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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
The last few times the delivery hasn’t arrived when it said it would. Also had to chase a driver down the track that didn’t want to deliver because he said the bushes were sticking out to much (they were not)
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I ordered 500 litres of oil & was charged for 500 litres, however only 497 were delivered. If you take 2 litres from everyone that’s a huge amount! Not impressed
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A normally excellent service but an absolute shambles from beginning to end on this occasion due entirely to the oil company Butler. Didn't turn up on time driver was not given phone number. none of my delivery instructions passed on and I had asked for tank to be filled but the driver would only deliver the set amount on his docket.
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We made an order finally turned up 14 days later but to top it off the delivery driver left the top of the tank open therefore leaving rainwater to enter it for two days until we noticed thanks again for your rubbish service
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I normally am a big fan of the oil club, however this time around we were constantly messed around by Certas. We received a text to say the oil would be delivered and it never showed up, I phoned the following day to be told the driver simply ran out of time, I presumed we’d be on the list for this day, but I was told no, I asked to speak to a manager, but again was told no, apparently they’d phone me, needless to say two weeks on and I’m still waiting!! Later that day I received another text say it would be delivered the following day, but again that never happened, no communication nothing. 4 days laters we received another text and our was finally delivered!!
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We're sorry that you didn't have a great experience but we would have been much better able to help you had you contacted us and not the suppliers, unfortunately you did not. Contacting the supplier, particularly a large national organisation, can be less effective as we deal with specific teams across the UK and consequently, local depots are not aware of the complexities and are less able to help our members. A message to us would have resulted in both action and communication. It's interesting to hear that you are a big fan of the Heating Oil Club though a little strange as this was your first and only order. For the future, should you choose to try us again and hopefully you will, contact via ourselves is the most effective way to get answers and results. Thank you. Mark. The Heating Oil Club
Am still waiting for delivery one week after promised date - you have taken my money on date of order!!
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You missed two deliveries, despite Butler fuels having been here many times before, the first excuse being they couldn't find the tank and no one was in, yes I was, the second time apparently they ran out of time, but no one let me know this. The third try made it but there was no advance warning that the oil was coming and the tanker turned up at 7 in the morning. Total Rubbish
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Absolutely dreadful. At least three other people in my road received an oil delivery, the same quantity as me, on the same day from the same tanker. They all paid 10-12 pence per litre less than I. Their orders were also placed on the same date as mine. I shall be avoiding the Heating oil club in the future.
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Hello Mr.Jackman, Thanks for taking time to review your experience with us though your comments are baffling to say the least. To have paid 10-12 pence per litre less than the 45.04 pence per litre that you paid would actually mean that they were buying for less than any of the large distributors in the UK who are buying from the major oil company terminals. I would suggest that either your neighbours are having a joke with you or you have misunderstood the information. Fortunately, the vast majority of our reviews are very positive, particularly about price. Mark.
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The quality of the oil delivered in the summer of 2018 has been so poor that our AGA has twice clogged and needed at full de-coke at a cost of nearly £100 each. I have added Topanol as advised to each delivery My AGA engineer says that some customers are calling him out after 5 weeks for a de-coke after the summer deliveries I have used the Heating Oil Club for some years but I am now concerned that their search for cheap oil suppliers has caused them to buy inferior oil to match quotes. Be aware that you may be buying trouble.
