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About R3 Data Recovery : R3 Data Recovery is one of the best teams of data recovery engineers ever assembled in the UK. Security House is one of the few full data and disaster recovery labs in the UK accessible to all who need a high success rate reliable data recovery service from industry leading DR engineers at an affordable cost.

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R3 Data Recovery managed to recover most of my data after I accidentally dropped my external WD Elements Harddrive. Although upon checking, files which said 'Header OK' did not open or were not recognised which was disheartening especially after I had paid the full amount (as understandably they won't return the harddrive until you have paid).
There were issues with the courier not picking up on time. However, the staff were very helpful in organising their own driver (which wasn't required in the end but it was nice for them to offer this option).
The service of recovering my data was very expensive but I guess if you can prey on desperation when somebody has lost something so important and valuable to them then why not take advantage?

The staff were helpful but I found I had to probe for information and follow things up as some emails received automatically were not really relevant to me so I had to ring up and question this. It was a very distressing time for me so I didn't appreciate being told by a member of the team that 'patience is key', it felt very patronising and a little sensitivity would have been nice.

Bottom line is they recovered my most important data and I am very grateful. Would recommend. Thanks
Sheamus Nugent
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Andy, I'm very happy on the end result!!!
John & Biola Foods
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Fast and efficient recovery service. Most pleased to get the problem sorted out quickly.
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Staff at R3 were very professional and the whole process of recovering my data was completed quickly and efficiently.
Joanne Day
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Collected on Tuesday,data recovered by Thursday. My precious photos of my vaby daughter were on the corrupted drive and I cannot thank R3 enough for their professional services and efficiency.
Apollo Ssendagire-Sempa
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I was impressed by Andy's professional approach, and friendly manner exhibited in recovering my lost file. The way he spoke to me and the stories he told had a calming effect and before I knew it he was already solving the problem. Although it took more than five hours to do it I felt I was in safe hands all the way.
Darren Henry
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Verified Buyer

Very happy and a speedy service - thanks.
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Excellent professional service. R3 recovered 99.8% of my photos, this meant I did not loose all my old family photos.

I was kept informed throughout the whole process from start to finish.
Berkan Ferit
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The recovery was very quick. I liked that R3 Data Recovery filled me in every step of the way so I knew exactly what was going on. Staff I spoke to were very friendly and helpful.
Ray Jones
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Rapid response and return of data meant I could keep an important dead line and continue with the Project. Many thanks,
(LLanfairfechan) -
Hi Ray

Glad we you appreciated our rapid response and fast recovery of the data from the broken Seagate ST1000DM000.

The Security House lab and the R3 team of technicians operate as a real data recovery hospital for the UK and Europe and beyond.

Our capacity to deliver the highest success rates in the country at affordable cost is continually developing.

The whole team is committed to making R3 the best data recovery company ever assembled in the UK.

Andy and the team at R3 DATA RECOVERY
Sam Raw
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This was a professional, speedy service. I felt reassured from the moment I heard the a courier would collect my drive and I didn't have to worry about it being lost in the post. It is not a cheap service, but it was no more expensive than the top end of a provisional quote given by another company, and at least I knew exactly what I would be paying in advance, the goalposts weren't going to move. I received updates at every stage and I felt that they understood how precious the photos were that I had lost. In short, I would wholeheartedly recommend R3 to anyone.
Many thanks for the review Sam

This case was a Seagate Free Agent ST3500830AS 500GB
19,000 Pictures recovered 90% header OK of 191.7GB

Although the drive had been developing bad sectors over an extended period of time the underlying cause was a head crash which had affected the performance of the drive. Mark the engineer assigned to the case gained control of the heads and maximised the quality of the recovered data.

The R3 Data Recovery team is enabling more consumers and businesses gain access to a world class engineering team and full data disaster recovery lab at affordable cost.

We offer various service levels for students, home users right up to large organisations and high security / sensitive data engagements.

When getting quotes be sure to compare genuine reviews and not to risk software recovery on a degraded drive. It is too dangerous.

Andy and the Team at R3 Data Recovery
Lisa Maddock
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Verified Reviewer

I was warned by local computer shops how expensive data recovery was. Not only did R3 Data Recovery retrieve all my information but was at a much lower price than I expected to be charged, exactly what they quoted at the outset. They were efficient, communicated with me all the time, I wouldn't hesitate it recommending them.
Lauren Rigley
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R3 were very cooperative in terms of communication, and the recovery was speedy. The company is brilliant. I would fully recommended to anyone, especially with emergency recovery
Sean Dale
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Right off, it was my fault i lost my data !!! (due to a disk failure and not having a backup etc), and initially i thought.... blimey, how much?.... however, R3 got it sorted for me, and quickly i might add, and recovered all data that was lost.
Communication was also good thoughout the process, so thanks again to R3 for sorting
Monty Waldron
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Verified Buyer

