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At Blessed CBD, we’re committed to the wellbeing of our customers. We’re a family-run business on a mission to provide UK consumers with the very best CBD oil products.

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
I received a 1000mg bottle for Christmas. I'm a chronic back pain sufferer and usually take pain killers most days, with considerable pain and stiffness in the morning and evening especially. It's 10 days later and I've not had any pain killers. This worked for me by alieviating pain from the first dose. Stiffness is much reduced. I haven't had to be in bed by 9pm as before, just to lie down. I haven't had any of the headaches I usually experience from tension. Walking the dogs I find myself walking with more confidence and faster. No side nor I'll effects to date. This is all hugely positive and suprising for me and is making a much needed and wished for difference to my day to day life. I am looking forward to what I might be able to achieve if this carries on, not least to be able to do my prescribed stretches without tears. Genuinely life changing in my case. I hope it helps you too.
I just wanted to say a huge thank you to yourselves and all the staff. My husband has been taking your drops for the last couple of months and I have seen a huge improvement in his mental health. As a veteran of the Afghan war he was suffering with PTSD on top of an already fragile mind. Adding on to this the COVID lockdown it was the worst I have ever seen him, however having taken initially the 500mg and now the 1000mg drops I have seen him transform into an entirely different person. Thank you.
This is the third time that I buy CBD oil for a very close relative who has been using the oil with success since May 2020 to keep anxiety at bay. This person was in very dark places before as medicines were not working. In May we tried to think outside the box and give CBD oil a try, with the psychiatrist permission. The situation improved slowly but surely, and now life is much better.
Amazing product and excellent service. Love the box it comes with and the information that is included. I have bought CBD oil 500g from your website and have recommend to friends seeking a similar product.
I have been suffering terrible depression and anxiety and intermittent sleep tried 3 different medications from doctors to no avail made me worse doctor suggested try cbd oil I had tried your 500mg before again to no avail which you refunded me in full (brilliant) within a couple of days of taking the 1000mg oil like a new man was reluctant at 1st as in ongoing recovery for drink and drugs (nearly 3 yrs clean sober) depression lifted anxiety virtually gone sleep better even to the point of going back to work after 3 months off going to purchase 3 months supply as soon as paid and some gummies and recommend to any friends and family thank you so much if you give us a link will leave ace review (any nice discount codes appreciated 😬) and again thanks so much
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for creating your CBD Gummies - they are amazing! Initially I tried the drops but just didn’t like them. I then decided to try your Gummies as a substitute for iboprufen. I was taking it for Rheumatoid Arthritis but it was giving me really bad digestive problems. Your Gummies not only keep me virtually pain free but they have vastly reduced the stiffness in my joints, lifted my mood every day and completely reversed my dry eye syndrome. So thank you so very much for your wonderful product. It has changed my life immensely.
Dear Sarah and team at BLESSED, I want to thank you so much for this amazing cbd oil. I have been so sleep deprived for months on top of suffering from very bad stress, and needed a few good nights of restful sleep. I cant tell you how delighted I am. To awaken from a great sleep has made all the difference. Not only that its addressing my night pain too. I would definitely recommend your cbd oil and order more.
Hi blessed, just to let you know that I am using your cbd balm for my rheumatoid arthritis . I only have one joint that is pain free in my body and I massage your balm into my shoulders, hips,and knees before I go to bed each night this helps me to sleep for awhile free from pain. I have tried other cbd creams but the smell of them is overpowering. However your cream is odourless and easy to apply. The only thing is the price is high for pensioners like me to afford .but your cream really does help with joint pain so thank you.
I ordered the highest strength cbd oil 1800mg for my wife. She has an autoimmune disease, suffers badly with migraines, insomnia & many other conditions. She’s been taking 4-6 drops a day for a month now. She was originally sceptical & didn’t believe it would have any noticeable benefit. For the first couple of weeks she didn’t notice much difference she persevered. Last night she asked me if I could order some more. I Asked her why & she said that it helps her to sleep, I had noticed she had be sleeping a lot better to. It appears to me that it’s also helping her anxiety as well. I have just ordered her 6 months supply & I consider it money well spent. My advice to anyone considering blessed cbd would be buy a bottle & consistently take it for a month to see the benefit. I’d also try some meditation to. Alternatively you can just get someone to read my long boring review to get you away with the fairies!
I started using CBD oil a while ago for my condition, polymyalgia and found that within a very short space of time I was benefiting from the CBD oil. There is no going back to the steroids I'd been using to control the pain. I will continue to use CBD oil along with recommending Blessed to others. My partner will soon be using the cream for knee pain on a recommendation from a dancer who uses the cream with some success for joint pain - I will keep you informed of the results Thank you all at Blessed Joy x
I was introduced the CBD oil by my friend who wanted to help me with my anxiety. But the oil he gave me to try didn't taste good and wasn't strong enough which put me off. So I started to do my own research and I discovered the Blessed CBD oil with very good authentic reviews. I ordered the 1000mg oil to start with. And it worked straight away and tastes very nice like a natural herbal oil. It calmed me down and I could relax and turn off my worried mind for the first time after long time. With no side effects of getting high, so I could stay still focused. Now I use it daily and I feel a lot of better. I'm less anxious, it's improving my insomnia problem and stomach pains which I had from stress. All I can say that I'm very grateful for this product and I'm going to spread the good word. Also I'd like to say thank you to Sarah for how promptly she dealt with me and help me out. It was very kind from you. Definitely the best customer service I experienced! Thank you and I wish you and your family all the best!
