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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
If I seem to be giving a fairly low score here, then that is only because it is rather too early to say whether the process has been worth it or not. Staff from the company itself were helpful and generally friendly, as were the contractors who carried out the installation. AS for contact: I used both email and phone. The check boxes below are a bit al or nothing. Responses varied between 1 hour and a couple of days. Providing no option between "6-12 hours" and "Over a week" renders the survey itself a bit lacking.
Solar panels installed. They made a big blunder by not warning us that the scaffolding would touch the neighbour's property and indeed rely on it for support. They said the scaffolding might "encroach" on the neighbour's property, but that wording does not give an adequate indication of the extent of the encroachment. No actual damage was caused, but I think the surveyor was at fault for not warning us. They did apologise. There were other lesser mistakes and misunderstandings on the way, so I cannot say I was pleased with the installation process. There were some saving graces. On the day, the installers were polite, observed social distancing and left no mess. When problems arose before and after, staff were very willing to put things right and we were able to maintain a polite and friendly dialogue. Now it is finally installed, the equipment seems to be working well and in the early days, the output seems to be matching prediction.
Job started on promised date but dragged on a few days when it should have taken one afternoon. Install team polite and helpful. Scaffolding still in place a week after job completed. Very poor post-install communications regarding sale of excess electricity back to grid. I was promised helpful and useful information but in reality, I was simply told to "contact your electricity supplier". No response from EEC after requesting more info.
While I am very happy with the batteries, I am not happy with the monitoring software associated with them. It never worked on my mobile phone and while it worked for a while on my computer an epdate on May 10th meant it stopped working them and has never worked since. I have sent several emails but had no response from EEC SOLAR
The company has been very good organising the scaffolding and installation of the solar panels the team of 2 installers and electrician was very good and the job was carried out very professionally. The installer gave me nformation to install an app Solis Home on my mobile that has been working well and displays daily electricity generated, apart from one day 01/07/2020 when it shows a graph of electricity generated but a daily generation value 0.00kWh. I am not sure of the reason for this. Since the panels were installed 17/06/2020 it has generated 114.3kWh to 01/07/2020 and my use of electricity went down from 112kWh used to 60kWh used which is excellent. I had requested an Immersion tank heating controller to use the solar electrcity generated the Optimise PV wireless Immersion controller was installed on 02/07/2020 and to date the generated electricity has been 54.1kWh from 02-13/07/2020 but has used 108kWh so there appears to be some fault as I using the same as I was before the solar panels were installed. I have rang twice last week and today13/07/2020 to request for the engineer who installed the Optimise PV Controller to contact me with regards to this concern but I have not heard anything
The installation eventually went well and all seems to be working fine. The downside was in the initial planning where our install date was delayed 4 times causing the need to keep rearranging access with our neighbour. Plus we had to chase for the removal of scaffolding as we had seemed to be missed off the list. All this with no offer of any form of compensation. The two installers on the day were good although the electrician had to come back the following morning to complete commissioning. However I did need to intervene to stop them fitting the wrong make of panels..... Fortunately they did have the correct panels on the van.
To whom I may concern we have not had a solar inspection done recently this is the first of us hearing any thing yours sincerely MR&MRS I ROSE
The installation went well, however organising the work wasn't very good. We were advised when the scaffolders would be arriving, so took a day off work, but they didn't arrive. When I chased EEC they said they would give them a call and get back to me, but never bothered to call back. Got the feeling that admin were booking appointments in without talking to the installers, which meant they couldn't possibly meet the demand.
My solar panels are now finally installed, but i did have to put in a formal notice of complaint as to how the office has handled my installation. My install date was changed 4 times. On the first occaisions I had taken the day off work to wait at home and was only told on the day. I was called several times to rearrange and on the final time i was asked if I could move my installation from the morning to the afternoon. When I explained that i had been assured that there was a put a note on my file stating my time was not to be moved again, and that I had booked the morning off work so at such short notice I couldn’t change it, the lady I spoke with assured me not to worry and that they would be there first thing Monday morning as planned. As it happened, they did not arrive until 2pm. I called the office twice that morning and was told they had been delayed but were en route and would be with me within 30 mins to an hour. (clearly they had not even left when I phoned earlier but I was fobbed off). When they finally arrived at 2 to find me slightly disgruntled, they were surprised as they told me they had been booked on a job in Ipswich during the morning so had never even planned to come to me for 8am. I would have preferred it if the person I spoke to in the office had been honest with me and just told me that she had to move the appointment, rather than pretending that she hadn’t moved it and then making me wait in all morning and have to furthermore arrange to also take the afternoon off work at the last minute. I have no complaints about the fitting team themselves, they have done a great job and were all very nice guys. I did get my documents quickly following installation, although i'm still waitinf for the scaffolding to be taken town (over a week and a half later - it has now been up for several weeks).
