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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Bad customer services and their description of products are misguiding very very poor
Posted 1 year ago
Totally disappointed
Totally disappointed once again how Synetiq treat their costumers. I accidentally put a bid on a car which still has 9 days to go so I called in to explain. I was told to put it in writing to cancel the bid which I did. I had done as they asked they then proceeded to suspend my account. I called in again to explain the situation and I’ve now been told I have to pay £120 relist fees. What a joke!!
I’m a small business but a regular buyer and bought 5 cars this week. It’s frustrating being treated like this when it was a genuine mistake. I hope more people leave reviews so potential customers can see what sort of company this is and hopefully by taking their business elsewhere they will have a different attitude towards customers who spend money with them to keep these people employed.
Posted 1 year ago
Where do I start, if I had my way not one star for these clowns. My issue is with Synetiq Donkeycaster (Doncaster). Won my bid went to pick my car which stated runs and drives. Got to collections some random sausage and egg muffin eating looking bloke goes to get my car only to come back and tell me it doesn’t drive. That was it, all the way from London to Donkeycaster Synetiq. The two receptionist ( SWA) Synetiq with attitude, were behaving like hood rat gangsters. Not a company, but simply legalised criminal’s. Their time is up,
Posted 4 months ago
simple hills salvage cartransplants motorhog asm and anyone else to do with synetiq group theiving bastards
Posted 4 months ago
Having joined this syndicated chain of--,nowdays, --TAKE ON MERCHANTS-- a couple of years ago while it was still possible to deal with someone on a face to face basis, I've bought quite a few salvage motors from the various of the sites and learned they all have their --for want of a better word, "Idiosynchrasies". And for the most part--same as most normal people , mentally adjusted ,and included /allowed for them --wherever aware--in my calculations when bidding --eg; --like you always have to allow an extra score whenever buying out of Bury St Edmunds because the lowlife penny-pinchers in the yard will have milked the tank of every drop- barring a thimble full- of juice --all in the interests of safety --of course--------So if you're like me you then know not to use the yard unless you want to take a can with you to ensure it'll start again when you get it home--

What is a new twist altogether however --certainly for me--is the extent of how the ---what was once called --"shill bidding"--whereby some little maggot sitting in an office, with a selection of moody accounts is --basically-- running the motors up to ensure that any" bargain ", to be bought, will achieve the governors minimum price without utilising the reserve price feature-- has increased with these-hence the amount of repeated listings+-that's something that has always been happening at online auctions since they started-- and of course a percentage of the "increased take" arrives in said maggot's hand --probably by a backhander, or "bonus" --Obviously though someone has got greedy somewhere, because last week I bought --according to the snotty nosed, attitude challenged, "didlo", I spoke too down in Southampton -- an absolute pile of excrement -previously seized by the council--with no keys--so needing transporting ,a hundred or so miles, in the middle of a pandemic -- almost identical to one --except a year earlier--I'm about to put into the breakers, which came in as a part ex , and has been like a landmark, driving me mad---ever since---- so I'm going to buy another one to block the road up with???? Yeah Right!!!!!----------------------------------
But it had to be me --according to both "personality challenged" down at Southampton --and the crone they've put in charge of the "Complaints blocking Proceedure "-the bunch of muppets at the call centre designed to "run interference"--or basically remove the problem of the bosses, at Synertiq ,ever having any form of complaint /responsibility, from or too, the punters, ever getting close to their "pearly shell-likes"-- which might in some way cause them to have to," knowingly ", accept responsibility for the urine extraction culture, that is creeping into a semi-merged group of rip off merchants, in which none is responsible to any other, but in which, any, feeble brained div, employed by any of them, can suspend accounts throughout the group.
The reason it could only be me who bid -according to Madam Von-Snotsworthy--at the complain blocking bureau--was the "uniqueness" of my account --and that if I didn't bid --then I must have breached the security element of it in some way ---except I didn't--- and nor did I bid, on what in effect was a pile of excrement --which was heavily "run up" by the aforementioned -"maggot"--so boil it down how they liked in self justification--their claim of "uniqueness" is an absolute load of absolute bullshite------cant be anything but----
Being, presented, by the bumpkin, I spoke too, with a choice of --essentially--"give us three and a half --plus our imposed whack--plus the transportation money ,because there are no keys with this particular breaker---, for a pile of Shhh --you know what--,that's just about acceptable to the local iron yard, or accept a suspension of your account --because we cannot be wrong -- ,could only ever have the one outcome, --because in short,--I'd rather burn the money, in a pile in front of them, than stand for the three card trick ,from any crook, who thinks they're holding me over any barrel,and can act like a divvy dictator " simply because they can" -----------And basically that outcome is "enjoy yourself --spinning on the middle one "--because you need punters much more than they need to have their ears taken off by self important,arrogant, divs with" delusions of grandeur"-----far too many other salvage yards about to suffer, too much, of your old toffee under the guise of "we cannot be wrong"

