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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
I was having difficulty getting to sleep and the Zeez was recommended by a friend. I ordered online and it arrived quickly.
I found it really helped me get to sleep and stay asleep.
It was simple to use and easy to charge.
I contacted Anna and she couldn’t have been more helpful. Great product and great customer care.
Posted 3 weeks ago
"As a nurse, working shifts I've had sleeping problems for many years, and have tried literally everything on earth. I haven't worked any night shift for many years, but the shift work messed up my sleep. A friend of mine told me about this device, and I was really curious the try it. I've been also dowsing for many years, and my spirit guides and pendulum really encouraged me to try it because it would help my sleep quality for about 60%, which was very promising.
I got in touch through email and Anna, answered all my questions about the system. A lot is already explained on the website but I had more questions. Anna was really supportive and very good at explaining, she's very warm, compassionate and passionate about helping others to sleep better. You can really see that.
I thought that the "pay as you go" renting system was such a good idea. My spirit guides told me to try it for 3 months to really feel the difference, as it's entraining the brain, it takes a bit of time. So I did.
Anna also gave me a list of "how to get the best of your Zeez sleep device", which is very important to follow. I had to support my adrenals by consuming enough magnesium, iodine and potassium level. This was critical, as I was deficient in those. Also drinking enough water and supporting my gut biome. Unplugging electrical devices if too close, and putting Wi-Fi equipment into flight mode. There is more on the list, and there are really crucial points to follow in order to have the best result. Respecting our circadian rhythm is also capital when possible.
The device isn't just a magic wand, you have to follow the advice on the list to make it really work for you, and give it some time.
Anna really helped me to get it all right, and after 3 months, seeing a real improvement I decided to buy the device, as it really was worth the price. I saw a big improvement in my sleep, but I had to keep following the list of advice she sent me, as it was as important as the device itself for me.
I would recommend Zeez to anybody struggling with their sleep, as long as they are prepared to give it some time and follow the recommendation. "
Posted 1 month ago
I used to be a great sleeper and then it all changed in middle age. A friend said I should get a Zeez. It took a while for me to take the plunge as they're pricey. I am so glad that I did. It certainly helps - on the nights when I don't use it, there's a difference. Anna also provides a personal service scheduling a call a few weeks after you've started using it and making sure that you also know about other things you can do to help get a good night's sleep. As I use it every night, it now feels like money well spent'.
Posted 1 month ago
In short, this neat little device has improved my sleep significantly. OK, so sleep is complex, fickle and difficult to be objective about, but never the less, I have seen improvement.

I have kept pretty good sleep hygiene for a while. You know, exercise, black out blinds, no screens or coffee before bedtime etc. But I also have sleep apnoea and use a CPAP machine. But I was going through a patch of very poor sleep that I could not resolve so when I heard of the Pebble I thought I'd give it a go. I was suspicious of claims (having laughed a magnets as a sleep aid) and the cost seemed high. But then what price would I put on functioning well during the day.

I chatted to Anna and felt there were some reasonable claims being made, even allowing for the placebo effect (and that's not a bad thing if it gives desired results). I decide to try a small dose of magnesium as well as Anna recommended that as important. I also rearranged the room to keep away from the Wifi router and other EM sources.

Initially the results were not definite. Then I realised that the power adapter for my radio was under the bed, directly below my head. No doubt radiating like crazy. So, I started turning it off when going to sleep and the results became much better defined.

I now find I sleep well and even if I do wake up a few times, I very quickly go back to sleep. I wake up feeling refreshed. And I'm much more active and able to perform my work (software developer). I'm also enjoying my music practice again. I get best result with both the Zee and magnesium.

So on balance, this little device does work for me. I have an electrical / electronic engineering background so have a healthy scepticism. but I also realise that we know little about the physiological impact of electromatic radiation. The very low powers produced by the Zeez may seem insignificant but my experience is positive. I'm reasonably confident there is a scientific knowledge gap here.

Finally a few words on the device itself. I have the black pebble which is a pleasing size and shape. There's just and on/off switch with an integral power light and a charger socket. There's been a manufacturing teething problem resulting in the button being a rather hard to activate with almost no tacktile feedback. But it works. It is also not easy to turn off, a good thing, requiring two presses. I find the battery only lasts two nights but then it's easy to pop on charge. Speaking of which, the supplied lead works fine but it does not charge with my laptop rapid charge supply and lead - again not a real problem, just odd.

