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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Hassled by companies
You fill out a quote form next thing you are hounded with cold calls from unwanted insurance companies
Prices were higher than other comparison sites
Not happy at all. The quote given for the content insurance on your website was absolutely different from the insurance provider just after the payment procedures. When complained to the Swinton insurance company, I was informed to make a complain to I felt that put the wrong information on the quote.
Within 10 minutes I had some smarmy salesman trying to sell me insurance over the phone NO EFFING CHANCE
Didn't get a good prices
Went through the process then got declined by the provider I had chosen. Confused offered to get someone to call me - excellent. Asked what time I would be free and the phone call I received was not in the time I selected but I answered it as I wasn't busy at work fortunately. The lady spoke to me about the application but then said i would need to speak to another department who weren't open but she could get them to call me back when they were at a time I could choose - again excellent. Every phone call I received was not in the times I had requested and therefore I have had no further contact except missed call after missed call. Either call me when I've requested or don't phone me.
I have been bombarded with telephone calls every day from several different companies since looking for quotes not acceptable. If I wanted more information on any of the quotes I would have called them direct.
Offered low quotes, then increased the chosen quote by 50% when I applied, based on the same information I had already supplied before getting the original quotes! What a waste of my time!
Completed personal details for life insurance quote on, but instead of getting a quote, i have been inundated with roughly 5 calls a day from a company who use witheld numbers, numbers with my local prefix and numerous mobile numbers in an attempt to get me to answer their calls. Made it clear at the first call that i was not interested in their product but this has not deterred them. Bordering on harassment. Have received lots of spam email also. Abuse of personal details. Very concerning.
No one ever called
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