In other words you might have caught a pensioner for a score of quids in membership fees --but it'll probably be the dearest score you ever took anyone on for --given the much deserved bad publicity, I intend, to do my utmost, to bestow upon what are, essentially, a bunch of second rate crooks catching the public at every opportunity---
Posted 7 months ago
Just rubbish if looking for Racist compani go in there after you know never I’m not go winning again
Posted 8 months ago
Bought a Toyota Corolla on auction on 07/04/2020, listing was a police disposal,I had to wait until the easing of lockdown to collect the car ,upon collecting the car I found out that the catalyst converter has been stolen ,on the listing ,it was not disclosed that the catalyst converter was missing,i always avoided bidding on cars that had this part missing because they were clearly stated that the catalyst converter was missing,what this means is that the catalyst converter was stolen at the yard by staff at Oldham branch of Synetiq where the car was located,I complained to the headquarters of the company and got my account suspended , this is a syndicate operating from the headquarters to the branch level,this never happened when the company was trading as Motorhog before ,I will not Appeal my suspension cause i will not do any business with them anymore,those who want to bid for anything from them must know that they are dealing with a co-ordinated syndicate that will always look for an opportunity to still from them,they will not suppress customer reviews by suspensions,buyer be ware ,this is the most expensive way of buying a cheap car or parts ,the additional cost due to theft of parts by company staff on already purchased vehicles is huge .
Posted 9 months ago
Descriptions are useless, cars often has a lot more damage than indicated, many cars gets relisted if they don't go high enough, seems like a rip off. Been with them for couple of years but will not renew subscription anymore.
Posted 9 months ago
I really wouldn't bother trying to order from this company. I tried to buy a wiper motor (via Parts Gateway). They claimed to have 3 in stock, so I chose the one that appealed most. Strangely the website listed it as available, even after I had paid. That rang the first alarm bell. Then it didn't arrive, even after a week, despite them claiming that it would be delivered within 3-4 working days. That rang the second alarm bell.

Before I could complain I received an email telling me that I was being refunded, but there was no explanation or apology. At least they did the decent thing without prompting, so that's one thing I can't complain about.

Don't be deceived; you're wasting your time with this shower of charlatans.
Posted 11 months ago
Do not buy any salvage vehicles from this company, they remove parts From the vehicles you are buying priority to collection, don't matter you view the vehicles or not even if it shows on their listing picture they still remove the parts and selling other people, this is a complete rip off company i had 2 vehicles parts was been removed from the cars, I'm going to report this company to the trading standart agency, make sure you avoid this rip off and rude people
Posted 1 year ago

They are fully aware that trading standards have taken the decade off


The well spoken female staff are aptly placed to lure you into a false sense of queens English assurance. They lie about everything. No one is accountable.

The joining fee is £60
If you make a mistake (which is very easy to do) within a week or so they suspend account.

The ‘relisting fee’ to lift account suspension is ===£120.00===

If you think you are going to find a one off bargain think again.

This company makes money without selling any vehicles!!!

And now I have answered the question I initially asked why do auctions continue after it’s closed. The answer is it’s not a genuine auction at all but an attempt to sell you something of no value at all.



WHAT IS SAID TO START AND DRIVE CAN CHANGE A DAY BEFORE AUCTION CLOSES. Categories can be added changed after bids have been placed.



So you may not have a fancy law degree to know the answer?
Just ask yourself the question does this sound right to you?
No returns no refunds.

I am certain the staff will be posting reviews here in order to manipulate reviews.co.uk stats, if they bid on their own vehicles they’ve already sold their mothers for a fiver!!!

