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About Lead Forensics:

In our fast paced world, real-time engagement has never been so important, and even better when it is human-to-human. Statistically, 84% of B2B buyers will purchase from the first organisation they engage with, and yet reacting quickly to opportunities is something that most B2B organisations struggle with. Lead Forensics enables businesses to engage with prospects and customers faster than ever before, right at the point when they are most engaged - whilst they are visiting your website.

Lead Forensics provides all the intel required to start valuable, relevant and meaningful conversations with your website visitors, in real-time. Lead Forensics will identify who your visitors are, where they have come from, what they are looking at - and importantly, what stage they are at within your sales pipeline. Route visiting customers directly to their Account Manager, and delight them with your pro-activity. Direct existing prospects their Sales Representative, and fuel marketing automation with highly engaged new prospects.

98% of your website visitors will never inquire with you. Uncover that potential with Lead Forensics.

Lead Forensics was established in 2009, and operates on a global basis with over 60,000 customers worldwide. Our team consists of around 700 dedicated SaaS specialists based in locations such as Scottsdale, Atlanta, Portsmouth and Bristol.

Lead Forensics wholly owns its matched IP database, it's our crown jewels - and is what sets us apart from the rest in terms of providing maximum value to each and every one of our customers. Our matched IP database can identify 1.4 billion IP addresses and we add more than 55 million contacts every year, both of which ensures that our visitor match rate is head and shoulders the best in the industry. Not only that, but as we own our database, all data is rigorously cleansed annually and goes through intensive verification processes. It's what's under the hood that really matters, and in side by side comparisons Lead Forensics provides the highest quality and volume of identified visitors, packaged up in a user intuitive dashboard that provides granular detail as well as insightful reporting. The result? A solution that our customers can have absolute faith in, proven ROI and a commitment to providing industry leading website visitor intelligence, that truly makes a difference in helping our customers to grow.

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Lead Forensics has been an excellent source of information. The ability to see who is looking at your site and what their interests are cannot be overemphasized. For any business that relies on selling a product, I would definitely recommend.
Lead Forensics helps me to identify the visitors and transform them into Leads and that´s way it is one of relevant sources for sales funnel.
Fantastic sales tool
Lead Forensics is a great tool for us as a B2B company. It allows us to monitor the level of interest in our products in different countries, and identify companies within our industry that could be lesser known to our distributors, and engage with them to make a sale. We also work with our distributors in the countries to go after the companies that visit our website by means of a weekly/monthly call and going through the leads with them, allowing for a much closer relationship between manufacturer/distributor.
Great customer service and customer orientation1
Very helpful in identifying warmer leads
Lead Forensics let's me know when my customer are on our website. By seeing what they are reviewing it gives me a chance to prepare material to send to them or to talk about.
Its a good tool to understand end to end user journey. I use it extensively for tracking visitors from my digital marketing campaigns.
Great platform giving decent visibility of our web traffic and accurate company data. We’ve been using it for 18 months and have seen a good ROI as we embedded it into our outbound sales process.
Really good on knowing what Customers are visiting on you page and what offerings they are interested in.
customer service and ease of arranging views, assigning to managers and ability to see repeat visitors is a real win for us
Lead Forensics allows me to access prospects and turn them into customers by using their technology platform which is invaluable and certainly more cost effective than conventional modes of advertising or in person cold calls. The best analogy would be that it is more like sharp shooting versus using Buckshot.
Lead Forensics has been a great asset. There are companies that I have not ever heard of during my long tenure in the industry that I now have communication with. My funnel is stronger because of Lead Forensics.
Great service, even better employees.
I have been using Lead Forensics for over 2 years now. It has proved to be a valuable tool in allowing myself and team members to understand who and potentially why someone is looking at the services we provide. We have since deployed it to a number of our clients.
its really perfect, it takes my work much more easier, thank you very much!
Great platform, superb service.
Love the daily visitor report. Very insightful
We started using your application for managing leads and opportunities and so far it works very well for us :)
Great service backed up by the best staff, the guy who looks after our accounts we have on 4 companies goes way above and beyond his role implementing new ideas and integrating with our software.
Lead Forensics is rated 4.13 based on 90 reviews