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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Landlord insurance renewal too expensive
Thank you for your feedback, we always endeavour to keep our prices in line with the rest of the market but cannot always be the cheapest every time. We thank you for your business and hope you consider us in the future.
Although I set up the insurance over the phone I am yet to receive any documents confirming this policy or terms & conditions
I had to negotiate a lower cost. It is not acceptable as a loyal customer insuring more than one property with you
Hi Mrs Bell, I was sorry to hear that you felt you had to negotiate a lower cost when coming back to us to insure another property. We are usually very quick to offer additional discounts for any customer wanting to insure other properties, and in fact this is one of the cornerstones of our business. However, I regret if on this occasion this did not appear to be the case but trust you were eventually satisfied enough to insure another property with us. Thank you for your business which is greatly appreciated.
It took far too long I was ready to put the phone down
Dear Mr Albiniano, That you for leaving a review, I am really sorry to hear that you felt that our process took too long. At UKinsuranceNET we do our upmost the ensure that we make customers aware of their policy terms and conditions to prevent any surprises if you were to make a claim. Part of this is reading out important terms and conditions which on some policies are longer than others. Thank You for your feedback and also choosing UKinsuranceNET for your insurance needs. Kind Regards Matthew Hall Sales Manager
I am still waiting for a reply to my message after you sent me two identical messages about two consecutive Polic y Numbers and an attachments which i told you i couldn't open because you assume that everyone has absolutely up to date brand new soft ware. No we don't. Eventually i have no doubt someone will pick up the message I sent, within the last couple of days, and tell me if the attachments were important. They, or one of them,mightrefer to a contents policy I took out starting middle of Feb,
Dear Mr Copinger, Thank you for highlighting the problem you had. Having spoken to you this morning we have identified a compatibility issue between our documents and your computer. I can confirm we have now resolved our issue by arranging for your current documents and any future to be posted to you so we have no further issues. Thank you once again for your valuable feedback and once again staying with UKInsuranceNET. Kind Regards Matthew Hall Sales Manager
A nice personal touch. The reduction in premium was not quite what had been promised but nonetheless welcome. A really useful additional service would be to give an account of the search process and the criteria used for the selected provider. But what a pity it ism only when I submit this report that I discover the discount does nor cover renewals or extensions. That is sharp practice.
Thank you for the feedback regarding you recent purchase which I have now had the opportunity to review. Dealing with the first point then your existing premium was £976.22 and we quoted you £800.43 a saving of £175.79. This saving you must agree is considerable but I am unclear as to what saving you expected. Have to say the majority of customers would be thrilled to save this amount of money on their insurance premiums. Dealing next with how we are able to deliver quotes through the search process then this is bespoke to us and we use live data provided by up to 20 insurers. Each insurer sets their own rate based on their pricing, underwriting and a host of other mechanisms. This means that effectively the insurers are competing for your business. In your case this resulted in a saving of £175.79. As you will appreciate for one of our advisers to provide this type of explanation to customers would add considerably to the time needed to complete the transaction. Finally the offer you refer to as "sharp practice" is one of our marketing promotions which is aimed at new customers being encouraged to ask us to insure an additional property (not existing) and for which we offer a £25.00 discount voucher. I would certainly not refer to this generally accepted marketing technique as sharp practice, as it is what all good retailers large and small do to encourage repeat business and customer loyalty. Personally having saved you over £175 on your annual insurance premium, then I have to say how disappointing it is to find you have only given us a 2 star rating. Our goal as a company is to deliver competitive premiums and "brilliant customer service”, hopefully, the £175.79 we have saved you this year might be sufficient to encourage you to renew the policy.
It is not made clear if you cancel your policy within the 14 days cooling off period that the admin charge of £25 is non refundable
Thank you for your feedback and your comment expressing disappointment that it was not made clear to you that the admin fee would not be refunded were you to cancel the policy within the 14 day cooling off period. As you are aware from previous correspondence between yourself and the company we have already confirmed to you that the following statement was verbally read out to you at the time you purchased the policy as evidenced in the call recording made at the time and which I have listened to. "All cancellations are exclusive of administration fees and are subject to no claims being made or reported" Whilst we are obviously disappointed that you chose to cancel the policy within the 14 day cooling off period, we also understand that this can very occasionally happen. However, the comment you have made in your feedback is incorrect as we have already confirmed to you that it was made clear to you as outlined in our verbal disclosure above.
The move to the internet has split up my information and inaccuracies appeared on my documents. You are aware of the problem but have no timescale for rectification. I would like all my information to be accessible with one log in and to deal with a single person.
Dear Mr Payton-Greene Thank you for the feedback on this issue which has provided a further insight into one of the temporary issues we have encountered transferring large amounts of data across to a new operating platform. As a long standing customer of ours for over 8 years and with a size-able portfolio of properties unfortunately on this occasion some of the information was missing and some additional information was required. This first came to light when you wanted to cancel a policy and unfortunately provided us with the wrong property address. This was subsequently corrected and everything appeared to be okay. However, another issue arose regarding merging another account you held with us and it is this we have now resolved. So in future when you contact us we will have all your policies under 1 account (not 2). With regards to a single point of contact then this is something we always try to provide especially to portfolio customers and having spoken to the team manager Hayley then she has written to you separately to reiterate this and explain the procedure. Unfortunately, in this instance we have failed to meet our own high standards which I am sure you will agree we have provided you with over the years, and equally is endorsed by our existing customer rating from of 4.8 out of 5. Once again apologies for the problems encountered and hope we can continue to provide you with our insurance services for many years to come.
PROBLEM: Multiple sources of communication with no apparent internal communication (between your team). Standard documents circulated without any reference to client's existing situation. Over the years I have used you as agents I have become increasingly frustrated by having to repeat my 'story' to every new contact (more than 5 different people last year). If there are file notes nobody seemed to read them before contacting me. Once my file was taken over by one individual (Jimmy Khing), who handled my case exclusively, the service was excellent and the problem your organisation initiated, by cancelling my policy with three months to run, was resolved (hopefully satisfactorily). I suggest this approach be considered throughout your organisation.
Thank you for the feedback on the problems you have previously experienced. Hopefully your latest experience with one of our advisers Jimmy appears to have restored your trust and confidence in our company. Your feedback is welcomed as the operational reasons you have highlighted we were already aware of and some of these were behind our decision to invest over £1 million in a new improved operating systems to further streamline and improve our overall performance. Hopefully your latest experience endorses the investment we have made.
An good example of an internet based business model, which provides no customer care, I have never mad a claim, but when advising of a dangerous party wall, (just in case it collapsed), damaged by the neighbouring property's tree, this Company simply were not interested. You may wonder why I have re-insured with them. I will ensure that I look elsewhere in good time next year, and possibly insure though a more traditional provider, that gives me confidence that should I ever need to claim, they will honour their obligations to indemnify.
Hello Mr Eaves, We were sorry to hear you were not happy with our service on this occasion. After speaking with our advisor and reviewing the file, this shows that although you notified us about a claim which you felt was your responsibility, even though we dealt with the claim on your behalf, the claim was subsequently declined due to the fact that your neighbour (not you) is responsible for the damage to the 3rd party wall and they have already accepted liability. I can understand that you feel aggrieved as the adjacent property was unoccupied and that you were not getting any response from the owners. As we explained, whilst this is not logged as a claim against yourself or against your own property, we do have a duty to inform your insurer regarding the incident. To suggest we were simply not interested I feel is unfair given the level of support we have provided to you on this occasion.
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