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Beazer House, Lower Bristol Road, Bath

Words can't describe how awful L&C are - they've ruined the experience of the purchase of my first place. The only thing that would make the hell I've gone through a little worth it is if my experience saved someone else from using them.

They quoted the wrong price and gave the solicitors the wrong information so that two months into the process, I had a increase of over 40% in legal fees. The guy who was responsible? Didn't even express an apology. What makes it worse is that I knew he was bad from the get go and I expressed my concern to L&C but they still kept him on my case. Fast forward two months later and he's cocked up remarkably without apologising once and I'm left to deal with the stress of the fallout including finding a new solicitor.

The solicitor's they recommended? Criminal. So ridiculously criminal I can't help but laugh because they're so bad it has to be a joke. The solicitor's are Premier Property Lawyers by the way - AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

And when I outlined very clearly to L&C everywhere that the solicitor had gone wrong , the very same solicitor that they themselves had recommend, they told me to take it up with the solicitor's not them. That's exactly the kind of support, accountability and responsibility you can expect from L&C.

Oh and don't forget that however bad they or the solicitor's are, L&C are still going to get a cut of the legal fees you pay. Same for whichever mortgage lender they recommend. So if they stand behind the 'we're free!' banner to excuse their shoddy work, rest assured, they're getting paid.

And what of quality? They incorrectly completed the HTB forms with the wrong address so that the simplelest valuation of the property didn't complete until two months after I'd put in the offer.

Trust me - find a friend, family member or colleague who has bought a property and do it yourself. If you have to use a broker, don't use L&C. Find another who can search the market but take it from there yourself. As for solicitor's - it's unfortunate that they're compulsory. I actually had to download the contracts and all documents related to the purchase from my seller's solicitor's myself because my painful, completely useless solicitors couldn't get the files. And they were prepared to charge me £150+VAT if the seller's solicitor's had had to post them.

I won't even get into the number of documents I had to chase and collect myself that both the solicitor's and L&C should have gotten. If I requested L&C get the document, my email would go unanswered for hours. If I managed to chase and get ahold of the document myself and email L&C to tell them to to worry about getting it, I would receive a reply immediately acknowledging that email.

So I'll close off by reiterating what I said at the beginning - L&C have ruined the purchase of my property, but although I may have gotten the short end of the deal, it'll be worth it if my review here helps anyone else avoid falling into the trap I did.

Happy purchasing x
Posted 4 years ago
Hi Catherine, I'm really sorry to hear about this and can assure you we always try to provide the best service for our customers. I understand a manager has been in touch to pick this up for you but please contact us via the website if you need to discuss further.
Posted 4 years ago
I have been lot of issue with getting hold of someone or the agents who had contacted. I have twice called and left message but their has been no follow up. Additionally, a Mortgage Protection policy which I had canceled previously still was started and I have not been able to get someone to cancel it
Posted 4 years ago
Hi Janak, really sorry to hear this. I've asked your adviser to call you asap to discuss this.
Posted 4 years ago
I rang in search of advice about buy to let mortgages and received very short answers with no solution or advice despite being able to afford a 15% deposit I was told only 25% would be enough. Despite it saying otherwise on the website. No solutions were offered. On top of this I was continually referred to as mate which I really didn't feel was appropriate.
Posted 4 years ago
We're sorry to hear that you were disappointed with the service you received. If you'd like us to look into this further please could you send us a few details, including your name and the name of the adviser you spoke to, to socialmedia@landc.co.uk? Thank you
Posted 4 years ago
I have a complaint outstanding with the financial ombudsman regarding a data protection breach by London & Country. I did initially did complain directly to the company however the response I received from your compliant director was unsatisfactory.
Posted 4 years ago
The staff I spoke too, Carnie seemed very helpful on the day, but never called on the day agreed, and even worse when I called she was on holiday and left a message to contact Robert Carter, but gave the wrong number. When I finally managed to spoke to Robert Carnie he did not only knew all the details, but was completely unprofessional and his lack of knowledge was alarming.
Posted 4 years ago
I intially supplied details and was told that I would have no issue's getting a mortgage (My experian score was 970 and my partners was 990, also well within borrowing limits / Salary). First application was then declined, hitting our credit score. They then advised going to TSB and a second refusal was the come back. We were then asked to provide up to date experian reports, despite the original's on;ly being 12 weeks old, costing us £30. We were promised these would be looked into and they'd get back to us as Raj, the L and C Rep couldn't see why we had been refused based on our experian scores. He then failed to get back to us or return our calls. As a result we went directly to Natwest who we've just completed with, on a comparable deal to the one's L and C where looking at. All in all L and C cost us money and had a negative affect on our credit score for nothing! Go direct, lesson learnt.
Posted 4 years ago
Terrible experience they try to hard sell insurance, even signed me up for life insurance i was told it was just a quote.I had to ring the insurance myself to cancel it because london and country didnt cancel it after i told them i didnt want it.My mortgage was delayed 4 weeks because they didnt pass copies of my payslips over to tsb.I ended up contacting Tsb and their conveyancing company myself and finally my mortgage should be completed very soon no thanks to london and country.I found london and country very difficult to contact and they answer like 1 email out of 10 if your lucky.This is the 2nd time i have used them the 1st time was very good.Daniel and Clarrissa were useless.
Posted 4 years ago
Hi Steven

Sorry you've not been satisfied with the service this time around. I'll ask a team manager here to give you a call to discuss your case in a bit more detail.