I have already been telling people about your company. I had previously been getting my CBD from the States and since I’ve been back in London I started researching for something more local and yours was the best rated company I found. I really appreciate the great quality CBD and that fact that you are a family run business and the extra mile you clearly go for your customers.
Hi there. well you people are the real deal aren't you. I had a small droplet an hour ago. Probably didn't need as much as I had actually. and I only had a very small amount at the end of the dropper. I work with dementia it's a very stressful job. and bizarrely I joked to somebody's family that oh I wish I could just put some cannabis in their pot of tea. After getting to know them they are the same age as me. In there 50s and they have had similar life experiences. They told me about your company and said that you are genuine and give them a try. I have been searching cbd sites for a couple of years. After reading lots of stuff about companies. saying that the stuff didn't work. I was a bit dubious to be honest with you. as I used to smoke cannabis in my youth. I am aware of the great effects of cannabis and THC in particular. and I wanted something to help me with my arthritis. I'm already feeling the benefits of one droplet. I will only use it as required. Although I am interested in the rest of your products. Now I know that you guys are the real deal. I shall probably be after some capsules and some cream at some point. Thank you so much. now I have found your company I hope that you continue for a long long long long time.
Thanks for your email. I started taking it on Friday & have experimented with the times & amounts of drops I take each day. Yesterday I took most of the drops at bedtime, as you suggested. My ability to get off to sleep has vastly improved already. Last night I put my light out just after midnight & fell asleep quickly. In recent months I've been unable to sleep until between 2 & 5am - so that is a huge improvement in just a few days. I also feel calmer during the day. I like the flavour too, very clean & earthy. Looking forward to experiencing continued benefits in the future. Thank you so much for your response & this fantastic natural product! I would much rather use this than the temazepam I've been prescribed, but have been reluctant to use!
I have been spreading the word and I have my 83 year old mother on your cream as no painkillers help so fingers crossed this will relieve some pain. I am delighted with my drops and I ordered 500mg 3 months supply as it has helped me tremendously and is giving me a new life. It sounds corny but its true. I have lived with depression my whole life and the last few years have been very much in my mind a pointless existence. The last week since I received my 1st order has been a joy. Just to not have my mind racing and to be obsessed with my own feeling is such a release. I feel blessed, I really do. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. Rachel
I've tried other cbd products mainly from Holland and Barretts and didn't really get the hype around it , it sort of took the edge off my anxiety very slightly but not enough to warrant the cost , I'm only 5 days in with my new blessed cbd and I'm delighted, more than that I'm over the moon. My first try I got this feeling of just pure relaxation and I've had the best 3 nights sleep for as long as I remember. It seems to just take that edge off , I use alcohol for this usually but I'm sick of feeling terrible in the morning, with this blessed cbd i feel great in the morning and sleep better, like deeper if that makes sense , as I say I'm only 5/6 days in but I feel I may have found something very special and I'm no longer dreading the future , I just wanted to thank you, great product.
I introduced myself to CBD oil in 2019 to reduce pain and inflammation in my legs and knees due to long term degradation following an active life playing soccer and other sports. I was astounded at how quickly the relief occurred, the pain literally faded away over 24 hours or so. The pain came back earlier this year when my weight increased during a period of lock down whilst I was stuck in the Middle East during the Covid 19 plandemic. On my return to UK 15 August 2020 I found your site on line and decided to order a small phial of CBD oil. It worked just the same as the original doses I took last year with the added advantage I knew how many drops to take and at what frequency during any 24 hour period.
I would like to say there are a number of things I love about your product 1. Your delivery is always next day which I love 2. You give tracking which is nice 3. I saw that the delivery to me was £7 and you didn't charge extra for it 4. You have very good packaging and packaging standards, I like how even the box it's sent in has its branding on it, as a marketer I appreciate it 5. I don't know a better CBD than yours Keep up the great work!
When I was told I had cancer that was controllable but not curable, in other words terminal, I asked my oncologist if CBD Oil would help, he said yes but get the best you can afford, so I did and it has! So far I have had none of the usual chemo side effects, feel so well it's not true, long may this continue. I have also started my 11 year old Labrador on 2-3 drops a day, too early to comment on her but I would like to think her joints don't seem so stiff, update to follow. The service and support I have had from the company has also been superb, very prompt.
I just want to send you a quick message to let you know how I’ve been getting on with your CBD oil. I’ve been using it for nearly 4 weeks now and the results already are having a huge beneficial impact on my mind and body which is leading me to have a much more enjoyable life. My anxiety levels have gone down drastically and my overall mood is much much better! I have been feeling high levels of anxiety since I have been 13 I am now 22 so I really didn’t think there was a way out but luckily for me I found blessed cbd. Once again I’m very happy that the product has had such a positive impact on my life.
Blessed CBD is rated 4.80 based on 300 reviews