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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Suggest you attach a forklift to your trucks just like Homeland.
Posted 1 month ago
Ordering was fine however, I did request for the delivery to be made on a certain date. The delivery was then made the next working day following the order and was just left in the garden exposed to the elements. I was not notified the delivery was made and only found the delivery my chance as I was not expecting it for another week.
Posted 4 months ago
Staff in the main building were helpful and attentive, but the chap in the warehouse was rude and ignored me for about 5 mins. All he had to do was look across and say "I'll be with you in a minute". Needs to learn how to treat customers who are not in the trade with a bit of respect and basic manners.
Posted 4 months ago
Poor Delivery Service: No delivery arrangements made despite saying this on their website - forgot one item also. Wouldn’t order for delivery again.
Posted 4 months ago
Delivery came on time however about €60 of stock was missing from a bill of €1000. Wood was in good condition
Posted 1 year ago
I ordered on-line and found the process very confusing. I asked the "chat" before ordering that I needed to know when I ordered if it was available as I needed to collect it and was told it would be ok.

Once ordered I received an email to say a representative would be in contact with me about delivery even though I had chosen to collect, I again checked with the "chat line" and she said someone would be back in contact with 24 to 48 hours which directly contradicted what she had indicated minutes earlier. I then said I wanted to cancel the order and while she was checking with the "order department" when it would be ready I received an email to say my order was ready for collection!

It is all very confusing, it is either a "click and collect" or it is not and I am still not sure of the answer and would be hesitant to use the service again for an urgent order.

Even this feedback form is incorrect as it asks questions about delivery when I collected the goods!
Posted 1 year ago
Ordered an electric shower online, along with some lenghts of timber, the electric shower was delivered but not the timber, mailed Brooks but no reply, phoned them but ws told someone would phone me back but they didn't.
Posted 1 year ago
I shop at Brooks Sligo to support local business but some members of the staff are quite cold and make me feel uncomfortable. So I only go to Brooks in case of extreme necessity
Posted 1 year ago
When I purchased online on a Friday, I was given the impression that the item was in stock in the Galway branch. When I went to collect on Saturday, it was not in stock. If I had known this I'd have purchased in Caulfield's even though they are charging about €10 more for the same thing. It eventually arrived by courier on the following Wednesday.
Posted 1 year ago
Hi Bryan,

Thank you for your feedback.

We ask all click & collect customers to wait until they receive a Ready to Collect email before heading to the branch to collect. We did send a mail to let you know the item ordered was not in stock in your selected branch. We are currently working on improvements on our site so stocks will be more accurate.

Sorry you had a bad experience.


Posted 1 year ago
Poor communication around deliveries. Delivery on the day after it was scheduled, with no notice. Delivery 1 item short. Next day 4 items delivered instead of 1. I was promised the three extra items would be collected but they are still sitting in my driveway after a week.
Posted 1 year ago
I was disappointed with my transaction. The store in question didn't have what was on the website, but contacted me and we agreed on similar products that they did have in stock. This was fine and I was happy with the communication, etcc.
I ordered online and went to collect it the following afternoon. My order hadn't been picked off the shelves at all. A guy on a fork lift had to go and get all my stuff. What's the point in ordering online if this is the case? This made me 20 minutes later than expected which meant that the store was closing. I had to cut some of the lengths of timber so that they would fit in my car. The security guard then started hassling me because he wanted to lock the gate and I was butting my skirting board into shorter lengths.
Poor effort. I won't be buying there again.
Posted 1 year ago
The 6 doors were delivered fast but one was damaged - I am still following up with them to get a replacement but their response is slow and some emails are unanswered. This is disappointing.
Posted 1 year ago
Great idea updating your website with prices, its a fantastic facility, but unfortunately not all aspects of this project have been completed or seen through.
The prices online are different to the in store prices (in Cork).
When questioned in store they were not able to match the online prices..... so I had to make my order online in my car, select store pick up, then wait for order confirmation, go back into the shop and pick up my receipt to go outside and collect my items... way too overly complicated, a very frustrating client experience due to 1 simple issue... constant pricing,
I love the fact that your prices are online, its a great asset to your company, but please get the prices right across online and in store, or at the very least if someone questions price allow the store to match the price.
Posted 1 year ago
Quite a few Deck boards that was delivered was fairly warped and unusable. Delivery itself was very good and on time
Posted 1 year ago
I ordered several sheets of birch ply for furniture making online. Many of the sheets were were really dirt and covered in foot prints. Be aware ordering online.
Posted 1 year ago
Unfortunately ,the cement sand mix product packing was punctured and the mixture had set and is therefore useless.
Not very satisfactory .
Posted 2 years ago
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