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GetHair 5 star review on 17th August 2020
GetHair 5 star review on 17th August 2020
GetHair 5 star review on 17th August 2020
GetHair 5 star review on 17th August 2020
GetHair 5 star review on 17th August 2020
GetHair 5 star review on 17th August 2020
GetHair 5 star review on 17th August 2020
Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
I have waited a year to post this review although I was asked to leave a review after the HT but I have held off as I did have some concerns at the time. I did however record details of my experience just after my HT so it was accurate and fresh in my mind. I was hoping and praying it was going to be a positive review but deep down I knew the results were not going to be positive. This is an honest review from the events that took place leading up to and on the 20th June 2019. It is very surprising to me how there are so many reviews from customers just after having their hair procedure, as at this point reviewers have no idea how their hair transplant is going to turn out. Yes it is important to know about the hotel / communication / hospital etc but it is insignificant to the actual results of the hair transplant.

First things first
Hotel - Excellent
Transport - Excellent
Clinic - Excellent
Communication - Questionable,

On arriving at the clinic without seeing a doctor I was asked to sign a document what I thought was a standard operation waiver document. One section though stated I would require TWO operations. The first would target my front area with some being put in my crown area but I would need to return to have my crown filled. This is contradictory to what I was told and paid for. Below are statements CUT & PASTED from the doctors report which CLEARLY states I would receive 3000 grafts which would cover & fill both my front & crown

Mr. Burgin is an ideal candidate for the FUE hair transplant operation. His donor region is good enough to cover the existing bald and thinning patches at the front and small crown thinning in one session with 3,000 Grafts.

Crown Area:
Lastly, we will do implantation on the sparse small crown region and achieve full coverage in one session with an average density of 25 to 30 Grafts. This density will match his current hairstyle and look natural.

I WOULD LIKE TO MAKE IT CLEAR at this point the doctor HAD NOT seen me or re evaluated my hair. I basically felt hijacked and backed into a corner but at this point felt there was nothing I could do so reluctantly I signed but it wasnt a good start to the day.

I was also told prior to the operation by Stuart the operation would take 5-6 hours. My operation took just short of 3 hours 30 minutes. On arriving at the clinic I was told AGAIN the operation would take 5 to 6 hrs. Now over the last 4 months I have joined various Facebook groups and spoke to 100s of people, I have posted questions re operation times etc and no one has come close to my operation time. All operations for 3000 grafts take between 5 and 8 hours with the majority taking between 6 and 8 hours. I have been told numerous times it is impossible and I have not had 3000 grafts. I was hoping to come across other members who's operations were similar in length to put my mind at ease, unfortunatley as stated I have come across NO ONE.

I spoke to Staurt about this and his response was:

1/ Three and half hours is a regular operation at Get Hair and is not unusual

2/ Get Hairs technicians are better than all the other HT companies and are much faster as they are more experienced. I found this explanation quite insulting, do they really think people believe this.

I had only 85 minutes of implanting with 2 / 3 technicians implanting ie 2 for 85 mins and 1 for about 45 mins

3000 grafts

2 Techs implanting 85 mins

1 Tech implanting 45 mins

1 graft every 4.3 seconds

Of course this is working flat out NO STOPS. The implanting process involves many stops to clean and wash blood away. It also doesnt account for the many stops (approx 5) which involved the staff breaking into hysterical fits of laughter. Ive no idea what they were laughing about as they were obviously speaking in another language but it was very off putting and not the sought of thing you would expect when people are operating on your head. Especially when Stuart informs me these technicians are supposed to be the most experienced and professional in the industry. Anyway I digress, the point I am making is breaks in the 90 minutes by technicians obviously means they will have to be even faster than the times above.

If Get Hair are that quick at implanting why are they :

a/ not informing people of this in the selling process, surely it is a unique selling point if their technicians are twice as quick as any other company, less time on the operating table.

b/ if operations often take 3 hours 30 mins why are Get hair telling customers operations take 5-6 hours. Shouldnt they be informing customers operations can take between 3 & 6 hours ? it just doesnt make sense. The only explanation is I havnt had 3000 grafts.

This doesnt take into account that Doctor also had to extract 3000 grafts in 60 minutes which is what it took.

3000 grafts in 60 minutes - 1 graft every 1.2 seconds

I also have not come across anyone on the Facebook forums who only had 1 hour for harvesting 3000 grafts

On completing the operation I was surprised the Doctor did not look at my head. He didnt see me until the next day, to which he looked at my head and said "Yes very good" Now I have wondered what would he have done if anything was wrong or not to standard as I was leaving to catch a plane home straight after. Surely the time to look at my head is during or directly after the implanting as of course this section of the procedure wasnt done by the doctor but technicians.

