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Buy this extra roof vent in silver for your Eden Consort, Viscount or Regal Greenhouse to provide extra ventilation and moderate humidity inside your greenhouse. Not supplied with glass. Greenhouse Accessories > Greenhouse Roof Vents

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This was a mistake. The shed, which took 2 of us most of a day to assemble, partly because of ridiculous instructions. On completion, despite making an absolutely level concrete base, we discovered the door did not line up with the space it should have, and swung closed very squint. It is very flimsy, and leaks from 3 of the top corners. It has limitations on how to use the upper space, as there are no ways of building shelves. I have to use hooks on the frame to hold batons to fix shelving onto. There is also no way of making it secure, even with a padlock, as all the fixings are on the outside so easily removed. The shed, for all the size was not cheap, it was an expensive and disappointing mistake.
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Don R
I ordered a greenhouse. I received a construction project. 321 separate parts to create a 6 by 2 greenhouse. Unbelievable. Instructions were poor (especially for constructing the door) and diagrams were fuzzy and badly printed. The glass format was different from the instructions and there was nothing included to help with that. Having said that I am very happy with the greenhouse
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Phil S
The instructions for this greenhouse were awful- very unclear indeed, actually getting the “glass” to stay in was also impossible with the bits of plastic supplied. Had to purchase W clips and use those. I very frustrating experience to be honest, but I guess you get what you pay for
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Peter J
The green house is okay and the instructions are easy enough to follow. There was two of the glass panes the wrong size, one in the door and the one below the vent so I've had to get ordinary glass panes cut to finish the job. I'm not convinced the perspex will stay in place during a storm but time will tell. Cheers John Foster
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Barry C
Aesthetically this product is beautiful but unfortunately the build, quality control and just about everyrhing else is just very poor. 1. The building process is excruciating, it took hours. There are very poor drawings to follow with no written explainations of the more complicated parts. 2. The kit I was sent does not match the images on the website nor the instructions. A couple of notable differences are the top glass panel which is a single sheet in the images and instructions but is actually two smaller panels separated by a metal bar, definitely doesn't look as nice like this. Also the casters connect in a completely different way to the instructions which meant I couldn't get the lower wooden boards to fit for ages while I tried to figure out what was wrong. 3. Two essential brackets were not included in my kit so I had to stop building the greenhouse half way through while I was sent replacements. 4. The glass doors are practically impossible to open and close, in fact one of the lower doors on my unit is literally impossible to open. the glass simply does not slide smoothly in the metal tracks, it took so much force to open the bottom door that I almost lost a finger. 5. The little stand to hold open the flap at the top is absolutely laughable. If someone so much as walks past it drops and crashes the flap closed, no chance it can stand up to any kind of breeze. Honestly we wanted more than anything to just get a refund on the product but it took so long to build that the thought of dismantling it to return was nauseating.
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Helen L
Very disappointed to find that my greenhouse needed a bespoke base which must be the exact size for the greenhouse. As a novice buyer I didn't know this and it isn't clearly stated on the website. Customer service when I called was appalling, rude and aggressive and very uncooperative. A full set of glass was smashed when it arrived, and I didn't even bother to call them about it after my first encounter.
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Grant S
The instructions are quite useless worst I’ve ever seen there is no way to work out and may as well not with any Also very poor service in terms of negotiating delivery
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Denise P
Very complex and time consuming to put together
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