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EEC Home Improvements have been providing UK homeowners services since 1991. Celebrating 29 Years of Business in 2020 offering UK home & business owners a wide range of home improvement services.

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
The installation was quick without scaffolding being constructed before the mounting of the solar panel. At the moment zero energy has being generated which may be due to lack of sunshine. Not sure of the quality of the solar panel. For the size of the property will definitely need 10-12 panels to generate enough for the size of the house. Am happy to improve the rating as soon as I could see energy generated on the alp installed on my phone but for now zero energy is being generated Since no scaffolding was not used during solar panel installation then the total bill should be reduced to remove the cost of scaffolding that was not used. Am concerned about the quality of the solar panel because it looks different from those installed on the roof of my next door neighbour. The electrician did a clean job but am just concern about the quality of the panels installed.
I don't consider the job finished until the scaffolding has been removed, and things are all in order. having read the manual left to me I see I need a certificate of warranty for the solar panels and the batteries I have neither. I need some security to know I am paying the correct people . over the phone could be anyone asking for the bill. Also they asked for more than I had I agreed when I signed the permission form. That's not right to be told one price and then asked for more.. Alson I was told that there would be a metre installed in the kitchen so that I could easily see the generation, this is now by smart phone. Yes I have one but don't really use it except for keeping in touch with one of my sons, Your men installed the app for me but if anything happens to delete the app I have noidea what to do to reinstall the app. Now having checked the loft I see 3 nails that have completely missed the roof timber, could this result in instable panels. I also didn't expect to loose my TV signal for the duration of the scaffolding. Information has been minimal and emails have not been answered. There has been a lot of waiting in for work men to arrive . Phone calls saying when the men are comeing should be standard .I am usually a very prompt payer of my bills and I will pay the amount I agreed to as soon as the job is finished with all aspect taken care of. Warranty certificates are a must or the warranty to useless. There are too many short comeings to give a higher rating although the panel fitters and the electician worked well and were helpful, it was them who told me why my TV had no signal, and they also made sure my gates were locked correctly.
Whilst presumably legit because the scheme was in partnership with GMCA, almost every other element of this process made me question the legitimacy of the installers. They required a deposit to be paid for the pre-installation survey to occur but the contract sent post-survey stated that paying of the deposit constituted acceptance of the contract. Also, the timescale for paying the full balance was miscommunicated; it was stated in contract that we had 10 working days from receipt of invoice but on requesting an invoice several days after the work had been done, I was told they couldn't provide an invoice until they'd received payment. On challenging this, I was given 10 days from the installation to make payment rather than 10 working days from the actual receipt of the invoice. So far the panels are performing considerably less well than pitched at survey (though perhaps this is just the weather). The installers insisted that the panels did not require cleaning or maintenance despite all solar panel literature ever suggesting otherwise. The app given to measure performance is somewhat poorly formatted and unreliable. The work was performed 44 hours quicker than anticipated though so, as long as the performance improves, worth the hassle for the discounted rate.
Good afternoon, Would you like to contact me on - If there is any issue with your installation we would love to resolve it for you. Best regards EEC Home Improvements
As I gave a poor review the last time I received a request like this I can only say that I have not had any service recently so am unable to comment on something I have not had. If I should have had some kind of service, something has not happened. This is the first contact from or about EEC since the last review I sent.