I paid £3000 - double / triple what most people in the airport had paid although I see prices are now rising. I urge anyone thinking of a HT join one of the Facebook groups, they are a wealth of information. People pre op and post op 1/2/3/6 month etc sharing pictures / information about their HT and reviewing HT companies. From my experience they are an excellent starting point for gathering information.

I was really hoping and WANTING to post a fantastic review, I never thought I would be in this situation having paid so much money for Turkey. Yes I have more hair now but the density is very poor and also a little patchy. I am already booked in with another HT company in September 2020 and the most damning thing I can say is it wont be with Get Hair. That should tell you everything. You basically put a lot of trust in these companies and if you cannot trust what they are saying or doing you really are rolling the dice and gambling. For me Get Hair was not a good experience, and it sickens me that I have gone through all of this and my HT is not going to be as good as it should have been down to the clinic skimping on grafts. I dont know if this is a regular thing or whether it was a bad day. I have an email from Get Hair stating operations for 3000 grafts taking 3 and half hours is not uncommon. There is also another review from a chap called Bryan who says word for word what I have expressed above. Very disappointing if poor results are down to skimping of grafts on certain days if you are paying over the odds in the first place. You only get one or 2 good attempts at this depending on how good your donor area is. I chose Get Hair because of their reviews, the credentials of the doctor and the price, as Get Hair position themselves at the upper end of the market. I wanted the BEST opportunity of achieving the BEST results, that is what I was paying for and that is what I expected otherwise I could have just paid £1000 and took my chances with one of the hair mills. I didnt want it rushed and felt confident with the money I was paying this wouldnt be an issue. Obviously it was. Get Hairs mixed messages have only infuriated me more. Below is part of an email CUT & PASTED of their explanation of the duration of the operation even though I was told it would last 5-6 hours on several occasions

Email from Get Hair 27th June 2019 part of it CUT & PASTED
"When we spoke on the phone recently I did explain to you that 3.5 hours is not unusual for a procedure of your size with our team, I also went through the differences between ourselves and a technician clinic, I can only repeat this to you but I feel that you do not believe me which is upsetting."

This is the explanation I had to accept for the last 12 months and that Get Hairs technicians were more experienced and faster than their competitors.

After posting my review I was contacted by someone who was considering Get Hair and had read my review. He sent me an email of Get Hairs explanation to my review which is cut and pasted below

Explanation to a enquiry relating to my Review
"I have also asked our team to send me his file and I read that the procedure took over 5 hours actually, not as he claimed. I am suspecting that he got confused with the time zone difference, as Istanbul and London have two hours difference. This kind of a mix up has happened in the past, and every now and then repeats."

My issue here is apart from insulting my intelligence, surely when I complained 12 months ago if this was the case shouldnt Stuart have requested the file from the hospital straight away, without hesitation as a first course of action, after all I was an unhappy customer. But I was never told this, only 3 and hours isnt unusual and our techs are super fast.

In reference to not supplying photos I stopped supplying photos from month 3 simply because i had lost faith and trust in what I was being told. I have no intention of speaking to them ever again even if they were to offer me a FREE OPERATION I still wouldnt be interested. My last possible transplant will be risked with another company. So why would I waste any more of my time sending photos getting into a further discussion. I have lost trust, and when that trust is gone there is no point continuing the discussion. I would rather post a review for other people to make up their own minds.
Posted 5 months ago
Dear Paul Burgin,

Despite all our efforts, you have refused to send the post-op pictures of your hair. Without receiving these recent pictures, we cannot evaluate your post-op results.
We appreciate you sharing your experience with others, but as you are refusing to prove your claim, the genuinity of your review cannot be trusted.
Your patient file states that your procedure took longer than what you have written.
The time starts when we start preparing your for it, not when we do the first extraction.
We are happy to share pictures and prove that we have extracted 3000 Grafts from you, as promised, to any reader upon request.

Kind regards,
Posted 4 months ago
Had my hair transplant over 2 years ago and I have to say I am extremely disappointed with the results. One side of front grew in while the other is very thin. Also the middle is very thin. I got over 4000 grafts and was a waste of money and time. I have friends who have used other hair transplant companies in Turkey with less grafts and there hair looks amazing. They do a minimum of 3 plus hair transplants a day like a factory so they are more concerned about money then anything else. I need to go back to Turkey and I will definitely be using another company. The staff and doctor are very nice people but I came here for great results which sadly I did not receive.
Posted 1 year ago
Dear M.B,

Thanks for your feedback. We would like to correct some information given by you, below;

You had your procedure 2,5 years ago and have received 3200 Grafts.
We did not touch the middle part as you didn't need a touch up on that part by then.
Therefore, we believe you lost more on your native hairs since you visited us.
As we haven't heard from you since the last 15 months, we did not know you are not satisfied.