Posted 4 years ago
My experience with L&C so far has been nothing short of a nightmare and we are probably going to lose the house we want due to their appalling customer service. Everything has been so slow. It has taken MONTHS to just get to the point where we are submitting the application. They ask a question then after answering we hear nothing for days and days only for a different question to then be asked. The team members are constantly going on holiday so you get passed from pillar to post or even worse, your case is just left hanging with no-one looking at it.

The first person we dealt with Shannon had no clue what she was doing. Absolutely none. Her team manager was as clueless. Bearing in mind we had submitted a very strong complaint about our treatment an email was sent asking a question which was not answered correctly (we gave them an account number which was too long as we added the 01 on the card onto the end, it took them SIX DAYS to contact us to say this isn't correct. SIX DAYS!!!!

I cannot stress strongly enough to avoid them or lose the house of your dreams and make yourself ill with the stress of dealing with them.
Posted 4 years ago
A written complaint was forwarded to your Chairman so may I suggest you seek that out .
Posted 4 years ago
I was told that my rental income and property valuation were more than sufficient to get the loan i wanted. After paying £700 for a valuation with BM it so ensued that if both rental income and property valuation were below expectation then BM would decrease borrowings. I was never told this and when I asked the L&C consultant he said "you didn't ask". I wrote a complaint and still am waiting for a response. I did a lot of business with L&C and have found that it has really gone downhill..perhaps when it expanded it took regional offices where the staff are just not good enough and frankly arrogant and prejudice.
Posted 4 years ago
Really poor experience, offered really bad advice refused a mortgage twice, which took almost 2 months. Almost meant the house sale falling through. Went to another broker offered a mortgage within 2 weeks with no problems. Wouldn't use again.
Posted 4 years ago
After speaking regularly and exchanging emails ; I have had no contact I cant understand why
Posted 4 years ago
Our mortgage broker doesnt get back to us to let us know what is going on with our morgage. We basically had to do everything ourselves, the only way we were able to get our mortgage approved was by calling the lender directly. Lender informed us that they had passed on information and requested further info from L&C on several occasions however this information was never passed to us. There is no sense of urgency and they don't follow up on what they are meant to unless pushed by us. They're very hard to get hold of as they never answer their phones. I wouldn't use again as the service is so poor
Posted 4 years ago
Hi, I'm sorry to hear you've not been happy with the service provided and it's certainly something we'd like to try to sort out for you. If you are happy for us to give you a call to discuss please email enquiries(at)landc.co.uk and I'll make sure we get back to you asap, L&C.
Posted 4 years ago
L&C, while appearing helpful at first refused to assist me as a service member posted overseas with a BFPO address. They were unwilling to provide reasoning when questioned. Another disadvantage to serving the country!
Posted 4 years ago
I used l&c in 2013 for my residential mortgage, the knowledge of the "advisor" Chris was horrific, i am a qualified mortgage advisor no longer working in the industry (now in hr) so know enough to get by.

advice - they tried to pigeon hole me to Natwest because of their easier affordability, i said no and told him Halifax affordabiliTy was tight but where i wanted to apply. He informed me 6 weeks in halifax would not accept part of my income, i had to explain to him what to say to the u/w's ..... Twice, in the end i sent him a script to follow. In the end we got there, i put it down to him being inexperienced.

I have been contacted by Chris again to remortgage, i thought I would go with them for ease..... Boy was i wrong..... Firstly, tried to push me down natwest route again, then when he actually bothered to review rates, hsbc came up trumps. The inexperience feal was still there 6 weeks after the app, so i cancelled ap and sorted the mortgage direct with them myself..... Never again
Posted 4 years ago
Good morning. Sorry to hear that the service we have provided has not lived up to your expectations. We'd be more than happy to discuss your case in more detail and take on any feedback you might have, if so please contact us via email at enquiries(at)landc.co.uk.
Kind Regards L&C
Posted 4 years ago
Useless. Absolutely rotten. There were mistakes on the application when it was received by the lender, which were only discovered by me, and corrected after much long and painful chasing - again, all by me. The whole thing took over TWO MONTHS to complete (from date of acceptance, not application!), during which L&C were nowhere to be seen. Eventually the lender's solicitor pulled out as they were unable to handle this particular type of remortgage and I had to get my own solicitor, meaning I paid a £750 legal bill for a supposedly 'fees-free' mortgage. So not only did L&C do nothing to expedite the snail's pace processing of the application; they didn't even recommend the right product - yet they still get their commission.

I will never use this company again.
Posted 5 years ago
Good morning.
Sorry to hear that the service we have provided has not lived up to your expectations. We'd be more than happy to discuss your case in more detail and take on any feedback you might have, if so please contact us via email at enquiries(at)landc.co.uk.

Kind Regards
Posted 5 years ago
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