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Buy this extra roof vent in silver for your Eden Consort, Viscount or Regal Greenhouse to provide extra ventilation and moderate humidity inside your greenhouse. Not supplied with glass. Greenhouse Accessories > Greenhouse Roof Vents

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Hazel B
I bought a 6ft x 6ft Green Grow Master Polycarbonate Greenhouse. This is no use whatsover if you live in an area which experiences wind of over 40mph. I have rebuilt it at least 4 times before storm Ciara finished it off completely. Each time I re-built it I added extra screws and washers. It is not fit for purpose in my view. Also, stating that the frame and base have a 10 year guarantee is fairly pointless as this is only for manufacturing faults. It's too flimsy to be any use. There's nothing to keep the door shut either so I had to put a bolt through the top runner. I've wasted almost £300 on this and now have to remove it, dispose of it and buy another. No refund of any kind offered by Greenhouse Stores.
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Jonathon C
This product is not strong enough to withstand strong winds. I have rebuilt it 3 times since last summer. I will have to replace it and I've just lost about £300 Not robust
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Vickie C
after sales advise very poor no response if assistance required just blame Eden
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Putting the greenhouse together required a degree in engineering, it took my very handy son 3 days to erect it. The sliding doors are very stiff to open and close despite the use of WD40, one of the bottom ones cannot be moved at all rather limiting the usable space.
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George M
Ordered a 6x6 Grow Master Aluminium Greenhouse. Initial service from the company very good indeed. Delivery was spot on. Greenhouse is not recommended - even for an entry level Greenhouse you can do much better for the same price (ended up ordering the aluminium Greenhouse 022 for £7 cheaper from Summer Gardeb Buildings as I have the 6x8 versionand it is by far superior quality and much easier to assemble). I found the instructions extremely confusing as the same manual covers 3 different models. The supports by the door had the holes drilled at the bottom of the support where they should be at the top, the nuts and bolts were really flimsy - 4 of them broke off clean when finger tightened. The panels are fitted extremely flimsy (as is clear from the other reviews). There are also huge gaps at the bottom and the top of the panels (at least 1/4 of an inch which will make maintaining a little heat inside in winter impossible). Overall I really suggest you think twice about buying this greenhouse as you can do much better for the same price. It is a pity that GreenHouse Stores sell this product as it does not add to their good reputation. There is also a no return policy once you have started to assemble it (which to some extent I can understand). When I called up to discuss this, my issues were completely dismissed which is a little disappointing as it seemed to me this was a reputable company. It is a shame that have to to rate this as 1 start to be able to write a review as I would give this product no stars whatsoever. I suggest you have a good look at Greenhouse Stores other greenhouse options as they have much better quality greenhouses available - but stay clear of this particular model ! George Maree
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The greenhouse is cheaper elsewhere. Instructions are out of date with several supplements that need to be read in conjunction with the out of date instructions. The polycarbonate glazing arrived with removable protective sheets in place UNDER the silver protective tape on the open ends so removal of the protective sheets damaged the protective tape and in some cases ripped it off completely. The window fitting instructions are useless for a small greenhouse with the window that goes to the edge, as the rubber stops provided to prevent movement will not fit at the open end and a bracket needs to be drilled and bolted in place instead. The bottom part of the window appears to be poorly fitted with large gaps that require filling in with sealant of some sort. The door handles are of very poor quality and are not finished in any way, they are just roughly cut bits of aluminium. The bar capping is a good idea but all bits supplied where either too long or too short so a lot of cutting was required to get a satisfactory coverage. The small bit of polycarbonate glazing above the door has no lower lip to seal onto or prevent movement,so a lot of sealant had to be used and an additional aluminium bar had to be fitted to prevent water ingress and movement. Overall I am now pleased with the greenhouse, but it took a lot of extra work and sealant to get it to an acceptable level.
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Raymond B
Took a long long time to arrive then the instructions were so vague I had to pay a lot of money to have it built by an expert. Maybe my fault but I didn’t expect real heavy glass.
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Nigel T
I've not seen the delivery yet, it has been delayed. We added painting to the spec required and then received very curt and direct calls from the factory telling us we'd be seeing a long delay (5 weeks) because of this. To start the delivery date was earlier than we had expected but I'm less than impressed with the length of delay and particularly the way that this was communicated. So I'm still waiting and not impressed so far...
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