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Wild Nutrition started with one family. Charlie and Henrietta Norton wanted the very best support for their own health and that of their children as well as Henrietta’s patients. They couldn’t find it anywhere and so decided to create it themselves. Wild Nutrition is a unique Food-Grown® supplement brand providing bespoke formulations for all age stages of life. Today, they offer over 40 products within 6 ranges and are stocked throughout the UK and Scandinavia.

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I started using this product 6 months ago to try and counter some of my peri menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes, mood swings and general lack of energy. I found it really helps and although I still get hot flushes they are far less acute. My energy levels are right back up and coupled with taking WN magnesium every night my sleep patterns are so much better than before. Interestingly, I stopped taking this product for a month to see if there was a difference and I really noticed it with my hot flushes returning in force, so I will definitely keep taking it. I’ve recommended it to several friends who also have had success with it.
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It’s the first Menopause support I’ve taken that has actually made me feel better and I’ve tried a few before. Setting up a subscription!
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This complex has been life changing for me. I was really suffering from mood swings and cramps relating to peri menopause and this has helped beyond words. I feel supported and balanced .Thank you
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I've signed up for the subscription but I'm not getting through it fast enough.
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To date I have not felt any affects from the tablets. I will continue to take the rest of that bottle and go from there
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A life changing product for me; sweats and flushes almost gone and I feel back to myself. Twice I’ve run out and symptoms have returned. Give the supplements a month to work.
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Unfortunately these have made no difference to me, I was so optimistic when I purchased them
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Hello, We are sorry to hear you have had this experience. We would love for you to speak with one of our trained Nutritional Therapists to discuss this. If you would like this please email and we will arrange this for you. Wishing you all the best.