Botanical Menopause Complex Subscription Refillable Glass Jar - 30 days supply Reviews

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Wild Nutrition started with one family. Charlie and Henrietta Norton wanted the very best support for their own health and that of their children as well as Henrietta’s patients. They couldn’t find it anywhere and so decided to create it themselves. Wild Nutrition is a unique Food-Grown® supplement brand providing bespoke formulations for all age stages of life. Today, they offer over 40 products within 6 ranges and are stocked throughout the UK and Scandinavia.

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I really value and appreciate the excellence, ethos and authenticity of Wild Nutrition. The arena of supplements on offer today can be overwhelming and confusing, what to take for what and how effective are they?. In my opinion Wild Nutrition does all the hard work for you in offering high quality supplements in a way that makes it simple to feel assured that you are getting the right supplements for your general health needs. Their Botanical Menopause Complex has really helped with my menopausal symptoms. The team at Wild Nutrition are as excellent as their products, they have always been helpful and well informed, and when I did have a question that the person I was speaking to couldn't answer someone rang me back promptly with the answer. They were also very professional when a package went astray in the post, immediately resending the products at their expense. I highly recommend them.
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Great product, only recently started taking them so can't say how well they are working, but no side effects to report. Very easy to swallow capsules, do have an aftertaste as with many other capsules on the market, but a very pleasant and light taste. Beautiful packaging, a little expensive, but the quality is top notch, so completely understand that. So far so good.
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I am going through peri-menopause and have complex issues like dysmenorrhea and menorrhagia. This product has helped me feel normal in that the symptoms of menopause like hot flush etc to be very much reduced. I also noticed that I feel much better emotionally and seem more focused and healthy. My complex issues has stopped and does not occur as well. Probably it had supported somewhat in my body system. It is a good product, good for value and a neat clean product. No side effects whatsoever.
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We're so pleased to hear this Mary! Hearing scenarios like this makes doing what we do feel all the more worthwhile. Thank you for choosing to support our brand. :)