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Academy Of Freelance Makeup 5 star review on 13th May 2020
Ria Jaini
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Academy Of Freelance Makeup 5 star review on 13th May 2020
Ria Jaini
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Academy Of Freelance Makeup 5 star review on 3rd March 2020
Zoe Karlis
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Academy Of Freelance Makeup 5 star review on 3rd March 2020
Zoe Karlis
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Academy Of Freelance Makeup 5 star review on 3rd March 2020
Zoe Karlis
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Academy Of Freelance Makeup 5 star review on 3rd March 2020
Zoe Karlis
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Academy Of Freelance Makeup 5 star review on 3rd March 2020
Zoe Karlis
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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
I completed the Foundation - Advanced Makeup Course and the Session Stylist Course at AOFM London in 2013/14 and both courses totally exceeded my expectations. What I loved most about this academy was the fact that we had different tutors every day (all of whom are working in the industry) so we were able to learn a lot of different techniques from some of the top artists out there.

We were also given the opportunity to work with a variety of high end products such as Chanel, Nars, Bobbi Brown etc etc (the list is endless!). This was very helpful as we could decide for ourselves which products/brands we would like to invest in for our own kit.

I also really liked the structure of the classes - which consisted of a theory session in the morning and a practical session in the afternoon - which meant everyone had plenty of time to practice on each other with the full set of high quality brushes given to each student by AOFM on the first day of the course (which we all got to keep!).

On the last day of the makeup course we had our amazing 'photoshoot day' which gave us a real taste of the industry and the chance to work with models, photographers, hairstylists and stylists.

I would say one of the best things about AOFM is the aftercare they provide with endless free masterclasses and assisting opportunities in events such as London Fashion Week!! I really couldn't recommend this Academy enough! (And I will probably be back there to do another course soon!)

Catrin xx
Posted 6 years ago
Hi Im Celeste
Why I chose AOFM
Before choosing AOFM, I researched and toured all of the big make-up schools that offer similar programs. Ultimately I decided to attend AOFM because of a few big deciding factors:
-They have a great career service center! The career services has offer an online forum where they post up-to-date jobs. Before you graduate, you meet with an advisor who is there to help you with career advice, resume, web site, ect. AOFM gave amazing help and support in my first year out of school! AOFM was always sending me on jobs and gave me lots of great advice.

- that aofm was the highest regarded make-up school around.
-The admissions staff was so helpful and honest! They answered all the questions I had and I never felt like they were being pushy or I was being "sold".

The School
All of my teachers were amazing artists and truly passionate about teaching and helping the students to grow . It was great attending as a student and hearing the stories of how they became successful. Another great asset. You are working with luxury industry products brands. The school has so many work opportunities for the students to gain experience and participate in amazing global events celebrating the fashion industry.