So in conclusion this is highly recommended. You might find it a winner if you have problems sleeping, have tried everything (or not) and are willing to make a few changes to your room to reduce EM interference, you might be like me and become a happy customer.
Posted 1 month ago
Although, unfortunately, Zeez did not work for me, the support, advice and information I received from Anna throughout the trial period has been invaluable.
Posted 1 month ago
This review has been a long time coming. I’ve actually had my Zeez for over a year now. Having slept for 9 hours straight on my first night of use, I really just thought it was all too good to be true. It couldn’t have been a placebo effect since I’d tried everything imaginable over the decades without success, so I wasn’t exactly optimistic about it… hopeful maybe, but certainly not optimistic! So I decided to give it time (lots of time) to be sure before writing my review and I can now say without hesitation that the Zeez has been nothing short of life changing. I sleep with the pad (like a baby) and don’t even know it’s there. I might be slow to actually write a review, but I have been singing it's praises far and wide in the meantime and now have quite a few friends who are also enjoying the benefits of their own Zeez. I have to add here that the after sales customer service and support for any queries etc has been second to none. I am one VERY happy customer!
Posted 2 months ago
I first used the zeez pebble, with some success. Tracked on sleep trackers I could see some improvement, most importantly in deep sleep. I suffer from back pain, so there are still times I struggle to sleep. Due to moving lots during the night, I have now upgraded to the pad version, with its bigger surface area. It is very solidly constructed, and am very happy with it. The general sleep info on the site is also well worth a look.
Posted 3 months ago
I bought the Zeez pebble for my husband who never seemed to feel refreshed after a nights sleep. We felt it was a bit of an investment spend. From the first night of use my husband felt the difference. He woke feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead. He felt he was getting better qualty deep sleep. And this had continued five/ six weeks later. We are overjoyed with the Zeez pebble. Its not bulky for under the pillow, there is no noise with it and just charges up like you would charge a mobile phone.
If you are considering getting a Zeez pebble we,d say give it a go, it could change your quality of sleep.
Posted 4 months ago
I am a 59 year old male and have been suffering with Parkinson's for 15 years. For the last few years my sleeping pattern has been nothing short of horrendous! I have tried everything, but the best I can do in a stretch is about 2 to 3 hours of sleep. I stumbled across the Zeez Pebble whilst on Health Unlocked and decided to try a 2 month trial. All I can say is that it works for me. It is not a perfect solution, but my sleeping is certainly more consistent and I sometimes have stretches of sleep up to 4 hours. Well worth a go.
Posted 5 months ago
I've been using the Zeez for a few months, now. I have to say with much relief; I am no longer scared if I will fall to sleep at bedtime. I also wake up much much less often in the night, usually now only once, rather that throughout the night. I also wake feeling more refreshed. I am a hell of a lot less worried about sleeping, which is really great. Simon
Posted 5 months ago
I start using Zeez nearly a month now. I have been sceptical how a device can help with my sleep that has been so difficult since I Was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have seen a significant improvement on my sleeping habits since I started using it which really surprised me and I can’t think now sleeping without it! I fall asleep quickly (less that 20’ from the minute I lie in bed), I fall asleep very quickly when I wake up middle of the night (worse case scenario). I used to wake up many times during the night but now I wake up one time and this is maybe once per week. I don’t wake up tired as I used to even when I have 6 hours sleep. I have checked all the above with my health watch too! I really believe this is an amazing sleeping aid device.
Posted 5 months ago
I was recommended Zeez by a friend and - though they are pricey - decided to take the plunge. Regular good sleep is worth paying good money for! I definitely feel that my Zeez makes a difference and haven’t looked back. How do I know? The nights when I forget to charge it and can’t use it are now ones where I sleep less well. It was also very helpful to have a personal call with Anna a few weeks after purchase and she had some good recommendations.
Posted 5 months ago
I bought this for my husband as he sleeps badly, which means that I do as well!! Since the day he received it he has slept so much better. He gets to sleep easier and if he wakes up he can get back to sleep rather than being awake for hours. Throughout the buying process Anna could not have been more helpful and I would recommend this product to anyone as it has changed our lives.
Posted 5 months ago
I’ll never go without my Zeez again! It is not a magic bullet BUT what it does do is help you get the best quality sleep you can. I wish I could tell you that you stick it under your pillow and you fall asleep for 8 hours but that’s not my experience. What is does do is promote a better quality, much deeper sleep than you wild otherwise. I was a horrible sleeper. With all kinds of supplements, sometimes up to 3 times the recommended dose, I was getting an average of 4.5 of light sleep a night. Now with a normal dose of magnesium and natural remedies I sleep about 6.5 hours and only wake up once a night! After about 3 months in I forgot to charge it and went without it. I woke up several times and woke up like I was hit by a bus. When I checked my Oura app it showed that I only had about 30 minutes of deep sleep and all together about 4 hours total. I made the mistake once and it will never happen again! I took off one star because the button is very difficult to press to turn on or reset the pebble. To be honest if I needed to hit it with a hammer 6 times while chanting I’d do it because the thing really does work!
Posted 6 months ago
I have to say Zeez is truly an innovative product that makes me feel not tired & sleepy during the day. For many years, I used to feel tired & sleepy during the day no matter how many hours I slept - even 8-10 hours. I have tried so many products that claim to improve my sleep, most didn't work. I really like putting Zeez on my chest for a quick 20-30 mins power nap, it feels refreshing.
Posted 6 months ago
My sleep patterns began to be disrupted according to my monthly cycle and changes in hormones that go with that. I tried various strategies; herbal supplements and diet, relaxation and exercise, nothing really helped. I heard about Zeez and after about a month of using it I could feel a difference in that it helped me fall asleep on days/nights in my cycle when I was previously struggling to fall or stay asleep. I use Zeez now as part of my everyday nightly routine. Thank you.
Posted 6 months ago
Amazing difference! After about 3 weeks I noticed a big difference in getting to sleep - much quicker - and the quality of my sleep - much deeper - this was with good sleep hygiene, talking to Anna of Zeez with her top tips and also by latterly using the Zeez pebble for 10 minute spurts for a couple of hours before going to bed. Life changing is no exaggeration!
Posted 7 months ago
After months of sleep anxiety and insomnia, the Zeez has really helped me rebuild my sleep confidence.
I used to go to bed with a racing heart and mind every night, but with the Zeez, I found I was drifting off a lot quicker.
Its not a miracle cure, but night by night I started to get much better sleep quality, which in turn reduced my anxiety and further helped enhance my sleep.
I've now gone more than 2 weeks without and sleeping pills which is the longest I have gone since the start of the year, and I'm feeling a lot more positive as a result.

