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Not portable in the true sense of the word, I mean if you want to give up your weight allowance on a plane be my guest but what this speaker has done is enable me to thin out my sonos system. You can still create a stereo pair so I got rid of my old 5's in my living room but I no longer need to say okay, I'm doing the hoovering upstairs so I will use the upstairs speakers, I can carry speakers around the house. Obviously excluding the stereo pair. I can take all of my moves into the garage if I really want to annoy my neighbours but the point is you no longer need to think of where you might like to listen to music in some random occurrence, Why anybody would want fixed speakers unless they are using sub etc. is beyond me. Love them. I have 5 in total and an old playbar. Best "move" I ever made. See what I did there?
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Posted 4 days ago
Shaun Smith
Great portable speaker and great sound, Sonos app works great and linking music in other rooms is great. With the added benefit of Alexa it’s great. Could be a few quid cheaper but overall you get what you pay for.
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Posted 3 weeks ago
Richard Bennett
Smart homes sounds were excellent as usual in terms of communication, help and advice.
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Posted 1 month ago
James Flanagan
Great product for the garden. The house all all the SONOS products but I needed something that would work in the garden, without wifi. This is perfect for the job.
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Posted 2 months ago
Peter Joyner
I'm really pleased with my Sonos 'Move'. Great sound, and reaches much further down my garden than I expected. Very happy
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Posted 2 months ago
Samantha Kerr
Why did I wait so long to purchase this. Great sound and now linked up to my pair of One’s. Great advice and service from Smart Home too!
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Posted 3 months ago
Jane Moxon
Great sound as always with Sonos speakers. The speaker looks good and easy to move around. Big disappointment is the battery which needs charging daily. How come mobile phones have batteries that last for hours with constant use yet the battery on the move lasts less than a day with little use? The only way the battery lasts ten hours is if you turn it on low and leave it to play. That is not normal daily usage and impractical. When the move is in standby or turned off you can see the battery percentage reduce before your eyes eg battery today at 9am was 100%, radio used for 40 minutes this morning, battery now 25%. Overall a poor Sonos product.
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Posted 5 months ago
Neil Winstanley
Just simply amazing quality. The only regret I have is not buying a Move sooner! The Sonos App makes setting up the Move very simple, and I really enjoying being able to listen to one song across three rooms. We have two beams, and two One SL’s as surround sound.
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Posted 6 months ago