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Alan Myers
One of the better products I have used to relieve skin irritability. Not perfect by any means though.
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Thank you for taking the time to review our natural eczema and psoriasis remedy, we truly appreciate your honest feedback.
Ian Taylor
I purchased DermaBalm to ease a rash on my arm and stop itching following an unsuccessful attempt to see a doctor. I am happy to say the DermaBalm is working.
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Many thanks for your review of DermaBalm which is in accord with many of our readers experience of this fantastic natural remedy.

Your review will help others make a choice that could help them with a range of skin conditions.
Maikki Ranger
Sadly and annoyingly this did not work for me. Certainly did not moisturise my skin and exacerbated the itch and inflammation.
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Many thanks for your feedback, and clearly we are sorry that the DermaBalm didn't help you.

We do know that there are many users who do find that the formula really improves skin conditions that other remedies don't affect.

Please return the pack to us at;

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We will give you a full refund of the purchase price, no quibbles even if you have used most of the pack.
Carole Edden
Not sticky which is good and so far it has helped my husband a lot. His skin is quite thin and gets itchy. DermaBalm soothes it very well
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Many thanks for sharing your experience of the DermaBalm Skin Moisturiser, we are really pleased that it has helped your husband manage his condition.

Dermabalm has received many positive reviews and it is definitley one of our most popular products with readers of the Good Life Letter.
Patricia Brennan
Dermabalm was a saviour for myself, my siblings and my mum! My mum has cancer and with the meds she is on had terrible itchiness as a side effect. The medical team tried all sorts of creams, medicines et al to alleviate the problem. Mum was completely and utterly demented with it and was literally tearing herself apart. It was distressing for all. I found this and the relief was immediate to everyone’s astonishment including the medical team. It really was/is a miracle cure and we really can’t survive without it now. Have bought multiple times.
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Thank you so much for sharing your experiences of using Dermabalm, and we are delighted that it has been of use to you and the rest of the family, especially your Mum in her troubled times.

Our very best wishes to you all.
More effective than prescription medication in clearing a persistent bout of contact dermatitis. I continue to use it as an effective moisturiser and to treat any occasional skin complaints.
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We are very grateful for your feedback about the Dermabalm liquid, it is great to know that have found it so useful.
Pam Baisley
Sorry to say it did not work for me. It did in fact make things worse.
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Pam, we are very sorry that Dermabalm hasn't helped you as it is one of our most enjoyed products, but sometimes it doesn't work for everyone.

Please send back whatever you have left and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked!
Shirley Reeves
So far it gives some relief from the eczema that has recently appeared on my neck and head, but I still can't stop scratching.
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Thank you for sharing your experience with Dermabalm.

Please continue to use it if you are seeing improvements in the appearance of the eczema, but obviously if you are not entirely satisfied with the effects you are seeing please return the pack to us and we will gvive you a full refund, even if you use the contents up before returning it to us.