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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
The Zeez is a great tool to have in your arsenal if you're struggling with sleep.

The company is very involved in the well-being of their customers and their approach is very personal. After buying the Zeez I received a call from Anna to discuss sleep hygiene, diet, health, exercise - a host of things beyond just using their product - to make sure I get the most out of it and come out healthier.

The Zeez helps me get to sleep faster and helps me fall back asleep if I wake up. I highly recommend you observe the instructions to remove technology from your bedroom, as it can interfere with the Zeez. If that's not possible - at least try to move your devices as far away as you can.
I've also found some supplements to produce undesirable results when paired with the Zeez - so the less things you're taking before bed - the better.

It took me quite some time to start sleeping better, and things got worse before they improved - mostly due to supplements and tech interfering with the Zeez. I still have poor sleep from time to time - primarily when I have more stress during the day. But overall - I'm slowly improving and the Zeez is a definite help.
Thank you so much to Anna and the Zeez team for making this available.
Posted 1 week ago
The Zeez sleep pebble has changed my life. I've always been a poor sleeper, a problem that seemed to get worse the older I got. I experienced poor quality sleep that left me tired and irritable during the day. Now I regularly sleep 8 hours or more a night, and wake up feeling refreshed and energised. When my husband saw how well it worked for me, he got one too. My daughter also bought one and is loving it.
Posted 1 week ago
Thank-you Linda.
We are still tiny, and most of our sales are word of mouth. I love it when family members or clusters of friends use the Zeez - a feeling that we have created a small pocket where life is better.. Sometimes, when several members of the same family struggle with sleep, they assume that the problem is genetic, and that nothing can be done to help. Not so, as Linda and her husband and daughter show.
Posted 1 week ago
Although I slept right through my first few nights with the Zeez, unfortunately it didn't work for me after that. However, the service I received from Anna at Zeez was great. She went above and beyond what I expected and was very flexible. She gave me lots of advice about sleep and we tried lots of different things to try and get the Zeez to work. I would recommend that anyone with sleep problems tries using the Zeez. If it doesn't work for you, you can return it.
Posted 1 week ago
Sleep is a complex matter, and many things can go wrong. The Zeez prompts our brain to follow the right patterns, and in order for it to be able to have an effect, we need the right medium in the brain - enough water, vital minerals, not too much disturbance.We keep learning more and more, and sometimes we just can't get a person to sleep well. It is those people that I think about most - and from whom we learn most, Thanks Bethan
Posted 1 week ago
In truth my ZEEZ transformed my life and is now my best friend. I laughingly said if the house was on fire I would grab my ZEEZ and my laptop and I'd be good to go. I struggled for maybe 15 years with insomnia and tried everything imaginable, incl listening to radio all night long which made me tireder than ever. I am so grateful for the technology that created this little miracle. I never want to be without it!
Posted 2 weeks ago
very satisfied. I have been 4 months and I see an evolution, little by little my dream is deeper without waking up and I fall asleep faster. The treatment and advice are much appreciated.
Posted 3 months ago
I have noticed my sleep quality has improved after I have started using Zeez. I have been an insomniac for more than a decade and apart from using many other things Zeez is definitely a part of my arsenal to combat insomnia.