After Graduating
Thank you AOFM for all the amazing opportunity
After I graduated I got a job working with a makeup agency in london as a make-up artist. , and for their special events teams. I am also working extensively as a freelance make-up artist within the fashion industry .?
Posted 6 years ago
I attended the Academy in February 2012.
I wanted to refresh my skills from past training that I felt had not been adequate and I’d also had a break to have my 2 children so when I was looking for schools this one was the school that really jumped out at me.
The promise of the aftercare programme I felt was very important to me….as a make-up artist you never stop learning and wanting to improve so I guess I choose this school over others because of that reason.
My first day was one I will never forget! As soon as we were handed out our brushes (the AOFM brushes are given to you as part of the package) I was hooked!
The great thing about the course is it’s so hands on and you get down to practical pretty much straight away which in my opinion is the only way to learn!
I was worried at first because I had thought after having my children that my career was over! My First tutor , Maria revealed that she had in fact been a mathematician until her early 40’s and had taken a huge career change, proving it’s never too late to follow your dreams and yes………….she completely inspired me!
We were taught by different artists every day that are out in the industry, so the wealth of experience and advice they teach you is second to none, teaching us not just how to apply makeup but how to handle the industry and succeed is so important also!
Each tutor I found to be so inspiring and full of passion which really adds to the magic of this school!
The products that we were let loose with in class were all Top class brands……Chanel, Armani, MUFE, Charlotte Tilbury, Shu uemura , Benefit, Nars to name but a few! This was so important to me as I was able to work with and experience the differences! It’s the only way to get a feel as to what you want to use in your kit as we all have a own personal favourites!
The whole course experience was amazing and only fuelled my make-up passion more! Further still I made friendships with other students, whom I still see often and take great pride in supporting their careers, some of them have gone on to do amazing things since we graduated and it only inspires me more!
In February this year I was offered an amazing opportunity with the school to fly to Milan and work backstage with them for the Sergei Grinko Show, assisting the very talented Michelle Webb.
I can honestly say that in a little over 24 hours I had the time of my life…..bringing a lifelong dream to reality!
The team I was part of were wonderful and I was lucky enough to travel out with a fellow student whom I was put in touch with via the school and we really looked after each other and gave each other great support!
During the show Jana (head of Education) was never far from me and gave me great direction and support of my work! The show was very fast pace and as it was my first time back stage I was very well looked after!
After wards having experienced my first adrenaline rush from a live show I was on a high!
Jana took all us graduates for cocktails at the Dolce and Gabbana lounge in Milan to say thank you! It was such a lovely Gesture and made us feel truly valued for our work!
I would 150% recommend this school to any aspiring artist!
The master classes that are offered as part of the aftercare programme are invaluable for keeping me inspired, up to date and in contact with all the right people.
My make-up passion continues …………….with AOFM!
Posted 6 years ago
I attended AOFM back in 2011, I graduated as a Total Pro Artist in December. For a year or so before attending the course I did lots of research looking at various academies, and make up schools. I decided to visit AOFM in the summer of 2011 and met with Jason. Jason was so lovely & helpful, and made me feel at complete ease. He asked me lots of questions and also gave me the opportunity to ask away. I was fortunate enough to see the school, and visit a class that was already being held in the top floor classroom. I went and spoke with a few of the girls, and got a really great vibe from the academy. The course itself was great, it was intense, but that's exactly what I was looking for. The energy from the artist's was amazing, and everyone was so helpful. Really boosting one anthers confident. I felt completely comfortable in class, and found all the artists to be super helpful and fun. The products were introduced on a daily basis, which made it less over whelming, and we really got to see real life industry professionals at work. We used brands from MAC, Chanel, YSL, Shu Uemura, Dior etc... we were taught industry secrets, and shown tips & tricks that still really help me to this day. After graduating, the Academy offered amazing aftercare, and without the academy I would not have been able to assist at the V&A, Claridges, Paris & London fashion week. We also attended master classes with Benefit, Bobbi Brown, MAC, Dior and Charlotte Tilbury. It really has been an amazing school to attend. Even now I receive regular Facebook updates / emails from the academy informing me of fantastic opportunities available. I would love to continue my journey on with AOFM, and really believe you get your moneys worth with the amazing aftercare and guidance. I still keep in contact with many of the artists who taught me, and still try to attend masterclasses and opportunities often. If you're really stuck between two schools I would definitely suggest visiting the academy, I knew as soon as I walked in this was the school for me.
Posted 6 years ago
Attended AOFM in May 2011. Never could have imagined the amazing opportunities I have experienced since graduating, including numerous LFW seasons. The opportunities and aftercare are still going strong 3 years on. Would highly recommend. Carrie x
Posted 6 years ago
After completing Professional Hair and Make up course, one of the Aofm courses, and taking part in various masterclasses such as Bobbi Brown, MAC, Dermalogica and Smashbox, offered by Aofm I will gladly recommend the Academy for anyone interested in building up a career in make-up industry. Also, I have finally accomplished one of my most important life projects a Beauty Salon and as promised even before graduation, I would like to share this important moment and to say that AOFM taught me the secrets of the art of makeup and introduced me to the makeup world. This way I have learned that makeup is not just about brushes and brands and products, but most of all technique and artistry and team effort all together! I felt inspired by the wonderful team of teachers, all of them world-renowned make-up professionals, the stimulating environment, and above all, the unique approach of creating opportunities for their graduates after the course. I have worked with them at Milan Mens Collection and Milan Women fashion week, Bath in Fashion, Fashion Finest, LFW . I am thankful for contributing to this grand dream of mine and for helping to make it possible.
I highly recommended AOFM, the unique Academy.
Posted 6 years ago
I had an amazing experience at AOFM. The quality of teachers you have throughout the course are exceptional. The one on one attention you receive from some of the greatest artist in the industry is truly incomparable. AOFM also provides the greatest aftercare program you'll ever find. All students have the opportunity to work in the industry and behind the scenes after completion of the course. This was by far the best decision I could have made when choosing what school I should attend.
Posted 6 years ago
I completed the Complete Artistic Pro course at AOFM in May 2014. I had the most amazing time at the school and felt like I was learning constantly for 5 weeks.
The highlight of the time at this school was the quality of the teachers. We had a different teacher almost everyday and they never disappointed. Everyone was super helpful and had so much to teach us, as they are all currently working in the industry.
Advice was given regarding our plans once we left the school and how to get assisting work and since finishing the course I have been able to assist one of the teachers which has been beyond amazing.
The school provides all the best tools and brands to work with and I could honestly not have asked for more.
I met some truly inspirational people, not only the staff and teachers but also the other students. I would highly recommend this course to anyone thinking about studying make up.
I really hope to continue working with AOFM and taking advantage of all the jobs they post and the after care master classes.
Thank you AOFM!
Posted 6 years ago
I had an amazing time at AOFM, I didn't want it to end. I learnt something new everyday and every single day was very informative even in the amount of time we had a day. The teachers were excellent because they all currently work in industry so the experience they bring to our classes is so valuable, they were very willing to help you individually and answer any questions you had. Advice was given on how to go about getting assisting work, how to build up your portfolio and what kind of jobs to look out for after the course. Also I loved that we got to work with different make up brands each day, from Mac, Benefit, Bobbi brown to Dior, Chanel and Armani. I now have a better knowledge of what different brands are good for, how there products work and what kind of things I would like in my kit. The classes are pretty small with a max of 16 students, this allowed for the teachers to spend time with each of us, also we had to work with a different person each day, which was great because that meant we got to work on different skin types. I met some Amazing people on the course and have made friends for life, I am so glad I did this course. I cant wait to start my career now and start building up contacts. I hope to work with AOFM a few times in the future.
Posted 6 years ago
Hello AOFM!
I had a very good time at your school! The atmosphere was amazing and our class was the best :) (love them all).
The teachers were all amazing! (My favourite ones were Barbara Breaunlich, Philippe, Michelle, Jan, Oscar, Yin Lee!) They all had so much power and a great way to teach us!
As I already worked as a hairdresser and a little bit as a Makeup Artist , I had some experiences, but this was perfect! I learned to open my mind again for a lot of techniques and products! And I learned to do my own thing, because there are so many ways to work. This was for me the amazing thing : that we had so much different teachers, and all of them have another style to work. But this is so amazing, because you learn so much!! And what counts is to come to your aim, but in your own way!

