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EEC Home Improvements have been providing UK homeowners services since 1991. Celebrating 29 Years of Business in 2020 offering UK home & business owners a wide range of home improvement services.

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Good Sales Service With Clear Information With Strict Controls To Prevent A Hard Sell But Very Poor Knowledge About Battery Installation And Very Poor After-Sales Service. The information provided about the solar panels was excellent and a good survey was carried out to check the suitability. The installation looks to be good quality and they coped well working with our builder who was doing our drive at the time. Safety, as reported by our retired Nuclear Electric Safety Manager neighbour, was not up to the current standards but the I do think these are rather excessive. Battery installation was not as specified in the battery installation manual, and the parameters for operation do not appear sensible, according to the battery's manual. So far it has taken 18 months for them to investigate. Initially EEC insisted that the battery manufacturer documented incorrect installation options in their manual, then suggesting maybe they may be right to some extent, then suggesting another option, not in the manual, and requesting photos of how they actually installed the batteries. This was after not providing any updates, apparently loosing the cases. I highlighted "time of the essence" which legally requires them to solve the problem without delay but this failed to produce any action. After requesting to talk to the support agent's supervisor last week there has been some action, initially the supervisor continued to assert that the batteries were installed correctly and the manufacturer had confirmed this. Subsequently they rang back to say the batteries had not been installed correctly and the Operation Director (Ewen) would call me to arrange action to address this including re-validation of the warrantee. He also agreed to address the issue of the parameters for operation although his view was that the inverter has default settings and that is all they use. He explained it with the example of a car: just because it is capable of 100 mph does not mean you always need to drive it at 100 mph. The implication is that there is nothing wrong with the garage using a speed limiter, with a PIN, to prevent it doing more than 50 mph as this will help reduce warrantee claims. I will update this if they do indeed carry out any action to rectify the issues highlighted and am hopeful we have turned a corner. They also failed, when requested by email numerous times, to provide a link so I could update my original glowing review :( This review only comes to you as I have twice contacted * Reviews and provided proof I had bought the installation.
Installation staff were good on the day but the app didn't work then,doesn't work now despite me asking for help and the info on how to use and understand the system frankly woeful. So quick to ask for the money so slow to provide the service. I am really cross with you and as s local councillor will be using my own experience to ensure others are served better.
The admin is a disaster, the communications non existent, the customer service appalling. Keep well clear would be my advice.
Hi Nicholas, Very sorry to hear about your experience. If there is anything I can help you with please feel free to contact me Best regards EEC Home Improvements
Asked to complete this survey as I have recently had a service carried out. But I haven't, Nobody has ever contacted me to arrange one.
Nightmare which continues! We were given SEVEN different dates when the installation of solar panels would be completed (required time off work for each), first installation team were hopelessly incompetent. Seven weeks later we still have scaffolding up, we’ve sent several letters and phone calls to all managers of company and no one will reply to anything. Also turns out that the managing director listed on the website actually left 2 years ago! Don’t be fooled by the rave reviews.
Fitting items I cannot use. Extra cost on top. No one getting back to me to solve complaint after sending two emails. Taking further action.
Don’t be fooled, fake reviews abound, that’s the only way they could even have this many positive reviews; I guess it must be someone’s job in the office to write them instead of dealing with customers. Can’t believe the garbage I am reading. Customer service sucks. Gurantee pointless. Allegedly they have a guarantee system in place to fix any issues following installation of solar panels. They expect £250 up front but once you eventually get through to speak to someone they repeatedly fob you off with a wide range of excuses; a different one every day. Stay away but if it’s too late for your sake I hope nothing goes wrong; looks like it is for them!
I am now trying to get my 2nd replacement inverter fitted but can't get anyone to call me to set a date. This is simply not good enough from a company that did the installation very well, took my money and now I feel they don't want to consider this urgent. Well I do !!!!
The sals team and installers are wonderful, but when things go wrong it is a different story. EEC Solar persuaded me to buy a very expensive Tesla battery to store electricity for my own use when the sun goes down. They also told me that they would be monitoring my site periodically to see if everything is OK. I have just discovered that the monitoring went offline in November 2017. I called Solaredge as EEC Solar wouldn't return my calls and they told me that I have an error code that means the battery isn't working. Also, although EEC Solar emailed me instructions how to get my wifi connection with the solar panels working again, this would mean I would have to take off the front of the inverter to get to the installer menu and this is highly dangerous and they do not want home owners to do this. I have left several messages with EEC Solar for the Director or customer services to get back to me - but they won't! The customer services lady leaves at 3pm and seems to be inundated with problems to sort out!
I am shocked at these rave reviews. After three aborted attempts to install our solar panels we have come to an impass and cannot proceed. They cannot guarantee turning up and don’t provide notice that that are not going to show.
EEC - Are very eager to take your order and fit the Solar Panels to your roof-Top buts that about follow up on their work, especially when it comes to your electricity provider(s) then unfortunately you’re let on your own devices. The electricity supply companies don’t aced to your Solar Power (Microgeneration) - they put many obstacle(s) in your path to registration ... The Completion ought to be the responsibility of EEC... but they try and ‘brush’ off.... so please make sure that Instilation of Solar Panels by EEC or any other company(s).... GET IN WRITING THAT THEY WILL REGISTER THE MICROGENERATION .... and give a written and completed Paperwork l.... don’t Pay them fully (Keep the portion) of Payment -until this is
Had a roof survey in December- the date was completely inflexible because they had a lot of work to do in the area and the installation HAD to be done by end January. Ended up jumping through multiple hoops to get an afternoon off to accommodate that. Was then told again that installation had to be done by end January. It is now past the middle of February and there is no response to multiple contacts. Not sure that I have not been caught up in a scam
Very poor communication ad product knowledge throughout the whole process of our solar panel installation.