We always stand behind our results and offer free touch up sessions.

And we only accept a maximum of 2 patients a day. We understand that sometimes it is hard to distinguish the patients who come for their first hair wash and the aftercare session VS. the ones who come for their procedure.

Kind regards,
Posted 1 year ago
This is in response to gethairs response to my review and it seems they aren't as professional as I said they were. They claim that any photos you send them are for internal purposes only and yet they have posted my photos online for daring to leave them a negative review. Anyone reading my original review and their response will notice that they have failed to address the points that I brought up such as how is it possible to have a 3800 graft procedure in just 4 hours when even their own patient agreement forms states that a procedure involving 2000 - 3000 grafts will take around 6 hours. Or the incisions that didn't contain any grafts etc etc etc.
Unlike gethair I am prepared to address the points that they have mentioned such as alcohol being a problem following a hair transplant. For this reason I didn't drink anything for 1 week before the operation and nothing for 6 months following the operation. Although it's interesting that they have mentioned this because it sounds like they are saying that this is the reason for the bad result and yet at the same time insisting that it is an acceptable result!!!! So which is it as you can't have it both ways. Also at no point was I ever told that I would require 2 hair transplants to get a decent result. Also as mentioned in the original review the photos they have used are not like for like comparisons as in the first photo my head has been recently shaved and in the second photo I had not had a haircut for 3 months. I was warned by Stuart Cuming that if I wrote a negative review they would publish my photos but I refused to be blackmailed into keeping quiet.
Posted 1 year ago
Hi Bryan,

Could you please provide your reply underneath the initial review rather than creating a separate/new negative review.

Kaan Aksoy
Posted 1 year ago
I would like to start by saying that this is going to be a very long, detailed and above all else very honest review about by my own personal experience at Gethair and my final result. Unlike most people I am not writing this review shortly after my procedure and on the basis of the service but instead I have waited a full 12 months afterwards so that I could cover everything. Before choosing Gethair I spent a full 6 months doing my research and going for consultations with various clinics. I also sent my photos off to various clinics in Turkey and got back different quotes for between £1100 and £1600. At £3000 Gethair were by far the most expensive but then the opportunity arose for me to have a face to face consultation with Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu at their office in London. I had been told beforehand by Gethair that based on my photos they would be able to extract 3600 grafts, however after Dr Oguzoglu had examined my hair and had seen how thick and dense my donor region was that they could extract 3800 grafts. He drew on a new hairline which I thought was a bit high but he explained that was so as to create good density. I said I would go away and think about it which I did before deciding that as they were twice the price of all the other clinics then surely they must be twice as good! So I booked.
When I arrived in Istanbul the driver was waiting for me and did his best to make conversation despite the language barrier and the hotel itself was very nice. The following morning I was picked up and taken to the hospital where the hairline was drawn on and my head shaved before being taken into the operating room. It was now 10am. Dr Oguzoglu then came in and did all of the incisions and when he had finished the technicians took over and began to do the extractions and as soon as that was over they began the implantation process. Before I knew it I was told that it was all finished and when I looked at the time it was 2pm. This is when the first alarm bells starting going off in my head. I had read many reviews on hair transplants and the one thing that everyone says is what a long, boring day it is and yet my procedure, supposedly involving 3800 grafts, took just 4 hours. The next thing that caused me concern was that when it was over and before I had even got myself up off the operating table, the technicians who had been working on me had grabbed their coats and bags and left for the day. When I later emailed Stuart Cuming at the London office about this he said that once they had finished what they are doing there is no need for them to hang around which is fair enough but does seem a little unprofessional. I was also not given a mirror so that I could see how it looked and instead had to wait until I was in the elevator going down where there was a mirrored wall. I was also concerned that Dr Oguzoglu didn't check on me afterwards to see how it looked even though he was still there as I saw him sat at his desk when I walked past his office on the way out. The next day I went back for my first hair wash and just as the girl doing the hair wash was about to begin her mobile phone rang so she washed my head with one hand whilst talking on the phone with her other!! I then flew back home and tried to put all of these concerns out of my head and tell myself that everything would be ok in the end.
As the next few months went by the communication with Stuart Cuming was very good with him asking me for photo updates on a regular basis. By the 6 month stage I was starting to get very concerned as the transplanted region was looking very thin and wispy which was especially concerning considering that my hair has always been very thick. By the 8 month stage it was obvious to me that things weren't going to improve and even Stuart Cuming himself admitted in an email that: "I would have expected to see a little more growth by the 8th month." However as is standard practice by all hair transplant clinics he said there is nothing that can be done until I have reached the 12 month stage and see what the final result is like.
Well the 12 month stage has now been reached and the result is thin, wispy, patchy hair with lots of gaps in between. I recently had my head examined and during the examination I was asked if I had any photos from my procedure and luckily I had taken plenty in the days afterwards and when we zoomed in on the photos the first thing that was pointed out to me was the amount of incisions that had been made that didn't even contain any grafts. Now whether this is because no grafts were ever placed in the incisions in the first place (which would explain the 4 hour operating time) or whether they came out during the first wash when as explained before the girl doing the wash was busy talking on her phone at the same time, is something I will never know. I have also been in touch with many other clinics in the UK, USA, and Turkey and the one thing they all have in common is that they all say it is physically impossible to have a 3800 graft hair transplant in just 4 hours. Once I had got my calculator out and did some sums I had to agree with them. Considering it took almost an hour to do the incisions, that left approximately 90 minutes to extract 3800 grafts and a further 90 minutes to implant 3800 grafts!!! Simply not possible. When I questioned Stuart Cuming about this he said the technicians wouldn't lie about the number of grafts. Well someone is certainly lying and the proof is in the pudding as they say. Even Gethairs own patient agreement form states that: "a procedure involving 2000-3000 grafts will take around 6 hours."
I was recently asked to send in my 12 month photos which I did, but was then asked to send in some more from different angles which I didn't do as by this point I had already made up my mind that I wouldn't return to Gethair for a second hair transplant even if it were offered free and the reason for this is because you only realistically get two attempts at FUE surgery before your donor region is all used up so I wouldn't want to go back to the same clinic that gave me such a poor result the first time around. Stuart Cuming did compare my current photos to what I looked like before and say that I did now have a lot more hair which im not disputing. Even though the "before" photo he used had me with a shaved head and the "after" photo was after me not having had a haircut for 3 months, I do agree that I have more hair now than before but it looks terrible and has zero density. I have gone from a man you looked "bald" to a man who looks like he is "balding." In other words I would be better off just shaving my head again.
In one of his last emails to me Stuart Cuming states that: "every client is treated in the same way and given the same service." Well I certainly hope that's not the case as otherwise it doesn't look good for everyone else who is planning on going to Gethair. What would have been far better would to have admitted that on this occasion they fell short of the standards and final result that they would normally expect and to have offered me a refund or at least a part refund but that never happened. I have two friends that have been to other clinics in Turkey (one paid £1100 for 3650 grafts and the other paid £1400 for 3900 grafts) and both have ended up with incredible results, which just shows that paying more money doesn't mean a better result.
I just want to end this review by saying that despite my experience I don't believe Gethair to be a bad company. I think they are a professionally run clinic who can produce good results and having Stuart Cuming based in the UK obviously makes things easier for communication. Its just a shame that in my case they have refused to admit that they came up short.
GetHair 1 star review on 17th February 2019
Posted 1 year ago
Dear Brian,

