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The Agency Partner Program is a diverse network of agencies and consultants, working across web design and development and a host of innovative digital and marketing services.
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Revenue share & referrals.

As a partner, you’ll receive a 20% MRR revenue share for each live customer 🎉
Referrals are a two way street. Not only do we award revenue for new business, we also reward our partners by returning business back to our partners.
We match customers with the agency partner best suited to their needs and strategic objectives.


Company & product reviews collected


Agencies and consultants partners

Klaviyo,, Shopify. These tools are all working together and the opportunities are almost endless.
Daniel Höhnke
DACH Managing Director - OVERDOSE.
See how VAAY uses reviews to educate their customers

Partner Tiers 🚀

Our tiered system delivers mutually beneficial value and they are ranked by success. The more successful referrals, the more engagement, benefit and support from

Official Partner (OP)

Referred 1 - 6 active accounts.

Certified Partner (CP)

Referred 7 - 20 active accounts

Extremely Important Partner (EIP)

Referred 20+ active accounts
Partner Portal Access (link and manage your customers)
Promotion on the Partner Directory
Access to Marketing Tools
Dedicated Partner Manager Partner Badge
Joint Marketing Activities per annum
Promotion on the Partner Directory
Executive Partner Review
Every Quarter
Once a month
Announcement through marketing channels
Receives certified partner logo and welcome gift
Access to Masters Accreditation
Featured at the top of our partner directory and dedicated as our partner of choice for a specific solution
Special offer for agency customers to be confirmed by both parties
Complimentary REVIEWS account integrated to your own website
BETA access to feature development
Display customer reviews

Drive sales for clients better than marketing copy alone.

Today’s shoppers love a second opinion. And with displaying genuine reviews potential customers get the reassurance of an independent viewpoint, without the hassle of researching what other customers think.

Share that your customers are open and trustworthy brands. And convert your clients customers from browsing to buying.
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We chose because it provided an affordable solution to implementing a review strategy for our clients and gave a better return on ad spend for our marketing efforts.
Chris Robinson
MD | adtrak.
How Adtrak use reviews to enhance their clients' results

Don’t just keep up with reviews. Set the pace.