannot travel due to FCO government advice I expect my travel insurance to cover for the disruption.

When needed Explorer Travel Insurance were found wanting, I wonder what else they wouldn't cover when push comes to shove. It's a disgrace to the whole insurance industry.
Posted 11 months ago
Do not touch this company with a bargepole, I paid out $200 to see the ships doctor for a rash, Which turned out to be eczema.. I made 4 phone calls numerous emails all ignored..
I finely received a cheque last week for the measly sum of £1.21.. AVOID this company at all costs. They do not like paying out & will ignore your calls & emails.. There Charlatans..
Posted 3 years ago
i made a mistake filling in online then after we had traveled was told we were not covered for theholiday i asked for some of the premium back but was told no paid 52.17 but was not covered at all will never use this cowboy outfit again be warned
Posted 3 years ago
Booked a cruise in August 2017, my family did not receive our luggage at the destination airport and was left without anything for 5 days. Which as you can imagine was a nightmare on a cruise. We came home and put a claim in as according to the platinum cover which we paid for. I was told today that we should have claimed of the airline. This information was given 4 months later. Why sell a policy to be insured for such things to be told this, but apparently its all in the wording. Actually it was my cases that were lost/delayed, not a delayed flight as in section B8 in which the company is claiming. It is safe to say i have an appointment for legal advice tomorrow. I WOULD SUGGEST NO ONE USES THIS COMPANY.
Posted 3 years ago
Would not pay on a technicality! went through medical records and would not pay because on of the party suffered with piles and did not declare. Avoid Avoid
Posted 3 years ago
My friend aged76 years is lying in a Portugese hospital with ship fracture for the past ten days , explorer insurance have done absolutely nothing to help , in a clause re medical treatment it says they offer an alternative if the facility is inadequate, how inadequate is 10 days , 2 bed sores and still they refuse to offer an alternative
Posted 3 years ago
Seems Ok in an world of worthless cover, It is something that i have to have rather than something I want.
I have travelled for 50 years to about 130 countries and had never made a claim until I made a claim for costs connected with a missed flight in Ethiopia.
It was rejected only God knows why|||| ... emphiasising the worthless nature of travel insurance.
You are all rip off artists to my my mind and don't make any attempt to relate to your customer (victim).

Only the travel industry requiring that customers have cover gives you life.
Where is your ethical business practice strategy.
Hang your heads in shame.

Iain Lyon.
Posted 1 year ago
I took this holiday insurance out in full understanding that my cancellation charges would be covered so that I could go away with my Mum on a cruise earlier this year. EXPLORER TRAVEL INSURANCE which I thought it was who then put me in touch with FOGG TRAVEL INSURANCE have sent me a letter today saying that they won’t pay out any of the £2,500 that is owed because my mums illness was in 2016 despite the fact we have a doctors note stating that she was okay at the time of booking. We’ve had lots of problems with travel insurance in the past and now this on top of my Mum passing away really has topped it off while I’m still trying to grieve. We take insurance out on cars, on holidays, our homes and many other things but they always seem to have a way of getting out of it rather than providing you with a service you take it out for in the first place ! so it’s quite hard to accept especially after what’s happened and with actually paying more thinking it was the best one. Clearly not
Posted 3 years ago
I have asked Explorer a number of times for a policy refund which is what reputable insurers have done with their customers, due to my whole trip/flight being cancelled by Covid19 restrictions. (not the cancelled trip to Australia, and all that may entail, but just the fee for the unused policy...this is what I have asked for). Completely ignored.
Posted 5 months ago
Explorer Travel Insurance is rated 4.58 based on 4,589 reviews