Anna's customer care is also second to none.

Would highly recommend!
Posted 8 months ago
The zeez is quite simply fantastic! It has revolutionised the way I sleep and I now get deep sleep for 7-8 hours a night. I now regularly wake up feeling very refreshed and highly energised. And this is against a back drop of waking up at 5am every morning for the last 10 years and typically getting patchy sleep so I was somewhat sceptical when I purchased it. No chance I will be offering to give it back under the free 3 month refund policy !!
Posted 8 months ago
Thank-you! I love sceptics. Scepticism is an appropriate response to much of what we are offered and it is rewarding to show that we really can help.
Posted 8 months ago
Over the past few weeks I have used a sleep tracker to assess the impact of Zeez. The tracker seems to support my subjective feeling that sleep has improved in terms of depth and duration. Two things I have found helpful: a positive mind and intention that it will over time be beneficial; and the use of classical music, meditation and hypnosis cds. The way this probably works is that these preparatory practices reduce high beta waves to alpha and the Zeez then takes over to go much deeper.
Posted 9 months ago
Thank-you. Classical music, meditation and hypnosis do slow our brainwaves, making the job of the Zeez easier. The Zeez starts with 10 minutes of alpha frequencies. Many of us need more, although for people who are used to falling asleep immediately, it can feel too long. We can use the first 10 mins of the Zeez sequence to deepen relaxation in the evening. For that, it is enough to put the Zeez in a pocket, whereas to help our deep sleep it must be under out head.
Posted 9 months ago
Zeez is rated 4.82 based on 62 reviews