Thanks for leaving your feedback and I'm sorry to hear that your expectations were not met.

Firstly, I would like to clarify that you are on NORWOOD SCALE 5A to 6. Meaning, you have had advanced hair loss level, which for many clinics, requires at least 2 sessions to get it to a point that it's considered as a meaningful outcome.

And, we have implanted 3800 Grafts in one session with a great success.
To prove how successful the operation was, we are sharing your Before/After photos to show your result, although you refused to send us a photo of your hair, taken under normal lighting conditions (as the one you sent is taken under a very harsh light with wet hair) and dry.

Obviously, our help is limited when a patient refuses to send the final outcome photo with our guidelines.

I would also want to bring to your attention that in our Patient Assessment form, you reported us that you drink 5 units of alcohol a day, and Stuart has warned you about the potential risks of this on your final result, prior to your deposit payment.

But nevertheless, in our professional opinion you achieved a result which a very limited number of clinics in the world could deliver only in one session.

Kind regards,
Posted 1 year ago
Sewerly expencive with double prices of what they offer in Turkey
Posted 2 years ago
Dear Christian,

Unlike you, all the review owners on this page have been our patients, who have chosen us mainly due to the international qualifications of our hair surgeons and the sophisticated instruments we use in every operation. This platform gives them a great opportunity to share their hair transplant experience with us.

In your only email to us, you compared our prices with the clinic type mentioned below and left this review with no reason as you have never been a client or have had any previous interaction with us.

Furthermore, there will always be more than just a price difference between “a technician-only, no doctor” clinics and us. And these review owners are the ones who valued our exemplary service, paid for our experience and the high quality of service we offer.

This is exactly why we strongly believe all prospect patients need to do their research before choosing the right clinic for themselves, mainly not to be disappointed afterwards.

For us, the 5-Star ratings given by our 120+ patients who used our service means more than a 1-Star review, especially if the negative review owner has never used our service.

Kind regards,
Posted 2 years ago
GetHair is rated 4.88 based on 409 reviews