Sales are good.installers are excellent.problem is they cannot keep appointment dates. Failed to turn up on two appointment dates. And after two weeks I am still waiting for the scaffold to be removed.
The survey and installation were carried out efficiently but the start date was changed and the scaffolding remained in place for about 2 weeks after installation was completed. Since that time I have sent emails to the company asking a couple of questions. These were ignored initially but I have now had a telephone call responding to one of the questions. I am still waiting for an engineer to contact me with regard to the second question. In view of this I would suggest that the company consider the appointment of a dedicated customer services person to deal with after sales enquiries.
The actual installation was very good, but subsequent customer service has been very disappointing.
The number of panels on the roof was under-estimated in the original survey so when the fitters arrived they were able to fit another 2 panels easily on the roof and bring to the full 4KW, but caused a delay getting the work finished off. We had a succession of dates for the fitters to do the work and at the last minute they were not available and we had to keep re-booking. This happened 3 times which was very frustrating since required arranging time off work to be around when the fitters arrived. Whole process seemed quite chaotic with a lack of communication between fitters, us and the head office. A number of roof slates were broken when fitting which I had to report and then wait a few weeks for same fitters to be available to replace. Would have hoped fitters would have been aware of the broken slates rather than for me to see them afterwards. System seems good so far hence given overall rating normal, but fitting process poor.
The outfit seems professional enough and having had several firms out previously they seemed to know there facts. Installation happened quite quickly and you are asked to assess their work and tidiness on completion. My installation was done by what I believe to be an experienced electrician but not so experienced roofers. Having initially felt fairly happy in the cold light of day I found a tile was lifted and lots of rubbish blown all around the outside of my house. With the bad weather I cleared my gutter and also found fittings and a cigarette lighter. I complained about the tile and twice someone should have come out but no one has as yet, that was 5 week's ago. So in essence I cannot recommend them. If they do however actually rectify their shortfalls then I would have to say use them and change this assessment somewhat. Be really critical in their work and if it's dark tell them you are not happy to except their work.
Dear Mr & Mrs Yeates, Thank you for taking the time to submit a review. We are deeply sorry to hear there was an aspect in your installation in which you were unhappy with. We work with in order to improve our business by receiving feedback from customers, it is essential we use our customers feedback in order to improve our business. In light of this i have passed your review to our customer service department and installations manager. Once again thank you for taking the time to write this review and a member of EEC will contact you at some point today. Kind Regards The EEC Review Team
EEC Solar fitted my solar panels in april the team arrived a day earlier than orignaly booked and rushed the job and in doing so made a very bad job.1: roof tiles damaged and not sitting correctly as tiles not cut and sealed with a sealant gun.(did not even have the courtesy of reporting it)"2:finished the job in the dark so could not see if the inverter was working.:3: discovred the next day the inverter was not working.4:it took eec 10 days before they sent another team out with a new inverter and remove all the solar panels replace the inverter .and replace the tiles and leave the system working .what an experience and all the stress to go with it
Dear Mr. Patel,   Thank you for taking the time to submit a review.   On behalf of EEC I would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused at the time of installation.  I have investigated the matter personally to ensure your issue was dealt with in the best possible manner, and I understand at the time you were compensated to your satisfaction in a timely manner, which I am happy to see.    I also understand it is almost 6 months since your system was installed and 5 months since this matter was resolved.  We trust you are receiving your fit payments and enjoying lower energy bills.   If you have any further referrals for EEC we are still running our Recommend & Refer scheme which earns you £200 off the cost of your own system each time any of your referrals go on to make a purchase from us.  We would be more than happy to provide a free quote to any referrals you may have.   Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year and all the best for 2015.   Kind Regards The EEC Review Team
EEC Home Improvements is rated 4.62 based on 486 reviews