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Buy this extra roof vent in silver for your Eden Regent or Marquess Greenhouse to provide extra ventilation. Not supplied with glass. Greenhouse Accessories > Greenhouse Roof Vents

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Michael D
The concept of using plastic retainers for the panels is not very good in a strong wind as they do not hold the PVC panels in place. Several side panels came out but only into the garden so I was able to put them back. Metal clips as used for glass are far better and should be contained in the whole package offered for sale. The door does not stay on its runners in a strong wind. I had to resort to putting a loaded wheelie-bin up against it to hold it in place. The greenhouse is situated in a sheltered urban garden.
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Do not buy this greenhouse if you live anywhere with wind speeds over 40mph. It is extremely flimsy and will not hold together with the fixings supplied. The door doesn't even stay shut in the wind (so I had to put a bolt in the top rail to stop it opening), and when the wind gets in that's when the damage starts. Since the storm on 9th February it is now completely destroyed and the frame is bent. It's just not fit for purpose. I would put 0 for this review if I could. I have re-built it 4 times even before these recent storms and each time used extra screws etc.
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Very pour
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Graham T
Doors don’t close because concrete base is not absolutely dead flat. I did not realise it had to be dead flat. I was not warned about this.
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Mr Adrian B
Took 3 days to build we were not expecting it to come in so many piece.,. We were expecting to be able to buy separate pieces to fix guttering with a pipe to water butt, to have butt at front of greenhouse but are told by you that there is only a standard kit that fits. Also just found out in recent rains that it leaks badly along roof eaves. Last 2 greenhouse came from B&Q lasted over 20 years took less than a day to erect and never leaked
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Nick B
The quality of the materials is excellent and I’m sure it will be a very useful greenhouse but the instructions are confusing in the extreme. We’re not completely stupid but it’s taking forever to work it out.
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Kerr B
I am only now finding out that polycarbonate greenhouses are not recommended for windy areas and living in scotland i feel this should have been pointed out in the advertising literature . I also found the instructions very complicated and not easy to follow. I am not happy with my purchase and can see no solution I am not looking forward to winter time as I can see snow on the roof being a problem as well.
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Mrs Patricia J
I only clicked on 'Very poor' to get to this screen, but it reflects my rating of your service. My Growmaster should have been delivered in 7 days. After 2 phone calls I had a delivery after 16 days by which time the window of opportunity for help to erect it was passed; the delivery therefore sat for a week before I realised that it was not a Growmaster greenhouse at all but a Vitavia. The boxes, by this time were wet and disintegrated when opened. I thought I had better settle for what you had sent but it lacked the two features I was looking for I) a galvanised iron base, 2) legs to drive into the ground to obviate the need to prepare a proper base, at least in the short term. Since I have not had the time or help to build a proper foundation the greenhouse remains in its disintegrated box and my tomatoes have shrivelled in their pots from disappointment.
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