Zeez seems to be a sturdy device and works well. I would recommend this to anyone who has been experiencing insomnia for a long time.
Posted 4 months ago
I have been using the Zeez for about 4 months, at first I was not sure if it was making much of a difference, I was still having problems waking very early and not getting back to sleep.
I had a telephone consultation with Anna who gave me some good advice about diet and taking some extra vitamins, which I did and I can honestly say there has been a lot of improvement, even if I wake early I can get back to sleep, and I am feeling a lot better during the day, I would recommend anyone who has sleep problems to give the Zeez a try as I do believe it can help.
Posted 4 months ago
When I bought my pebble I think it took my body a while to get used to it. Now, I wouldn’t be without it. It helps me sleep much deeper, and for much longer! It’s coming on holiday with me!!
Posted 6 months ago
I have never had trouble sleeping or so I believed, until I started using the Zeez. I used to get up 3 or 4 times a night and had periodic nightmares about inhaling foreign objects; I would wake up choking and quite upset. Since using the Zeez, my night-time toilet visits have been reduced to 1 and I have not had any choking nightmares. Two months in, I can say that I wake up very rested and much calmer than before. I am very glad that I gave it a try and recommend a trial run to everyone.
Posted 6 months ago
Thanks Alexis. Quite a lot of people find that their dreams change as they use the Zeez and their sleep deepens. Sometimes people dream more, or more viividly, usually just for a short time whilst they catch up on sleep.
Posted 2 weeks ago
A long story... Looking back, I always was a sound sleeper. That started shifting over time, due to stress.

The past few years have been hard, on several levels, also during nighttime : not falling asleep easily, waking up during night, waking up very early, to complete insomnia for days on end. By then I realised I was in "orthosympatic overactivation" all the time but I couldn't turn it around. I had severe gut issues too, being the underlying cause of my sleeping problems.

Every morning, for as long as I recall the past 2 years, I "felt my brains" buzzing all the time (especially the frontal lobe), like I was being cooked from the inside out. Apart from some meditation, staying home from work to get better (5 months, recently, got into a burnout zone due to gut issues and vice versa) I tried a lot of sleep enhancing herbal supplements and neurotransmittor precursors. Nothing worked.

Then the next level : CBD+THC oil. That was very helpful but I did not think of it as a real solution for long term use.

And along came the Zeez Pebble (dd june 2019). In one of the facebook groups I am in (about sauna detox) someone started a discussion about sleep issues and someone commented about her good experiences with Zeez. So I read all about it, discusses it with my husband (as it is quite pricy). As my terrible nights prevented my from getting better I finaly ordered the Zeez in august. The fact that you can give a try for 40 days was an important argument.

This happened the first few days : when falling asleep I felt a quite strong "twilight dizzyness" flowing in through my head. It seems I woke up less during the night but during the day I felt dizzy too. I suppose it was my brain adapting to the new waves from the Zeez.

Already within a week or two I felt my sleep changing, my brain calming down, my energy restoring.

Today, after 3.5 months of use, my brain feels quite at rest. I fall asleep quite quickly, I sleep through the night more frequently and I started dreaming again! The full moon and my premenstrual week don't bother my sleep so much as they used to.

