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Consuming just 2.5 Watts of power, the non-dimmable 48SMD GU10 LED Bulb is the perfect spotlight replacement for your old style 40W halogen GU10s so you can swap them straight over and start saving money instantly.
You can start making your savings immediately with a multi buy discount when buying 10 or more. On top of this, any discount code running can take between 10-20% off of the reduced.
And that is not all! You should also know that these 2.5W GU10 LED bulbs can be shipped free of charge if your order exceeds £40.
Key Features That Makes It Special
Each 2.5W GU10 bulb comes with 48 individual high power 3528 Surface Mounted Diode LEDs making it the perfect replacement for a 40W incandescent. The product also comes with a milky glass cover to slightly diffuse the light.
The GU10 48SMD comes with an output of 268 Lumens and a wide beam angle of 120° along with 2 colour variations. One is Warm White (3000K) which is a soft white, similarly coloured to old style halogen spotlight, while Cool White (6000K) is a clear white used mainly in bathrooms and more modern designed rooms. These colour variations make it the best replacement for your existing 40W incandescent.
If you are having trouble working out what will be the best then have a read of our colour guide to find the best colour possible. We have also prepared a guide on things to consider when purchasing LED spotlights.
On top of this, all of our LED GU10s contain no mercury and have a instant on feature, so unlike old style halogens that take a while to get to full brightness through heating up, you will instantly be at full brightness.
We sell a wider range of GU10 LED bulbs both dimmable and non-dimmable while having a wattage of 2.5, 3, 3.3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 9 Watts.
Energy Savings And Product Lifespan
Typically LED GU10 spotlights use around 90% less energy than their halogen counterparts, running between 2.5W to 9W. They also last for up to 50,000 hours, 50 times longer than halogen spotlights, making them an extremely cost effective lighting solution.
For more details about the key features of LED GU10 products see the video provided below:
5 Year Warranty And Returns Process
All Mirrorstone products come with a 2 year warranty as standard, with a large range of them being able to be upgraded to a 5 Year Warranty. All of the Mirrorstone LED spotlights are included in the range of lighting products that can be upgraded to a 5 year warranty.
You can also benefit from our 28 day home trial, letting you decide if your product is bright enough or if you want to change the colour.
If you require any more information on this 2.5W GU10 bulb or any of our LED lighting solutions, please don't hesitate to contact us via telephone on 0116 321 4120 or through e-mail on

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Ian Curtis
I don't know what they are like because I still haven't received them. The delivery came with a delivery note stating "satin chrome" instead of polished chrome. When I opened the box they were brass! I contacted customer services who made me send them a photo to prove they were the wrong colour. I then had to send the items back. They won't dispatch the correct products until they have received the wrong ones.... so, I'm still waiting over a week later.
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Soyab Jangharia
Twice they have got my order wrong, I spent £200 on my first order I ordered led lights 15 metres they only sent me 7metres but charged me for 15, as I had opened the package after 28 days they were not helpful at all and said they couldn’t send me the remaining length. I didn’t complain at the time but am now because my second order was a 6 metre led light strip in cool white, they come in 5 metre lengths so had to attach another metre to it but they attached a metre of warm white lighting Instead of cool white so now my light looks a bit daft with warm white and cool white mixed together!! Won’t be ordering from these guys again
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James Douglass
Wholesale LED Lights sent out the wrong product - I'm waiting for the 5050 SMD LED strips.
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Brian Binns
I have rated these lights as very poor because the finish to the chrome bezel is terrible on the edges, and this is the part you see. The fitting in itself is robust and I like the fact that the bezel screws on rather than a clip as I have seen on other fittings. Sad and rather annoying that Wholesale LEDS could not accept my word that the bezel is poor quality and send me a replacement, but requested that I send them a image for them to consider. I am still awaiting a response from them and they have had the nerve to ask me for a review before having resolved the problem. Rather cart before horse I would say. So unless this as far as I am concerned at present I think their customer service sucks. I will be more than happy to withdraw this review on satisfactory resolution, can't say fairer than that can I.
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M E Stirling
Very easy to install but light is too dim to be any use other than background. Certainly no use as a table lamp for reading
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On initial test this driver looked fine, although some mounting lugs for a more secure mounting than double sided tape would have been nice. After installing it though I learn the hard way that the driver must be permanently powered for it to remember its pairing with a controller. This is a show stopper for any installation where power is likely to be switched, either deliberately or accidentally.
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Andrew Deane
Never received !!!!! Not happy!!!
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Geoff Davis
I requested 2M strip to be cut into 2 x 50 cm and 1 x 100 cm strips. The LEDs are well made and bright. The LEDs were for fixing underneath Kitchen Cabinets using the self adhesive backing. The cabinets were cleaned/degreased using IPA and the LEDs fixed to the cabinet. However, when the LEDs had been ON for a while the heat generated warmed and softened the adhesive to the point where the LEDs came away from the cabinet. In the end had to remove the adhesive and use another double sideded tape. So the 'poor' rating is purely based on this deficiency. If they are used in a different location they would probably be OK
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