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Nine Minute Will allow users to create and purchase Wills online. Our quick and easy Will form only takes a few minutes.

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BEWARE!!! If something seems too good to be true, IT IS. You HAVE to use this company as executors (in the small print) which has a charge of 4% of the whole estate plus a £270 per hour charge to deal with anything with the probate process. All the positive reviews are because users have received a £20 M&S voucher and the Will itself quickly in the post. Not many of them would have actually have gone through the process of using them, we have. I would advise using an alternative company or a local solicitor to override any Will you have with this company unless you are prepared to lose thousands of pounds.
Posted 1 year ago
Initially this low cost, easy to prepare will service seems efficient and ‘too good to be true’. That is because it is! Please don’t be fooled by this as you will pay the HUGE costs when it actually matters. Sadly my family have just been hit by these costs. Wrongly the service does not make clear their conditions of service applying the detail in very small print within a huge document of terms and conditions. Nine minute will require you to use their solicitors who charge £312 per hour. Crazy prices! And most significantly, you will be charged 2 per cent of the estate for carrying out its duties as executor — so a customer with a £500,000 estate would hand over £10,000. Please don’t be scammed by this company and don’t let your families hard earned money go into the hands of nineminutewills.
Posted 2 years ago
DREADFUL COWBOY COMPANY - DO NOT USE THEM. Please have a look at the many online articles on 'cowboy will writers' before signing anything with this company, also read the other negative reviews. They offer cheap wills and perhaps other incentives such as a £10 M&S voucher, however you are signing so much more away that is hidden in the lengthy Ts and Cs. Of course they are slick and quick at getting the wills to you and getting you to finalise payment (hence the many positive reviews) - it's before you have a chance to realise what you are signing away! - The company (which as far as I can gather is simply the Director Steven Katz and a secretary) appoint themselves executors of the will (very odd in itself) then take a whopping % of your estate as a fee when you die for doing so. You will therefore not be leaving what you perhaps thought you were to your loved ones and the 'company' (i.e. Steven). - They then charge money p.a. to archive the will which will be more than many people realise - Then a disproportionately large fee to cancel them (£150) if you have to change them for any reason or realise too late how much of your estate they will actually take on your death. - Although charges are there in writing, they are carefully hidden in other endless Ts and Cs, and at no point in any phone or email communication is your attention brought to them, e.g. even if you get in touch to discuss cancellation they keep very quiet! - In my opinion they are unethical and lack customer fairness or transparency. When I rang to question their lack of transparency with fees following a conversion about cancellation they were immediately defensive, aggressive and threatened me. Sadly this profession is not regulated or they would not get away with it, but for now please be aware and do your research before signing. You would actually be cheaper to go to a solicitor and do it that way as more expensive up front but far cheaper overall.
Posted 3 years ago
Small print issues- it seems you take a big fat percentage so I opted out. And still no refund.
Posted 4 years ago
Medex Wills T/As Nine Minute Will & Legal and Safe Wills is rated 4.85 based on 488 reviews