I love the job opportunities that you give to the students! I already started an assisting job with Oscar Alexander on a filmset (amazing!) .
And I will definetily apply for lot of other jobs :)

There were some small things you could improve.
Try to tell the students some information a bit earlier. For example when they need a model, or to create a moodboard or organize other stuff, because we all struggled a bit. We wantedt to make a good modboard and wanted to buy some stuff, but the information came just two days before and it was abit difficult to organise it! Maybe tell them things like that one week before!
Explain the shopping day in the beginning of the course, that they can pay much more attention to all these new products!
And to bring a male and mature model for the demo that day. I think this would be better than show the makeup on a young girl (male and mature makeup).

I filled in the review sheet on the last day as well (there are some more detailed information).

Thank you so much for this great time!!
See you at the masterclasses :)
Carmen Koge
Posted 6 years ago
I loved my 5 week course with AOFM and would highly recommend it to any potential or existing Make-Up artists out there. You are tought by some of the best artists in the industry all with a lot of experience under their belt - everyday you have a new pro sharing their tips and tricks with you and guiding you on your path. You pick up in 5 weeks some things it takes people years to figure out due to the wealth of information and experience directed towards you. After 5 weeks I already feel part of the industry and I am moving forward really motivated to do well. I am glad I chose to study with AOFM the team are amazing and their aftercare program means I will never feel alone as I start off on this journey. Many thanks Jana, Zana and Jason and all of the others too many to name. Rachel M
Posted 6 years ago
17May2014 I graduated from the AOFM Academy where I took 5 week Complete Artistic Pro Specialist Certificate course.
5weeks of intensive studies gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about the makeup, hairstyling, airbrush makeup, nails, special FX and very importantly about the industry.
Being tutored by some of the best artists in the industry was inspiring and priceless. I got to see so many different styles and approaches, plus they all gave us great tips and advice for our future this is something that you do not even dream of?.
We had two photoshoots that was so much fun; it was amazing to see our creativity expressed in so many different, "crazy" ways. It was a cherry on the tart ?
Also would like to remind everyone who is still thinking. There is no other makeup schools/colleges offer the amount of care and help as AOFM does. It is fairly priced; you will not be disappointed because every penny you pay is worth it. After the completion of your chosen course you get to experience unlimited masterclasses, events, and opportunities to work with the AOFM pro team at various events, fashion shows at fashion weeks not only in London but also in Paris or New York If you are lucky, hardworking and have a right attitude. I am proud to be a graduate from AOFM, and I am 110% sure that if you love makeup, hair, nails or everything I mentioned before you will NEVER regret this decision!!! Thank You AOFM FOR THIS OOPORTUNITY! Love you LOADS!
Posted 6 years ago
Academy Of Freelance Makeup is rated 4.94 based on 112 reviews