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About Blessed CBD:

At Blessed CBD, we’re passionate about helping people in the UK lead healthier and happier lives. We’re a small family-run business on a mission to provide our customers with the very best CBD oil. Crafted with care and organically grown on licensed farms, our CBD oil drops are used by thousands in the UK. Plant-powered goodness designed for natural relief.

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Got this for my brother who has bone cancer he has gone down hill very quickly What can I say but....... Wow what a difference in 24 hrs going from shuffling down in dumps To a guy walking and our side for 4 hrs He is a different person What ever this juice is FANTASTIC Many thanks from the Pugh Family Keep up the great work CHRIS will be ordering in a few weeks Have sent him all the details Glad we found you x
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This was AMAZING to read. Thanks so much!
I regularly have social anxiety attacks where my throat clogs up and my heart beats intensely fast making me struggle to breathe. I have tried everything except pharmaceuticals, and out of everything (except pharmaceuticals) CBD has shown me the best results. SAD fucks life hard and I just feel blessed to be able to afford a blessing.
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I have been using your product for the last two weeks mostly for anxiety and sleep difficulties. I carefully researched the appropriate dosage for me and built it up so that I feel I am at the right dose for me. This product has been amazing. Within half an hour or so of taking it my anxious thoughts decreased and when taken a hour before bedtime it has enabled me to drop off to sleep straight away and stay asleep. Thank you so much for a great product and your very attentive customer service! I shall be repurchasing in the future.
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Our son has a back problem, he's had an operation where wires were attached to his spine and he has a Control Box where different pulses can be arranged on different wavelengths (TENS) machine type but where the probes are inside the body, quite an expensive operation. The Control Box can be programmed to produce different intensity of pulse and different phases, quite complex and takes time to experience the different programmes, which can be reprogrammed to produce even more programmes. He had also been made redundant recently and was going through a "bad patch". Stress doesn't help when you have back pain. His Mum and I thought if we could reduce his stress, his back pain would reduce. He's a Computer/Programmer/Analyst and use to stress but the back pain and strong tablets and redundancy really got to him. We asked him to try your CBD oil after reading a report in a newspaper. I am glad to report that he has had good results since in the short time of using the oil and has been able to reduce the pain killing tablets he was taking, lost weight, talking and feeling much better, reduced the original amount of CBD oil, we are now crossing our fingers for the remaining goal of getting work. We are so impressed with his improvement, my wife has ordered CBD oil to help with her back problems. Thank you Blessed
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V Thank you for sending your CBD stuff to me. It has changed my Dads life. I told you my Dad has been suffering from sjogren's disease for over a year now and he's also a recovering alcoholic. Not the best combination. Both are very painful diseases which causes inflamed joints, chronic breathing problems, anxiety, brain fog, and a constant poor mood. The doctors have refused to grant permission for my Dad to go back to the job he loves but yet the medication they provide do not work at all. Using your CBD stuff has changed my Dads life. I was confused if its a placebo but I haven't seen my Dad function this well in over a year so I am convinced its the CBD. Thank you V.
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I purchased the CBD oil 1000mg and have been using it for about a week. I definitely notice a difference when using this product. Its like the absence of the anxious feelings/thoughts. I was worried it would make me tired but not at all. My sleep quality has improved the last few nights and I expect that to continue. I have never tried another brand so I can’t compare but I felt confident based on other reviews and their customer service which is GREAT. I had a few questions and got lengthy thorough responses within a few hours. Right now I’m taking 2 drops in the morning and 2 at night, adjusting if needed if I’m feeling more or less anxious. The taste isn’t amazing but it goes away quickly and you don’t taste it while it’s under your tongue. If you have any questions or hesitations definitely message them!
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This CBD oil is the best I have ever had. I currently reside in Australia and ordered some CBD oil from the USA because I was waking up all night. That really didn’t help at all. I was heading back to the UK for a holiday to see my parents and after careful review I ordered some from Blessed. I would now never use another brand as this does exactly what I want it to do. It makes me sleep and i awake feeling fantastic. And not only that I’ve now found I can order it to be sent to my home in Australia. All I can say is I’m winning. And Blessed please don’t stop doing an amazing job.
