Introducing Flow.
A smarter review collection engine.

Easily segment your audience depending on location, what products they have purchased and even how many social followers they have.

Flow allows you to send review reminders and automatically collect UGC at the most appropriate time.
Automate content generation

Capture more UGC. Grow faster.

With a good strategy you'll collect reviews. With a strategy using Flow you'll collect more reviews, request images and video from the right customers, whilst using templates that say the right things, at the right time, improving customer retention.
  • Follow up email invites for those that have missed the first request.
  • Ask only happy customers to upload images and video to their reviews.
  • Send a dedicated template to customers in different locations.
  • Send different invitation templates based on the products the purchase.
Analyse and Act

Start automating in seconds.

Sending follow up emails, using time delays and splitting your audience, depending on their rating, will promote a better user experience and retain those happy customers.
Flow is a very smart way to communicate to your audience at the right time with the right message.
Wave Spas

Customised email invitation

Endless design choices.

With Flow you can change what email template you share based on a list of rules. Every email sent can be unique and inline with your branding.

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Get a better return on your investment by collecting  more content for less.