So, I am not saying my sleep is perfect now but it is definitely 85% better. My Chinese Medicine doctor, who measures my energy levels by pulse diagnosis, couldn't believe she finally felt I wasn't drained anymore. So thank you Zeez.
Posted 6 months ago
For years, I have been suffering from a form of Delayed Phase sleep disorder and instead of taking me around half an hour to fall asleep it generally takes me an hour and more to fall asleep. Albeit its high price, I have ordered a Zeez pebble and frankly was cynical about if this going to make a difference in my life and how safe is it to use but knowing how important the role of sleep is in allowing our bodies to heal, recover and regenerate for the coming day, I opted for it anyway . And Oh Boy I am glad I forked that money and purchased it!! and I did not take me weeks to see its effects!! in my case, It took 3-5 days and I noticed a quick reduction in time it took me to fall asleep. It still takes me more than half an hour but the improvement is awesome and I decided to buy two more one for my mother and one for my wife. I very much appreciate the dozens of minutes that are now converted to recovering sleep. I highly recommend Zeez to anyone that takes him more than half an hour to fall asleep and the EMF emitted is far less than a mobile phone.
It is completely safe and very easy to use. Go for it.
Posted 6 months ago
I am delighted to report that my quality of sleep has improved dramatically since using the Zeez. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis about 18 years ago and one of the main symptoms is fatigue. I therefore thought that feeling tired all the time was part of my condition and something I had to put up with. I could easily sleep for 10 or 11 hours or sometimes more but would still wake up tired. It could take me a good couple of hours to get going in what was left of the morning. Then I heard about the Zeez and thought it was worth seeing whether it would improve the quality of my sleep and therefore reduce the number of hours I was sleeping.
Since using the Zeez, not only do I find it easier to wake up and get going in the mornings but I am now sleeping an average of 8 or 9 hours which is a significant improvement. My energy levels during the day are also improved.
I can not recommend this device too highly.
Posted 7 months ago
Most people who use the Zeez Sleep Pebble can't sleep long enough initially, but a few sleep too long, with poor quality sleep. Since the Zeez is designed to enhance sleep quality, it tends to shorten sleep duration for people like Hilary, and increase their daytime energy..
Posted 2 weeks ago
I have been using the Zeez for 32 days. I have experienced a very positive trend toward much improved sleep; I feel so much better and it is confirmed through sleep tracking application as well. I don't lie awake all night anymore. I have been able to discontinue all over the counter sleep supplements and I am no longer using any prescription sleep aids. The Zeez is my new best friend and truly a dream come true. Many, many, many heartfelt thank yous to the inventors of this devise.
Posted 9 months ago
My sleep has improved greatly since starting to use the zeez. From having trouble falling asleep most nights, i now sleep much better most nights. I still struggle on some nights but I think this is due to other external and medical factors that need correcting.
Posted 9 months ago
average sleep hours up from 3/4 to 6/7/8 and the ability to drop back into sleep (if woken in the early stages) has been excellent. no apps/computer/ smartphone/ needed, no noise (white/pink /music etc) to annoy partner/ self or wake you up at the end with advert/loud click. no earplugs/wires to irritate/remove/get tangled in - just put it under the pillow, switch on and you are away. waking is instant - no fog/drowsy head - feel good
Posted 9 months ago
I bought Zeez more or less 6 weeks ago.
I'm extremely happy with the product and the results in improving my sleeping time quality.
Before using Zeez I used to sleep 4/5 hours per night and then, after a couple of hours awake, eventually falling asleep again just few minutes before my wake up alarm. All this if I was lucky. The working day was then very hard to sustain in this constant tiredness conditions.
Now everything changed and I'm very happy to use it also on business trip when I change bed every night.
I recommend Zeez to everyone with sleeping problems like me.
Posted 9 months ago
The Sleep Pebble has helped me to improve my sleep over the years.

Mrs P, London
Posted 10 months ago
The Zeez Pebble has very much improved the quality of sleep for me, notably, reaching deep sleep...which I had been deprived of for months.

While it compliments any sleeping meds that are prescribed by a GP, crucially, it aids, weaning off...the meds; given that purely being reliant on sleeping meds over the long term can be quite damaging.
Posted 10 months ago
"The Zeez has been the answer to my prayers. After fifteen years of chronic insomnia and five years of CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) I can now say that I am 80% functional and getting better every day. The Zeez has played a key role in my recovery because it has restored my sleep patterns back to normal. It’s hard to overestimate the importance of good quality sleep. Now that I wake up feeling rested, I have energy and much reduced pain levels. This has enabled me to engage in activities that increase my wellbeing further, such as: exercise, singing, meeting friends, writing, drawing and working (part-time). I’m really enjoying life! Thank you! I would recommend the Zeez Sleep pebble to anyone with insomnia, energy problems or post exertional fatigue."
Posted 10 months ago
I am definitely sleeping much deeper.
I used to be such a light sleeper but now I sleep through my husband getting up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and if I wake up I go back to sleep much quicker than I did before.
The more I use Zeez the more my sleep improves.
Thank you
Posted 10 months ago
One in three night time awakenings is due to a partner - snoring, moving, stealing the duvet.. When we are able to help one partner to sleep better, the other usually does too.
Posted 2 weeks ago
Zeez is rated 4.81 based on 42 reviews