Avoid at all costs. Get your deposit money back ASAP. Please read the facts and take your business elsewhere. Various Health & Safety risks, poor workmanship and horrendous or non existent customer service. I wouldn't score them 1 star but had to give them something to write the review. 1. We struggled to get a survey date suitable to us, as EEC Solar try to carry out all their work in one area at one time, so survey times are what suits them, not the customer. 2. Site Surveyor arrives and is inexperienced, the plan was roughly written out in biro on a notepad, very confusing with several things crossed out and rewritten. I’m sure a 7-year-old could have supplied more information to the install team. In casual conversation I find out it’s the surveyors first day with the company. 3. The surveyor was also unable to correctly use the IPad that EEC Solar had supplied, therefore couldn't upload the sketchy info. When he left install info was extremely limited. 4. Scaffolding arrives, separate contractor and they were fine. 5. Install date agreed, but again it was what was suitable for the company, not the customer. 6. Install team arriving with little to no information as to what is required from the poor survey info, I had to explain to them on the day. 7. A lot of the time they were discussing things in my property they weren’t speaking English so it was impossible to understand what they were talking about. 8. They struggled to run the cables, they also seemed very inexperienced. When I did speak to them I found out it was also their 1st day with the company! 9. The electrical inspector arrived during the install and at that stage he pointed out a few things that weren’t being carried out correctly, he gave the install team advice, but they ignored it. He was very honest and genuinely a credit to his trade (one of the few plus points). 10. I’m no expert, but even I knew they were breaching several health and safety rules during their time at my home. With possible risk of fire, fatal electric shock, or both. 11. At the end of the install I was invited to view the panels on our roof, I pointed out that they looked uneven and were untidy and I was told that it was due to my old roof joists? I had never seen any other solar panels looking so uneven whether it was on new or older properties. 12. I was appalled as they looked like domino's thrown haphazardly on to a sand pit. 13. There was very little explanation as to how anything worked and then they left. 14. The electrical inspector returned and pointed out lots of install faults and also informed me that the spacing of the solar panel roof rails was incorrect and would cause the panels to suffer micro cracking over a period of time due to flexing. 15. The electrical input supply from the grid was left loose and unsecured, with the corner broken off, isolators were unmarked, AC/DC cabling that should have been run through separate trunking had been run through the same trunking. The Invertor was mounted incorrectly, with the paper fitting instructions still left stuck on the back. He explained that these should have been removed as it increased the risk of fire. 16. Various cables were left unclipped, so there was risk of them accidentally being caught and pulled out. 17. After several calls to the company with hundreds of promises of return calls that never happened the install team finally returned to straighten the solar panels. They fitted some extra clamps which has basically bent the panels further to level them up, but again this has increased the chance of the panels cracking. In layman’s terms it’s like trying to bend or twist a large LED TV, you just wouldn’t even try it. 18. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve called EEC Solar and even speaking to Jen the manager, their level of customer service is honestly without doubt the worst I have ever experienced. No return calls, lies and hollow promises. 19. While we have waited for an eternity for them to correctly put their mistakes right, we’ve had to have scaffolding left at our property in the hope that they would return. It's now been there for 2 months. 20. I debated for some time about leaving a negative review as I still wanted the poor workmanship rectified but now I have decided it’s easier to tell other people to avoid this company like the plague, and I’ll take them to court to get my money back. 21. They’ve taken on more work than they can cope with due to the government cut off point of March 31st 2019 and this has obviously meant their customer service is now just atrocious and non-existent. 22. Their only concern is rushing through installs with poor workmanship, health and safety risks and shortcuts. Not concerned with customer satisfaction or reworks as there is no money in returning to a job to put things right, but plenty in carrying out another installation, no matter how bad it is. As consumers we've honestly tried to be patient and reasonable but its just hopeless. Please read this and take note. We are not people that continually complain, in fact we never do, but we are really worried other people will suffer in the same way with this dreadful service. It’s an extremely large expense and their service is simply awful. Please look for another company and take your business to a company that cares, not one that has bitten off more than they can chew and now the customer is the one that suffers. We really hope you take notice of this review and avoid this terrible service.
I cannot believe I am looking at the same company. The installation was completed on 9th February 2019 having been rescheduled from the 8th due to bad weather. The install team arrived at 10.30 and left site at 21.00 The late completion time meant that I could neither see the installation in daylight or a functioning PV solar system. On the weekend of 9/10 February was in outrage. I managed to connect to the the Solax system via an iOS app on the 10th February 2019 this showed some activity and continues to do so. On the morning of 10th February I received an email from Tigo systems. I followed the instructions and created a user profile. The Tigo site is showing that I do not have an installation. The Tigo device at my premises presented as a WiFi network connection on the 9th February, this had gone on the morning of the 10th February and has not been seen again. I had been advised by the installation operators that the Tigo and Solax systems would spring to life on Monday 11th February, that everything would be fine then, that I would receive a call from the team in the office to talk me through the system. None of that has happened. Asides from a failure to provide a functioning system, an explanation as to why it is not working or a process of rectifying the electrical faults the physical installation is well below any acceptable standards of a professional installer. Multiple instances of lose cables are strewn across the roof area. This is an area that has both wildlife and domestic cats. To leave lose cables on show is unprofessional. Over 50 hours I have sent multiple emails, Twitter messages and a telephone call. I have emailed the MD and messaged through LinkedIn. 24 hours ago I was promised a 'call back' from their switchboard. Still nothing. Here are the photographs of the installation: I believed the reviews on this site. My experience is telling me something very different
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