Hi Mr Freeman, Sorry to hear you felt moved to leave a poor review previously. May I ask if the reasons for this have been resolved to your satisfaction? If not please do not hesitate to contact me Best regards EEC Home Improvements
Like many on this site I have found the after sales service poor, I have been waiting since February to get my system up and running completely it took 3 months for them to get the system for transferring power that was being exported to the grid, to go to my hot water system. This was supposed to happen after the battery was full and the system should then start exporting superfluous power to the immersion heater. I overheard the electrician fitting it say that their had been lots of problems with the kit but they still continue to fit them. Since finally getting it up and running I found all it does is drain my battery and doesn't seem to have any temperature control so when I get home from work on a sunny day I find I have little on the battery and scalding hot water. 2 months after reporting this I am still waiting for it to be resolved. One of the panels is not working and that has been since it was installed. When I try and get a date I am told they will contact me when someone is in my area which usually means they give you 2 days notice which has happened. I can't just drop everything at work, I have given them dates when I can be at home only to be told that no one is in my area. There doesn't seem to be any suggestion that actually they need to sort this. They are quick enough in getting paid but once they have your money customer service goes out the window. Very disappointing as I had hoped they were a reliable company given the shining reviews. That maybe because you have to be invited to give a review, which presumably they don't tend to invite people who they think might have a gripe. I had to request the opportunity to review this company.
Our solar system was installed in January. With it, we had an immersion controller to divert excess power to the water heater. As time went on and we moved into the unseasonably warm spell in February it became apparent that the water heater system was not functioning so I contacted EEC and reported the problem.. It is now nearly May and nothing has been done! Despite numerous phone calls and emails no-one is responding other than telling me that they are aware of the problem and that someone will get back to me and arrange a visit. How long do I have to wait? I have not really made a fuss and have relied upon the company's professionalism to remedy this situation, but it now seems that I am being taken for a mug and they have no interest in customer support. I must say I am very disappointed. They were very quick to ask for my payment which they received within minutes of the installation being completed, but the are not quite so quick when it comes to sorting out customer's problems. I am very reluctant to post poor reviews as I was always told "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!" In this instance I have no choice. I am hoping that EEC redeem themselves soon and sort my problem out, but I'm not holding my breath!
This was a very disappointing experience. Both of our agreed times & dates for scaffolders were not met; no warning was given: we waited in all day & received telephone reassurance workers would still arrive. Nobody did, so we wasted a whole day in vain. Weather had been perfect. We then had to wait another ten days for a second appointment. Workers didn't arrive at the agreed time, and another series of phone calls brought the belated arrival of the installers mid-afternoon. By this time it was dark, the system couldn't be tested, and they rushed away without explaining how to use the system, esp. the monitoring dongle. Scaffolders didn't keep to their appointment time, and rushed off before we noticed the damage to our roof (roof tile broken leaving a hole to the elements), and shattered paving slabs, plus an incomplete & 'bodged' cable installation on our outside wall. Many phone calls & e-mails & missed appointments were required until a poor repair of our damaged brick, a new tile (which we had to supply!) replaced on roof, while it was over two months until our paving slab was replaced. We still await remedial work on our monitoring dongle, despite endless e-mails & phone calls & unfulfilled promises...
Although very good,hard working installers,the finish on close inspection did not match the total outlay. To be specific,two outer walls were damaged which will require redecoration,some tiling was ill fitting and in one case under the sink a tile had cracked when fitting took place. The shower,which I was assured would not be affected when water was being used elsewhere,varies from freezing to burning the skin off your back. Not really impressed considering the outlay.
Dear Mr & Mrs. Theron, Thank you for your review. I am sorry to hear about this. On receiving your feedback, our Review Team carried out a full due diligence check of your customer record. We have checked all telephone recordings & all correspondence over the last 7 months. We cannot hear or find any logged concerns in relation to your wall, tiles or water issues. Please could you email your issues to so we can look into this matter for you and arrange for a plumber to check your water issue when we are next in the area. I am aware from our records that you discussed the layout of the job with our Installations Manager during the work. You did not raise any further concern during the telephone call that was undertaken once the work was completed and our Customer Services Department were unaware of any issues. We apologise for any inconvenience that you may have encountered but we have not had the information to deal with anything that you’ve posted online. I will arrange for a member of our Customer Services Department to contact you to discuss all the issues raised in order to resolve any remaining concerns. Again thank you for taking the time to review. Kind regards The EEC Review Team
EEC Home Improvements is rated 4.62 based on 486 reviews