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Hello Peter, I'm sorry that you've experienced problems but as per my emails to you, the problem cannot be due to the oil, which has to meet very stringent quality control tests at refineries, terminals and distribution depots. The oil delivered to you - and we have supplied you 11 times now without complaint - has always come from the same supplier, the same source etc, etc. I would add that the supplier in question is the largest in Europe and clearly by virtue of that, their standards are very high indeed. We do not use 'cheap oil suppliers' as you call them, mainly because they don't exist. I did explain that an additive should be used with an AGA, we haven't supplied this to you so I cannot verify that it was added to your oil. Your comments have been passed to the supplier, I will advise any response they make in due course. Mark. THOC
Delivered on tie, and hopfully at a good price
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Simple system, efficient service and best price of the sites I monitor
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Terrible service supposed to arrive on 16 month 10 days late after chasing up the delivery
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No actually date for delivery, then rang and chased my delivery after 3 weeks and was to,d the company had tried to make a delivery but couldnt find my house!!! Poor excuse, my house is on a normal road and easy to get to and house number clearly visible. Then was told oil could take up to a further 3 weeks to come. Wouldn't issue a refund until a second delivery had taken place and I couldn't afford to place another delivery elsewhere. Whole process took 5 weeks and caused me great stress. Would not recommend
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Delivery driver churned up my driveway as he failed to reverse onto my property as requested
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I had to call this company every day to get updates. My order was placed on the understanding of next day delivery howeve delivery actually occurred 9 days later even though I had by then run out of oil and had two small kids. Terrible service
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This is an interesting review on a number of points. Firstly we do not offer next day delivery, we never have though we do often manage it during normal times, i.e. not in the busiest time of winter. Also, we are predominantly an online community and virtually all of our communications are via the internet or email, we never received a call from you, our suppliers have no record of any calls either. Mark.
No communication about constantly changing oil delivery. Emailed Heating oil club but no answer . Delivery came 2 weeks later than told.
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This is a strange and seemingly unnecessary review Robert. The order was placed on February 26th, we were very busy and emailed you an anticipated delivery date on March 12th, our suppliers delivered on March 12th. That is two weeks after the order was placed so how can we possibly have been two weeks late? You also never contacted us so why would we have responded? Please contact me via the club website if you'd like to discuss this further. Mark.
Ordered oil and received an email confirmation. Then waited 3 weeks to be given a delivery date. Oil failed to arrive on due date. I asked why from the HOC and they replied that it was all ok their end and it was the supplier. Contacted the supplier. They wouldn't deliver as they had not received payment. Finally had to reorder directly with the supplier who delivered within 48 hours for the same price. HOC then blamed me saying the original order had failed due to my card having insufficient funds. Incorrect. Both they and the supplier had my order and sent me confirmation. Will not use again.
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Hello Paul, Yes, this did not go well and Certas Energy did apologise to you for their having not resolved the issues presented in a timely manner. A couple of points though; * At no point did we say there were not enough funds in your account, we have no knowledge of why your card was originally declined as all payments are taken by our suppliers, though we did say it was very likely a typo. * You did not place another order with Certas, all that happened was that your card details were confirmed and the order was then processed via ourselves. *The delivery was made at the same price because we insisted upon it, despite prices having risen significantly. *Confirmation was indeed sent when your order was placed. We also sent you an email advising that your payment had been declined and that the suppliers would contact you - We emailed again with the following message; 'Paul, the original order was declined BUT Certas did not manage to talk with you. Our suppliers take all payments. The payment made today, to Certas has been taken as payment for the original order via ourselves. There is no payment to refund as we do not take payments and Certas were unable to originally take payment. If I cancel this order, there is not another order in place with Certas, I will now ask Certas to call you and confirm that is the case.' As I said, it is fair to say that this did not go as planned but it is also fair to say that there are a range of inaccuracies in your review. Mark.
i ordered fuel on the 11th of December and didn't get it till the 3rd of jan I think that's enough said and I bet no one will get to see my experience with you. so please stop sending me emails of any sort please
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Everything went wrong, ordered on Tuesday before Christmas, was advised on the Friday that delivery was for 27th Dec. Rang on 27th was told 28th, rang on 28th was advised 'will look into it and call back' on callback I was advised January 2nd, on the 29th I called and requested to speak with manager, call was disconnected, I rang back, advisor told me again 2nd January but could not guarantee it advised me to call back next day when the routes were done, I called back, they were closed!!! Delivery did arrive on 2nd but the whole experience ensures that I never use this supplier again.
Helpful Report
Hello Melanie, I’m sorry that you experienced some problems with your recent order and also that you felt you had to respond via the Reviews site without contacting us first. We do like to be impartial so we give everyone a chance to comment, which helps give a balanced view. However, you did not contact us during the period between order and delivery and consequently, we were not aware of your problems. If we had been, we could have resolved them. Contacting the supplier directly may not have been the best solution in this case. We would like another chance and having spoken with our suppliers, they have offered a credit of £25.00 from your next order, should you wish to try us again. Again, please accept my apologies. Mark.
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