Dear Andy and team

Your service was very good and I am satisfied

Thank you
C2 Software Ltd
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Quick turnaround, all data recovered from a drive that was refusing to spin. Could not have asked for better service.
Tom Smulders
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They recovered an old hard drive (out of a laptop) with lots of baby pictures on it. It was NOT cheap, but we did get all the files off of that drive. Another drive we had was unrescuable, unfortunately, because it had failed dramatically, and damaged the physical surface of the media.
(Newcastle) -
Many thanks for the review Tom

Although the drive was very old and had failed some years ago, you made the right decision to preserve it.
The capabilities of R3 are not to be underestimated.
This case was a MK8026GAX with several complications, main spindle motor had failed at the fluid dynamic bearing preventing smooth rotatation at full speed (almost a seized).
This would likely have been caused by a drop, it required a platter transplant platters on a working motor housing. Although 3 platters had sufficient damage to affect the donor heads our engineers persevered and achieved a good recovery - however the other drive had suffered from too much damage having been powered up too many times after its failure and rendering the platters unreadable.

Thank you for the review and recommendations.
Andy and the team at R3 Data Recovery
M R Sarra
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Verified Buyer

At a time of stress over possibility of losing data one was in a position of using a recommended data retrieval company (yours) at an extremely inflated cost.
There are many others but to choose who could the same job at a much reduced price on short notice was too much of a risk.
I will be prepared if there is a next time and I certainly will not be using your inflated services.
There should be some kind of regulation to limit how much companies like yours to charge.
Dear Marco,

I would ask that you reconsider your rating of our services and accept that you have misunderstood why we were needed in this case, and why we are actually significantly cheaper for such situations than the sub £200 software recovery providers who would not have been able to deliver as good a recovery and in reality would have abandoned your case and either declared it unrecoverable or charged significantly more than we did.

Please understand how bad your Hitachi 500GB drive was. Moreover why you needed our help, our engineers, our equipment and our secure and safe methods of recovery are not to be underestimated or undersold.

Our system is designed to maximise the quality of recovered data. It is not a software £100-£200 service, and if it had been possible to do it with software your local PC shop would have done it for you.

Our appearance of making a task look straight forward must have given you the wrong impression of just how difficult a case yours was. Your local IT Support provider made the correct decision to get our help to ensure you had the best chance of your data being recovered safely and maximise the quality of the results.

Your drive had sustained head crash, it required extended imaging and bad sector recovery. And several passes of the heads to read sectors affected by platter damage. Hundreds of thousands of sectors were affected, each taking longer than normal to read from a total of nearly 1 Billion sectors. Many companies would have charged much more for this situation. We stuck to our quoted at the outset price of £329+vat .

The statistics speak for themselves :- Unread: 79534 sectors - Bad Sectors: 305836 - ABRT Errors: 30019

This was successful recovery at 98% Header OK of the 60.5GB of data. In fact it was a very good recovery considering its condition.
Our lab has taken on considerable investment and has hard working engineers with the tenacity to develop techniques, processes and a systematic approach to keep costs down.

The R3 Team and our lab is helping hundreds of clients every month and continually develops new processes and solutions, so our charges have to cover not just the running costs of the company but the R&D we have invested heavily in to deliver the success rates needed.

I cannot say we are not working to a profit motive and for our livings, but if you would like to visit the lab and meet the our team I am sure you will realise that your mistake was not to backup, and although an unwanted expense your money was not wasted and the investment in the best data recovery lab in the UK ensures you and thousands of others every year get their data back.

Andy Butler
R3 Data Recovery
Judith Beck
Overall Rating
Verified Buyer

They were all extremely helpful and I got exactly what I wanted - which was getting my data recovered. I'd been told it was impossible by several different "repairers" but I'm so glad I didn't give up cos R3 did the trick. Would recommend any time.
(Guildford) -
Many thanks for the review Judith
We do our best to deliver successful recoveries in every case. Even though the previous attempts at PCB repair had been unsuccessful, fortunately the drive was recoverable.
From the initial enquiry taken by Sherelle to the recovery progressed by Mark and completed by Joe the R3 Data Recovery team ensure that every case is handled to give an accurate quote and the highest success rates.
Andy and the team at R3 Data Recovery
Overall Rating
Verified Buyer

Excellent service
(Wimbourne) -
Hi John

Many thanks for the review. Your Storage Unit from a Seagate GoFlex Home NAS hard drive had suffered a head crash after a thunderstorm causing a power surge and blown TVS. Sherelle was able to give a fixed price quote and despite the complications caused by the failure which would for most engineers be too much to overcome, Paul one of experienced electronics and data recovery engineers was able to reprogram a suitable donor PCB, program the ROM and gain control of the heads to create a stable image. Danny then recovered the data confirming 99.48% of the 220.8GB recovered being Header OK.
Many thanks for the review.
The team at R3 Data Recovery are one of the very best developed in the UK
We work hard to deliver the highest success rates at an affordable cost.
R3 Data Recovery is rated 4.65 based on 295 reviews