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Thanks Sarah. That’s great news. I’m really enjoying your oil, it’s helping a lot with my anxiety. Can’t wait to write a great review and can completely understand why so many people are. I’ll be able to enjoy my holiday and rekindling family ties without getting extremely anxious. I’m just amazed at the differ in myself, after years of anti anxiety medication, although I’m still taking it it’s still not sunk in that I’ve found something that I could possibly be able to stop taking pharmaceuticals. Anyhoo, it’ll all be going in my review. God bless to all at blessed and have a wonderful Xmas! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💙😁
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hi Sarah. my feedback as promised. I take the 1800MG CBD oil and have had great results reducing my anxiety and sleeping problems. I take 2 drops in the morning and 3 drops in the evening. Would definitely recommend to others without hesitation 👍
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Hi Sarah and family, Just wanted to provide some positive feedback after receiving my first BlessedCBD order today. I’ve used a different brand of CBD over the last 9 months or so, but decided to look around and see if there were better alternatives. This led me to BlessedCBD and I was immediately impressed by the quality of your presentation, the clarity of your reasons for why CBD is an effective supplement (with references to actual research - bravo!) and reassurances over the growing and manufacturing process you use. The presentation of the product itself is fantastic and I was very pleased to receive it this morning - complete with a copy of the certificate of analysis and small information booklet. The oil itself is pleasant to use, too, of course! Thank you for the effort you’ve put into making an excellent brand; I look forward to staying with you as a repeat customer for many months to come! Hope you have an excellent Christmas and the business is doing well, as it deserves to. Thanks again.
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Hi, just to let you know that I think your Premium CBD Oil 1000mg is great. I ordered it a month or so again having tried a different CBD oil to very little effect. Having researched yours I decided to give it a try. I have suffered with lower back and nerve pain down my legs for about 8 months now due to bulging discs in my lumbar and sacral spine. Within 2-3 weeks of use, I was absolutely thrilled to notice that my pain was significantly reducing. I used to be unable to sleep on my side due to pain and took regular paracetamol and naproxen. I don’t take painkillers now, just your amazing CBD oil - approx 40mg a day. I’ve just ordered a 3 month supply but wanted to say how impressed I was. The taste is a little unpleasant but nothing I can’t cope with especially as it’s made me feel so much better! Thank you 😊
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For the first time in god knows how long I have been able to sleep the full night without waking up and feeling anxious. This oil almost feels too good to be true. Great fast service thanks
2 Helpful Report
That's wonderful to hear. Thanks so much for sharing your review!
Thankyou so much Sarah & the team for this wonderful cbd oil. Works a treat, for my depression & anxiety. After a long research into cbd oil, i requested lab results & from ther i decided to buy from blessed, i recieved oil next day 🙏 Its helped me in many ways, less anxious, more settled & calm. Best customer service, would highly recommend.
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Glad you're happy!
Very impressed with both the company and the CBD oil. I had ordered the 500mg strength but as this was not available I was upgraded free of charge to the 1000mg strength. I suffer with fibromyalgia and cancer-related pain and this oil keeps my pain under control and means I can walk and enjoy life. Without hesitation I recommend Blessed and this oil.
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Love it, thanks! 😊
My first purchase from Blessed CBD has been extremely positive. Good quality CBD oil at a fair price and most of all I am noticing some very positive results already. My only suggestion is a 30ml bottle size please!
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Great to hear. Thanks for the suggestion!
Wow. Only used two drops for 3 days for my arthritis and already I can feel the benefit. I'm on the 500mg to start. As an added bonus its completely lifted me out of my depression. Today I woke up with mild stiffness rather than agony and happy?!! Amazing. Thoroughly recommend.
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Love it! Thanks for the review 😊
Purchased this for my mother who suffers with arthritis in most of her joints. She's on different prescription pain killers but they don't offer much relief. Sometimes my mother is in more pain after taking the pain killers. She was very reluctant to try CBD oil because of its association with cannabis but she was surprised by the organic taste of the oil. By day six of using it there was a clear marked difference in her mobility, she was able to climb the stairs, play with my children and feel better. The pain did not go away completely but it was a very nice improvement regardless. It's made a positive experience for my mother so thank you very much Blessed CBD. I hope others can get similar results.
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Wow, that's incredible! Thanks for the review 😊
decent cbd oil, some days i sleep like a baby but it doesnt appear to be working every night. not a huge fan of the oil so would like it if there were capsules or edibles instead to buy
2 Helpful Report
Thanks for the review! We're currently only producing the CBD oils.
I've been using this almost every day for the past 2 weeks for my anxiety and insomnia. It keeps me functioning normally throughout the day and at night I can sleep better than before. Their support was also very nice and surprisingly helpful (I say surprisingly because a lot of the companies I dealt with in the UK had mediocre customer support). I definitely recommend giving Blessed CBD a try!
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That's so great to hear, thanks so much!
Blessed CBD has helped me control my symptoms of anxiety. Highly recommend for anyone struggling with this, worth a try imo. Kinda pricey but worth the cost.
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Hey, thanks for the review!
Blessed CBD is rated 4.74 based on 193 reviews