Review Management

Review collection with a strategy that converts.

Manage and respond to your customers in real-time. Create a smarter review strategy using Flow and improve your response rate and request UCG content automatically.
The Review Timeline

View any review from any provider. In one place.

Manage reviews from Google Local, Facebook, Amazon, Trustpilot and more all from one location. Connect your third-party review providers and we'll send notifications of any new review allowing you to respond quickly and effectively.
Reputation Management
Despite being around since 2014, we’re still an unheard of brand online. We need a good reputation both on the website and across third-party sites. It’s imperative to the business.
James Bertram
Marketing Manager | Abbott Lyon
How abbott lyon takes control of their online reputation
Respond & act

See the full customer experience.

Be in the driving seat with real-time incoming review notifications. Respond immediately and gain valuable trust. Engage with customers and they'll have more confidence in your brand.

Put your customer service to the test.

Got a negative review? It's very common to fall short of customers expectations, just when its delivered either damaged or late! Delight them with your customer service and then ask to revise that review.

Power reviews are those that are verified.

All review requests are pre-verified before your invitations are sent to your customers. Manual verification is available for reviews not requested. Only verified reviews are sent to Google.
Customers can see there’s actually verified people that have bought this stuff and say it’s nice. There’s a whole snowball effect which is really exciting.”
Eloise Hall
Owner & Founder | Eloise Hall Life & Nature
How a brand with a passion for sustainability builds trust
Review matching

Product review sync to Google

We'll automatically match reviews against your Google and Bing Shopping merchant centre, using the GTIN or MPN, so you can be sure the right review is shown against the right product.
Google Seller Ratings

Don’t just keep up with reviews. Set the pace.