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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Saved about 30 quid a month after the subscription fee! It's been so great you honestly can't beat 10% cashback on everything. Those complaining about the fee don't realise they can use this service to make money I guess. That's what it'd for. Legitimate service.
Posted 5 months ago
I've signed up 3 times & cancelled twice (because I wasn, t using it). I can, t understand all the complaints?? It clearly states you get the money off your next purchase & that it cost £15 a month (which you can claim back monthly on a purchase). I have saved hundreds on items I was going to buy anyway especially on ebay. The Argos gift card offer of £100 costs only £80 which is a bargain.
Posted 6 months ago
Once you get the hang of this to use the savings company it is amazing. I save so much money. You just have to remember to buy one thing a month to get your subscription money back. Really easy to get the cash back and the gift cards are an additional bonus.
Posted 7 months ago
If you don’t know what you’re signing up for you’re an idiot. If you’re unaware of the monthly charge for months or years then you must have too much money. Made hundreds from them in a couple of years. (Probably at the expense of those who don’t read the contract 😀.)
Posted 7 months ago and are online discount retailers. Usually for £15 per month. They are usually started by making an online payment of some kind ie PapaJohns, Trainline, Argos etc which asks if you want a discount. By ticking or unticking a box you get the discount but in the background will sign you up for the £15 per month but the £15 won't start charging you till the next month. Its simple to fix. First contact your bank who can stop any other transactions to the retailer and then contact completesave via email or phone number (obtained on their website). So long as you havent used the discount facility after the initial transaction then completesave can usually refund you in full. Please note it is always the previous month almost to the day when the first £15 comes off is what triggered it. So if you have seen complete save in 15May then look at your statement for roughly the same date in Apr and you will often see the online payment that started it. Always check your bank statements on a regular basis for unusual activity. Also please contact your bank to have them stop any future dated payments if you do not wish to be charged again.
Posted 7 months ago
You know what, when i initially signed up I was dubious and can understand why there are so many bad reviews below. The simple truth is people saw the £16 cash back and clicked without actually reading what they were sihning up for. Whilst sympathetic, its really their own fault for thinking they were getting something for nothing. In all honesty, I absolutly love this service. That is not to say it has been seamless but all in all I have found complete cashback to be both straight forward and through it i have recouped over £200 in cash back. I can see many people complain about the £15 debit, but they give you a £15 cash monthy bonus so the cost is negliable for the savings made. I would really recommend.
Posted 8 months ago
love it not a scam
Posted 8 months ago
I signed in to Complete Savings buying a train ticket from Greater Anglia. Basically you pay £15 a month and you get back: £15 worth of a Monthly Bonus, which in my case is a voucher to be used solely in Greater Anglia and so far I used each month, plus 10% cashback from retailers (we use Dunelm, MADE.COM, Clinique, Fat Face, Joules, B&Q and eBay quite often. There are many more as well), even if you buy clearance or sale discounted products. With the discount we are getting average £35 cashback every month. Sometimes they take a little bit long to give the cash back, but no more than 3 weeks, and sometimes if a purchase was not registered automatically you need to send them a mail with the receipt. But it always works. For us, this saves us with no effort £35 per month (the train voucher pays for the £15 to be payed each month). If you are a bigger retailer consumer, you can get even much more than that as cashback. I don't know why so many negative reviews, as when you sign in, it clearly says that you will pay £15 each month from the second month or you can cancel suscription anytime for free. Surely people make negative reviews to get an extra benefit (I find that quite annoying)
Posted 10 months ago
If you read the rules, before you sign up, and know what your signing up for, you can make good money from Complete Savings! Yes, you have a £15 monthly subscription, BUT, you only have to remember to spend a £1 on somewhere like eBay, to get the £15 refunded each month! The benefits 10% off eBay, Argos etc. I even got 10% off a full flight value, not just the 'pre-tax' value! Currently, I have paid them £75 and received back £171.50!
Posted 1 year ago
I regularly use complete savings for train tickets and online purchases and i receive cashback for doing so. I get charged £15 a month but receive this back with the monthly bonus offer. I think if you make sure you receive the monthly bonus and are a savy shopper this is a good website to use.
Posted 2 years ago
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