What a deeply sad place this must be to work.
Posted 1 month ago
Do not go near this company. You can't speak to them other than through chat online. They don't describe the vehicles properly and aren't interested in helping . As other reviewers have said, stay well clear.
Posted 2 months ago
Con artists – “due to Covid", we couldn’t view SYNETIQ cars before bidding and so SYNETIQ use this opportunity to sell cr*p, thinking we would be legally bound to take the vehicle if we didn’t like it. SYNETIQ falsely advertise their vehicles on ASM bidding site in such a way that it reveals no damage. SYNETIQ claimed the car had MOT a month ago, yet when we put on the ignition, the lights were blinking all over the dashboard!
On the ASM bidding site SYNETIQ described one fault - a minor crack in the screen. The rest of the pictures were beautiful and we have trust in ASM so we buy it, pay for insurance and spend 3 hours of our day driving to collect the car from SYNETIQ.

OH BOY were we horrified, what a story for Watchdog!

When we arrived, the first thing we hear from an abrupt foreign receptionist is “no photos to be taken here!” so alarm bells went off immediately. She drives the car outside the gates for us and we take a look.

What was wrong with the car? Everything, and that was without driving it. Both indicator lights physically broken and with water inside; engine light was on; ABS lights were on; Cosmetics - every bumper on the car was cracked and loose; the boot wouldn't close, the inside door handles were broken; cigarette ash everywhere; rust covered with cheap spray paint - I've never seen such a poor state of a car in the UK! This must’ve been brought over from the deepest darkest Africa. Even the fob key had a hole in it!
Before even trying to drive it we walked back to the Polish "dealer" who abruptly told us it was "sold as advertised" and that if we wanted a refund we must contact the head office by email or online chat. So we get home and spend an hour on the chat and the imbecile on the other end was only there to waste our time. After telling us they don't guarantee mechanical soundness on their vehicles, the chat went quiet and eventually came to an abrupt end.

Abrupt seems to be their motto.

So now we need to spend how much time taking legal action against them because clearly SYNETIQ are con artists who have many years’ experience in dealing with unwanted cars. Actually their company is only a year old, I wonder what their previous con artist name was.

Oh and BTW, the Polish bugger said that the reason we didn’t want the car was because of its looks and that we only used the engine light as an excuse to request to cancel. He was going to tell the head office so that we don’t get our refund. All recorded on video and going you YOU TUBE
Posted 4 months ago
Don’t buy a car from there auction site as they sell cars that don’t even belong to them that shouldn’t be sold and then they won’t even get your car back which they shouldn’t have sold in the first place. Absolute bunch of first class wankers worst company in the uk can’t trust them at all
Posted 6 months ago
I've won the bid on 28th March and have collected the car on the same day. The V5 was not present thus been promised by the Doncaster Church Lane staff that I will receive V5 following week.
I understand that due to the coronavirus outbreak they have a shortage of staff. Unfortunately, after two emails, a phone call and online chat I have not received V5 or any reply. Right now the vehicle is on the street untaxed.
The email was sent to the site manager, no response whatsoever, total ignorance. They are pleased to take your money but don't expect any help from them.
Do not recommend the Doncaster Church Lane site. They simply do not care about their customers.
Posted 10 months ago
I bought a bmw e90 320i se 2009 from them few months ago i quote “front damage” everything else was mint all around. As i got it repaired guess what has been cut off? The NOX sensor (main dealers cost around £4-£500) my garage said the way it has been cut was with scissors and has not fell etc. So how can that be missing i really wonder. Let me tell you. Theres thieving scumbags that work in synetiq that take expensive parts off the vehicles. Eg pump kit sensors tools. Stop cheating us tradesman you scumbags and leave the cars as it is. So for this reason reverted back to copart.
Posted 10 months ago
dirty thieving synetiq c..ts
Posted 11 months ago
Where's my refund for the wrong part you sent? It's been collected so where's my money?
Posted 1 year ago
Diabolic shambles from start to finish, don't know their ar#e from their elbow.
Posted 1 year ago
Very poor descriptions provided about damages - PLEASE CAN YOU START LISTING APPROPRIATE DAMAGE SO THAT CUSTOMERS CAN MAKE AN INFORMED DECISIONS- start treating customers fairly
Posted 1 year ago
www.synetiq.co.uk is rated 1.55 based on 38 reviews